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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - 35th Match, Bangalore vs Pune at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, India (07 May 2016)


191/6 (20) RR:9.55

Bangalore won by 7 wkts

MOM: Virat Kohli

195/3 (19.3) RR:10

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16.5 - Chahal to T Perera, FOUR, Akshay Maanay is furious with Chahal. He is ranting his life away about why Chahal is bowling so full. Maybe he went for the yorker, but the execution was not upto mark. Missed by about six inches and is butchered straight down the ground

16.2 - Chahal to Rahane, FOUR, Rahane capitalizes on a half-tracker and tonks it with a forehand wide of long-off. Bounces just inside the ropes, a feet or so. Not good bowling

12.5 - Aaron to Rahane, FOUR, rising short ball but it's down the leg-side and Rahane helps it on its way to the fine-leg fence with a well timed pull

12.2 - Aaron to Rahane, FOUR, nothing soft about this one. He's slaughtered it over mid-wicket. Is it just me, or does Rahane actually look ungainly playing this way? Ah, never mind. It gets the job done. Plants his front leg forward and swipes it to the fence on the ball

12.0 - P Rasool to S Tiwary, FOUR, I hate my scorer's inclination to rewind every ball. Get your act together Sreenivas. Ooops, he informs me this is a new delivery. Apologies. Tiwary once again ran down the track, and blasted it straight back with enough power to beat long-on

11.5 - P Rasool to S Tiwary, FOUR, down the track he hurtles and whacks it straight over the umpire. Didn't get it off the meat I think, but enough to beat a diving long-on

10.4 - Binny to S Tiwary, FOUR, this has been a shoddy spell of play for the BLR. It's a benevolent full toss dished out outside off, Tiwary chases after it and scythes it through extra-cover

10.0 - Watson to Rahane, FOUR, sliding down leg, Rahane neatly flicks it to the fine leg fence after twirling his wrists on it. BLR look lost at the moment

8.5 - Chahal to S Tiwary, FOUR, another pushed through delivery, Tiwary sits on one knee and sweeps it to the deep square leg boundary

7.4 - Aaron to Rahane, FOUR, it is getting from bad to worse for BLR. Another misfield and this time around, Kohli is livid. Speared down leg, Rahane works it to fine leg, where the fielder (Rasool) lets the ball go through his hands and into the fences

7.0 - Chahal to S Tiwary, FOUR, the flatter delivery from Chahal, Tiwary sinks on one knee and brings out the slog-sweep. Head at deep mid-wicket can't get to the ball. Lazy work from him

5.2 - Aaron to S Tiwary, FOUR, good timing and placement by Tiwary. Fuller length delivery and on off-stump, Tiwary drives it all along the ground to the deep extra cover fence. Fast hands on display by Tiwary

5.0 - P Rasool to Rahane, FOUR, Rahane camps back, makes room to a delivery that actually turned and then punches it to the sweeper cover fence

4.2 - P Rasool to S Tiwary, FOUR, pushed through from Rasool, Tiwary goes inside-out with his drive and the ball zooms away to the extra cover fence

3.5 - Watson to S Tiwary, FOUR, commentator's curse follows Watson! He uses the cross-seam bouncer this time, but does not get good shoulder on it and bowls it down leg, Tiwary pulls it to the fine leg fence

2.4 - Jordan to S Tiwary, FOUR, a touch of width on offer, Tiwary cuts it to the deep backward point fence. No need to run for those

2.1 - Jordan to Rahane, FOUR, short delivery and subsidized with width, Rahane goes up and over the backward point region with his upper-cut. Aaron puts in a rather lazy dive and the ball zooms away to the fence

1.4 - P Rasool to Khawaja, FOUR, speared down leg, Khawaja uses the leg-glance and it runs away to the fine leg fence

1.0 - Binny to Khawaja, FOUR, fuller length delivery and on the stumps, Khawaja looks to drive with cemented feet and gets an outside edge to the third man fence

0.2 - Binny to Rahane, FOUR, half volley from Binny, Rahane essays the drive all along the carpet to the deep bakcward point fence. The fielder in the deep runs around the circumference, but to no avail

