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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - Final, Bangalore vs Hyderabad at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, India (29 May 2016)


208/7 (20) RR:10.4

Hyderabad won by 8 runs

MOM: Ben Cutting

200/7 (20) RR:10

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Here we go, guys. Here we go. Oh, this is exciting. Virat and Gayle stroll out to the centre, pass the red-carpet, and all the fountains of sparks..I want to shout like Michael Buffer, "Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeee". Gayle on strike. They have to go for it from the start, do the BLR. So tighten your belts and leave it all up to me. Bhuvi with the new ball, one slip in place. Over the stumps....

HYD will be happy with the final score I reckon. Especially given the way things panned out in the last few overs. Lost momentum in the middle overs, but Cutting nailed it F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S-L-Y. Anything above 200 and with the pressure of chasing in a final, won't be an easy task for BLR. But with the man who eats up run-chases Virat Kohli - Nothing is impossible

"It's a good batting track, earlier we thought it's a slow wicket. With dew, it will be very difficult to bowl. Obviously Warner is in good form and I'm confident that we will chase this down. The batsmen are in good form and whenever you are chasing, first six overs are gonna be crucial. Virat Kohli is pumped up as ever, even Chris Gayle is there. ABD is in good form too, our top 4 will do this," a confident Yuzvendra Chahal

The bowlers however managed to pull things back considerably in the middle overs as 220 looked well within reach with Warner and Yuvraj at the crease in the 15th over. Sreenath Aravind, with figures of 4-0-30-2 was the pick of the bowlers as he bowled with good control and provided vital breakthroughs just when the partnerships were threatening to take the game further away from BLR. Will this total of 208 be enough against a side that boasts of an array of batting superstars or will the pace-packed attack, coupled with the pressure of chasing in a big final prove to be the clincher? Do join us shortly for the chase.

If it is Bangalore, it better be raining. Thankfully the water droplets decided to stay away but the HYD batsmen obliged with sixes. After winning the toss and batting first on a track that promised to be a belter and a ground that has a history of bad target defences, captain Warner decided to take matters into his own hands as he took on the bowlers and continued his display of hitting boundaries at will. With Shikhar Dhawan providing good company, they managed to post 59 runs at the end of the powerplay. After his dismissal, Yuvraj came to the party, showing some wonderful glimpses of his 2007-six tonker self. The final 'cutting' edge was reserved for the bulky Aussie, Ben Cutting who finished with a flourish, scoring 39 runs off just 15 balls.

Over: 20 4 6 6 1 1 6 HYD 208/7
Ben Cutting 39(15) Bhuvneshwar 1(1) Watson 4-0-61-0

19.6 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, make that 24 off the over, David Warner and Co. are absolutely pumped. Is this the game changing knock? Fullish and wide, Ben Cutting clears his front leg and batters it over the long-off fence. What a gem of a knock from the big man, 39 off 15 - HYD needed this badly, didn't they?

19.5 - Watson to Bhuvneshwar, 1 run, half-century for Shane Watson (with the ball). Straight lines from him and all Bhuvi needed to do was get Ben Cutting back on strike, he does so by clipping one through mid-wicket

19.4 - Watson to Ben Cutting, 1 run, fullish and curling in around middle, Ben Cutting tries a helicopter shot and whips it off the bottom half towards deep mid-wicket, only a single on offer

19.3 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, short ball and Cutting is in some mood today. Wide of off, Ben Cutting clears his front leg and swipes it with a heavo-ho over mid-wicket

19.2 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, that's gone into one of those pubs on the MG road! Out of the ground, 117-metre six. Another full toss and Cutting was up for the challenge - Skates down the pitch and slaps it over deep backward square. Over the roof and out of the ground

19.1 - Watson to Ben Cutting, FOUR, that's like a virus. Full toss that is, low and well wide of off, Cutting stoops low and clatters it through cover, a desperate dive wasn't good enough

184 doesn't look bad, ain't it? I'm sure HYD will be eyeing that 200 mark

Over: 19 1 1 4 W 5Wd 4 1 HYD 184/7
Ben Cutting 16(10) Bhuvneshwar 0(0) Jordan 4-0-45-3

18.6 - Jordan to Ben Cutting, 1 run, full toss again, Ben Cutting throws every ounce of energy into the slog, the ball hits the bottom half and rolls towards mid-off

18.5 - Jordan to Ben Cutting, FOUR, full toss, a full toss! Low full toss outside off and Cutting cleverly slices the cut off the outside edge by crouching low

18.5 - Jordan to Ben Cutting, 5 wides, poor from KL Rahul, the runs keep coming for HYD, full and down the leg-side, Cutting fails to flick and Rahul was a smidgen late to dive to his left

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, right handed bat, comes to the crease

18.4 - Jordan to Bipul Sharma, out Caught by Chahal!! Brilliant work by BLR, they are pulling things back. What a turnaround! Dug in short and Bipul Sharma got into a bit of tangle as it was shot into him. Decides to go through with his pull shot and spoons it high in the air, Chahal at deep backward square settles under it and tumbles after taking the catch. Bipul Sharma c Chahal b Jordan 5(3) [4s-1]

Jordan to Bipul Sharma, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

That's up in the air, should be taken and is taken

18.3 - Jordan to Bipul Sharma, FOUR, wide full toss and Bipul Sharma makes him pay with a superb strike over backward point. Fetches it and lifts it over the man

18.2 - Jordan to Ben Cutting, 1 run, Cutting goes for a heave and powers it straight to the man at fine leg

18.1 - Jordan to Bipul Sharma, 1 run, slower short ball around leg-stump, Bipul Sharma half-turns and pulls square on the leg-side

Over: 18 Wd Wd W 0 6 0 4 0 HYD 168/6
Ben Cutting 10(7) Bipul Sharma 0(0) Watson 3-0-37-0

17.6 - Watson to Ben Cutting, no run, full and following Cutting's subtle movements. Cutting was in no position to play that, nutmegged

17.5 - Watson to Ben Cutting, FOUR, flashes and flashes hard. Chases a full and wide delivery and gets a thick top-edge which flies over short third man

17.4 - Watson to Ben Cutting, no run, wide yorker outside off, dug out to the left of the bowler

17.3 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, full toss and that's been spanked into the backward square stands. Cutting clears his front leg, gets underneath it and baaaaang!

17.2 - Watson to Ben Cutting, no run, yorker on middle and leg, dug out back to the bowler

Bipul Sharma, left handed bat, comes to the crease

17.1 - Watson to Ben Cutting, out N Ojha Run Out!! HYD are like buses at the moment. Ojha departs and follows Yuvraj Singh into the dressing room. It was full and straight again, Cutting might have got an inside edge on the flick, the ball rolls away towards short cover area, but hey! Where's Ojha going... Doesn't even look at his partner. Watto collects and had so much time to hit the bulls-eye. N Ojha run out (Watson) 7(4) [4s-1]

Watson to Ben Cutting, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

17.1 - Watson to Ben Cutting, wide, did that flick Cutting's toes? Not sure but umpire Kumar Dharmasena deems it as a wide, full and just arrowed past the leg-stump as Cutting misses on another clip

17.1 - Watson to Ben Cutting, wide, a horror ball, full toss down leg, Cutting misses on the clip

Shane Watson [2.0-0-25-0] is back into the attack

Watto from round the wicket...

Over: 17 Wd W 4 1 1L 0 2 HYD 156/5
N Ojha 7(4) Ben Cutting 0(1) Jordan 3-0-29-2

16.6 - Jordan to N Ojha, 2 runs, Ojha hits this towards wide mid-on and a direct hit would have seen the end of Ben Cutting. Rushes for the second and slides his bat, but direct hit was needed from ABdV, who came from the deep to the inner circle, but couldn't prevent the second run

16.5 - Jordan to N Ojha, no run, shortish just outside off, Ojha gets an under edge on the cut, on the bounce to the keeper

16.4 - Jordan to Ben Cutting, leg byes, 1 run, Virat with his hands on his hips isn't pleased with KL Rahul. This straighter ball from Jordan, Cutting flicks and misses. Goes off the pad towards Rahul and he tries to effect a non-existent run out. Cutting wasn't even attempting a run there. The ball hits the stumps and ricochets into the on-side, the duo nab a leg bye

16.3 - Jordan to N Ojha, 1 run, ups his pace and bowls a short ball at Ojha, early into the pull and he drags it off the upper half towards the on-side

16.2 - Jordan to N Ojha, FOUR, short and wide, Ojha is off the mark in style. He rises on his toes and cuts it to the third man fence

Naman Ojha, right handed bat, comes to the crease

16.1 - Jordan to Yuvraj, out Caught by Watson!! Yuvi perishes, HYD are in a bit of trouble here. The slower full ball from Chris Jordan, entices Yuvi into an uppish drive over extra cover. He obliges and went too hard, as a result - Hits it off the toe end and Watson pounces on it diving forward full length (at extra cover). Yuvraj c Watson b Jordan 38(23) [4s-4 6s-2]

Jordan to Yuvraj, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

16.1 - Jordan to Yuvraj, wide, slower ball slipped and misdirected, sprayed well wide of off as Yuvi lets it pass

