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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - 54th Match, Gujarat vs Mumbai at Green Park, Kanpur, India (21 May 2016)


172/8 (20) RR:8.6

Gujarat won by 6 wkts

MOM: Suresh Raina

173/4 (17.5) RR:9.7

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19.3 - P Kumar to Hardik Pandya, FOUR, PK missed his length by a fraction and Hardik made him pay. Clears his front leg and hammers it down the ground, long-off was just a few metres away, but he had no chance

16.3 - Dwayne Bravo to Nitish Rana, FOUR, no problems this time. Another slower low full toss, was almost through him when he knelt down and swept it towards cow corner, Raina tries to get around. But the timing was too good

15.0 - Jakati to Nitish Rana, FOUR, this is excellent batting. Not all that short, but Rana created his own length by going deep in the crease, plays the cut late and behind backward point, raced away to another boundary

14.5 - Jakati to Nitish Rana, FOUR, maiden fifty for Rana. What a time to get it. Team in trouble. Big players back in the dugout and the young man rises to the occasion. Ponting and Co. applaud. Touch short and on the stumps, Rana swivels and pulls it right between the two fielders in the deep

14.3 - Jakati to Nitish Rana, FOUR, Rana is dealing with the left-arm spinners with slog sweeps. Tossed up on off, Rana bent down and heaved it towards cow corner, one bounce and over the rope

13.2 - Dwayne Bravo to Nitish Rana, FOUR, up and over. This is excellent batting. The off-cutter and Rana spotted it early, waited for it to arrive, went inside out over extra cover, mid-off in and it raced away to the fence

11.1 - Dwayne Smith to Nitish Rana, no ball, FOUR, that might have slipped out. Full toss above the waist, Rana was a bit surprised, but adjusts well, stands tall and guides it to the right of backward point, four more and a free-hit coming up...

11.0 - Jadeja to Buttler, FOUR, costly first over (15 runs) from Jaddu. He is not a happy man, grabs the cap from the umpire and walks away. Drags it short and offers width, Buttler doesn't need a second invitation, goes back and smacks the cut square on the off-side, giving sweeper no chance

8.1 - Dwayne Smith to Buttler, FOUR, that's easy pickings for Buttler, short and wide from Smith, he waits on it and slaps it past point, beats the fielder getting across from deep cover

6.0 - P Kumar to Buttler, FOUR, that spoils the over for Praveen, too straight and ending up on Buttler's pads, tucked away past the keeper for a handy boundary

4.4 - Dwayne Smith to Krunal Pandya, FOUR, lovely shot, short and wide outside off, good bounce on offer as well, Krunal stands tall and punches it square past cover-point, beats the infield and races away to the fence

4.2 - Dwayne Smith to Guptill, FOUR, poor ball from Smith, short and on Guptill's pads, he gets inside the line and helps it on its way, fine leg was inside the ring and the ball rolls away to the fence

4.0 - D Kulkarni to Nitish Rana, FOUR, that's easy pickings for Rana, too short from Dhawal, can't bowl those at his pace. Rana rocks back and clubs it over mid-wicket, almost went all the way, bounced just in front of the ropes

2.4 - P Kumar to Rohit, FOUR, this will hurt Gujarat, tad too short and well outside off, Rohit stands tall, gets on one leg and dismisses it wide of mid-on, rolls away to the fence in a hurry

1.4 - D Kulkarni to Rohit, FOUR, short, wide and four, poor ball from Kulkarni, Rohit gets on top of the bounce and cracks it square past point, rolls away to the fence in a hurry

1.0 - P Kumar to Rohit, FOUR, wristy from Rohit, fraction too short in length from Praveen, Rohit stays back, uses the pace of the ball and clips it to the right of the square leg umpire, beats the two men chasing, Rohit is off and running with two fours

0.2 - P Kumar to Rohit, FOUR, lovely shot, width on offer from Praveen, Rohit stands tall and punches it in front of square on the off-side, beats cover-point and rolls away to the fence

17.2 - D Kulkarni to Pollard, SIX, that seemed like a mishit. But has gone for a 80 meter six. Back of a length and Pollard went for the pull, got it high on the bat and the power of the West Indian took it over long-on comfortably

