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Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh 2016

Scorecard - 1st T20I, Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe at Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium, Khulna, Bangladesh (15 Jan 2016)


163/7 (20) RR:8.15

Bangladesh won by 4 wkts

MOM: Hamilton Masakadza

166/6 (18.4) RR:8.89

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15.0 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, comes down the track and lofts it easily over the bowler's head, gets it too straight and there is no chance for the man at long-off

14.0 - S Rahman to M Waller, FOUR, dances down the track once again and gets to the pitch of the ball, clubs it over the bowler's head and it races into the long-off fence

13.1 - S Rahman to M Waller, FOUR, flighted delivery and on off, Waller goes inside out and beats the man coming across from sweeper with ease

12.4 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, lap shot has worked for Masakadza once again, went low on this length delivery outside off, he moved across and lapped it over the man at short fine leg

11.4 - Shakib to Sibanda, FOUR, tossed up delivery and Sibanda does not miss out, uses his feet and hits it through long-on

10.4 - Mahmudullah to H Masakadza, FOUR, reverse sweeps this quicker delivery on off, gets it fine and beats the fielder at short third man with ease

10.0 - S Rahman to Sibanda, FOUR, was not short enough but enough for Sibanda to rock back and crack the pull through square leg, the fielder in the deep runs across but cannot get there in time

8.1 - Mahmudullah to H Masakadza, FOUR, cut away fine, more of an outside edge but that is a welcome boundary, it was not short but outside off, Masakadza went for the cut and got a thick edge, the ball rolled down to third man fence

5.2 - Mustafizur Rahman to H Masakadza, FOUR, full and on off, Masakadza creams the drive through extra cover, went like a tracer bullet

4.3 - Shakib to H Masakadza, FOUR, down the wicket goes Masakadza on this tossed up delivery, connects it well and the ball races into the longon fence

3.4 - Al-Amin to Sibanda, FOUR, that is a great looking shot from Sibanda, presented the full face of the bat on this fuller length delivery and lofted it over the bowler's head and it raced away

3.0 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, that one did not come off the meat of the bat but will beat the fielder, back of a length and Masakadza punched it from the crease, beat the bowler in his followthrough and then a chasing mid-off

2.2 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, two in two for Masakadza, the keeper came forward for this delivery but that did not bother Masakadza. He went deep in the crease on this length delivery and heaved it between mid-on and mid-wicket with ease

2.1 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, tonked, short delivery and Masakadza uses his feet this time, swings across the line and gets it away from the man at mid-on, one bounce and over the ropes. Masakadza is looking in nice touch here

1.5 - Al-Amin to Sibanda, FOUR, that will be the first boundary of the innings, slightly short and Sibanda got on top of the bounce to punch it through sweeper cover, that one raced to the fence

19.4 - Al-Amin to Peter Moor, SIX, Moor connects this time, length delivery and outside off, Moor lofted it across the line and just got it over a leaping long-on

15.5 - Shakib to H Masakadza, SIX, highest score by a Zimbabwean against Bangladesh in the T20Is, comes down the track on this flighted delivery, times the swing to perfection and it goes sailing over the long-on for a maximum

11.5 - Shakib to Sibanda, SIX, tossed up and Sibanda uses his feet to get to the pitch of the delivery, cracks it to long-on, the fielder backtracks and gets to it, cannot keep the balance though and throws it back, tries to catch it on the second attempt but fails to keep the balance and throws it back once again. This time though he touched the ropes while trying to do so and the third umpire confirms it's a six

10.1 - Mahmudullah to H Masakadza, SIX, uses the feet once again and makes this tossed up a full toss, swings across the line and hits it over deep mid-wicket

5.0 - Shakib to Sibanda, SIX, goes for the big shot and connects it well. Shakib gave this one a little air and Sibanda latched onto it, came down the track and lofted it over the cow corner to get the desired result

20.0 - Al-Amin to Sean Williams, out Bowled!! And Williams's misery comes to an end. To be fair, today he did not look in his touch and struggled to get going. Coming to the delivery, he helped this one onto his stumps. It was full and outside off, Williams looked to lap it fine, but only managed to guide it onto his stumps.Sean Williams b Al-Amin 2(6)