Chris Jordan [2.0-0-21-1] is back into the attack

Ben Cutting, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Umpire Dharmasena calls for a Time-out. BLR have managed to gather some momentum in the last few overs. However, Yuvi is looking dangerous - That's not a good sign for the home team. Any score around 200 will be a safe total I reckon, given the pressure of playing a final game. Jordan to bowl

Over: 16 4 1 0 1 1 W HYD 147/4
Deepak Hooda 3(6) Yuvraj 38(22) Aravind 4-0-30-2

15.6 - Aravind to Deepak Hooda, out Caught by Kohli!! Gone! Easy as you like. Deepak Hooda walks out of the crease and tries to launch Aravind over long-on. All brawn stuff from the Haryana man, goes through with the shot but ekes it off the bottom half. Virat had the simplest of catches to take at long-on. Deepak Hooda c Kohli b Aravind 3(6)

Aravind to Deepak Hooda, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

15.5 - Aravind to Yuvraj, 1 run, pinpoint yorker on off, Yuvi manages to jam it to the off-side and runs a quick single

15.4 - Aravind to Deepak Hooda, 1 run, attempts another mow through mid-wicket region, goes too hard and mistimes it in the aforementioned region

15.3 - Aravind to Deepak Hooda, no run, slower ball cut across just outside off, Deepak Hooda is a day early into the ugly swish, only gets thin air

15.2 - Aravind to Yuvraj, 1 run, short and that's nicely pulled behind square, sensible from Yuvi

15.1 - Aravind to Yuvraj, FOUR, whoa! What swagger! Yuvi at his very best, classy stroke this time though. Aravind just doesn't know what to do, scratches his head in disbelief. Enough width for Yuvraj to play the late cut, he executes it well through the backward point region

Over: 15 1 1 6 4 0 1 HYD 140/3
Yuvraj 32(19) Deepak Hooda 2(3) Chahal 4-0-35-1

14.6 - Chahal to Yuvraj, 1 run, slowish outside off, Yuvi mistimes the cut to sweeper cover, went too hard on the shot

14.5 - Chahal to Yuvraj, no run, cut straight to the man at point

14.4 - Chahal to Yuvraj, FOUR, teased up wide again, Yuvraj unleashes a eye-pleasing cover drive, all the way through extra cover

14.3 - Chahal to Yuvraj, SIX, that's landed inside my office Pin drop silence at Chinnaswamy. Googly tossed full and wide, Yuvraj smites it into the wide long-off stands. "Probably the biggest six of this T20 League" reckons Sunny G

14.2 - Chahal to Deepak Hooda, 1 run, tossed up around off, dabbed in front of cover-point

14.1 - Chahal to Yuvraj, 1 run, shortish googly outside off, Yuvi punches it sweetly to deep cover

Over: 14 1 4 W 1 1 0 HYD 127/3
Deepak Hooda 1(2) Yuvraj 20(14) Aravind 3-0-23-1

13.6 - Aravind to Deepak Hooda, no run, shuffles a tad to use the angle, looks to steer late but instead plays it straight to backward point

13.5 - Aravind to Yuvraj, 1 run, lovely from Yuvi, sees this length ball swerve away outside off and just opens the bat face to run it down to backward point

13.4 - Aravind to Deepak Hooda, 1 run, short ball straight away, Hooda doesn't need any sighters, pulls along the ground to the man stationed at deep mid-wicket

Deepak Hooda, right handed bat, comes to the crease

13.3 - Aravind to Warner, out Caught by I Abdulla!! How big a wicket is this? You just have to look at Aravind and his colleagues, Chinnaswamy is pumped. Short and angling away outside off, lures Warner into a flashy cut. He chases the ball sans much footwork, feeds a thick outside edge and is gobbled up by the man at short third man. Warner is disappointed as he walks back to the pavilion. Warner c I Abdulla b Aravind 69(38) [4s-8 6s-3]

Aravind to Warner, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

13.2 - Aravind to Warner, FOUR, dipping slow full toss tilting in towards off, Warner clobbers the drive past the bowler and Jordan's effort from long-off wasn't good enough. Dives full length, but fails to flick the ball back. Kohli isn't impressed either

13.1 - Aravind to Yuvraj, 1 run, back of a length around the fifth stump channel, neatly punched into the cover region

Sreenath Aravind [2.0-0-16-0] is back into the attack

So, 7 overs left. How much can HYD get? Still there's plenty of batting to come and Warner is going great guns already. Pitch doesn't look all that threatening. No uneven bounce as such, but a few have stopped on the batsmen. Aravind from over the wicket...

Over: 13 1 0 0 1 1 1 HYD 120/2
Yuvraj 18(12) Warner 65(36) Chahal 3-0-22-1

12.6 - Chahal to Yuvraj, 1 run, the googly, lands on a length and spins away outside off, Yuvi punches into the covers and retains strike

12.5 - Chahal to Warner, 1 run, generously floated outside off, a flat-batted biff towards long-off

12.4 - Chahal to Yuvraj, 1 run, slower and shorter, Yuvi had ample time to rock back and cut that towards backward point

12.3 - Chahal to Yuvraj, no run, the googly and Yuvi is bamboozled! Pitches around off and rips away past a prodding Yuvraj Singh, had no clue about that

12.2 - Chahal to Yuvraj, no run, the legbreak around off, Yuvi is fully forward, nose over the ball

12.1 - Chahal to Warner, 1 run, flighted delivery on off, Warner cracks it to long-off

Yuzvendra Chahal [2.0-0-18-1] is back into the attack

Over: 12 1L 4 6 1 0 1 HYD 116/2
Warner 63(34) Yuvraj 16(8) Jordan 2-0-21-1

11.6 - Jordan to Warner, 1 run, this slower ball stops on Warner a bit, he checks his aerial flick and lobs it over the vacant mid-wicket

11.5 - Jordan to Warner, no run, touch and go call from the umpire, slower fullish delivery angled wide of off, Warner reached out, flashes hard and misses. Looks at Dharmasena for a wide, but the Sri Lankan shakes his head. It was a very tight call. Touch and go

11.4 - Jordan to Yuvraj, 1 run, a run out chance, is it? Yuvi survives though. He knocks this towards mid-on region and was a bit hesistant on taking a quick single. Warner decides to sprint in and Yuvi had to go, Jordan gets to the ball, aims and misses at the bowler's end. Jordan was on the ground and still under-armed the throw, Yuvi had given up. Big moment?

11.3 - Jordan to Yuvraj, SIX, "Flicked into the crowd" screams an elated Ravi Shaz on air. Whattaay thumping strike that! Right off the meat, on middle and leg again and Yuvi deposits him into the fine leg stands. Remember 2007 T20 WC against Brett lee...

11.2 - Jordan to Yuvraj, FOUR, Yuvi says "Thank you" as he gets one on the pads, flicked away elegantly through backward square

11.1 - Jordan to Warner, leg byes, 1 run, tucks Warner up for room as he follows him with a shortish delivery, Warner is a fraction late on the flick/clip, thuds the thigh pad and rolls away. The duo sneak a leg bye

Two overs for Watson and he has already leaked 25 runs. Here comes Jordan again

Over: 11 0 1 1 0 0 4 HYD 103/2
Yuvraj 5(5) Warner 62(31) Watson 2-0-25-0

10.6 - Watson to Yuvraj, FOUR, awww! That's sublime. What's better than a Yuvraj Singh's cover drive? Full and there to be put away, Yuvi eases onto that front foot and laces it through the vacant cover region

10.5 - Watson to Yuvraj, no run, offers width and Yuvi comes down the track, goes for a fierce slash, straight to Gayle at backward point

10.4 - Watson to Yuvraj, no run, there you go! Short ball tactic to Yuvraj Singh continues...Pacy this time and straight, Yuvi was taken aback slightly, but just about manages to hunker under it

10.3 - Watson to Warner, 1 run, 127ks shortish, angled away, Warner sits on the back foot and steers late with an open bat face towards backward point

10.2 - Watson to Yuvraj, 1 run, slower short ball angled into Yuvi, he was a tad late to swivel and pull it to fine leg, drags off the upper half but gets a single nonetheless

10.1 - Watson to Yuvraj, no run, pounds it on a length and just on off, Yuvi has just arrived, he taps it softly down the pitch

Shane Watson [1.0-0-19-0] is back into the attack

Watto is back for his second over...

