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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - 24th Match, Mumbai vs Kolkata at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India (28 Apr 2016)


174/5 (20) RR:8.7

Mumbai won by 6 wkts


178/4 (18) RR:9.89

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19.0 - McClenaghan to Y Pathan, FOUR, shorter in length, Pathan pulls it to the deep mid-wicket fence. Southee had no chance there

18.4 - McClenaghan to Y Pathan, FOUR, holy! Moly! Can you believe it, he has dropped another sitter and that is Southee. I am scratching my head in utter disbelief. Is it due to dew that he is having wet hands? Pathan pulls it to deep mid-wicket, where Southee runs forward and the ball goes through his hands and into the fence

17.4 - Southee to Y Pathan, FOUR, shorter in length, Pathan cracks the pull to the deep backward square leg boundary. It came right off the screws. The boundary rider had no chance there

17.3 - Southee to Y Pathan, FOUR, very full from Southee, Pathan cracks the drive past Krunal at extra cover. Despite Rohit running back at mid-off and putting in a dive, he could not get to the ball

16.4 - Bumrah to A Russell, FOUR, a touch of width on offer, Russell flashes hard at it and gets a thickish outside edge into the third man fence. He threw the kitchen sink at that ball

16.2 - Bumrah to A Russell, FOUR, now that was nailed by Russell! Russell hammers a very full delivery and on the stumps into the downtown territories

16.1 - Bumrah to A Russell, FOUR, from slightly wide of the crease, Bumrah bangs it short and follows the batsman with his banged in short delivery, Russell plonks his front foot and looks to pull, but gets a top-edge and it flies over the keeper's head and into the fence

13.2 - McClenaghan to Gambhir, FOUR, one of McClenaghan's weapons is to bang it short. However, he does not get the desired result for using it. Gambhir aims to pull, but the delivery gets big on him. Gambhir ekes out a top-edge that runs away to the fine leg fence

12.3 - Krunal Pandya to Gambhir, FOUR, Gambhir compiles his fifty in style. He again skips out of his crease and lifts it between two fielders wide of long-on for a boundary. He was dropped on 8 and he has made use of the chance

11.5 - Harbhajan to Suryakumar Yadav, FOUR, full toss from Harbhajan, Yadav gets inside the line of the ball and sweeps it to the fine leg fence. Maybe Harbhajan is getting affected by the dew as the ball slipped out of his hands

9.5 - Harbhajan to Suryakumar Yadav, FOUR, low full toss down leg, Suryakumar Yadav knelt down and belted the sweep over short fine

8.1 - Hardik Pandya to Shakib, FOUR, that's a horrid delivery, short and well wide of off, Shakib threw everything at it. A thick outside edge that races to the third man fence

6.3 - Hardik Pandya to Gambhir, FOUR, smidgen full on middle, Gambhir pulls past a diving mid-wicket and beats Southee's desperate dive from wide long-on

2.5 - Southee to Gambhir, FOUR, cross-seam slower delivery around leg-stump, Gambhir flicks aerially over a non-existent square leg, that flew...

2.3 - Southee to Uthappa, FOUR, Robbie has just lifted it over mid-off. Lovely extension of the arms! Good length, outside off, Uthappa nonchalantly plays the loft and off she goes

2.1 - Southee to Gambhir, FOUR, you don't give a life to Gambhir! That's what he does. Full and in the slot, Gambhir swipes with a bashing blade through mid-on

1.1 - McClenaghan to Gambhir, FOUR, bustles into the crease and fires a full ball around off-stump, he ain't Tim Southee. Not much movement off the surface. Gambhir drives past mid-off and collects his first boundary

12.2 - Krunal Pandya to Gambhir, SIX, Gambhir is in prime form. He certainly looks a different player to the one I saw in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. He dances down the track, takes it on the half volley and deposits over the deep mid-wicket fence

5.2 - Harbhajan to Uthappa, SIX, 50 up for KOL. Short and begging to be hit, Uthappa obliges and clobbers the pull to the deep mid-wicket stands

4.2 - Bumrah to Uthappa, SIX, that's murdered! Length ball sat up outside off, Uthappa flat-bats the biff straight down the ground for a 74-metre six

17.2 - Southee to A Russell, out Bowled!! Peach of a delivery from Southee. Is that reverse swing? I felt so. From round the wicket, Southee bowls it very full and on the stumps, Russell just backed away and looked to clobber it across the line, but missed completely. The stumps took a beating there. It tailed in a touch. A Russell b Southee 22(16) [4s-3]

15.5 - Southee to Suryakumar Yadav, out Caught&Bowled!! Yadav's brief stay at the crease comes to an end. He looks to pull a short delivery that was bowled with cross-seam. But it hits the splice of the bat and Southee sets under it to snaffle the catch. Southee got good shoulder on it and that made it difficult for Yadav to pull off the front foot. Suryakumar Yadav c and b Southee 21(17) [4s-2]

