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Indian T20 League 2016

Scorecard - 7th Match, Delhi vs Punjab at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, India (15 Apr 2016)


111/9 (20) RR:5.55

Delhi won by 8 wkts

MOM: Amit Mishra

113/2 (13.3) RR:8.37

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17.4 - Zaheer to Pardeep Sahu, FOUR, Sahu camps back and stays slightly leg-side of the ball to steer it past the diving de Kock for a boundary to third man

15.4 - Jayant Yadav to Mohit Sharma, FOUR, another powerful blow by Mohit. Mohit slaps this flatter delivery to the extra cover boundary. It crashed into the ad-cushions there

14.3 - Brathwaite to Axar, FOUR, crackerjack shot by Patel. PUN need more of it. Banged in short from Brathwaite, Patel rocks back a wee bit and then pulls it towards fine leg to collect a boundary

8.0 - C Morris to Vohra, FOUR, that's flown off the top edge, or glove or something. Soars past the diving de Kock who isn't getting close to it. A searing short ball heading towards Vohra's temples, he takes it on but the ball gets too big in the end and he skews it off what looked like a faint top edge

6.3 - Mishra to D Miller, FOUR, wrong line. Down leg and it's too easy for Miller despite being new at the crease. Sinks low on one knee and sweeps it fine

5.5 - Brathwaite to Vohra, FOUR, he's coming into his own and this is just the kind of over which can swing momentum big time. Short of length ball outside off, Vohra arches a little and uses his bat as a trampoline to ramp it over the vacant slip cordon into the third man fence

5.4 - Brathwaite to Vohra, FOUR, rammed over the covers! Full ball just outside off, and Vohra has skinned it. Goes hard and carves it to the fence

5.1 - Brathwaite to Vohra, FOUR, the timing on that is heavenly. Length ball on the pads, and Vohra whips the flamingo flick behind square with all the grace in the world

4.4 - Zaheer to S Marsh, FOUR, oh sweet! That's all class from Marsh. Only slightly short outside off, he waits on it and cuts it late behind backward point. Skimmed off the open bat-face and third man had no chance

1.5 - Negi to S Marsh, FOUR, slides this across off but it's very short, Marsh waits on it and cuts it late to send it past backward point

1.2 - Negi to Vohra, FOUR, this time he doesn't miss out. Not a full toss, but a very full ball drifting in towards off, Vohra clears his front leg to allow the bat to come through and lofts it gloriously inside out over extra-cover

19.2 - Brathwaite to Pardeep Sahu, SIX, DEL would take any runs on offer. A six at this point of the innings is a bonus for them. The half-volley from Brathwaite, Sahu just butchers it over long-off for a maximum

15.3 - Jayant Yadav to Mohit Sharma, SIX, lusty blow by Mohit. Pushed through and on the stumps, Mohit sinks on one knee and slog-sweeps it to over the deep mid-wicket fence

18.5 - C Morris to Johnson, out Bowled!! DEL's planning and execution in the field has been top-drawer today. This time, Morris brings out the off-pace delivery by rolling his fingers on it. Johnson looks for the heave across the line and connects with thin air. His off-stump gets shattered. Johnson b C Morris 4(12)

17.1 - Zaheer to Mohit Sharma, out Caught by C Morris!! Zaheer befuddles Mohit with a slower delivery. Mohit makes room and tries to loft a ball bowled at just 85 ks. He gets it off the outside part of the bat and Morris at backward point runs backwards to snaffle the catch. Mohit Sharma c C Morris b Zaheer 15(8) [4s-1 6s-1]

15.1 - Jayant Yadav to Axar, out Caught by Negi!! The precession continues as Patel, too, loses his wicket. Shorter in length and Yadav offers width, Patel rocks back by using the depth of the crease. He cuts it towards Negi, the Pocket Rocket, at backward point, who dives forward and pouches the catch with both hands, just inches above the ground. The ball was dipping on him as well, there. Axar c Negi b Jayant Yadav 11(22) [4s-1]

13.0 - Brathwaite to W Saha, out W Saha Run Out!! It feels like PUN are hurtling down towards another defeat. Saha just dabbed a back of a length delivery towards Duminy at backward point and set off for a quick single. However, Duminy swooped down on the ball quickly after putting in a dive and then underarmed it onto the stumps. Despite looking to get back to the crease, Saha found himself short. W Saha run out (Duminy) 3(7)

10.4 - Mishra to Vohra, out Bowled!! Another incision has been made. The googly has done the trick for Mishra, Vohra doesn't read it and tries to pick it off the pitch. In the end, looks to cut and connects with thin air. His leg-stump takes a beating. Vohra b Mishra 32(24) [4s-5]

8.4 - Mishra to Maxwell, out Caught by Brathwaite!! This is ridiculous batting. An absolutely nothing shot, and at a stage where the need of the hour is to spend some time. On a scale of 1 to 10 of pathetic, this is 50. I don't even know what his intentions were. Well flighted leg-break on off, Maxwell chips it in the air and straight to long-off where Brathwaite runs forward and plunges low to take. Speechless... Maxwell c Brathwaite b Mishra 0(3)

8.1 - Mishra to D Miller, out Lbw!! Now Miller is gone. They've got to stop doing this, have Punjab. Losing wickets consistently is hurting them and that charge keeps getting delayed. Slowish ball which skids on and strikes Miller low down on the front pad as he misses the sweep, and the umpire raises his finger in a flash. Oh wait, the replays show it's pitching marginally outside leg. Or marginally inside. It's too close to call. Fair enough by the umpire actually, looked good in real time. A strategic time-out has been taken. D Miller lbw b Mishra 9(9) [4s-1]