Over: 10 4 4 0 1 W 0 HYD 97/2
Warner 61(30) Yuvraj 0(0) Jordan 1-0-9-1

9.6 - Jordan to Warner, no run, slides this across on a length and elicits a poke. Warner had procrastinated his front foot weight transfer, couldn't get behind and the ball almost tangents the outside edge

Yuvraj Singh, left handed bat, comes to the crease

9.5 - Jordan to Henriques, out Caught by Chahal!! It pays to invest in LICs, and it pays to keep Warner off strike. Shortish delivery down leg, not the best of deliveries but Henriques gets into a tangle as the ball shoots up. Henriques coils up on the flick, wanted to hit it behind square, but gets a leading-edge that settles into Chahal's hands at mid-wicket. Henriques c Chahal b Jordan 4(5)

Jordan to Henriques, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

9.4 - Jordan to Warner, 1 run, gets a fullish length delivery which he drills to mid-off. And Kohli says sorry to Warner. Why? Because had Warner not ducked, his head would be on the ground. We don't want Game of Thrones right now, we can wait a few more hours for the latest episode

9.3 - Jordan to Warner, no run, opens himself up as he gyrates and flashes it straight to backward point

9.2 - Jordan to Warner, FOUR, Warner, you bully boy! What a stage, What a shot. Gobbles up an iota of width on this and slaps a boundary through extra cover. BURAJRPPP.. his bat would be doing now

9.1 - Jordan to Warner, FOUR, that's cricketing lasagna - full delivery down leg. Warner just turns around and shames it with a tickle through fine leg

Chris Jordan, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

Over: 9 1 1 4 2 4 1B HYD 88/1
Warner 52(25) Henriques 4(4) Chahal 2-0-18-1

8.6 - Chahal to Warner, byes, 1 run, no gloves? I thought otherwise. The bounce on this legbreak got big on him, threw his bat at it and the ball popped wide of the keeper. An umpiring error? Replays say so

8.5 - Chahal to Warner, FOUR, doff your caps. Ninth fifty this season for Warner. Sees the width and arrests his attacking instincts. Just leans across and softens the cut square of the wicket on the off-side. That restores the balance of this world, that shot, yes

8.4 - Chahal to Warner, 2 runs, extra bounce as this legbreak pitches outside off and comes back in. Warner did well to adjust and open-bat it to deep backward point

8.3 - Chahal to Warner, FOUR, wrong' un adulterated with width, Warner was shuffling to leg, then held it and got lower to get in sync with the bounce and cut it wide of backward point

8.2 - Chahal to Henriques, 1 run, quicker legbreak, Chahal's length cuffs him on the back foot for a defence back to the bowler

8.1 - Chahal to Warner, 1 run, that's a dragged down googly outside off that spun enough to stun Warner. Went for the cut and the ball went tamely to sweeper cover. Could have been worse, we all know

Over: 8 1 0 6 1 1 1 HYD 75/1
Warner 41(20) Henriques 3(3) I Abdulla 1-0-10-0

7.6 - I Abdulla to Warner, 1 run, perhaps stayed low. Warner's crouch suggested this. The line was down leg, cannot blame him doing that to Warner who turned around in a jiffy and had to hunch to clip it round the corner

7.5 - I Abdulla to Henriques, 1 run, the pace robbed, pings a length and Henriques punches it to long-on off the back foot

7.4 - I Abdulla to Warner, 1 run, slows the pace on this, the length kept him back for a punch to extra cover

7.3 - I Abdulla to Warner, SIX, oh, that's a punishment. That ball had been imparted wings. Loops this up outside off, Warner frees arms and swings it over long-on

7.2 - I Abdulla to Warner, no run, slightly shorter on leg stump and kicking on, Warner arrests his tuck back to the bowler

A slip there was for Abdulla, yes

7.1 - I Abdulla to Henriques, 1 run, darted on the pads, Henriques closes up with the angle on leg stump and clips it to an onrushing deep square leg

Iqbal Abdulla, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

Over: 7 1 1 2 W 1 1 HYD 65/1
Henriques 1(1) Warner 33(16) Chahal 1-0-6-1

6.6 - Chahal to Henriques, 1 run, I am tired of these googlies. Another one, Henriques was not expecting it and was cramped as the ball shot in. Did well to adjust and tuck it through mid-wicket

A slip

6.5 - Chahal to Warner, 1 run, keeps the length short to be slapped to deep cover

Moises Henriques, right handed bat, comes to the crease

6.4 - Chahal to Dhawan, out Caught by Jordan!! There's the antibiotic Kohli wanted and Chahal delivers it. Buys it, you might say. Another googly to continue the trend, Dhawan fetches it with a sweep, as his bottom hand came off, and couldn't tame the bounce to make things worse. Could be said that the length wasn't there to sweep. Too short. A top-edge and deep square leg shuffled to his right to pouch this overhead. Dhawan c Jordan b Chahal 28(25) [4s-3 6s-1]

Chahal to Dhawan, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

6.3 - Chahal to Dhawan, 2 runs, another wrong 'un to the left-hander and a misfield at cover allows Dhawan a two off this punchy cut

6.2 - Chahal to Warner, 1 run, googly gives Warner the width to cut it right to the sweeper cover

No slip here for Hayden's Popeye

6.1 - Chahal to Dhawan, 1 run, drifts this across from over the wicket, draws Dhawan to lean on the front foot for a drive down to long-off

Yuzvendra Chahal, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

BLR needed this. Warner took the path less taken - of daring to bat first at the Chinnaswamy and look what he has achieved. A 59/0 at the end of the Powerplay.

Over: 6 1 Wd 4 0 0 1 6 HYD 59/0
Warner 31(14) Dhawan 25(22) Gayle 3-0-24-0

5.6 - Gayle to Warner, SIX, butchered. Had to be. Can't bowl that length to which Warner can get on his knees and slog-sweep you over cow corner. Time-out!

5.5 - Gayle to Dhawan, 1 run, this is getting worse and worse. All those dives won't help, Gayle. Dishes out a full toss that Dhawan drives, past a misfield at extra cover to get an easy single

5.4 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, misses the sweep on this but the ball perhaps takes the pad en route to the keeper

5.3 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, bunts this into the off-side

5.2 - Gayle to Dhawan, FOUR, this is flat stuff. Tossed up, as Gayle's penchant for the leg-side continues. Dhawan coils up on the sweep early, manages a bottom-edge on the sweep to this full toss that runs to the fine leg fence

5.2 - Gayle to Dhawan, wide, looped down leg and wided by the umpire

5.1 - Gayle to Warner, 1 run, brilliant work at cover-point. Gayle had dropped it short, not much width and the slash went just wide of the fielder

Over: 5 6 1 6 1 4 1 HYD 46/0
Warner 24(12) Dhawan 20(18) Watson 1-0-19-0

4.6 - Watson to Warner, 1 run, and he shall keep the strike. With an open-batted crash wide of backward point

4.5 - Watson to Warner, FOUR, that was actually a good ball but try telling that to Watson now. Keeps it slow and full seeing Warner stand down leg. But, but, Warner reaches out with feet stuck to the crease and summons this ball with a cut. The extra room meant that he sliced this cut. Almost a leaning cut that cleaves short third man and backward point

4.4 - Watson to Dhawan, 1 run, this glide on this slowish delivery was more uppish than Dhawan would have wanted. But there's short third man to cut it off on the bounce

4.3 - Watson to Dhawan, SIX, aggression is such a bug. So inductive. Dhawan follows suit. Gets a fullish length just outside off, had the room and swivels his bat for a loft downtown. Could have played it on heels - no feet whatsoever

4.2 - Watson to Warner, 1 run, uses the slight width and taps it to short third man

4.1 - Watson to Warner, SIX, here's the six! Always going to be at Chinnaswamy, a stadium with shorter boundaries than the traffic jams leading to it. Full ball this was from over the wicket, not much room but Warner made some of his own, got under it and lofted it handsomely over long-off

Shane Watson, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

When's the first maximum coming?

Over: 4 0 1 1 0 4 0 HYD 27/0
Dhawan 13(16) Warner 12(8) Gayle 2-0-11-0

3.6 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, tapped into the leg-side as the ball rips in with the angle

3.5 - Gayle to Dhawan, FOUR, what happens when you toss it up? Gayle knows. You get battered over your head. That's what Dhawan did here. Stayed put and swung it away

3.4 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, oh, too short to be swept. Down leg-side, Dhawan was spot on the shuffle off his knees but the length meant that he couldn't tame it. Off the pad to the keeper behind

3.3 - Gayle to Warner, 1 run, closed bat push to mid-on on this occasion

3.2 - Gayle to Dhawan, 1 run, a slight fumble at mid-on by Binny. Perhaps that Dhawan's slipping at the crease panicked him. Pushed himself hard and fumbled to collect this tuck. A clean pick up could have been curtains for Dhawan as Warner was ball-watching halfway through the run

3.1 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, gets forward and bunts this into the off-side as the slip looks on

Over: 3 0 0 0 1 4 4 HYD 21/0
Warner 11(7) Dhawan 8(11) Aravind 2-0-16-0

2.6 - Aravind to Warner, FOUR, oh, look at him. He's launched himself already. Aravind shortened the length here looking to dare him. Well, Warner takes him on. More like a hoicked pull over mid-wicket that races away to the fence. Oof!