13.5 - McClenaghan to Gambhir, out Caught by Pollard!! The prized scalp has been snared by McClenaghan. He gets the reward for using the short delivery, this time. Gambhir tried to pull, but McClenaghan gets good shoulder on it. Eventually, Gambhir could only splice it to Pollard at mid-off, who snaffled an easy catch. Gambhir c Pollard b McClenaghan 59(45) [4s-6 6s-1]

8.5 - Hardik Pandya to Shakib, out Caught by Parthiv Patel!! And he gets the reward straightaway! Dug in short at 129ks, angled in and Shakib got into a bit of tangle there. Was hurled at a awkward height and Shakib gets a soft top-edge on the pull. Parthiv goes up and the umpire obliges...Shakib c Parthiv Patel b Hardik Pandya 6(4) [4s-1]

7.4 - Harbhajan to Uthappa, out Caught by Pollard!! That will be that from Robbie tonight. He has hit a full toss straight to Pollard. He doesn't miss many, does he? Loopy full toss and Uthappa couldn't have picked the fielder any better. Smashed it straight to long-on who just had a few yards to cover. Uthappa c Pollard b Harbhajan 36(20) [4s-1 6s-2]

18.3 - McClenaghan to Chris Lynn, 1 run, Southee has dropped a dolly at deep mid-wicket. MUM have dropped quite a few today. Lynn pulls a slower back of a length delivery to Southee at deep mid-wicket, who runs around, but jumps in the air and that perhaps resulted in him losing his balance. Despite looking to take it with both hands, the ball pops out

2.0 - McClenaghan to Gambhir, 1 run, dropped! That's a skier but you gotta take those. Mitchell McClenaghan has only himself to blame. A straighter one from a good length, Gambhir goes for the almighty heave and the top-edge flies high, high.....and McClenaghan drops it despite getting into position early. Poor stuff!

16.5 - Narine to Rohit, FOUR, neatly done! Rohit is doing the job for MUM. Such a cool customer under pressure this lad. Looped up full on off, Rohit drops to one knee and swipes it square on the leg-side

14.4 - Shakib to Pollard, FOUR, how well has he timed that? Just whipped it along the ground and the outfield does the rest. Drifted in on leg-stump and Pollard just massaged it through mid-wicket

14.1 - Shakib to Pollard, FOUR, floated full and in the slot for Pollard. He lifts it nonchalantly and the ball almost hit the boundary hoardings on the full. Gun-barrel straight from the bowler

14.0 - A Russell to Rohit, FOUR, up and over! Shortish outside off, Rohit lifts the drive over backward point and there is no one in the deep

13.4 - A Russell to Rohit, FOUR, that's timed to perfection! Full and plenty of width on offer, Rohit clatters the drive through extra cover with sublime timing

12.5 - Narine to Buttler, FOUR, tossed up invitingly outside off, Buttler crouches low and swipes it in the gap through mid-wicket. Crunched!

11.3 - A Russell to Rohit, FOUR, 145ks but that doesn't bother Rohit. Short and angled into him, a little shimmy followed by a picture-perfect pull shot through mid-wicket to bring up the team's 100

11.1 - A Russell to Buttler, FOUR, short and Buttler had ample width on offer to flay that through the off-side. Makes room early and cuts aerially behind backward point, raced away!

9.4 - A Russell to Rohit, FOUR, you can't bowl there, especially to someone of Rohit's class. Russell slips it down leg, Rohit neatly rolls his wrists on it and flicks it to the deep backward square leg fence

7.2 - Sathish to Krunal Pandya, FOUR, Pandya makes room and tries to cut, but gets a thickish outside edge to the deep backward point boundary

5.5 - Unadkat to Rayudu, FOUR, the slower one and on middle-stump, Rayudu opens the bat face and guides it to the third man boundary. If Narine had put in a better effort, he might have got to the ball

5.4 - Unadkat to Rayudu, FOUR, it is raining fours and sixes at the stadium. 15 runs have already come off this over from Unadkat. Rayudu just waits for the ball and steers it to the third man fence

5.3 - Unadkat to Rayudu, FOUR, slower one and Rayudu just waits for it to pull it to the deep mid-wicket fence. He picked it right from the hand and that helped his cause

4.2 - Narine to Rohit, FOUR, Rohit sinks on one knee, gets on top of the ball and then uses his hands to essay a sweep. It rockets to the deep backward square leg boundary. The fielder in the deep had no chance there

3.4 - U Yadav to Rohit, FOUR, what timing! What placement! Fullish and outside off, Rohit gets his front foot forward and drives it through the cover-region

3.3 - U Yadav to Rohit, FOUR, width on offer, Rohit rides on the bounce and cuts it to the deep backward point boundary. No one moved there

