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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - 28th Match, Gujarat vs Punjab at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot, India (01 May 2016)


154/10 (19.5) RR:7.76

Punjab won by 23 runs

MOM: Axar Patel

131/9 (20) RR:6.55

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18.3 - Dwayne Bravo to W Saha, FOUR, juicy full toss from Bravo, Saha nicely tickles it to the fine leg fence for a much needed boundary

16.5 - Dwayne Bravo to W Saha, FOUR, Bravo surprises the batsman by pulling his length back, Saha manufactures room, waits for the ball to come to him and cuts it to the deep backward point boundary. The two seemed to be playing a game of chess there

16.1 - Dwayne Bravo to W Saha, FOUR, on a length and from round the wicket, Saha waltzes down the track and tries to biff it over the cover-region, but gets an outside edge over short third man and into the fence

15.4 - Faulkner to W Saha, FOUR, from round the wicket, Faulkner rolls his fingers and bowls it very full, Saha looks to lift it over long-off and gets an outside edge that vrooms away to the third man fence

15.2 - Faulkner to D Miller, FOUR, the off-pace delivery from Faulkner, Miller picks it from the hand, shuffles across the sticks and flicks it to the deep backward square leg fence

12.0 - Shivil to Vijay, FOUR, has he done that deliberately? If he has, then it's a magnificent shot to get to fifty. Another delivery which is darted in flat outside off, only slightly short and not a lot of width either. Vijay slides back in the crease and cuts it very late. As late as it was physically possible and sends it very fine. Finer than he would have wanted owing to a semblance of a thick outside edge. But he did most things right with that

10.5 - Dwayne Bravo to D Miller, FOUR, tries a dipping full toss which has bamboozled so many batsmen this season, but splays it on the pads and Miller helps himself to four easy runs as he glances it fine

6.1 - Jadeja to Stoinis, FOUR, down the track comes Stoinis, doesn't reach the pitch of the ball but goes through with the hoick and hammers it straight of long-on. That rocketed off the willow

5.3 - D Kulkarni to Stoinis, FOUR, that's sheer bullying, is what it is. Kulkarni shortens the length seeing Stoinis run at him but he pulls him anyway through mid-wicket. Soul shattering stuff

5.0 - Jadeja to Stoinis, FOUR, and now he's waited on the back foot and nailed him past backward point. Punjab are wheeling now. Knew that Jadeja is going to fire it short, stood back and laced the cut to perfection

3.3 - D Kulkarni to Vijay, FOUR, he's looking real good, is Murali Vijay. Those effervescent drives are flowing again. Stomps the front foot across to cover the swing and pastes it through extra-cover. In the air for a brief while, but placed in the gap

3.0 - P Kumar to Vijay, FOUR, Vijay has put Praveen off his line. After whacking a couple of decent deliveries for boundaries, he is bestowed with a full toss on the pads which he flicks behind square for a boundary. Excellent batting

2.5 - P Kumar to Vijay, FOUR, that's utter domination. It's another back of a length delivery outside off, Vijay maintains a firm base and roundhouses a biff straight down the ground. Intimidating stuff

2.3 - P Kumar to Vijay, FOUR, now he imposes himself. Didn't take to the previous bouncer kindly. Charges at Praveen and bashes a length ball over his head for a boundary

0.3 - P Kumar to Vijay, FOUR, that gives a first indication of this pitch, and it's a good one. Back of a length outside off, Vijay languidly moves forward - not a big stride - and drives it on the up through the covers. Smooth

4.2 - Jadeja to Stoinis, SIX, that should pump some confidence into Stoinis. Excellent use of the feet .. a tough thing to do against Jadeja .. and slugs it over wide long-on. Got a lot of meat on it

19.5 - P Kumar to Cariappa, out Bowled!! PUN have yet again slipped after what was a brisk start given by the openers. This has been PUN's story throughout the season. The razor sharp yorker and zeroing in on the stumps, Cariappa aims for a wild slog across the line and misses. His middle-stump goes for a walk in the park. Cariappa b P Kumar 1(3)

19.3 - P Kumar to Mohit Sharma, out Bowled!! Can you believe it? This is Praveen's first scalp of T20 League 2016. He has bowled with penetration, but that is not showing in the wicket column. Sharma charges down the track and tries a wild swing across the line to a slower one and is castled. The middle-stump took a knocking. Mohit Sharma b P Kumar 1(2)

18.5 - Dwayne Bravo to W Saha, out Bowled!! How many times does Bravo bamboozle the opposition ranks with these slow in-dipping yorkers? He is an irresistible force in this format. Saha tries to slog a slow yorker, misses and his stumps take a beating. W Saha b Dwayne Bravo 33(19) [4s-4]