2.5 - Aravind to Warner, FOUR, that's short and wide - the Tom and Jerry of mediocrity in cricket. Warner spots it early, rode the bounce and slapped it well in front of the square through extra cover

2.4 - Aravind to Dhawan, 1 run, Gayle has dived. Again. What a day. To his left, at backward point, to stop what was an open-batted guide attempted to third man from Dhawan

2.3 - Aravind to Dhawan, no run, was late to shuffle here. The good bounce didn't allow him to do that. Was closing himself up, but was tucked up on the clip. Ends up defending it back to the bowler

2.2 - Aravind to Dhawan, no run, the way Virat attacks the ball. This was just a flat-footed guide to cover and VK came hounding onto the ball and fired the throw back

2.1 - Aravind to Dhawan, no run, shortish length outside off, took off the pitch and darted away a touch. Dhawan straightened his elbows on the cut to reach out but missed

Over: 2 1 0 1 0 2Wd 0 1 HYD 12/0
Dhawan 7(7) Warner 3(5) Gayle 1-0-5-0

1.6 - Gayle to Dhawan, 1 run, pushed off the front foot to cover as Gayle keeps it full and aired up

1.5 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, Gayle has dropped Dhawan!! Yes, you read that right. Kept the pace slow like he has, Dhawan was perhaps early into the push down the ground. Couldn't keep it on the ground and Gayle dived, yes, dived, to his left one-handed but couldn't hold onto it

1.5 - Gayle to Warner, 2 wides, ah, veering down leg and enough wide to allow an extra being run

1.4 - Gayle to Warner, no run, shortens the length outside off, Warner mistimes the cut

1.3 - Gayle to Dhawan, 1 run, some air on this again. So Anti-Gayle this. Dhawan was well forward and drives it to long-off for a single

1.2 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, loops this up on the stumps, Dhawan was half-forward and drills it to the left of a heavy-footed Gayle

A slip now. Things Gayle can do

1.1 - Gayle to Warner, 1 run, the first blip. Slides in with the arm, on the pads and ticked away to mid-wicket gently

Chris Gayle, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

Gayle has no slip

Over: 1 1 1 0 1 0 4 HYD 7/0
Dhawan 5(3) Warner 2(3) Aravind 1-0-7-0

0.6 - Aravind to Dhawan, FOUR, tries the inswinger and dishes up a pie. A bisi bele bath. Goes full but the curl in means that the line's veering into the pad. Dhawan just half-turns and tickles it away to the fine leg fence. First boundary of the final

0.5 - Aravind to Dhawan, no run, a hint of swing on this. Pushes this on a length wider outside off, Dhawan is drawn across for a dab to third man but the swing wins it. Exaggerates itself outside off and beats the bat

0.4 - Aravind to Warner, 1 run, a call straightaway for the single. Was cramped up by the angle in from over the wicket, jammed out a punch to short cover and hastened to the other end

0.3 - Aravind to Warner, no run, ooh. Extra bounce. Length ball this, shoots up from the pitch, Warner was looking for the cut but sees the ball zoom over the top edge

0.2 - Aravind to Dhawan, 1 run, punches this pruned back length to point where Watson tumbles to stop but fails to kill the velocity on that. Cleaned up in the deep but good enough to let Dhawan get off the mark

0.1 - Aravind to Warner, 1 run, gets a length ball outside off. Not much swing or movement off the deck. Just shot on, had the width to lure Warner into a punch. Dhawan roared a loud NO for the second, given the way he has Hooda'd himself this T20 League

Warner and Dhawan are at the crease. Warner is on strike. Aravind will open the attack

So it ends. Another critic-shattering season for T20 League - this time evolving along and rising up, like an inflatable PVC punch bag toy to win new fans, to impress upon a generation and to counter-punch inhibitors. T20 League will return and your wait certainly won't be longer than what Harper Lee's fans had to for her second novel. Just a year. And T20 League will continue to live, fighting through the growing ideals of nationalism to let your alter-ego want to chant for a South African Messi, de Villiers. For a Caribbean maverick, Gayle. And for an Indian pupil, Kohli, too. The players will keep shuffling, the home grounds may remain a function of the monsoon but the brand will live. Because T20 League chose to be brave and that's the greatest lesson of all. We had a ball bringing the entire tournament to you. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Good night from the entire team: Ramakrishnan, Raju Peethala, Sagar Chawla, Pratyush Sinha, Shashwat Roy, Vineet Anantharaman, Naga, our scorer, and the doesn't-want-to-be-named genius. Ta-ta!

"Unbelievable feeling. It was 8 years for me till the T20 League trophy. It's a great feeling. Great effort from the boys. I'm lost for words. We all know Chris Gayle is a great player. We thought of early wickets, but we knew if we get one wicket we can always get back into the game. Gayle got out and Kohli also got out soon. AB getting out early was the key moment (smiles and shows his dance moves). Winning the WC was something else. It was a very emotional moment. With T20 League you don't know where you end up with so many teams playing well. But we played well as a team and we deserve it. I would like to dedicate this win to Ashish Nehra. He really bowled well in the tournament. So, this is for ASH. I did 15 push-ups in the gym today and I told my team, I will do the remaining five if we win. We are going to have a few drinks - Fat-free drinks, coconut water, milkshakes (smiles)" an absolutely exultant Yuvraj Singh who seems to be on cloud nine at the moment.

A season of T20 League is a celebration. A celebration of cricket, of entertainment, of India's diversities, of batsmen, of sixes and fours, and sometimes wickets. This year, it was a celebration of Kohli, of Mustafizur, of Warner, of Bhuvneshwar, of blinding catches. We celebrated some CHANGING TRENDS as well:

We had a new T20 League champion, first time a team outside the top two won the title (since the play-offs were introduced), PUN stayed glued to the bottom (oh sorry, I'm doing changing trends, I forget), bowlers made merry plenty of times, HYD bowlers made death bowling rise like a phoenix, Nehra rolled back the years - but forwarded them again by picking an injury, MUM failed in their late-blooming act, there were two new teams in the form of GUJ and PUNE, a drought took cricket out of Maharashtra, Raina proved to be a revelation as a leader, KOL - for once - couldn't handle the pressure in a knockout, the fight for the play-offs went right to the final league game, Barinder Sran took fielding to the 1950s, teams chasing won nearly everything - at least in the first half, and Kohli batted like a phenom to establish himself as an absolute champion. Also, he kept his temper in check and handled himself with a lot of class.

Warner walks towards that big stage where BCCI president Anurag Thakur is waiting to hand over the trophy. Warner gets it and his team-mates mob him on the stage. Yuvi Singh enters the stage in his own style with a "Bhangra". He then takes a moment to do push-ups, probably imitating Chris Gayle, when West Indies won the T20 WC. Dhawan takes the trophy, twirls his moustache as he poses for the camera.

David Warner: "It's a fantastic team achievement. It's overwhelming for me to lead this side, thanks to the chairman and the team for giving me this opportunity. The credit goes to all the guys in the team. I was happy that I led by example with the runs. It was a team effort. To have that perfect game and gel as a side, it's really hard to get the combinations right. It was a team effort. They have a phenomenal squad. Look at the way Kohli led from the front. He's a great leader. India are in a great place for the next few years when he's playing for sure. He set the benchmark for all the guys in the tournament. To win three games to win the tournament, to come to Bangalore and do this was special. We were true underdogs. The boys batted, bowled and fielded well. And off the field, the support staff, the marketing team, everyone deserves credit. I am off to the Caribbean after 24 hours."

HYD get the winner's cheque of Rs. 15 crore.

Kohli: "I am really proud of the way we played as a team this season. This was for the crowd and we wanted to do it for them. The support was great from them. I feel gutted that we didn't do it for them. We were walking around to thank the crowd. Dan (Vettori) mentioned that we scored 200 and we lost, we were just short by 8 runs, but that's how it is. Sometimes luck doesn't go your way. They (HYD) capitalized on the key moments. I want to congratulate the Hyderabad, they are the deserving winners."

The match officials get their medallions, before BLR are awarded a cheque of Rs. 10 crore for being the runners-up.

Kohli: "I don't want to bore the winning team too much. They deserve to talk more (smiles). I mean the winning team and the captain."

Kohli is the Man of the Series for scoring 973 runs with four hundreds. 973! Yes you read that right! Never had a T20 hundred before the T20 League and now has four! A pity though that the mountain of runs couldn't help his side win the T20 League

Bhuvi: "I wasn't happy with the way I started the tournament, but I would like to appreciate myself for the way I picked up. Also credit to VVS Laxman who came to me and said after the first two matches, 'It doesn't matter, you are the one who will win us matches.' I was focusing on improving my death bowling. It helped to have Mustafizur at the other end because he's difficult to hit."

Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes the "Purple Cap." - for taking the most number of wickets (23).

Kohli: "It's a nice incentive for the way we've gone about this season, but not that nice to be standing on the other side of the result. As a personal achievement, this is really special when considering that you have eight teams with world-class players. The reason why HYD won was because they had a strong bowling attack. I knew I was hitting the ball well, so I wanted to contribute with the bat as much as I could and really lucky that I was able to do that. Why not? Records are meant to be broken. Someone with a better season can break this (record of 973 runs). Previous 770 odd was thought to be massive. This is a classic example of not trying to break records. If you just want to score runs for your team you end up doing special things. To be honest, I was surprised myself to score four hundreds. We have to consider that I opened the batting and someone batting at No. 3 or down the order would not have had that much opportunities to score big."

Virat Kohli wins the "Orange Cap." - for the most number of runs (973).

David Warner gets a cheque for Rs. 10 lakh and a car for hitting the shot of the season

Virat Kohli gets an award for scoring the most number of sixes (38) in the season.

Hyderabad have bagged the fair play award as well. Meanwhile, Mustafizur Rahman is declared the "Emerging Player" of the season.

Cutting: "It was exciting to play in front of such a big crowd. It was nice to get a few out of the middle tonight. Bhuvi was fantastic for us throughout with the purple cap and to finish it off in that way was good. That's the beautiful thing about Bangalore. You can go the distance as batsman and as a bowler as well."