19.5 - Jordan to R Bhatia, SIX, whoa! What a blow! A length ball outside off, right in the slot. Bhatia opens his stance and cracks it up and over extra-cover, all the way

19.1 - Jordan to Ashwin, SIX, Ashwin doesn't usually hit sixes. So Bangalore has hit one for him. Nah, that'd be really harsh. It's gone way back into the deep mid-wicket stands. Went really deep in the crease, converted it into a full ball and slugged it hard

17.1 - Jordan to Rahane, SIX, full toss. A rank bad full toss. And Bharath has rushed out to take a leak. Rahane makes room and launches it over long-off

17.0 - Chahal to T Perera, SIX, this is a much better delivery. But then, it's gone further. Well, it's Perera. Grounds his back knee, fetches the googly from well outside off and dispatches it over wide long-on

15.3 - Watson to Dhoni, SIX, Dhoni has his retribution straightaway. Seemed like he was waiting for the short ball. He's in position so early, swivels across and pulls it over fine leg

5.5 - Aaron to Rahane, SIX, this time, Rahane waits for this back of a length delivery to arrive and ramps it over the fielder at third man fence. It clears the man in the deep with ease

1.3 - P Rasool to Khawaja, SIX, this time, Khawaja dances down the track, takes it on the half volley and lifts it over the long-on fence for a maximum

18.5 - Watson to Bailey, out Caught by Rahul!! Look at the scoreboard people. And then look at this bloke's figures. He's been brilliant, has Watto. And now he has some bragging rights over his compatriot. Must have known a thing or two about Bailey, spears it full and wide and Bailey can only edge it behind to the keeper. Bailey c Rahul b Watson 0(2)

18.1 - Watson to Rahane, out Bowled!! Watson nicks out the off-bail and is delighted with his achievement. Kept it simple, pounded it on a back of a length and targeted the top of off. Rahane strides towards leg to open up the off-side, tries to mow it through point but fails to connect. On replays, it's clear that Watson rolled his fingers across the ball to gain that extra bounce. This has been a pretty breezy knock though from the opener who is often accused of going too slowly. Rahane b Watson 74(48) [4s-8 6s-2]

18.0 - Jordan to T Perera, out Caught by Watson!! This is a big wicket at this point. There are still a couple of overs to go, and Perera could have done some real damage. But as it turns out, he's sliced an overpitched delivery straight to cover. T Perera c Watson b Jordan 14(8) [4s-1 6s-1]

15.4 - Watson to Dhoni, out Caught by P Rasool!! Stone the crows! What did just happen? Sorry people, I'll be back in a moment to wash my eyes. A catch has been taken. And Watson is hollering with his hands in the air. Full ball outside off, and Dhoni throws the kitchen sink at it. Only that he can't reach it properly. The ball is skewed off the outside edge and sails to the left of third man. Rasool moves across, takes it and tumbles over. Now I have truly seen it all. Dhoni c P Rasool b Watson 9(8) [6s-1]

14.1 - Chahal to S Tiwary, wide, out Stumped!! Tiwary has been completely fooled by Chahal. The bowler saw him coming and fired it wider outside off to sneak past his attempted heave. Tiwary makes a good effort of trying to plonk his bat inside by turning a full circle, but can't ground it in time. The third umpire wants to check if Rahul has collected the ball in front of the stumps, which he hasn't. So it's a legitimate stumping. Finally, Tiwary is dismissed. I repeat, Tiwary is dismissed. Didn't look like happening today after those dropped catches and missed stumping. S Tiwary st Rahul b Chahal 52(39) [4s-9]

2.2 - Jordan to Rahane, out Khawaja Run Out!! Khawaja has a history of being involved in terrible mix-ups. Here, too, he gets into a tangle with a mix-up, resulting in his run-out. A back of a length delivery that was angled in, Rahane tries to flick it around the corner and it hits him on his thigh pad. Rahane was ball watching. Khawaja looked to nab in a leg-bye. But when Rahane responded, it was too late and both were stranded almost at the same end. Watson from slip fired in a throw and Binny took the bails off by running in from mid-on. The umpires checked whether it was Rahane or Khawaja who had to go back to the hut. Eventually, Rahane had got his bat just back in. So, Khawaja was the man who had to take the long walk back. Khawaja run out (Watson/Binny) 16(6) [4s-2 6s-1]

