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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - Final, Bangalore vs Hyderabad at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, India (29 May 2016)


208/7 (20) RR:10.4

Hyderabad won by 8 runs

MOM: Ben Cutting

200/7 (20) RR:10

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19.1 - Watson to Ben Cutting, FOUR, that's like a virus. Full toss that is, low and well wide of off, Cutting stoops low and clatters it through cover, a desperate dive wasn't good enough

18.5 - Jordan to Ben Cutting, FOUR, full toss, a full toss! Low full toss outside off and Cutting cleverly slices the cut off the outside edge by crouching low

18.3 - Jordan to Bipul Sharma, FOUR, wide full toss and Bipul Sharma makes him pay with a superb strike over backward point. Fetches it and lifts it over the man

17.5 - Watson to Ben Cutting, FOUR, flashes and flashes hard. Chases a full and wide delivery and gets a thick top-edge which flies over short third man

16.2 - Jordan to N Ojha, FOUR, short and wide, Ojha is off the mark in style. He rises on his toes and cuts it to the third man fence

15.1 - Aravind to Yuvraj, FOUR, whoa! What swagger! Yuvi at his very best, classy stroke this time though. Aravind just doesn't know what to do, scratches his head in disbelief. Enough width for Yuvraj to play the late cut, he executes it well through the backward point region

14.4 - Chahal to Yuvraj, FOUR, teased up wide again, Yuvraj unleashes a eye-pleasing cover drive, all the way through extra cover

13.2 - Aravind to Warner, FOUR, dipping slow full toss tilting in towards off, Warner clobbers the drive past the bowler and Jordan's effort from long-off wasn't good enough. Dives full length, but fails to flick the ball back. Kohli isn't impressed either

11.2 - Jordan to Yuvraj, FOUR, Yuvi says "Thank you" as he gets one on the pads, flicked away elegantly through backward square

11.0 - Watson to Yuvraj, FOUR, awww! That's sublime. What's better than a Yuvraj Singh's cover drive? Full and there to be put away, Yuvi eases onto that front foot and laces it through the vacant cover region

9.2 - Jordan to Warner, FOUR, Warner, you bully boy! What a stage, What a shot. Gobbles up an iota of width on this and slaps a boundary through extra cover. BURAJRPPP.. his bat would be doing now

9.1 - Jordan to Warner, FOUR, that's cricketing lasagna - full delivery down leg. Warner just turns around and shames it with a tickle through fine leg

8.5 - Chahal to Warner, FOUR, doff your caps. Ninth fifty this season for Warner. Sees the width and arrests his attacking instincts. Just leans across and softens the cut square of the wicket on the off-side. That restores the balance of this world, that shot, yes

8.3 - Chahal to Warner, FOUR, wrong' un adulterated with width, Warner was shuffling to leg, then held it and got lower to get in sync with the bounce and cut it wide of backward point

5.2 - Gayle to Dhawan, FOUR, this is flat stuff. Tossed up, as Gayle's penchant for the leg-side continues. Dhawan coils up on the sweep early, manages a bottom-edge on the sweep to this full toss that runs to the fine leg fence

4.5 - Watson to Warner, FOUR, that was actually a good ball but try telling that to Watson now. Keeps it slow and full seeing Warner stand down leg. But, but, Warner reaches out with feet stuck to the crease and summons this ball with a cut. The extra room meant that he sliced this cut. Almost a leaning cut that cleaves short third man and backward point

3.5 - Gayle to Dhawan, FOUR, what happens when you toss it up? Gayle knows. You get battered over your head. That's what Dhawan did here. Stayed put and swung it away

3.0 - Aravind to Warner, FOUR, oh, look at him. He's launched himself already. Aravind shortened the length here looking to dare him. Well, Warner takes him on. More like a hoicked pull over mid-wicket that races away to the fence. Oof!

2.5 - Aravind to Warner, FOUR, that's short and wide - the Tom and Jerry of mediocrity in cricket. Warner spots it early, rode the bounce and slapped it well in front of the square through extra cover

1.0 - Aravind to Dhawan, FOUR, tries the inswinger and dishes up a pie. A bisi bele bath. Goes full but the curl in means that the line's veering into the pad. Dhawan just half-turns and tickles it away to the fine leg fence. First boundary of the final

20.0 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, make that 24 off the over, David Warner and Co. are absolutely pumped. Is this the game changing knock? Fullish and wide, Ben Cutting clears his front leg and batters it over the long-off fence. What a gem of a knock from the big man, 39 off 15 - HYD needed this badly, didn't they?

