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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - 49th Match, Pune vs Delhi at Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam, India (17 May 2016)


121/6 (20) RR:6.05

Pune won by 19 runs (DLS method)

MOM: Ashok Dinda

76/1 (11) RR:6.91

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19.5 - T Perera to C Morris, FOUR, moves across and this time makes use of the fine leg inside the ring, scooped it to short fine leg, where Dinda deflected it, should have been caught

19.3 - T Perera to C Morris, FOUR, Perera was not giving him the room so Morris manufactured some for himself, moved away and carved the drive through cover

18.5 - Dinda to C Morris, FOUR, this will do. Nothing wrong with the delivery, yorker outside off, Morris squeezes it away from the fielder at backward point, there was no third man and it races away to the fence

17.1 - Ashwin to C Morris, FOUR, short and on the pads of Morris, pulls it past the fielder at short fine leg with ease

13.5 - Ashwin to Duminy, FOUR, Pathan misfields at short fine leg and this allows Duminy a four which was not there. He swept this one straight to Pathan at short fine, who was outfoxed by the awkward bounce, the ball deflected off his knee and rolled away to the fence

10.2 - I Pathan to Nair, FOUR, short delivery and punished. Nair rocked back and pulled it through backward square leg with ease

8.4 - I Pathan to Nair, FOUR, honestly, Pathan has no business dropping it on that nothing length at his pace. And perhaps he won't, after this. Nair is on the front foot when he pulls it with a dash of disdain well in front of square

4.3 - Dinda to Nair, FOUR, ah, thank you! What a treat for sore eyes. Dinda's plan all evening has been to cramp the batsman for room. He persists with it but is marvellously clipped off the hips through square leg. There is protection in the deep but the man is behind square and even a dive from him doesn't help

4.2 - Dinda to Nair, FOUR, makes room and slices it over the extra-cover region. I think Nair wanted to go straighter than this but the bat turned in his hands and he skewed it off the outside half but made a decent enough connection to comfortably clear the infield

3.4 - Chahar to Nair, FOUR, now this is glorious! This ball is a rank bad half-volley outside off to which Nair grounds his back knee and smears the cover-drive over the infield. Emphatic. Sublime

3.1 - Chahar to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR, oh a flirty drive through the covers. It's not a bad ball at all as it's floated on a length and is shaping away outside off, lures Iyer forward and has him reaching out for it. In the air for a brief while but finds the gap. Shouldn't discourage Chahar

20.0 - T Perera to C Morris, SIX, full tosses become an ordinary delivery against power hitters. Morris cleared his front leg and dispatched it over the deep mid-wicket fence, it went a long way into the stands. 22 runs came off the last over, might have just given the breather DEL were looking for

19.4 - T Perera to C Morris, SIX, another full toss and Morris has made use of the field. Lofted this one over the fielder at mid-off, in fact it carried all the way

18.2 - Dinda to Duminy, out Caught by I Pathan!! It's Dinda's night for sure. Whatever he seems to be touching is turning into gold. Bowled a yorker just outside off and Duminy took it on the full after moving across, got the lap shot off the meat of the bat, but hit it straight to Pathan at short fine leg. Just when DEL would have thought that Duminy would add a few more, he departs cheaply. Duminy c I Pathan b Dinda 14(14) [4s-1]

14.3 - Zampa to Nair, out Lbw!! Nair was not judging the length and was trying to sweep everything, has to pay the price this time. Missed this straighter one completely. In fact was rapped on the back leg and that made the task easier for the umpire. Seemed to be hit in line, replays will confirm things for better. Nair lbw b Zampa 41(43) [4s-5]

13.0 - Zampa to Rishabh Pant, out Caught by T Perera!! Pant was getting frustrated with all those dot deliveries, had to do something out of the box, does not work for him though. Threw his bat curmudgeonly on this flatter delivery, got it off the toe and it skied high for Perera to settle under it at long-off. He would have been better off using his feet, it looked like a googly though. Rishabh Pant c T Perera b Zampa 4(9)