15.4 - D Kulkarni to Nitish Rana, SIX, mowed over. Length delivery and Rana has picked the bones out of that one. Got his front leg out of the way and heaved it over deep mid-wicket. Finch leapt up but in vain

13.0 - Jakati to Nitish Rana, SIX, Krunal Pandya last game and now Nitish Rana. Mumbai are finding unlikely heroes. Bit more air on this one and Rana was onto it in a flash, knelt down and dismissed it over long-on, got plenty of height - almost kissed the night sky and the distance

11.1 - Dwayne Smith to Nitish Rana, SIX, Rana takes full toll of the free-hit. Length delivery on the stumps, he makes sure that the swinging arc is perfect by getting his front leg out of the way and deposits it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum

10.4 - Jadeja to Nitish Rana, SIX, that's outta here. Not much flight on this delivery, but Rana was already on his knee to get underneath that, got the elevation and send it sailing over long-on

3.4 - D Kulkarni to Rohit, SIX, Rohit is dealing in sixes at the moment, fraction fuller and just outside off, Rohit stays behind the line and lifts it over mid-off, clears the ropes with ease

2.0 - D Kulkarni to Rohit, SIX, that's adding insult to injury, on a good length and holding its line outside off, Rohit shimmies down the track and hoists it over mid-off, went sailing over the ropes for a maximum

20.0 - P Kumar to Hardik Pandya, out Caught by Jadeja!! Yes, he does. Raina has a smile on his way as the Gujarat trudge off the field. Pandya is livid with himself. A full toss on leg-stump, Pandya winds up for the big mow to the leg-side, gets it high on the bat and spoons a simple catch to Jaddu at long-on. Hardik Pandya c Jadeja b P Kumar 7(8) [4s-1]

19.2 - P Kumar to Harbhajan, out Caught by Raina!! There goes another one. Rohit hangs his head down in the dugout as Raina completes the catch. The slower delivery which is pulled back, as expected Harbhajan went for the heave to cow corner, mistimed it and Raina ain't dropping those. Harbhajan c Raina b P Kumar 3(5)

17.5 - D Kulkarni to Pollard, out Caught by Dwayne Smith!! The two Dwaynes have been kept busy tonight. Both have two wickets apiece and have a catch each. Kulkarni should thanks his Gods there. A nice juicy full toss, around off, Pollard could have smashed it anywhere, but instead he mistimes it to long-off. Smith runs and accepts it gleefully. Mumbai are falling apart. The umpires check for a front foot no-ball, but it is fine. Pollard c Dwayne Smith b D Kulkarni 9(11) [6s-1]

17.0 - Dwayne Bravo to Nitish Rana, out Caught by D Kulkarni!! A fine innings comes to an end. Rana looks like one for the future. For sure, he has the talent and he has grabbed the opportunity presented to him. Walks back to a standing ovation from the Mumbai dugout. Bravo gets his Nth wicket off a slower ball, was around off, Rana sunk down and hoicked, but lack of pace meant the timing went wrong. Simple catch to Kulkarni at deep square leg. Nitish Rana c D Kulkarni b Dwayne Bravo 70(36) [4s-7 6s-4]

13.5 - Dwayne Bravo to Buttler, out Caught&Bowled!! That's a rippa. Out comes the Champion tune and dance. Buttler can't believe his luck, hangs his head down in disbelief. Slower delivery right in the slot - overpitched and on off, Buttler throws everything at it, middles it but doesn't keep it down, the ball was going straight for Bravo's head before he got his hand up and snaffled. It was like a reflex action. Remember one Mishra took against Russell and now Bravo has emulated it. Buttler c and b Dwayne Bravo 33(31) [4s-3]

5.0 - Dwayne Smith to Krunal Pandya, out Caught by Finch!! Dwayne Smith has two wickets in the over! Another soft dismissal for Pandya, the Lions are roaring in Kanpur. This was banged in short and just outside off, Pandya was looking to help it on its way, he doesn't get on top of the bounce, as a result, the top-edge is found. It went a long way in the air and over square leg. Finch runs in from deep mid-wicket, keeps his eyes on the ball and clutches it safely. Krunal Pandya c Finch b Dwayne Smith 4(3) [4s-1]