Ben Cutting is the Man of the Match for his all-round show

Okay, finally, time for the presentations. This is going to be a long party folks!

Boult: "I don't know whether I did (fill in for Mustafizur in the last game). Mustafizur played a massive role tonight."

Boult: "I don't know whether I did (fill in for Mustafizur in the last game). He has a lot of skills. Mustafizur played a massive role tonight."

Morgan: "That's the real challenge of being an overseas player (on keeping the form). Absolute privilege to be here, we keep raving about it."

Williamson: "The guys are really hydrated very well anyway (laughs, when asked how it was to watch from the sidelines). Special performance from the boys. Bangalore are a strong team and it was a complete performance from the team."

VVS Laxman: "He (Warner) is leading from the front. Today even under pressure, when Gayle and Kohli were batting, he was calm and encouraged the bowlers and allowed them to bowl to their plans and that's what you want from a captain. We are fortunate to have him. Every single player, be it junior or the senior is very important for us and that's why it was great to part of the HYD family."

Muralitharan: "We tried very hard, worked very hard and planned very well. Every game was tough for us, started off by losing the first two games, but regrouped well and came back strongly."

Tom Moody: "They (the team) deserve to be off the chains and we will sing the team song again tonight (on the team singing it without him). We will make sure everyone in the side knows the words to the team song."

Yuvraj: "It's great. Had the WC and now have the T20 League trophy too. Gayle was going strong but a few wickets let us in. Great finish by Bhuvneshwar in the end. I am happy with the injury and as long as the trophy comes, it's good. Great team effort from the boys."

Hooda: "Barinder has bowled well. The strike bowlers and death bowlers played their parts perfectly. My performance was not good but it was a team effort. Today, we will sing the team song."

Sran: "It was a pressure game, but we backed ourselves. Warner supports the bowlers with the fielder that he wants."

Cutting: "Just feels really good get to get out there and get swinging a few for the boys. It's absolutely unbelievable. I just cannot express the feeling of playing an T20 League final. It's just unbelievable."

Ojha: "Absolutely brilliant by our bowling unit, they bowled their hearts out. (On how they kept their nerves at the Chinnaswamy) Just told ourselves to focus on the ball."

Henriques: "That was a lot of fun (talking about the win). There's a lot of cricket and travel, but you get to make a lot of friends. It was such good fun and such a good tournament to have with both internationals and the domestic players."

Bhuvi: "I had to keep myself composed. I knew if I get it right, it will be difficult to score runs. Yorkers are the best way to stop runs. He was just asking me to stay calm and composed (when asked what Warner told him during the final over)."

Dhawan: "A great season for me and for the team. Davy lead us from the front, hats off to him. Great support from the support staff and all the players. I think our team is quite balanced. We did not start well, but managed to gain momentum through the journey."

A lot of player interviews are being done, we'll get them done for you. Meanwhile, the BLR players are doing a lap of honour around the ground thanking the crowd for their loyal support. HYD form a circle and take selfies.

And then Bipul Sharma held de Villiers before the crowd could even get seated. 6 balls it took for Chinnaswamy to sleep again. The match was lost then, again. BLR didn't lose this right away, specially after being 112/0 at the halfway mark; they lost it in installments that were too late and too short-distanced to hand BLR a way back from destitution. The triumvirate of Gayle, Kohli and de Villiers departed, in that order, when Watson's bad day was supposed to be get better after figures of 0/61. Just that it didn't. Ben Cutting's did. Watson's messiah visa looked expired, had with the ball earlier but Mustafizur made sure that it did with the bat too. Binny's shortest of cameos and a Baby rearguard meant BLR needed 18 off the last over. But the crowd cheers, Chinnaswamy's chasing charm surrendered to Bhuvneshwar's acquired death choke. Warner's bold call at the toss goes rewarded.. not acting timid always does.

There's a reason why T20 League tempts you to defy nationalism - more significantly in this age where the coinage continues to grow potent - and chant "ABD, ABD" for someone so foreign. Just can't be de Villiers's charm alone. Well can be, we know, but let's credit T20 League for parading charm in a bee-line, like tonight. A Warner blitzkrieg. A Cutting finish. A Watson dry wash. A Gayle blizzard. A Kohli fifty.. yes, another. This night had it all. In addition to Chinnaswamy's crowd which measured in joules instead of numbers, the bowling had two subtle heroes: Barinder Sran and Bipul Sharma. Gayle's assault was always coming. It arrived, it dazzled for a 38-ball 76 and it abated. Kohli's evolution threatened then - from playing Gayle's tinfoil to unroll into the burper of chases - when Sran outwitted him. The match looked gone. Then.

Coming to the victory celebrations: Warner had his hands aloft as he ran towards the pitch, Bhuvi had his fingers pointing up towards the sky gesturing that he has done it for his team. The HYD team including the management staff form a circle near the pitch in their celebrations. Warner jumps onto Moody, who pats the left-hander on the back. Lots of hugs and handshakes. And the BLR players walk out too. Kohli and Warner hug each other as both teams exchange customary handshakes.

19.6 - Bhuvneshwar to I Abdulla, FOUR, HYD are the 2016 T20 League champions. What a performance from them. Warner is absolutely elated and the entire HYD team runs to the middle to join their heroes. Before this ball, Sachin Baby, after getting to the non-striker's end, was seen crying - was literally sobbing it must be said. This is a heart-break if I may call that so, after that sort of a start by BLR and many would have expected this power-packed batting line-up to hunt this down easily but HYD have been rewarded for not panicking. Now look at that, Morgan, an Englishman, is hugging Warner, the Aussie. That's what the T20 League is all about. So coming back to the ball. This was the yorker on the stumps, Abdulla moved across and scooped it to fine leg for a four which won't change the eventual result

19.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, 1 run, Bhuvneshwar goes for the yorker again, bowls a low full toss outside off stump, crashed straight to backward point. And Warner roars again shouting "Come onnnn, Come onnnn", runs to Bhuvi and pats him on the head. Contrasting mood in the BLR dug-out. AB and Watto look dejected and looks like AB is a bit emotional as well

19.4 - Bhuvneshwar to I Abdulla, leg byes, 1 run, low full toss from Kumar, Abdulla swings and misses, two legitimate deliveries will take HYD home now. Warner runs forward and roars in delight. A HYD fan in the stands imitates Dhawan by twirling his moustache - well he didn't have one like the left-hander though

Iqbal Abdulla, left handed bat, comes to the crease

19.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, out Jordan Run Out!! What a ball from Bhuvneshwar. He's bowled another stunning yorker that almost knocked Baby down. Hit his left boot and rolled towards the keeper, Bhuvneshwar yells for LBW, but it pitched outside leg I guess. They try to steal a bye, Ojha removes his right glove like Dhoni and hit the bulls eye to catch Jordan short. Oh look at that reaction from Bhuvneshwar. He's angry at Ojha that he was not trying to gather the deflection off the stumps. Roars like anything and Yuvi calms him down saying it is out. Jordan run out (N Ojha) 3(4)

Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Looks like Jordan is run-out. Oh yes! OUT it is.

19.2 - Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, 2 runs, second full toss in a row and Baby's mistimed it as well. He gets down on one knee and tries to flick it away, no one at backward square leg and it lands safely

Warner and Bhuvi have a chat to get the field right. Third man inside. Fine leg, deep mid-wicket and long-on back. Will we see a lap?

19.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Jordan, 1 run, oh that's a full toss, and Jordan has missed it. I was looking for it in the stands. Jordan mistimes it wide of long-on. BLR won't mind though as Sachin Baby will be back on strike

Over: 19 1,W 2 0 1L 2 6 BLR 191/6
Sachin Baby 15(7) Jordan 2(3) Mustafizur 4-0-37-1

18.6 - Mustafizur to Sachin Baby, SIX, take a bow Sachin Baby! What a timely blow. From 24, it's come down to a doable 18 runs off the last 6 balls. Is this a turning point? We'll get to know a few balls later. And Mustafizur missed the yorker, bowled a juicy full ball, Baby got under it and lofted it over long-on for a Baby six, I mean it just cleared the fielder

18.5 - Mustafizur to Sachin Baby, 2 runs, brilliant fielding by captain Warner at long-on. He runs like a cheetah and dives and stops the ball, relays it to Hooda who comes close to the him and it's only two. This was a full toss that was hit straight down the ground

18.4 - Mustafizur to Jordan, leg byes, 1 run, optimistic appeal for LBW, full toss, hit outside leg, they steal a run as it rolls to mid-wicket

18.3 - Mustafizur to Jordan, no run, slower delivery from Mustafizur, Jordan swings and misses and it almost shaves the off stump

18.2 - Mustafizur to Jordan, 2 runs, in the airrrrrr, dropped. It's Sran the culprit. Slower delivery outside off stump, Jordan mistimes the loft, slices it, sweeper cover ran forward and had it covered, probably was a bit lethargic that it was an easy catch and it came out even before he knew about it

Chris Jordan, right handed bat, comes to the crease

18.1 - Mustafizur to Binny, out Binny Run Out!! 1 run completed. "two, two, two," shouts Binny. Oh my god! What has he done? Why would you look back when you are sure that you want the second run! That surely slowed him a bit and he's short despite a full length dive. Even the big-hitting Binny is gone! HYD are doing this nicely. Very full slower delivery, worked wide of long-on, not sure if he would have been home even if he was charging hard because he's not that swift between the wickets. The throw was wide from the keeper and Ojha did well to reach out, collect and break the stumps. Binny run out (Deepak Hooda/N Ojha) 9(7) [6s-1]

Mustafizur to Binny, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Over: 18 0 1 1 0 1L 4 BLR 179/5
Sachin Baby 7(5) Binny 8(6) Bhuvneshwar 3-0-17-0

17.6 - Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, FOUR, they needed this badly did the BLR boys. Just three runs off five balls and a boundary off the last ball makes life a little easier. Only a little though as still 30 runs are needed off the last two overs. Bhuvneshwar tries the yorker and bowls a low full toss, which is excellently reverse-lapped past the diving fielder at short third man by Baby

17.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Binny, leg byes, 1 run, Binny knows that Bhuvneshwar is going to go for the yorkers and walks across the stumps to paddle this fine past short fine leg, but misses and it rolls to short third man off the pad

17.4 - Bhuvneshwar to Binny, no run, and another brilliant yorker, even Kohli appreciates it from the dug-out with a wry smile. Binny digs it out to the right of the bowler

Just 2 singles off the first three balls and the BLR fans in the stands are very tensed. One guy is praying and not even looking at the action.