19.3 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, short ball and Cutting is in some mood today. Wide of off, Ben Cutting clears his front leg and swipes it with a heavo-ho over mid-wicket

19.2 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, that's gone into one of those pubs on the MG road! Out of the ground, 117-metre six. Another full toss and Cutting was up for the challenge - Skates down the pitch and slaps it over deep backward square. Over the roof and out of the ground

17.3 - Watson to Ben Cutting, SIX, full toss and that's been spanked into the backward square stands. Cutting clears his front leg, gets underneath it and baaaaang!

14.3 - Chahal to Yuvraj, SIX, that's landed inside my office Pin drop silence at Chinnaswamy. Googly tossed full and wide, Yuvraj smites it into the wide long-off stands. "Probably the biggest six of this T20 League" reckons Sunny G

11.3 - Jordan to Yuvraj, SIX, "Flicked into the crowd" screams an elated Ravi Shaz on air. Whattaay thumping strike that! Right off the meat, on middle and leg again and Yuvi deposits him into the fine leg stands. Remember 2007 T20 WC against Brett lee...

7.3 - I Abdulla to Warner, SIX, oh, that's a punishment. That ball had been imparted wings. Loops this up outside off, Warner frees arms and swings it over long-on

6.0 - Gayle to Warner, SIX, butchered. Had to be. Can't bowl that length to which Warner can get on his knees and slog-sweep you over cow corner. Time-out!

4.3 - Watson to Dhawan, SIX, aggression is such a bug. So inductive. Dhawan follows suit. Gets a fullish length just outside off, had the room and swivels his bat for a loft downtown. Could have played it on heels - no feet whatsoever

4.1 - Watson to Warner, SIX, here's the six! Always going to be at Chinnaswamy, a stadium with shorter boundaries than the traffic jams leading to it. Full ball this was from over the wicket, not much room but Warner made some of his own, got under it and lofted it handsomely over long-off

18.4 - Jordan to Bipul Sharma, out Caught by Chahal!! Brilliant work by BLR, they are pulling things back. What a turnaround! Dug in short and Bipul Sharma got into a bit of tangle as it was shot into him. Decides to go through with his pull shot and spoons it high in the air, Chahal at deep backward square settles under it and tumbles after taking the catch. Bipul Sharma c Chahal b Jordan 5(3) [4s-1]

17.1 - Watson to Ben Cutting, out N Ojha Run Out!! HYD are like buses at the moment. Ojha departs and follows Yuvraj Singh into the dressing room. It was full and straight again, Cutting might have got an inside edge on the flick, the ball rolls away towards short cover area, but hey! Where's Ojha going... Doesn't even look at his partner. Watto collects and had so much time to hit the bulls-eye. N Ojha run out (Watson) 7(4) [4s-1]

16.1 - Jordan to Yuvraj, out Caught by Watson!! Yuvi perishes, HYD are in a bit of trouble here. The slower full ball from Chris Jordan, entices Yuvi into an uppish drive over extra cover. He obliges and went too hard, as a result - Hits it off the toe end and Watson pounces on it diving forward full length (at extra cover). Yuvraj c Watson b Jordan 38(23) [4s-4 6s-2]

16.0 - Aravind to Deepak Hooda, out Caught by Kohli!! Gone! Easy as you like. Deepak Hooda walks out of the crease and tries to launch Aravind over long-on. All brawn stuff from the Haryana man, goes through with the shot but ekes it off the bottom half. Virat had the simplest of catches to take at long-on. Deepak Hooda c Kohli b Aravind 3(6)

13.3 - Aravind to Warner, out Caught by I Abdulla!! How big a wicket is this? You just have to look at Aravind and his colleagues, Chinnaswamy is pumped. Short and angling away outside off, lures Warner into a flashy cut. He chases the ball sans much footwork, feeds a thick outside edge and is gobbled up by the man at short third man. Warner is disappointed as he walks back to the pavilion. Warner c I Abdulla b Aravind 69(38) [4s-8 6s-3]

