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The playboy

The great Australian all-rounder Keith Miller was a renowned playboy during his heydays.


In an interview to The Argus in 1956, he said, “ I get all kinds of stuff. You know the sort of thing: “Keith, I adore you…. Keith, I must see you….” All that sort of caper. Some of them send me photographs, others send trinkets, lucky charms, cuff links, and things. It’s a bit embarrassing at times, too. The other day my picture was published in a paper alongside an Australian girl. So, I quickly called the missus in Sydney and asked her if she had seen the paper.
“Yes, dear,” she said.
“With a girl?”
“Yes dear.”
“She was only an Australian model.”
“Yes dear. And if that’s your story, dear, you stick to it, dear.”’