17.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, 1 run, full toss, should have been put away, Baby swings and loses his shape, hit wide of long-on

17.2 - Bhuvneshwar to Binny, 1 run, gets the yorker right, drilled down to long-on

17.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Binny, no run, wowww! What a delivery, 136kph yorker and I am not sure how that missed the leg stump. Brilliant delivery. Binny was surely beaten for pace and his bat came down late, just whizzed past the leg stump. A precious dot to begin with

Bhuvneshwar Kumar [2.0-0-11-0] is back into the attack

Three overs to go, 37 to get. Pressure on BLR. It's all about holding the nerve.

Over: 17 0 2 W 1 6 1 BLR 172/5
Binny 7(2) Sachin Baby 2(3) Mustafizur 3-0-26-1

16.6 - Mustafizur to Binny, 1 run, full toss, Binny gently works it through backward square leg

16.5 - Mustafizur to Binny, SIX, ohh! What a start and that too against the Fizz. Slower delivery landed very full, Binny lofts through the line, hits well and hits it over the long-on fence. This is a bonus, that they have already got 9 off Fizz's over with one more to go. Don't have to do anything silly now. Just knock it around and wait for the next bowler. Surely anyone apart from Fizz would be easier to hit at the death

16.4 - Mustafizur to Sachin Baby, 1 run, full toss, swung away to deep mid-wicket

Stuart Binny, right handed bat, comes to the crease

16.3 - Mustafizur to Watson, out Caught by Henriques!! This is surely not clearing the rope. Yuzi Chahal is biting his nails in the dug-out. They are feeling the pressure in that BLR dug out! Gee, this guy Mustafizur Rahman is like a diamond. They missed him in the last game badly and thankfully he was fit enough for this big encounter. The asking rate gets to Watson, who doesn't pick the slower-cutter and goes for the loft, gets it on the outside half of the bat and hits it straight up in the air, Moises settles under it at extra-cover and makes no mistake. Look at that roar from Warner, he knows the value of this wicket for Watson can strike them big. Watson c Henriques b Mustafizur 11(9) [6s-1]

Mustafizur to Watson, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

16.2 - Mustafizur to Watson, 2 runs, Mustafizur goes for the yorker, just misses his mark, drilled hard straight down the ground, long-on tidies up

16.1 - Mustafizur to Watson, no run, yorker just outside off stump, Watson digs it out

Ben Cutting was practicing really hard at the HYD nets even when he wasn't playing. Was always in a conversation with Trent Boult with whom he was sharing the nets discussing wrist positions and the lengths to bowl. Boy, he's turning it on on a big night.

Mustafizur Rahman [2.0-0-16-0] is back into the attack

Over: 16 1 1 W 0 1 1 BLR 162/4
Watson 9(6) Sachin Baby 1(2) Ben Cutting 4-0-35-2

15.6 - Ben Cutting to Watson, 1 run, oh ho ho ho. Cutting thrashed Watson earlier and he almost got rid of his fellow countryman now. Another well disguised slower delivery on the off stump, Watson slogs early, gets an inside edge that rolls towards short fine leg

15.5 - Ben Cutting to Sachin Baby, 1 run, back over the wicket and bowls a short slower delivery wide outside off stump, Baby cuts but picks out sweeper cover

15.4 - Ben Cutting to Sachin Baby, no run, round the wicket, fullish delivery outside off stump, Baby drives it back to the bowler

Sachin Baby, left handed bat, comes to the crease

15.3 - Ben Cutting to Rahul, out Bowled!! Look at that jump and the punch in the air from Ben Cutting. He scored a breezy cameo and now he's bagged a couple of poles. From 140/1, BLR have been reduced to 160/4. Sure momentum shift, but there's still a bit of batting left. The off-cutting slower delivery on a good length, Rahul obviously did not read it and swung his bat very early, the off stump was disturbed and that was good enough for the stumps to ignite. Rahul b Ben Cutting 11(9) [4s-1]

Ben Cutting to Rahul, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

15.2 - Ben Cutting to Watson, 1 run, slower ball wide outside off stump, Watson went hard at it, but hit it straight to long-off. Was uppish for a while

15.1 - Ben Cutting to Rahul, 1 run, on the leg stump, Rahul goes back and pushes it to long-on

Ben Cutting [3.0-0-31-1] is back into the attack

Time-out. There was talk of dew from both camps, but with the way the ball has been gripping, HYD will be very happy. Two overs of Fizz in the bank. How would BLR want to play him? 51 off 30 and even 7-8 off a Fizz over would be good when they can target the others with short boundaries. Don't underestimate Bhuvi though, for he's been very good at the death. We are in for an exciting finish for sure!

Over: 15 1 1 1 0 6 0 BLR 158/3
Watson 7(4) Rahul 10(7) Henriques 3-0-40-0

14.6 - Henriques to Watson, no run, now a wild swing, only connects with thin air though. That was bowled at normal pace, Watson tried to go straight this time

14.5 - Henriques to Watson, SIX, that's a mistime and you can't place a fielder right behind the bowler's arm. I am pretty sure Watson didn't want to hit that towards the sightscreen, he targetted long-off, the bat turned in his hands on impact with the ball and just cleared the rope. It was the slower ball from the bowler

14.4 - Henriques to Watson, no run, this is crunched nicely off the back foot, that lovely Watson back foot drive on one foot, but straight to Yuvi Singh at backward point

14.3 - Henriques to Rahul, 1 run, well, well, well. All of a sudden, the batsmen are finding it hard to middle the ball. Another cutter bowled full and outside off stump, Rahul wants to go off-side after backing away, but gets an inside edge that rolls into the on-side

14.2 - Henriques to Watson, 1 run, Watson gently pushes this to cover and gets off the mark

14.1 - Henriques to Rahul, 1 run, a man at mid-wicket would have swallowed that. Rahul checked the flick, probably was surprised by the lack of pace on this one and got away with it as it rolled to long-on

Moises Henriques [2.0-0-31-0] is back into the attack

Over: 14 4 1 1 1 W 1 BLR 149/3
Rahul 8(5) Watson 0(0) Bipul Sharma 2-0-17-1

13.6 - Bipul Sharma to Rahul, 1 run, flatter and on the off stump, Rahul goes back and punches it to long-on

Shane Watson, right handed bat, comes to the crease

13.5 - Bipul Sharma to de Villiers, out Caught by Henriques!! This was on the cards. AB de Villiers wasn't middling Bipul Sharma when it was short and it spun a bit and BLR have lost Gayle, Kohli and de Villiers is quick succession. Wow! That's three big wickets. This was bowled once again floated up by the bowler and it turned to fox the South African super star, who went for the loft over long-off, ended getting it on the outside half of the bat and slicing it. Moises runs back from extra-cover and reverse-cups the ball. There is a lot of belief in that HYD camp now. de Villiers c Henriques b Bipul Sharma 5(6)

Bipul Sharma to de Villiers, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

13.4 - Bipul Sharma to Rahul, 1 run, this is a good looking inside-out lofted drive after stepping out, but there is protection at deep extra-cover

13.3 - Bipul Sharma to de Villiers, 1 run, short and spinning away outside off stump, de Villiers waits and cuts to sweeper cover

13.2 - Bipul Sharma to Rahul, 1 run, this is chopped to the right of point, where Yuvi dives full length to his right (his wrong side) and stops the ball

13.1 - Bipul Sharma to Rahul, FOUR, good cricket from Rahul. He wants to keep the momentum going, gets down on his knees and sweeps, finds the gap at backward square leg and splits the two fielders in the deep

Over: 13 1 6 2 2 W 1 BLR 141/2
Rahul 1(1) de Villiers 4(4) Barinder 3-0-41-1

12.6 - Barinder to Rahul, 1 run, Rahul gets on top of this short of length delivery and taps it to point for a single