18.2 - Dwayne Bravo to Axar, out Caught by Ishan Kishan!! Kishan has grabbed an exemplary catch at mid-wicket. The off-pace delivery and zooming in on the stumps, Patel lifts it to Kishan at mid-wicket, who runs to his right, keeps his eyes on the ball and snaffles it with his left-hand at head height. Axar c Ishan Kishan b Dwayne Bravo 0(2)

17.2 - D Kulkarni to D Miller, out Caught by Dwayne Smith!! The track seems to have slowed down a bit, as Miller loses the shape of his shot and cracks it to Smith at long-on. The slower one that is bowled just outside off, Miller backs away and attempts to lift it over the fielder at long-on, but does not get the timing. His bottom hand comes off the bat handle. Smith runs across and pouches a well-judged catch. D Miller c Dwayne Smith b D Kulkarni 31(27) [4s-2]

13.1 - Shivil to Vijay, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! The young man, Kaushik, is on a roll. Take a bow. He has also chugged down the big fish - Vijay. The googly from Kaushik, Vijay sinks on one knee and attempts to sweep. However, he targets the mid-wicket boundary. Remember it is a pretty big ground. He just cracks it straight to D Bravo, who safely grabs it. Vijay c Dwayne Bravo b Shivil 55(41) [4s-6]

8.5 - Jadeja to Gurkeerat Singh, out Gurkeerat Singh Run Out!! Looks like Punjab got too flattered by the flying start they had. Couldn't handle it. And now things are back to normalcy. This is very deflating. It's a good cut shot, waited on it but still couldn't place it past a diving Faulkner at backward point. Absolutely brilliant work. And then he returns the throw in the blink of an eye. Only Gurkeerat knows where he's going. Maybe he thought the ball had gone through. Well, it hadn't. He has enough time to dwell on it with a strategic time-out. Gurkeerat Singh run out (Faulkner/D Karthik) 0(3)

8.0 - Shivil to Maxwell, out Caught by D Karthik!! He's gone first ball. A golden duck for Glenn Maxwell. The Aussie all-rounder looks absolutely bemused. He doesn't think he's hit it. Standing around, watching the Lions jump around in celebration. Won't help Maxi, the decision has been made. Flatter and fired on a length outside off, Maxi goes flashing at it but is beaten for pace and looks to have skirted past the toe-end, didn't make any contact. Karthik went up straightaway and the umpire's finger does so too. Maxwell c D Karthik b Shivil 0(1)

7.5 - Shivil to S Marsh, out Caught by Raina!! Such a soft dismissal this, and Gujarat .. as they so often do .. are clawing back. Well flighted googly on middle, Marsh lazily flicks it in the air and straight to Raina at mid-wicket. A very lousy wicket. S Marsh c Raina b Shivil 1(3)

6.4 - Jadeja to Stoinis, out Stumped!! He's been overcome by his own audacity. Time and again charging out at Jadeja like that. He slid it through quicker this time, had a hint that Stoinis will come and pulled the length back too. Manages to sneak under the attempted heave and offers a simple stumping to Karthik. Much needed this, with the way PUN seemed to be flying away. Stoinis st D Karthik b Jadeja 27(17) [4s-3 6s-1]

18.3 - Mohit Sharma to P Kumar, FOUR, not where Kumar intended but it will do. A little quicker this time, Kumar comes down and slaps it, did not get off the meat of the bat. Spliced it high towards third man, who backtracked but could not hold onto it, ended up pushing it into the third man fence instead

17.4 - Stoinis to P Kumar, FOUR, that's cute. Full toss outside off, Kumar backs away and opens the face of the bat, keeper had no chance and the ball races away

17.2 - Stoinis to Faulkner, FOUR, full toss and Faulkner hoicks it to Maxi at deep mid-wicket. Maxwell went for the catch, but the ball just bounced in front and crossed the fence

17.0 - Sandeep Sharma to Faulkner, FOUR, full toss and Faulkner did not time it that well. However, the sliced attempt had enough legs to beat a chasing long-off, who ran to his left

15.1 - Mohit Sharma to Faulkner, FOUR, Oxenford is wearing a shield. But this time his reflexes came handy. Fullish ball and Faulkner thumped it straight back over the umpire

13.3 - Axar to Ishan Kishan, FOUR, who would say that this guy's an U-19 cricketer. Gets into a nice position and reverse sweeps it over backward point. One bounce over the ropes

12.3 - Cariappa to Ishan Kishan, FOUR, this was not a great ball and deserved it. Kishan got low and then helped it past the keeper into the fine leg fence

8.3 - Sandeep Sharma to Ishan Kishan, FOUR, only if Saha was a bit taller, he would have been able to reach it with the dive that he put. Kishan pokes at this length delivery outside off, gets a thickish edge which rolled past Saha into the third man fence

3.3 - Axar to Raina, FOUR, Raina is known for his quicksilver footwork. He gives a glimpse of that with an inside-out drive. Raina dances down the track, takes it on the half-volley and drives it to the extra cover fence