19.1 - Al-Amin to S Raza, out Caught by Mahmudullah!! Full toss gets a wicket. Juicy one outside off and Raza looks to go over deep extra cover, does not quite get it off the meat of the bat and it skies high in the air, the fielder at sweeper cover settles under it and sends Raza back. S Raza c Mahmudullah b Al-Amin 6(8)

18.2 - Mustafizur Rahman to Luke Jongwe, out Bowled!! And another one, Rahman is now on a hat-trick. Jongwe was looking to reverse sweep this yorker and missed it completely, the ball uprooted the middle stick and Mustafizur is delighted. Luke Jongwe b Mustafizur Rahman 0(1)

18.1 - Mustafizur Rahman to Chigumbura, out Bowled!! Trying to be too smart and has to go. Moved well across trying to innovate, Rahman was smart enough to bowl a yorker on the leg stick, Chigumbura had no clue what happened, by the time he tried to flick it, the ball had crashed onto the leg stick. Chigumbura b Mustafizur Rahman 3(3)

17.4 - Al-Amin to S Raza, out H Masakadza Run Out!! So Masakadza's big innings comes to an end, Raza made room this tim and looked to pull it, the ball hit the top of the bat and rolled to short fine leg, Masakadza called for the quick single but the keeper was quickly onto it, gathered it and threw at the stumps in motion, catching Masakadza well short of the crease at striker's end. H Masakadza run out (Nurul Hasan) 79(53) [4s-9 6s-2]

14.4 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, out M Waller Run Out!! 1 run completed. It was a slower delivery and Masakadza nudged it to mid-wicket, completed the first run with ease and was looking to go for the second run. Called for it and Waller refused at first. Masakadza went back but then Waller changed his mind and decided to go for it. Till then the damage was done, it was a nice throw at the striker's end and the keeper dislodged the bails to catch M Waller short. M Waller run out (S Rahman/Nurul Hasan) 14(8) [4s-2]

12.0 - Shakib to Sibanda, out Caught by Tamim!! Big wicket for Bangladesh, Sibanda was looking good in the middle, this time tried to heave it over long-off, the ball came quite slowly to him and induced aa thick edge, the ball ballooned in the air and the fielder at cover, ran back to pouch it safely. Sibanda c Tamim b Shakib 46(39) [4s-4 6s-2]

12.2 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, 1 run, comes down the track and mistimes the hoick to mid-wicket, gets to his fifty with that single. 9th in T20Is

6.3 - Shakib to Sibanda, 1 run, to long on, the partnership between Sibanda and H Masakadza is now 50 runs. tossed up and Sibanda pushes it uppishly to mid-on, the fielder is in the deep and they take a run

18.4 - Luke Jongwe to Shakib, FOUR, full toss and Shakib clips it away from the fielder at deep backward square leg. He has made it quite easy for Bangladesh with two back to back fours

18.3 - Luke Jongwe to Shakib, FOUR, the man is inside the circle at third man and Shakib makes use of it, goes for a wild flat batted shot on this short delivery, gets a thick outside edge and it rolls down the third man fence

17.4 - Vitori to Nurul Hasan, FOUR, cheeky and four, the debutant gets the crucial runs for Bangladesh, swooped low and lapped it fine to beat the man at short fine leg, a much-needed four for the hosts

13.1 - Sean Williams to Rahim, FOUR, width on offer and that is bread and butter for Rahim, goes inside out and beats the man at sweeper cover with ease

12.3 - W Masakadza to Rahim, FOUR, over the top and in the gap as well, Rahim came down the track and made room while doing so, went inside out over the man at cover on this flatter delivery and it raced to deep extra cover fence

11.4 - Sean Williams to Rahim, FOUR, reverse sweep and gets the result Mushfiqur wanted, flatter delivery and he reverse swept it over a leaping backward point

10.4 - Cremer to S Rahman, FOUR, short delivery and Rahman punches it hard through cover, no chance for the man at sweeper

10.1 - Cremer to S Rahman, FOUR, wrong 'un but Rahman reads it well, it was a little short as well, Rahman went back and pulled it through mid-wicket for an easy four

6.0 - Luke Jongwe to S Rahman, FOUR, elegant from Rahman, fuller length and outside off, he gets into the line of the delivery and creams it through extra cover, no protection in the deep and it races away