9.5 - Jordan to Henriques, out Caught by Chahal!! It pays to invest in LICs, and it pays to keep Warner off strike. Shortish delivery down leg, not the best of deliveries but Henriques gets into a tangle as the ball shoots up. Henriques coils up on the flick, wanted to hit it behind square, but gets a leading-edge that settles into Chahal's hands at mid-wicket. Henriques c Chahal b Jordan 4(5)

6.4 - Chahal to Dhawan, out Caught by Jordan!! There's the antibiotic Kohli wanted and Chahal delivers it. Buys it, you might say. Another googly to continue the trend, Dhawan fetches it with a sweep, as his bottom hand came off, and couldn't tame the bounce to make things worse. Could be said that the length wasn't there to sweep. Too short. A top-edge and deep square leg shuffled to his right to pouch this overhead. Dhawan c Jordan b Chahal 28(25) [4s-3 6s-1]

1.5 - Gayle to Dhawan, no run, Gayle has dropped Dhawan!! Yes, you read that right. Kept the pace slow like he has, Dhawan was perhaps early into the push down the ground. Couldn't keep it on the ground and Gayle dived, yes, dived, to his left one-handed but couldn't hold onto it

20.0 - Bhuvneshwar to I Abdulla, FOUR, HYD are the 2016 T20 League champions. What a performance from them. Warner is absolutely elated and the entire HYD team runs to the middle to join their heroes. Before this ball, Sachin Baby, after getting to the non-striker's end, was seen crying - was literally sobbing it must be said. This is a heart-break if I may call that so, after that sort of a start by BLR and many would have expected this power-packed batting line-up to hunt this down easily but HYD have been rewarded for not panicking. Now look at that, Morgan, an Englishman, is hugging Warner, the Aussie. That's what the T20 League is all about. So coming back to the ball. This was the yorker on the stumps, Abdulla moved across and scooped it to fine leg for a four which won't change the eventual result

18.0 - Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, FOUR, they needed this badly did the BLR boys. Just three runs off five balls and a boundary off the last ball makes life a little easier. Only a little though as still 30 runs are needed off the last two overs. Bhuvneshwar tries the yorker and bowls a low full toss, which is excellently reverse-lapped past the diving fielder at short third man by Baby

13.1 - Bipul Sharma to Rahul, FOUR, good cricket from Rahul. He wants to keep the momentum going, gets down on his knees and sweeps, finds the gap at backward square leg and splits the two fielders in the deep

11.2 - Bipul Sharma to Kohli, FOUR, this is almost a punchy-pull from Kohli and that strong bottom hand grip does it for him. Hit really hard and the man at deep mid-wicket had no chance. Poor ball I must say as it was dragged short

10.4 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, FOUR, now that's clever from Kohli. Stepped out, on seeing Cutting cut pace off the ball, adjusts his bat swing, delays the cut and beats backward point to pick up four

9.1 - Mustafizur to Kohli, FOUR, and even he's disappearing. Look away kids, don't get dissuaded from bowling as a profession. Rather, follow the Durham Test. Kohli steps out, gets a full toss with width and crashes it to the cover boundary

9.0 - Henriques to Gayle, FOUR, another one which he has got off the bottom of the bat and it's just skimmed to the fence. That's a bat full of sweet-spots. Shortish and wide outside off, Gayle flays it through the extra-cover region

8.1 - Henriques to Kohli, FOUR, did that carry? I'm not sure that it did. It's a full ball which Kohli tries to bludgeon down the ground, his bat tilts and he skews it flat in the air in front of long-off. Warner attacks the ball, but it dips on him and reaches on the half-volley before bursting through the palms

4.4 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, FOUR, down the track, full ball, and heaved away wide of deep mid-wicket. What to do? He's mis-hit this one too, you know. It's not a bat, it's a chainsaw

3.5 - Barinder to Gayle, FOUR, slower ball, Gayle picks it, waits on it, and then smites it over mid-wicket. Gotta mix and match Sran, gotta mix and match. Can't become predictable

2.4 - Bhuvneshwar to Gayle, FOUR, okay, they'll settle for four! So now Gayle has mis-hit a six, and inside edged a four. Good going Chris! Full ball slanting across off, Gayle is lining up the off-side for a drive but skims it off a thick edge past short fine leg

0.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Kohli, FOUR, this man, he's on a dose of Felix Felicis. Remember, Liquid Luck from Harry Potter? Comes down the track to find the length cleverly shortened, but he still tries to go for the ambitious inside-out drive. The ball climbs on him, takes a thick edge and flies away wide of that third slip in place - to his left