2.4 - Stoinis to Raina, FOUR, the slower one from Stoinis, Raina again manufactures room and then buries it to the mid-wicket fence. Despite the fielder from mid-wicket looking to hound it down, he does not succeed in his endeavour

0.2 - Sandeep Sharma to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, Smith shows that his game is more than just raw power. Sharma offers a wee bit of width, Smith crunches the punch past the diving cover fielder and into the fence. His eyes traced the gap well there

4.3 - Mohit Sharma to Raina, SIX, Sharma wanted to test Raina with a bumper, but you can't bowl at 82mph and get away. The short delivery from Sharma, Raina gets inside the line of the ball and pulls over the fine leg boundary

1.0 - Sandeep Sharma to Dwayne Smith, SIX, well, that was cracking blow from Smith. It hit the sweet spot of the bat and no wonder, cleared the deep mid-wicket boundary with ease. Shorter in length, Smith nails the pull and it goes all the way. If these two get in, we might well get to see a volley of crackerjack shots today

19.2 - Sandeep Sharma to Faulkner, out Caught by D Miller!! And with this wicket, Gujarat's hopes are dead. Faulkner wants to clear long-on on the slower delivery. Ended up hitting it straight to long-on. A full toss this was. Faulkner c D Miller b Sandeep Sharma 32(27) [4s-3]

19.0 - Mohit Sharma to P Kumar, out Caught by Cariappa!! Softer than a snowflake. Mohit followed Kumar this time with this slower delivery. Kumar tried to steer it past short third man. Had no pace to work with it and ended up handing a simple catch to the man who had dropped him previously in the same over. P Kumar c Cariappa b Mohit Sharma 15(13) [4s-2]

14.5 - Stoinis to Ishan Kishan, out Ishan Kishan Run Out!! His young legs were not good enough to take on the arm of Maxi there. Drove it towards extra cover and set off. Perhaps he wanted to get Faulkner on strike. Maxi set himself and rocketed the throw to the bowler, who collected it just over the stumps to catch Kishan well short of the crease. Game over for Kishan. Played a good hand, was not enough on the day though. Ishan Kishan run out (Maxwell/Stoinis) 27(24) [4s-3]

10.1 - Axar to Jadeja, out Caught by W Saha!! IT IS A HAT-TRICK FOR Patel. The umpire took forever to gift him that. He has earned it, so cannot really be called a gift. Fired this one from round the wicket, Jadeja poked at it from the crease, got a faintest of edges perhaps and the keeper did not commit a mistake. Patel had to appeal for a while before the umpire raised his finger Jadeja c W Saha b Axar 11(11)

7.0 - Axar to Dwayne Bravo, out Bowled!! This is not done. Hold on Patel, there is someone in this world trying to type what you are doing there. He has chugged down Bravo. Another arm-ball. Bravo did not go for the drive like the previous batsman, but neither did he present a nice riposte. Left gap between bat and pad, beget an inside edge on the defence too. Next thing we saw was the ball kissing the stumps. Dwayne Bravo b Axar 0(1)

6.5 - Axar to D Karthik, out Bowled!! I was not even finished typing the previous delivery and here it is, Karthik has departed. Patel is running riot here. This one was an arm-ball skid off the surface, Karthik drove away from the body, there was enough gap between the bat and the pad. He might even have got an inside edge on it, the ball crashes on the leg stump. D Karthik b Axar 2(4)

6.3 - Axar to Dwayne Smith, out Caught by Gurkeerat Singh!! This is what happens when doctors shun surgery and get to butchery. Did not time this at all, it was there in the slot to be hit. But Smith could not get underneath it, hit it straight to the fielder manning the long-off fence. What is happening here? Was this one supposed to be this tough a chase? The last time I checked, it was a good batting track. Dwayne Smith c Gurkeerat Singh b Axar 15(18) [4s-1 6s-1]

5.0 - Mohit Sharma to Raina, out Bowled!! Sharma's plan of bowling stump-to stump line has worked again. Good length delivery and on the stumps, Raina backed away a touch and tried to butcher it across the line, but could only hear the death rattle. It shattered the middle and off-stump. Raina b Mohit Sharma 18(15) [4s-2 6s-1]

1.4 - Mohit Sharma to Brendon McCullum, out Bowled!! Sharma's strategy of if you miss I hit works, as he picks up the prized scalp of McCullum. Now, that might just lift PUN's sagging spirits. Sharma, with an upright seam this time, lands it on a short of length. But it did not do much off the seam. McCullum backed away and aimed to cut. He connected with thin air and the ball rattled the middle-stump. It might have just nipped back off the seam on replays. Brendon McCullum b Mohit Sharma 1(3)

4.5 - Mohit Sharma to Dwayne Smith, 1 run, if Sandeep at mid-off had effected the direct-hit that would have been curtains for Smith. Smith punches it to mid-off and looks to sneak in a single. Sandeep picks the ball quickly, but could not hit the stumps. Smith was miles short of the crease and had given up