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The Meaning of Sport
Blog Entry - Blog Sunday, 06 April 2008 10:00
Contributed by Jarrod Kimber    (1292 views)
Some of these people are wankers.

Some are not.

Some people just don’t understand the drama, the suspense, the energy, the passion, and the balls that go into every game of sport.

Film & Music have similar structures but somehow the passion of sport reigns above them.
Here I am, a seemingly intelligent dude, who is so pissed off he is considering talking to some Sydney Rd mafia types to see if they can sort out the Australian selectors.

As much as I have ever hated a film, like I did with what the bleep do we know, or Delta Goodrem, I have never thought about hiring someone to attack them.

In Columbia they shot a guy who cost them a chance at glory.

Ricky Ponting’s parents got abusive phone calls because he won a test match.

An ex Qantas employee got the @ss for stalking a footballer.

Sport is a passionate beast.

And cricket is right at the top.

Pakistan burn effigies like they are witches.

India get so upset at losing a game they should have drawn and their players getting dobbed in they actually plan on going home mid tour in an act of revenge.

New Zealand turn a fat alcoholic into a cult figure, because he can hit a ball.

Ishant Shrama becomes a sex symbol even though if he was in a film, he would play the geeky guy who bumps into things.

England proclaim a new messiah every week, and they all martyr themselves before the runs are on the board, and they still love them.

South Africa use cricket as a way of uniting the country, sometimes ahead of cricket glory.

Robert Mugabe, the whitest black dictator of all time, tried to use cricket as a political tool in his grand plans, whilst starving his country and killing his opponents.

Most people did not know Bangladesh existed, but they do now, sort of.

How often do you say the words Namibia outside of a Cricket World Cup?

And Sri Lanka, talk about a place that would fall off the map if it wasn't for the chucker and the King.

And if you don’t believe in the power of sport, and more importantly in the power of cricket, think about this.

Cricket created a nation where there was none, “they’ call it the Caribbean, ‘we” who know better, call it the West Indies.
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