19.0 - Mustafizur to Sachin Baby, SIX, take a bow Sachin Baby! What a timely blow. From 24, it's come down to a doable 18 runs off the last 6 balls. Is this a turning point? We'll get to know a few balls later. And Mustafizur missed the yorker, bowled a juicy full ball, Baby got under it and lofted it over long-on for a Baby six, I mean it just cleared the fielder

16.5 - Mustafizur to Binny, SIX, ohh! What a start and that too against the Fizz. Slower delivery landed very full, Binny lofts through the line, hits well and hits it over the long-on fence. This is a bonus, that they have already got 9 off Fizz's over with one more to go. Don't have to do anything silly now. Just knock it around and wait for the next bowler. Surely anyone apart from Fizz would have easier to hit at the death

14.5 - Henriques to Watson, SIX, that's a mistime and you can't place a fielder right behind the bowler's arm. I am pretty sure Watson didn't want to hit that towards the sightscreen, he targetted long-off, the bat turned in his hands on impact with the ball and just cleared the rope. It was the slower ball from the bowler

12.2 - Barinder to Kohli, SIX, wowww! Just wowww! What a shot and look at that pose after recording another fifty this season. Slower delivery outside off stump, Kohli steps out and crashes the inside-out drive hard over extra-cover and it travels all the way. AB de Villiers congratulates his skipper

9.2 - Mustafizur to Kohli, SIX, might have been the off-cutter and caused a mistake from Kohli, but it's still gone the distance. Ridiculous this. He had stepped out, went searching in front of the body for the loft, sliced it. But what he did well was pick his spot over mid-off

8.5 - Henriques to Gayle, SIX, 250th six for Gayle in the T20 League, or was it the previous one. Let me check. Ok whatever. Short ball at the body, Gayle stands tall and pulls it off the front foot well in front of square and into the stands

8.4 - Henriques to Gayle, SIX, creamed over wide long-off! Henriques can't push this one as wide as he wants and the length is right in the slot. Gayle hits it blisteringly

7.3 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, SIX, I don't know what to say. So little margin for error. Cutting tries the yorker, misses his mark by around six inches and is clubbed over long-on. Oh get Gayle out, just mankad him

6.1 - Henriques to Gayle, SIX, there's just no stopping him tonight. Brings up fifty with a full fledged biff straight of long-on. Henriques had tried the slower ball and disappears

4.3 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, SIX, Gayle is teeing off! He's just unloading at the Chinnaswamy. Cutting doesn't want to stray in his half, bowls it short just outside off but there's no respite. Gayle stays inside the line and upper-cuts it over the third man fence

4.0 - Barinder to Gayle, SIX, oh dear, on a scale of Theon Greyjoy to 10 of self-esteem..Ah, picked the wrong parameters, but you get my point. Sran must be intimidated like heck here. Bowls a poor full ball on the pads, and is flogged over deep backward square with a pick-up off the wrists

3.2 - Barinder to Gayle, SIX, if cricket ever has assassins, Gayle is The Mountain. Such brutality. Length ball around off, Gayle kicks his front leg out of the way and simply extends his arms. Generates so much power to clear wide long-on

1.3 - Barinder to Gayle, SIX, a maximum off the toe-end! Oh yes. Not quite the toe-end, but towards the bottom of the bat. But it's a half-volley and Gayle is always going to go for it. He is slightly early into the loft and skews it over mid-on, all the way

19.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Sachin Baby, out Jordan Run Out!! What a ball from Bhuvneshwar. He's bowled another stunning yorker that almost knocked Baby down. Hit his left boot and rolled towards the keeper, Bhuvneshwar yells for LBW, but it pitched outside leg I guess. They try to steal a bye, Ojha removes his right glove like Dhoni and hit the bulls eye to catch Jordan short. Oh look at that reaction from Bhuvneshwar. He's angry at Ojha that he was not trying to gather the deflection off the stumps. Roars like anything and Yuvi calms him down saying it is out. Jordan run out (N Ojha) 3(4)