4.3 - Dwayne Smith to Guptill, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! Smith continues to take wickets! This was a nothing delivery actually, short and well outside off, Guptill was looking to hack it over mid-wicket, doesn't get hold of the shot, ends up hitting it straight to Bravo at mid-on. The two West Indians combine to send Guptill on his way, he has an anguished look on his face as he walks away. Mumbai have been suddenly jolted. Guptill c Dwayne Bravo b Dwayne Smith 7(9) [4s-1]

3.5 - D Kulkarni to Rohit, out Caught by Jakati!! Rohit's reprieve doesn't cost a lot for the Lions. Dhawal has his man, this was banged in short and on the stumps, Rohit swivelled across on the pull, doesn't bother to keep it on the ground, straight into the hands of Jakati at deep square leg, he made sure that he didn't step on the ropes as he completed the catch - reverse cupped. The umpire check for a possible no-ball, but Dhawal is fine on that count as well. Rohit c Jakati b D Kulkarni 30(17) [4s-4 6s-2]

17.4 - McClenaghan to Jadeja, FOUR, oh no! Martin Guptill is livid with himself. For the Nth time today, MUM have let the ball through. Clobbered through extra cover where Guptill (in the deep obviously) runs forward and lets it pass through his fingers. He collects the ball and hurls it wildly

16.3 - Bumrah to Jadeja, FOUR, down leg and that's been glanced away modestly past a helpless short fine

15.5 - Hardik Pandya to Jadeja, FOUR, whoa! Jaddu is striking it so sweetly today. A bleeding length ball has been lifted with a clean swing of the wood, up and over mid-on for a boundary

15.1 - Hardik Pandya to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, a misfield by Rohit Sharma and Gujarat are in some hurry to cap this off quickly. Smith unleashes a wild biff and skews it off the upper half. Rohit at mid-off moves to his left but the ball nutmegs to kill MUM's hopes

15.0 - McClenaghan to Jadeja, FOUR, and Mitchell McClenaghan continues to help Gujarat with dross stuff. Full, straight and asking Jaddu to show one his classy strokes. A well-timed flick through mid-wicket, scorched away!

14.1 - McClenaghan to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, doesn't matter how they come. "Smithy is smoking it everywhere" chunters an ever-lively Danny M in the comm. box. Well said Sir! Back of a length tilted in around leg-stump, Smith throws his willow through a whippy pull. The ball meets the inside half but jeez! What power in those wrists

13.5 - Harbhajan to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, short again and that's been spanked with a fierce willow. Clears his front leg and crashes that through extra cover

12.4 - Bumrah to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, length ball in the slot for Smithy who bludgeons it straight down the ground, raced away in a jiffy!

10.2 - Vinay to Raina, FOUR, and again! All too easy for Raina at the moment. A rib-tickler sans height and pace, Raina swivels and pulls one-legged further wide of the man at short fine

10.1 - Vinay to Raina, FOUR, down the leg side and that's easy peasy for Suresh Raina. A real gift and Raina obliges as he gets to his second successive fifty. Picked and clipped past short fine

7.2 - Harbhajan to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, a fraction short from Harbhajan, that is all McCullum needs to rock back and smear the cut. He does just that, but Hardik at sweeper cover runs around the circumference and gets his right-hand on it. Unfortunately for him, the ball goes through

7.1 - Harbhajan to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, the long hop that was begging to be hammered. McCullum rocks back in a flash and pulls it to the deep mid-wicket fence

6.2 - Krunal Pandya to Raina, FOUR, drifting down leg, Raina just helps it around the corner to the fine leg fence. MUM are losing the plot here

6.1 - Krunal Pandya to Raina, FOUR, flatter delivery and just outside off, Raina stays back and nicely late cuts it square on the off-side. It is raining fours and sixes at the ground

6.0 - Bumrah to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, short and wide delivery from Bumrah, McCullum slashes it over extra cover. These two are reducing the field placements of the opposition ranks to a state of lottery. 19 from that over

5.5 - Bumrah to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, low full toss from Bumrah, McCullum neatly whips it to the deep backward square leg boundary. No need to run for those

5.1 - Bumrah to Raina, FOUR, the slower one from Bumrah, Raina backs away and looks to heave it around the corner and gets an edge that vrooms away to the third man fence

4.3 - Krunal Pandya to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, McCullum dances down the track, takes it on the half-volley and drills it to the long-on boundary all along the carpet