5.4 - Aaron to S Tiwary, 1 run, can you believe it? Now Sachin Baby drops a sitter, too. Short and wide, Tiwary cuts it to Baby at backward point, who despite getting a few steps forward can't grab the catch as it pops out of his hands. Kohli looks bemused

5.3 - Aaron to S Tiwary, no run, holy moly! When nothing is going your way, catches get dropped. Binny is the cuplrit, here. Very full delivery from Aaron, Tiwary slices it to Binny at cover, who moves forward, but can't hold onto the catch. It should have been taken

13.4 - Jordan to Rahane, wide, oh this is harsh on the bowler. Yes, it's down the leg-side but Rahane has shuffled across to get inside the line and then he's missed. Cut some slack now

12.4 - Aaron to S Tiwary, 1 run, tucks it wide of mid-wicket and hurries across for his fifty. Tell you what, this could have been close had there been a direct-hit, but Tiwary had completely zoned out all the risk factors for the milestone

8.2 - Chahal to S Tiwary, 1 run, the 50-run stand between the pair has been raised. Flatter delivery and outside off, eased down to cover

19.3 - Dinda to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli has won it in style for BLR! Trademark Kohli flick. Whips a low full toss through the square leg region and then sees his teammate barging towards him. My colleague Raju suggests that he should just hit them all with his bat the way they fielded earlier

17.4 - Zampa to Kohli, FOUR, now some luck. Shorter in length outside off, Kohli tries to carve it away through extra-cover but ends up slicing it off the outside-edge. Just about clears backward point and then skids off upon landing

16.2 - Ashwin to Kohli, FOUR, what a freakishly good shot this! On the back foot and creamed over extra-cover. Gave me the shivers when I first saw it, just the authority of the stroke. Darted short and wide and Kohli weaves it to the fence

14.1 - R Bhatia to Kohli, FOUR, Bhatia continues with those slower leg-cutters and this time he's been sliced supremely over backward point. It's flowing boundaries here

14.0 - T Perera to Watson, FOUR, this is a behemoth over. Fifth boundary off it and it has yielded 20 runs. No two ways about this one. Full ball just outside off, Watson plants his foot down and smokes it straight of long-off

13.5 - T Perera to Watson, FOUR, what can you do? This is very frustrating for Pune. Another attempted booming drive which flies down past short third man to the fence

13.3 - T Perera to Watson, FOUR, hat-trick of fours! Although this one is a little cruel on the bowler and it has resulted for no fault of his. Very full outside off, Watson flashes at it and the outside edge races away through the vacant slip region

13.2 - T Perera to Watson, FOUR, another short, wide stinker for Perera and he is punished again. Slashed through the point region

13.1 - T Perera to Watson, FOUR, short and very wide outside off and it's been flayed away over backward point. Just about managed to reach it for a clean contact and lifted it over the infield

10.3 - R Bhatia to Kohli, FOUR, such a polite full toss on the pads, and Kohli whips him wide of long-on. Bhatia isn't coming to terms with this pitch, it's not his kind. But first, he needs to land them

10.2 - R Bhatia to Kohli, FOUR, clattered through extra-cover. Too full from Bhatia, and Kohli punishes him with a withering drive. The BLR captain is turning it on, and the wheels have been set in motion

8.4 - Zampa to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli waltzes down the track, makes room, drives it all along the carpet to the deep extra cover fence. Now, was there anything wrong with the shot? Near-perfection

8.2 - Zampa to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli, twins timing and placement to whip a pushed through delivery to the long-on fence. Vintage Kohli on display

4.1 - Dinda to Rahul, FOUR, fuller length delivery and on the stumps, Rahul lofts it into downtown territories for a boundary. He did not lose the shape of his shot there

19.0 - RP Singh to Kohli, SIX, Kohli has supernova'd here at the Chinnaswamy. Supernova - a star exploding? No? Okay. He blasts this full ball into the long-on stands and raises a spectacular ton. This is definitely IT, if the previous one wasn't. What a player, this lad. Gets a warm embrace from his partner and the crowd have gone nuts. Anyone who says a word against Kohli, they'd hang him upside down