18.1 - Mustafizur to Binny, out Binny Run Out!! 1 run completed. "two, two, two," shouts Binny. Oh my god! What has he done? Why would you look back when you are sure that you want the second run! That surely slowed him a bit and he's short despite a full length dive. Even the big-hitting Binny is gone! HYD are doing this nicely. Very full slower delivery, worked wide of long-on, not sure if he would have been home even if he was charging hard because he's not that swift between the wickets. The throw was wide from the keeper and Ojha did well to reach out, collect and break the stumps. Binny run out (Deepak Hooda/N Ojha) 9(7) [6s-1]

16.3 - Mustafizur to Watson, out Caught by Henriques!! This is surely not clearing the rope. Yuzi Chahal is biting his nails in the dug-out. They are feeling the pressure in that BLR dug out! Gee, this guy Mustafizur Rahman is like a diamond. They missed him in the last game badly and thankfully he was fit enough for this big encounter. The asking rate gets to Watson, who doesn't pick the slower-cutter and goes for the loft, gets it on the outside half of the bat and hits it straight up in the air, Moises settles under it at extra-cover and makes no mistake. Look at that roar from Warner, he knows the value of this wicket for Watson can strike them big. Watson c Henriques b Mustafizur 11(9) [6s-1]

15.3 - Ben Cutting to Rahul, out Bowled!! Look at that jump and the punch in the air from Ben Cutting. He scored a breezy cameo and now he's bagged a couple of poles. From 140/1, BLR have been reduced to 160/4. Sure momentum shift, but there's still a bit of batting left. The off-cutting slower delivery on a good length, Rahul obviously did not read it and swung his bat very early, the off stump was disturbed and that was good enough for the stumps to ignite. Rahul b Ben Cutting 11(9) [4s-1]

13.5 - Bipul Sharma to de Villiers, out Caught by Henriques!! This was on the cards. AB de Villiers wasn't middling Bipul Sharma when it was short and it spun a bit and BLR have lost Gayle, Kohli and de Villiers is quick succession. Wow! That's three big wickets. This was bowled once again floated up by the bowler and it turned to fox the South African super star, who went for the loft over long-off, ended getting it on the outside half of the bat and slicing it. Moises runs back from extra-cover and reverse-cups the ball. There is a lot of belief in that HYD camp now. de Villiers c Henriques b Bipul Sharma 5(6)

12.5 - Barinder to Kohli, out Bowled!! Kohli can't believe that he's dragged this back onto the stumps. Oh my word! He misses the 1000-run mark by 27 runs. He deserved that four digit figure. But Sran won't mind it one bit. Look at that elation from him. He punches the air in delight and runs across the field. This is a massive, massive wicket for HYD. Credit to the bowler though for having the presence of mind to cramp the batsman for room. Kohli, who hit an inside-out six earlier in the over, tried to repeat the shot. He had width on that but Sran bowled this back of a length delivery very close to the body. Kohli didn't mind and went for glory, only to get an inside edge onto leg stump. So two quick wickets have got HYD back. Kohli b Barinder 54(35) [4s-5 6s-2]

10.3 - Ben Cutting to Gayle, out Caught by Bipul Sharma!! Now that's in the airrrr again and this time it's taken. It's not Kohli but the big wicket of Gayle, who was looking all set for a hundred. Good catch I must say running forward from third man. Similar to Kohli, the previous ball, Gayle goes hard at it looking for a maximum, but gets an outside edge. Gayle's bat is surely bigger than Kohli's and everyone knows that. Hence it had enough legs to carry to the man rushing forward. End of a brilliant innings. He was under pressure early in the tournament and was even dropped for a few games, but come the business end, the big Jamaican has turned it on and put up a stellar show for his side in the all important final. Expectedly, Gayle wears a dejected look as he walks back. Gayle c Bipul Sharma b Ben Cutting 76(38) [4s-4 6s-8]

18.2 - Mustafizur to Jordan, 2 runs, in the airrrrrr, dropped. It's Sran the culprit. Slower delivery outside off stump, Jordan mistimes the loft, slices it, sweeper cover ran forward and had it covered, probably was a bit lethargic that it was an easy catch and it came out even before he knew about it

10.2 - Ben Cutting to Kohli, 1 run, in the airrr, ohhh it pops out. Very tough chance though. This has a lot of width on it outside off stump, Kohli throws his bat at it and gets a thick outside edge, unlike Warner's edge which went straight to short third man, this one has a bit more height, Fizz moves back, jumps and gets both hands to it above his head but the momentum of him falling back meant he couldn't control the catch, much to the delight of this vociferous Chinnaswamy crowd