5.3 - Luke Jongwe to Tamim, FOUR, short delivery and it did not rise enough, Iqbal adjusted well to guide it past the fielder at short third man

4.3 - Vitori to S Rahman, FOUR, half-volley outside off and Rahman does not miss out, flays the drive through extra cover and it went to the fence in a jiffy

3.1 - Luke Jongwe to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, one bounce over the ropes at long-off, what a shot that is from Soumya, got into the line of this fuller length delivery and lofted it over the in-field, did not try to hit it hard but timed it to perfection

2.5 - S Raza to Tamim, byes, FOUR, lucky for Tamim, cames down the track and did not get near the pitch, got a thick inside edge and it rolled pas the keeper into the fine leg fence, the keeper could have done a better job there

2.3 - S Raza to Tamim, FOUR, finally a four for Tamim, was not short enough and Iqbal was cramped for space but still managed to flay the cut through backward point

0.4 - W Masakadza to Tamim, FOUR, poor delivery, flatter and on leg=, Iqbal sweeps it away from the man at short fine leg

16.4 - Luke Jongwe to Mahmudullah, SIX, that is the power of Mahmudullah, cleared his front leg on this length delivery and flat batted it over deep extra cover, it went all the way. Some power behind this one

14.2 - Cremer to S Rahman, SIX, That is a mammoth hit from Rahman, comes down the track and heaves it over deep mid-wicket, that went well over the fence

3.0 - S Raza to Tamim, SIX, short and punished, Tamim rocks back and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid-wicket for a maximum

16.5 - Luke Jongwe to Mahmudullah, out Bowled!! Jongwe has his revenge there. Bowls this one quite full, Mahmudullah looks to flay it hard through the off-side, gets a thick bottom edge and it crahses onto the stumps. Zimbabwe could not have asked for a bigger wicket than this. Mahmudullah b Luke Jongwe 7(3) [6s-1]

15.5 - W Masakadza to Rahim, out Caught by S Raza!! This had been a quiet over so far and Rahim decided to force the issue, perishes while trying to do so. Tossed up delivery and on middle, Rahim went down on one knee and slogged it hard, did not get off the middle and Raza at deep mid-wicket was ready for such opportunities. Rahim c S Raza b W Masakadza 26(19) [4s-3]

14.3 - Cremer to S Rahman, out Caught by M Waller!! One shot too many for Rahman, goes for the big hit once again, gets the elevation but not the distance, it was a tossed up delivery and a slower one, Rahman flogged it high but it did not quite get the distance, there was a fielder scouting the fence and he pouched it easily. S Rahman c M Waller b Cremer 46(36) [4s-4 6s-1]

9.2 - Sean Williams to Hom, out Bowled!! Flatter delivery but it turned just a little, Hom was trying to run it down fine but missed it completely, the ball just clipped the bails. There was some confusion whehther it was the keeper's glove which dislodged the bails, but thereplays confirm it was indeed the ball which grazed the bails. Hom b Sean Williams 6(7)

6.4 - Cremer to Tamim, out Caught by Sibanda!! Bangladesh have lost a very important wicket. Creemer has got the big fish, gave this delivery a lot of air and Tamim came down the track to swing it across, got a thick outside edge and it went high in the air, the fielder at long-off called for it and settled under it nicely. Tamim c Sibanda b Cremer 29(24) [4s-3 6s-1]

3.3 - Luke Jongwe to Tamim, out Soumya Sarkar Run Out!! There is a big mix-up and Sarkar is gone. Unfortunate for Bangladesh but it's Sarkar's fault, Tamim never called for it. Short delivery and Iqbal pulled it waftly to short fine leg, Soumya Sarkar came charging but Iqbal was ball watching. In the end, bot the batsmen were standing at the striker's end and the throw went at the bowler's end, Soumya Sarkar had to go. Soumya Sarkar run out (W Masakadza/Luke Jongwe) 7(5) [4s-1]

12.0 - Sean Williams to S Rahman, 1 run, dropped, down the wicket he goes and lofts it high, does not get this flighted delivery off the middle and it skies high in the air, long-on commits a blunder and drops it