4.1 - Krunal Pandya to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, McCullum reigns supreme with a crackerjack shot. Slower through the air and just outside off, McCullum shuffles across the sticks off the back foot and lofts it to the sweeper cover fence

3.2 - Vinay to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, speared down leg, McCullum, with a crisp downward angling of the willow, flicks it to the deep square leg fence

2.5 - McClenaghan to Raina, FOUR, McClenaghan has not learnt his lesson as he bowls it short and wide, Raina makes his own room and goes up and over the cover-region and it runs away to the boundary boards

2.4 - McClenaghan to Raina, FOUR, McClenaghan continues to bang it short, Raina pulls it off the front foot to the deep mid-wicket boundary. McClenaghan needs to be careful, as this is not Test cricket. In the abridged versions, Raina gets away against the short ball with his pyrotechnics

2.1 - McClenaghan to Raina, FOUR, good length delivery and outside off, Raina punches it to the cover-region, where Hardik misfields and that facilitates a boundary

1.3 - Bumrah to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, Bumrah aims for another razor sharp yorker, but it turns out to be a low full toss, McCullum drives it wide of long-off for a much needed boundary. He might have done some damage to his willow there

13.4 - Harbhajan to Dwayne Smith, SIX, that's Smithy for you! How does he smash those so nonchalantly? Sees the ball loop in and sits on one knee to marmalize it into the mid-wicket moon

11.3 - Harbhajan to Dwayne Smith, SIX, enough's enough! Dr. Smith has arrived and he announces the same by thumping a humongous six over deep backward square. Short and there to be put away, Smithy acknowledges

5.3 - Bumrah to Raina, SIX, this time, Raina clears his front leg to a length delivery and biffs it over the deep mid-wicket boundary. It can be called as a Raina special as he loves playing that stroke

5.0 - Krunal Pandya to Brendon McCullum, SIX, shorter in length, McCullum just hammers the pull to clear the mid-wicket fence with utmost ease. The stand is now worth 50 runs

3.0 - McClenaghan to Raina, SIX, McClenaghan continues with his short ball tactic and bowls it outside off, Raina manufactures room and upper-cuts it over the third man fence

12.2 - Bumrah to Raina, out Caught by Buttler!! That's gone into the moon and landed in the safe mitts of Jos Buttler. Short ball has been his undoing and yet again Raina succumbs... Wasn't all that short, but enough to lure Raina into a pull/hook. With the kind of flow he's in, he wafts swiftly but a thick top-edge swirls high to the right of JB who steadies himself to nestle that. Raina c Buttler b Bumrah 58(36) [4s-8 6s-2]

11.0 - Vinay to D Karthik, out Caught by Buttler!! Vinay Kumar gets lucky. DK is shaking his head in disbelief. Drifting down leg and DK tried to glance it fine. Was a tade late in doing so and the ball thuds into Buttler's gloves off the thigh pad. There definitely was some sound and the umpire took his own, sweet time to ping his index finger up. Replays confirm it came off the thigh pad. There's always a tomorrow, DK... D Karthik c Buttler b Vinay 3(4)

9.2 - Harbhajan to Brendon McCullum, out Bowled!! Hmm, for a moment, it looked like might be one of those bizarre dismissals. However, on replays it is clear that Baz was cleaned up. Hence, the TV umpire was called into play. McCullum tries to slog-sweep and can't make the connection. It hits the top of the bails. McCullum knew that as he was already on his way back. It was the top-spinner from Harbhajan. Brendon McCullum b Harbhajan 48(27) [4s-8 6s-1]

0.2 - Vinay to Finch, out Lbw!! Well, this time around, Vinay is not denied. He gets his man, Finch, and roars in delight. It also turns out to be his 100th scalp in the T20 League. Another nip-backer from Vinay, Finch prods half forward and looks to keep it out, but is rapped on the pads. On expected lines, Vinay dishes out an appeal for LBW, and the umpire answers it in the affirmative. It was likely hitting the middle-stump. It skidded on and might have stayed a touch low. Finch lbw b Vinay 0(2)

5.4 - Bumrah to Raina, 1 run, if Bumrah had taken the chance, it would have turned out to be a screamer, but those sort of catches either stick or don't. A tad fuller and angled away, Raina checks his drive a bit. Bumrah, for a moment, is surprised by the pace at which it was hit. He still looks to grab the catch with both hands around head height, but to no avail