10.0 - Zampa to Samson, out Stumped!! Oh Zampa, what a ball! Samson has played all around this one after coming down the track and it has ripped past his outside edge for an easy stumping. The length has been cunningly pulled back after watching Samson charge, the batsman spots this and tries to switch to defence but it's too good a delivery. Completely stumped, both figuratively and literally. Samson st Dhoni b Zampa 10(13)

4.5 - Dinda to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught by Khawaja!! The short ball has done the trick. It's at good pace, about 141 clicks, and Iyer is not at all in control of the pull. He is on the front foot and is rushed to the extent that the weight transfer never really happens. Gets it high on the bat and slices it off a thick top-edge, and it lobs up in front of deep backward square leg. Looking at it again, Iyer got cramped for room as the ball kept following him and he took his eyes off it too. Very promising start from Pune. Shreyas Iyer c Khawaja b Dinda 8(10) [4s-1]

2.1 - Dinda to de Kock, out Lbw!! Gone! The perseverance has yielded. And it's the massive wicket of QdK. Excellent shape from Dinda, swinging back into the left-hander on a full length. de Kock's head falls over as he tries to flick it away, he fails to connect, and is rapped right in front of middle and leg. The only question was if the ball had pitched in line which it had. Huge breakthrough. de Kock lbw b Dinda 2(8)

10.3 - Shami to Rahane, FOUR, a short of length delivery which climbs and gets big on Rahane as he tries to force a punch through the covers. He has some room to tempt him into the stroke but can't control the bounce. As luck would have it though, flies away off the outside edge to the third man fence

8.1 - Coulter-Nile to Rahane, FOUR, bouncer and how well has this been played! Saw it close and then ramped it over the keeper, go set a field for that

7.3 - Mishra to Rahane, FOUR, oh Shami! Short ball and Rahane rocks back, pulls it to the right of long-on where Shami made a mess of it to gift Rahane a four

6.0 - C Morris to Rahane, FOUR, this will cap off a brilliant powerplay for Pune, Rahane did not try anything fancy- allowed the back of a length delivery to come to him and then punched through covers with ease. Superb shot, looked majestic, almost everything right with that. We need a time-out for this one to sink in

5.4 - C Morris to Bailey, FOUR, length on the stumps with no variation at all, why would a batsman miss out? Bailey clears his front leg and swing across the line to clear the deep mid-wicket fence with ease

3.0 - Zaheer to Khawaja, FOUR, straighter than an arrow! Full on the stumps, Khawaja presents the full face of the bat and drives it past Zaheer's stuck out left leg, the ball races away to the fence

2.3 - Zaheer to Khawaja, FOUR, short of a good length just outside off, Khawaja drives on the rise uppishly through cover, sounds of "catch it" but it was away from the fielder inside the ring on the off-side

2.2 - Zaheer to Khawaja, FOUR, Zaheer slips this one on the pads of Khawaja and he does not miss out, flicks it to the fine leg fence with ease

2.0 - Coulter-Nile to Rahane, FOUR, SHORT. WIDE. ENOUGH. Rahane flays the cut and hits it well over the fielder at cover, one bounce and over the ropes

1.1 - Coulter-Nile to Khawaja, FOUR, this is not the line to bowl with fine leg inside the ring, on the pads of Khawaja, who clips it away towards deep backward square leg with ease

10.5 - Shami to Rahane, SIX, oh look at this! The diminutive Rahane stands tall and heaves a back of a length delivery over wide long-on. Clattered it away

3.4 - C Morris to Khawaja, out Caught by Shreyas Iyer!! Well, I am no coach but just a while ago, I said that Khawaja needed to get a big stride while driving those. This time too he made use of his hands more on the drive, just threw his bat at it, got it off the bottom part of the bat, the ball traveled quickly towards Shreyas Iyer at backward point, who was not going to drop it. Khawaja c Shreyas Iyer b C Morris 19(13) [4s-4]

2.1 - Zaheer to Khawaja, no run, full outside off, Khawaja moved across and clipped it to mid-on. Rahane was well outside his crease, a direct hit at the bowler's end and he was gone. In fact, had Zaheer collected the throw cleanly, even then Rahane would have been struggling