18.5 - RP Singh to Kohli, SIX, flogged behind square, and this is a game-clinching blow. It should be. Full on the pads, and Kohli uses those divine wrists to power it into the stands

17.2 - Zampa to Kohli, SIX, Zampa's plan of action has been to toss it into the blockhole so far. This over, he has missed it twice and has been belted for a couple of sixes. Prompts Dhoni to have a chat with his young Aussie leg-spinner. It was just a clean strike from Kohli who swung through the line and cleared long-off

17.1 - Zampa to Kohli, SIX, he's just cleared a leaping Rahane at deep mid-wicket, who is now being helped off the field. Don't tell me that Pune have another injury concern. Anyway, Kohli mistimed his slog-sweep but these short boundaries came to his rescue

14.4 - R Bhatia to Watson, SIX, my word. There was a poll run on TV at the start of the innings. And most users felt that luck is of paramount importance to defend a target at the Chinnaswamy. Boy gee, IT IS. If you miss ever so slightly, it disappears. Ends up being too full and is spanked over long-on. Monster hit

14.3 - R Bhatia to Watson, SIX, wow. That's taken flight from Watson's blade. Only slightly short, Watson camps back and murders the pull over cow corner

9.1 - T Perera to Rahul, SIX, now that was hammered by Rahul. Back of a length delivery and on the stumps, Rahul clubs it over the deep mid-wicket fence. It was measured at 89 metres. For Rahul, too, the keeper has come upto the stumps now

7.5 - R Bhatia to Kohli, SIX, Kohli kept his head very still there and that facilitated him to crunch a six down the ground. The slower one from Bhatia, Kohli lifts it into the downtown territories

5.2 - T Perera to Kohli, SIX, fuller length delivery and just outside off, Kohli uses the lofted drive and the ball clears the deep extra cover boundary with ease. He nailed that one to perfection

3.4 - RP Singh to Kohli, SIX, Kohli backs away and smacks a length ball over extra cover for a maximum. BLR are on their way

3.2 - RP Singh to Rahul, SIX, Rahul shows class and quality by lifting a fullish length delivery over long-off for a maximum. Lovely timing on that one. He held his pose after playing that stroke

15.3 - RP Singh to Watson, out Lbw!! Watson plants his back knee down looking to slog the hell out of this one, but he misses and is hit on the back leg right in front of off. Oh this looks a tight call. Wouldn't it have missed the stumps with the angle? Marginal. But the chain-saw wielding henchman has to go. Watson lbw b RP Singh 36(13) [4s-5 6s-2]

12.0 - Zampa to de Villiers, out Caught by T Perera!! Never mind what happened off the previous ball, there's no doubt about this one whatsoever. It's been superbly taken by Perera at long-off. AB slices a leg-break and his bottom hand comes off, Perera pedals back, hops at the right time, takes it overhead and then stalls his momentum inside the ropes. de Villiers c T Perera b Zampa 1(3)

11.1 - Zampa to Rahul, out Caught by Bailey!! Oh, that little bit of turn. That little bit of turn has done the trick. It meant that Rahul got his lofted extra-cover drive more towards the bottom of the bat, and he sliced it straight to deep cover. PUNE would hope that this breakthrough slows things down a bit. Rahul c Bailey b Zampa 38(35) [4s-1 6s-2]

16.0 - RP Singh to Kohli, 1 run, oh this has just dropped short of long-on. Such a teaser. Kohli is early into the flick, mistimes it in the air and falls short of a diving Bailey

10.4 - R Bhatia to Kohli, 2 runs, slower leg-cutter around middle, Kohli works it wide of long-on and bolts back for the second to bring up a half-century

7.0 - Zampa to Rahul, 1 run, Rahul backs away a touch and cracks the drive to extra cover. Kohli calls for a quick single and the pair scamper across. With it, the stand now is worth 50 runs. BLR have made a steady start, but the track seems to have slowed down a bit

2.4 - Dinda to Rahul, 1 run, shortish and outside off, eased down to third man. The keeper is upto the stumps for Kohli