6.1 - Mishra to S Marsh, out Stumped!! Marsh gives Mishra the charge first ball and summons his own doom. He's not even given himself the chance to take a look at the leggie. Comes galloping down the track looking to slog it hard over mid-wicket, but it spins profusely and goes through bat and pad. de Kock makes the stumping look so easy. So, after a good last over, Punjab have been dented again. S Marsh st de Kock b Mishra 13(16) [4s-2]

1.3 - Negi to Vohra, out Vijay Run Out!! 2 runs completed! Zaheer has dropped a dolly running back from cover, but have the batsmen saved his blushes? They might well have, and Vijay is the victim of some awful running. Sliced behind cover as Vohra tries an encore of the previous ball, Zaheer puts it down and chases after it before relaying it to Karun who was backing up. He fires a rocket throw to de Kock and Vijay is yards short. Vijay run out (Nair/de Kock) 1(5)

13.1 - Pardeep Sahu to de Kock, FOUR, is he a darter or what? Places them perfectly, tossed up delivery and de Kock makes a bit of room, goes inside out over cover and all sweeper can do was give an unfruitful chase

11.3 - Johnson to de Kock, FOUR, this is agricultural, de Kock is showing he has eveything in his quiver. Short delivery and de Kock pulls it past deep mid-wicket for a boundary

11.2 - Johnson to de Kock, FOUR, that will be two runs short of what de Kock intended but it was as pristine as anything. Lofted this fuller delivery over the bowler's head, one bounce over the ropes at long-on

10.2 - Maxwell to Samson, FOUR, this is even better, timed this one as if it's the shot he had put his money on. Once again played it late and opened the blade on the punch and beat the fielder at point

10.1 - Maxwell to Samson, FOUR, delicate from Samson, waits on this one outside off, opens the face of the bat at the last moment. No chance for the fielder at short third man

9.2 - Mohit Sharma to Samson, FOUR, take that! Stand and deliver stuff from the Kerala lad. Watches the length ball and bludgeons it over the bowler's head, a couple of bounces and into the fence

8.0 - Axar to de Kock, FOUR, clever from QDK! Watches the ball all along and lap-sweeps to the right of the keeper, fine leg throws himself in the deep but to no avail

7.3 - Axar to de Kock, FOUR, sweetly timed! Camped on the back foot and timed the pants off it. Punched through extra cover

7.1 - Axar to de Kock, FOUR, reverse sweep! Crunched! QDK premeditates and gets the timing right on this full flighted delivery on off, raced away!

6.5 - Pardeep Sahu to de Kock, byes, FOUR, stumping chance missed! Cannot afford those in these low-scoring affairs. This quicker delivery skids through and beats QDK on the bottom edge and races past Saha to his left. The batsman was clearly outside the crease and Saha was a bit lackadaisical in his effort

5.4 - Johnson to de Kock, FOUR, errant stuff from Mitch - The monster. Offers a lollypop down leg and QDK says "Thank you" as he flicks it off his pads, fine leg up in the ring and he ain't stopping that

5.0 - Axar to de Kock, FOUR, wider of off, de Kock throws the kitchen sink and flays it over backward point. No-one's stopping that!

0.5 - Sandeep Sharma to de Kock, FOUR, pitched up and de Kock throws his bat on the uppish drive, needed to clear the off-side ring and does so comfortably

13.3 - Pardeep Sahu to Negi, SIX, so this is the famed swing of Negi they keep talking about. Sinks down on one knee and dispatches it over the deep mid-wicket fence to get Delhi on the points table

12.0 - Johnson to de Kock, SIX, third fifty for de Kock in the T20 League. Johnson went for bodyline, came round the wicket and hurled a short delivery, de Kock moved inside the line and flumbed it into the stands over fine leg. That is a mammoth hit from the South African

9.0 - Pardeep Sahu to Samson, SIX, whaaaday shot! Saunters down the pitch, takes it on the full and smokes a well tossed up delivery over the long-on fence

12.5 - Axar to Samson, out Bowled!! So this is what Samson did, 12 is needed off 44 balls. He comes down trying to finish it too early as if he had a flight to catch. I understand the airport is far away from the stadium but it was not needed. So he comes down the track to a flatter delivery and swings, does not get anything on it and the ball crashes onto the middle stump. Even this wicket cannot produce the ray of hope Punjab are looking for. Samson b Axar 33(32) [4s-3 6s-1]

2.1 - Sandeep Sharma to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught by W Saha!! Oh my! S Ravi took an eternity to adjudge that OUT. Strangled down leg is Shreyas Iyer and the appeal was quite strong, very vocal indeed. Dross stuff from Sandeep Sharma - Hurls one down leg and Iyer might have got some tickle off the bat on the leg-glance. Saha dives full-length and has his arms aloft straightaway. "The faintest of edges" as Anjum Chopra chirps on air. Oh hang on! There's nothing on the Snicko. Go figure... Shreyas Iyer c W Saha b Sandeep Sharma 3(5)

4.4 - Axar to de Kock, 2 runs, "That's in the air....Deep mid-wicket takes it and drops it" goes Ravi Shaz on air. Certainly plenty of excitement in the comm. box. de Kock went for the agricultural swipe against this full delivery and would have had his heart in his mouth. Murali Vijay sprints forward, bends low but fails to cling onto the ball. DROPPED