Holdingwilley The second best way to enjoy cricket

DK Lillee

The chief sent his colleagues ( two of them) all round the country to find a fast bowler. They found one, of whom the chief was unaware of.
The chief asked," Does he know where they (balls) are going?"
One of the finders, " No."
Chief, "He doesn't?"
The finder," Look at it this way. If he doesn't know where they are going, the batsman certainly won't."
This man had a very good debut.The selectors were present there.
The finder," Not bad."
The chief," Yes, and that's the best he will probably do too!"
It didn't quite turn out to be that way. This man did much better than what this chief selector thought then.


Don Bradman, the chief selector.
Dennis Lillee, the fast bowler.