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Jack Egan

35 years ago David Frith made brilliant use of the relatively new medium of video to compile Benson & Hedges Golden Greats- Batsmen , with a companion video on bowlers following a few years later.
The cricket fans owes a debt of gratitude to David Frith for bringing moving images of the legends of long ago to their living rooms.
These videos are well-known and available on Youtube.

At the same time, an Australian began working closely with Australia's National Film and Sound Archive.His objective was to gather up all the known archival cricket film and release it on video.
The result of diligent work was four wonderful productions.
This Australian didn't get the accolades because hardly anyone was aware of his work.

He is more well-known for writing books on two of Australia's most successful captains.
But his best work is not available/known to the cricket lovers.


His name was Jack Egan.