2.4 - Shakib to Rayudu, FOUR, that was nailed. Very full and on the stumps, Rayudu butchers it straight down the ground for a boundary

1.2 - U Yadav to Rayudu, FOUR, leg-stump half-volley from Yadav, Rayudu flicks it to the deep backward square leg fence. Gift on offer and accepted by Rayudu

18.0 - Unadkat to Pollard, SIX, Take a bow Kieron Pollard! He finishes things off in style with a scintillating six over long-off and hands Mumbai the much needed victory. So, MUM win by 6 wickets with 2 overs to spare. Absolute blitzkrieg from the big man from the Caribbean. That knock will be remembered for quite a long time. Clouts this full delivery over long-on and hurls a flying kiss....Hugs Rohit Sharma and pumps his fists. On the other hand, Jaydev Unadkat falls just one short of his fifty (He'll never ever look at that bowling figures). Oh, poor lad!

17.4 - Unadkat to Pollard, SIX, go fetch that if you can! Bowling length at this stage won't help and Polly makes him pay with a thunderous bash over long-off for a 78 metre six

17.3 - Unadkat to Pollard, SIX, "That's like swatting a fly on the window" goes Alan-wonderful-Wilkins on air. Couldn't have put that any better. Length, sat up outside off, Pollard picks it and marmalizes deep into the deep mid-wicket stands

16.0 - Sathish to Pollard, SIX, take that! Cannot feed such stuff to Polly. He can hit that in his dreams. Long-hop on the pads, Pollard bludgeons it with a golfstrike-esque hit over wide long-on fence

15.4 - Sathish to Pollard, SIX, nah! This doesn't help. A dross on leg-stump and Pollard has deposited into the cow corner stands with a wallop!

15.3 - Sathish to Pollard, SIX, slower length ball angled in, Pollard stays put and parcels it straight down the ground with a brute of a smash

5.1 - Unadkat to Rohit, SIX, shorter in length and begging to be hammered, Rohit had ample time to help it over deep backward square leg for a maximum. Unadkat, if he bangs it short, needs to get more shoulder on it

2.5 - Shakib to Rayudu, SIX, flatter delivery and on the stumps, Rayudu cracks it across the line and the ball rockets over the long-on fence. Meaty blow from him

0.2 - Unadkat to Rohit, SIX, when the ball met the leather, it gave an inkling that it came right off the screws. Shortish delivery from Unadkat, Rohit pulls it over the deep backward square leg fence

13.0 - Narine to Buttler, out Caught by Chris Lynn!! How many times does Chris Lynn does that? He had done that in Sharjah in 2014 and now again... Fantastic stuff from the Aussie. The TV umpire has been pressed into the service to check if the catch is clean but I have a hunch that's OUT. It was flattish and wide of off, Buttler went for the flat-batted biff. Didn't time it all that well and hit it high and straight towards Lynn at long-off. Now comes the drama: Lynn leaps high to his right, snaffles with both hands and quickly realizes that the momentum will take him beyond the ropes. Flings the ball back into play before he crosses the ropes. Done with such serenity! Take a bow Lynn. It took 5 minutes for the TV umpire to rule that OUT. Buttler c Chris Lynn b Narine 15(15) [4s-2]

9.0 - Narine to Krunal Pandya, out Bowled!! Rush of blood has cost Krunal his wicket. He waltzed down the track to a delivery that was tossed up deliciously, and looked to heave it across the line, but could only connect with thin air. His stumps were shattered. The ball dipped on the batsman and as a result, he could not get to the pitch of the ball. It also gripped off the surface.Krunal Pandya b Narine 6(5) [4s-1]

6.5 - Shakib to Rayudu, out Caught by Suryakumar Yadav!! Suryakumar's supreme effort at wide long-on has resulted in the rollicking stand between the duo coming to an end. Rayudu uses his feet and lifts it to Suryakumar who runs across the boundary rope and then keeps his balance to pouch the catch with both hands. It came off the toe-end there. Rayudu c Suryakumar Yadav b Shakib 32(20) [4s-5 6s-1]

1.1 - U Yadav to Parthiv Patel, out Caught by Y Pathan!! Yadav is ecstatic. He jumps in the air in delight as he strikes with his first delivery to send Patel back to the hutch. Fuller length and just outside off, it was in the slot to drive, but Patel did not get to the pitch of the ball on his shot. As a result, eked out an outside edge, Pathan at first slip, moved to his left and jumped in the air to snaffle it with both hands. Parthiv Patel c Y Pathan b U Yadav 1(2)

17.0 - Narine to Rohit, 1 run, full outside off, Rohit drills it to long-off to bring up the 50-run stand

11.5 - A Russell to Rohit, 1 run, a captain's knock from RO-HIT! Shuffles to the off-side and is duped by the slower fullish ball outside off, manages to get some bat on the paddle and gets to his fifty