Lokesh Rahul, right handed bat, comes to the crease

12.5 - Barinder to Kohli, out Bowled!! Kohli can't believe that he's dragged this back onto the stumps. Oh my word! He misses the 1000-run mark by 27 runs. He deserved that four digit figure. But Sran won't mind it one bit. Look at that elation from him. He punches the air in delight and runs across the field. This is a massive, massive wicket for HYD. Credit to the bowler though for having the presence of mind to cramp the batsman for room. Kohli, who hit an inside-out six earlier in the over, tried to repeat the shot. He had width on that but Sran bowled this back of a length delivery very close to the body. Kohli didn't mind and went for glory, only to get an inside edge onto leg stump. So two quick wickets have got HYD back. Kohli b Barinder 54(35) [4s-5 6s-2]

Barinder to Kohli, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

12.4 - Barinder to Kohli, 2 runs, with these two at the crease, it's not all about power, these two find the gaps, even on this small Chinnaswamy outfield, run the fielders ragged. Slower delivery on the leg stump, Kohli works it into the vacant mid-wicket region and races across for the second

12.3 - Barinder to Kohli, 2 runs, poor delivery, was there to be put away, Kohli flicks it past short fine leg, Dhawan has a bit of ground to cover in the deep and it's good enough for two

12.2 - Barinder to Kohli, SIX, wowww! Just wowww! What a shot and look at that pose after recording another fifty this season. Slower delivery outside off stump, Kohli steps out and crashes the inside-out drive hard over extra-cover and it travels all the way. AB de Villiers congratulates his skipper

12.1 - Barinder to de Villiers, 1 run, slower delivery on the stumps, de Villiers turns it to deep square leg

Barinder Sran [2.0-0-29-0] is back into the attack

Now that Bipul is getting turn and with two right-handers at the crease, will Warner go to Yuvi? Not yet! He goes for Sran.

Over: 12 1 4 1 1 1 1 BLR 129/1
de Villiers 3(3) Kohli 44(31) Bipul Sharma 1-0-9-0

11.6 - Bipul Sharma to de Villiers, 1 run, once again short from Bipul Sharma, looks like he's expecting the pitch to do untoward - I mean one to stay really low to trouble the batsman, de Villiers pulls it to deep mid-wicket off the inside half of the bat

11.5 - Bipul Sharma to Kohli, 1 run, short and Bipul Sharma is getting it to turn, but it's slow turn and the batsman is able to adjust, pulled off the back foot through mid-wicket

11.4 - Bipul Sharma to de Villiers, 1 run, slower through the air, de Villiers gets down low and paddles it to fine leg

11.3 - Bipul Sharma to Kohli, 1 run, Kohli gently taps this to point and sets off

11.2 - Bipul Sharma to Kohli, FOUR, this is almost a punchy-pull from Kohli and that strong bottom hand grip does it for him. Hit really hard and the man at deep mid-wicket had no chance. Poor ball I must say as it was dragged short

11.1 - Bipul Sharma to de Villiers, 1 run, shortish and on the leg stump, de Villiers goes back and punches it wide of long-on

Bipul Sharma, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

Over: 11 1 1 W 4 2 0 BLR 120/1
Kohli 38(28) de Villiers 0(0) Ben Cutting 3-0-31-1

10.6 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, no run, back of a length delivery on the stumps, Kohli defends

10.5 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, 2 runs, Kohli steps out and flat-bats it along the ground to deep extra-cover

10.4 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, FOUR, now that's clever from Kohli. Stepped out, on seeing Cutting cut pace off the ball, adjusts his bat swing, delays the cut and beats backward point to pick up four

AB de Villiers, right handed bat, comes to the crease

10.3 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, out Caught by Bipul Sharma!! Now that's in the airrrr again and this time it's taken. It's not Kohli but the big wicket of Gayle, who was looking all set for a hundred. Good catch I must say running forward from third man. Similar to Kohli, the previous ball, Gayle goes hard at it looking for a maximum, but gets an outside edge. Gayle's bat is surely bigger than Kohli's and everyone knows that. Hence it had enough legs to carry to the man rushing forward. End of a brilliant innings. He was under pressure early in the tournament and was even dropped for a few games, but come the business end, the big Jamaican has turned it on and put up a stellar show for his side in the all important final. Expectedly, Gayle wears a dejected look as he walks back. Gayle c Bipul Sharma b Ben Cutting 76(38) [4s-4 6s-8]

Ben Cutting to Gayle, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

10.2 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, 1 run, in the airrr, ohhh it pops out. Very tough chance though. This has a lot of width on it outside off stump, Kohli throws his bat at it and gets a thick outside edge, unlike Warner's edge which went straight to short third man, this one has a bit more height, Fizz moves back, jumps and gets both hands to it above his head but the momentum of him falling back meant he couldn't control the catch, much to the delight of this vociferous Chinnaswamy crowd

10.1 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, 1 run, oh, Gayle swings hard, but that has just cleared the infield and rolls to long-on. For a moment I thought that was headed to the sightscreen. Was the slower ball from Ben Cutting and Gayle toe-ended for a run

Ben Cutting [2.0-0-23-0] is back into the attack

Over: 10 4 6 1 0 1 0 BLR 112/0
Kohli 31(24) Gayle 75(36) Mustafizur 2-0-16-0

9.6 - Mustafizur to Kohli, no run, he's getting a bit too carried away now. Has to tighten up. I mean, not in a defensive sense but get rid of this ugly slogging. Dances down and tries to heave an off-cutter across the line. An off-cutter which is well outside off. Misses

9.5 - Mustafizur to Gayle, 1 run, almost a yorker just outside off, squeezed wide of cover

9.4 - Mustafizur to Gayle, no run, short ball around off, Gayle is softened by all the punishment he's dished out, lets it go this time by swaying inside the line

9.3 - Mustafizur to Kohli, 1 run, in the air, and drops safely once more. They can't buy a wicket tonight. Almost a repeat of the previous ball where Kohli slices the loft. This time there is a long-off but even he can't get there. Drops to his left

9.2 - Mustafizur to Kohli, SIX, might have been the off-cutter and caused a mistake from Kohli, but it's still gone the distance. Ridiculous this. He had stepped out, went searching in front of the body for the loft, sliced it. But what he did well was pick his spot over mid-off

9.1 - Mustafizur to Kohli, FOUR, and even he's disappearing. Look away kids, don't get dissuaded from bowling as a profession. Rather, follow the Durham Test. Kohli steps out, gets a full toss with width and crashes it to the cover boundary

Mustafizur Rahman [1.0-0-4-0] is back into the attack

100 is up! And the Fizz is back.

Over: 9 4 1 0 6 6 4 BLR 100/0
Gayle 74(34) Kohli 20(20) Henriques 2-0-31-0

8.6 - Henriques to Gayle, FOUR, another one which he has got off the bottom of the bat and it's just skimmed to the fence. That's a bat full of sweet-spots. Shortish and wide outside off, Gayle flays it through the extra-cover region

8.5 - Henriques to Gayle, SIX, 250th six for Gayle in the T20 League, or was it the previous one. Let me check. Ok whatever. Short ball at the body, Gayle stands tall and pulls it off the front foot well in front of square and into the stands

8.4 - Henriques to Gayle, SIX, creamed over wide long-off! Henriques can't push this one as wide as he wants and the length is right in the slot. Gayle hits it blisteringly

8.3 - Henriques to Gayle, no run, there's that line again, well wide of off on a short of length, Gayle tries some sort of a flat-batted thwack but the bounce disappoints him

8.2 - Henriques to Kohli, 1 run, looked like the back of the hand slower ball, dipped into the blockhole just outside off, sliced in front of backward point

8.1 - Henriques to Kohli, FOUR, did that carry? I'm not sure that it did. It's a full ball which Kohli tries to bludgeon down the ground, his bat tilts and he skews it flat in the air in front of long-off. Warner attacks the ball, but it dips on him and reaches on the half-volley before bursting through the palms

At this rate, we'll be home by bedtime. Oh wait, the presentations...

Over: 8 0 1 Wd 6 0 1 1 BLR 79/0
Kohli 15(18) Gayle 58(30) Ben Cutting 2-0-23-0

7.6 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, 1 run, half-volley on the pads, flicked to deep mid-wicket

7.5 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, 1 run, better. Looks a decent ploy when executed right. Short of length off-cutter well wide of off, and Gayle is only swinging towards the leg-side. Fetches it and swats it off the bottom of the bat limply to deep mid-wicket

7.4 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, no run, slants it well wide of off, Gayle expects another wide. Not to be

7.3 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, SIX, I don't know what to say. So little margin for error. Cutting tries the yorker, misses his mark by around six inches and is clubbed over long-on. Oh get Gayle out, just mankad him

7.3 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, wide, strays it well wide of off, Gayle leaves it alone after loading up his bat well above the shoulders

7.2 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, 1 run, back of a length delivery just outside off, normal pace, tapped from the crease in front of point

7.1 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, no run, Cutting runs his fingers along the side of the ball and cleverly bowls the leg-cutter wide of off to take it out of Kohli's reach as he is backing away slightly

Ben Cutting [1.0-0-13-0] is back into the attack

We'll have the strategic time-out! HYD need a wicket, they need to see past this pair. That will be a start towards clawing back. Where is it coming from? The only option I can fathom is the Fizz. But this is where it gets tricky. Warner wants to hold him back for the death, but with this pair going like it is, he won't be allowed to. Or will he do that anyway? We'll find out...Okay, so he's gone with the latter option.

Over: 7 6 0 1 0 2 1 BLR 69/0
Kohli 13(15) Gayle 51(27) Henriques 1-0-10-0

6.6 - Henriques to Kohli, 1 run, skips out now, makes enough room for himself and drills it to sweeper cover

6.5 - Henriques to Kohli, 2 runs, with this, he goes the complete opposite way. Doesn't move his feet at all. At all. It's a full ball around off, the lack of footwork allows Kohli to stay inside the line and he punches it crisply to the right of sweeper cover

6.4 - Henriques to Kohli, no run, too close, gets too close to the pitch of the ball after using his feet. He had stepped to the leg-side for his favourite inside-out loft, but ends up jamming it to cover

6.3 - Henriques to Gayle, 1 run, drives a normal pace full toss down to long-off for a single

6.2 - Henriques to Gayle, no run, oh he's almost lost his footing. Off-cutter outside off which doesn't get up much off the deck and scoots below Gayle's attempted slog-sweep

6.1 - Henriques to Gayle, SIX, there's just no stopping him tonight. Brings up fifty with a full fledged biff straight of long-on. Henriques had tried the slower ball and disappears

Moises Henriques, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

Powerplay done, and BLR off to a flier....

Over: 6 0 0 1 0 1 2 BLR 59/0
Kohli 10(12) Gayle 44(24) Mustafizur 1-0-4-0

5.6 - Mustafizur to Kohli, 2 runs, decent start for the Fizz. Flicks an off-cutter through the mid-wicket region for a brace

5.5 - Mustafizur to Gayle, 1 run, no, no, no Mustafizur, Gayle has smashed it onto pad off the inside edge. That puts paid to the loud appeal and they pick a single in front of cover-point

5.4 - Mustafizur to Gayle, no run, drifts the cutter on the pads, Gayle fails to clip it away and the ball dribbles down to short fine leg off the thigh pad

5.3 - Mustafizur to Kohli, 1 run, fullish off-cutter just outside off, driven gently to mid-off

Here's the crowd again with the BLR chants. Just can't stop with it. So customary here that I think they'll scream "Aaaar ceee beeee" even when The Rock is wrestling the Undertaker here.

5.2 - Mustafizur to Kohli, no run, there's that indiscernable off-cutter, Kohli pats it to cover

5.1 - Mustafizur to Kohli, no run, length ball, tilting away wide of off, Kohli plants his foot across and drives on the up to cover-point

Mustafizur Rahman, comes into the attack

It's been exhilarating stuff, and expect it to continue all the way... Panic stations for HYD, their messiah called upon.

Over: 5 0 1 6 4 1 1 BLR 55/0
Kohli 7(8) Gayle 43(22) Ben Cutting 1-0-13-0

4.6 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, 1 run, very full outside off, might have been the slower cutter, Kohli slices it wide of third man. Settles for the single

4.5 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, 1 run, takes it on the full with another dance down the pitch, swats it wide of deep mid-wicket. Easy two there, but he's tired. What with all the hitting

4.4 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, FOUR, down the track, full ball, and heaved away wide of deep mid-wicket. What to do? He's mis-hit this one too, you know. It's not a bat, it's a chainsaw

4.3 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, SIX, Gayle is teeing off! He's just unloading at the Chinnaswamy. Cutting doesn't want to stray in his half, bowls it short just outside off but there's no respite. Gayle stays inside the line and upper-cuts it over the third man fence

4.2 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, 1 run, he's ready for the short ball and pulls it all along the carpet down to deep backward square

4.1 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, no run, short of length delivery around off, Kohli gets on top of the bounce and punches it softly down the pitch

Ben Cutting, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

Over: 4 0 6 0 0 4 6 BLR 42/0
Gayle 32(19) Kohli 5(5) Barinder 2-0-29-0

3.6 - Barinder to Gayle, SIX, oh dear, on a scale of Theon Greyjoy to 10 of self-esteem..Ah, picked the wrong parameters, but you get my point. Sran must be intimidated like heck here. Bowls a poor full ball on the pads, and is flogged over deep backward square with a pick-up off the wrists

3.5 - Barinder to Gayle, FOUR, slower ball, Gayle picks it, waits on it, and then smites it over mid-wicket. Gotta mix and match Sran, gotta mix and match. Can't become predictable

3.4 - Barinder to Gayle, no run, he has blindly swung at that. Back of a length delivery, good fizz off the deck and scoots under Gayle's attempted slog

3.3 - Barinder to Gayle, no run, good comeback! Back of the hand slower ball, it's on a fuller length just outside off and Gayle is too early with his hands reaching out leading away from the body. Does well to check his shot and pat it to cover

3.2 - Barinder to Gayle, SIX, if cricket ever has assassins, Gayle is The Mountain. Such brutality. Length ball around off, Gayle kicks his front leg out of the way and simply extends his arms. Generates so much power to clear wide long-on

3.1 - Barinder to Gayle, no run, a fearsome heave, but no connection. The length isn't quite there to pull and so the ball sneaks under him through to the keeper

Over: 3 0 1L Wd 1 4 0 1 BLR 26/0
Gayle 16(13) Kohli 5(5) Bhuvneshwar 2-0-11-0

2.6 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, 1 run, short of length, trying to tuck him up, Gayle opens his stance and pats it past extra-cover towards long-off

2.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, no run, back of a length delivery on leg, defended after moving inches forward

2.4 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, FOUR, okay, they'll settle for four! So now Gayle has mis-hit a six, and inside edged a four. Good going Chris! Full ball slanting across off, Gayle is lining up the off-side for a drive but skims it off a thick edge past short fine leg

The crowd is getting edgy, they want a sixer..

2.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Kohli, 1 run, he's always pressing forward, knows that Bhuvi doesn't have the pace to trouble him, drives it on the up to sweeper cover

2.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Kohli, wide, sees Kohli stepping out and digs it very short, perhaps in his half of the pitch and the ball sails well over Kohli's head to the keeper

2.2 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, leg byes, 1 run, another similar ball, and missed again but this time it has trickled away off the thigh pad behind square

2.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, no run, Gayle is beaten by the skid of this back of a length delivery, and hence ... despite the ball being on the pads ... he's missed out. No chance of LBW as it has pitched outside leg

A 13-run over, which should settle the dug-out..

Over: 2 Wd 0 2 6 Wd 0 2 1 BLR 18/0
Gayle 11(8) Kohli 4(4) Barinder 1-0-13-0

1.6 - Barinder to Gayle, 1 run, full toss, full toss, and it's been simply nudged wide of mid-on. What's going on?

1.5 - Barinder to Gayle, 2 runs, Gayle has pulled it off the front foot, which suggests that the length isn't all that short. Doesn't quite time it but it's been swatted wide of Dhawan at a squarish deep mid-wicket. He sprints across and cuts it with a dive

1.4 - Barinder to Gayle, no run, length ball, it's been driven on the up towards mid-on. No run, because it's Gayle. Or maybe otherwise too

1.4 - Barinder to Gayle, wide, another one down leg, Sran is rattled

1.3 - Barinder to Gayle, SIX, a maximum off the toe-end! Oh yes. Not quite the toe-end, but towards the bottom of the bat. But it's a half-volley and Gayle is always going to go for it. He is slightly early into the loft and skews it over mid-on, all the way

1.2 - Barinder to Gayle, 2 runs, shimmies at the bowler and converts it into a half-volley on his pads, then gets his bat across to clip it through the mid-wicket region. There is protection there in the deep but he's a little squarer

1.1 - Barinder to Gayle, no run, lovely ball! Angles it in on a good length, Gayle has no option but to play at it given the original angle but there's late swing away which beats his outside edge

1.1 - Barinder to Gayle, wide, slips one down the leg-side, well down leg

Sran too has a slip in place..

Barinder Sran, comes into the attack

An early boundary, some sighters, and plenty of nerves. Excellent concoction...

Over: 1 0 1L 0 0 4 0 BLR 5/0
Kohli 4(4) Gayle 0(2) Bhuvneshwar 1-0-4-0

0.6 - Bhuvneshwar to Kohli, no run, full ball around off, pushed with a closed bat-face to mid-on

0.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Kohli, FOUR, this man, he's on a dose of Felix Felicis. Remember, Liquid Luck from Harry Potter? Comes down the track to find the length cleverly shortened, but he still tries to go for the ambitious inside-out drive. The ball climbs on him, takes a thick edge and flies away wide of that third slip in place - to his left

0.4 - Bhuvneshwar to Kohli, no run, oh, you can feel the nerves. Kohli is just waiting. Waiting on anything to pounce. Punches a back of a length delivery to backward point, softly

0.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Kohli, no run, a hint of curl away from off, on a good length, Kohli lunges across and smothers it to mid-wicket

Now Kohli. A widish slip - kind of a third slip in place..

0.2 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, leg byes, 1 run, no swing this time, ends up down leg and deflects off Gayle's thigh pad behind square as he's late to get the bat across

0.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, no run, lots of swing away from the left-hander, Gayle sees it early and plays inside the line quite deliberately

Gayle and Kohli are at the crease. Gayle is on strike. Bhuvneshwar will open the attack