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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 13th Match, Islamabad United vs Peshawar Zalmi at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (12 Feb 2016)

Islamabad United

152/6 (20) RR:7.6

Peshawar Zalmi won by 7 wkts

MOM: Tamim Iqbal
Peshawar Zalmi

153/3 (18.3) RR:8.27

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15.1 - Tait to Misbah, FOUR, fullish and on off, Misbah moves his front leg out, mows it over mid-wicket. No one patrolling the fence in the deep, couple of bounces before reaching the fence

13.5 - Afridi to Misbah, FOUR, as a batsman would anticipate, the bowler fires it in after being hit for a six, Misbah sits back, waits and cuts it late behind square, splitting backward point and short third man

12.0 - Riaz to Misbah, FOUR, that ruins the over. He had Misbah on a leash, but tries to be smart and pays the price. Banged in halfway down, Misbah stands tall, rolls his wrists and pulls it behind square leg, beats a desperate dive from Allenby

7.4 - Afridi to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, Afridi under pressure. Not much he could do this time. Pushed through just outside off, Sharjeel goes hard on the slash, the outside edge races away to the third man fence

5.1 - Riaz to Khalid Latif, FOUR, fabulous shot! Not a bad delivery by any means. Fullish and on off, Latif gets a little stride forward and drives it on the up straight down the ground, the timing takes care of the rest

4.0 - Junaid Khan to Watson, FOUR, almost cleaned up the umpire. Once again Junaid dishes it out on Watto's arc, front foot forward and smashed straight back past the bowler, hit in the air and both bowler and umpire were ducking

3.5 - Junaid Khan to Watson, FOUR, another edge that goes past the vacant slip cordon. No half measures from Watson, saw the width and threw his bat at it, the outside edge raced away to the third man fence

3.0 - Tait to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, where's the slip? The sucker delivery, full and inviting the batsman forward, Sharjeel throws the kitchen and the outside edge flies where first slip would have been

1.5 - Junaid Khan to Watson, FOUR, might have been the slower ball this time, Watson strides forward and lofts it over mid-off. Didn't get all of it but enough wood to clear the infield

1.2 - Junaid Khan to Watson, FOUR, pitched up right in the slot for Watson, he plonks his front foot forward and hammers it over the bowler, rocketed away to the fence

17.4 - Asghar to Khalid Latif, SIX, fifty for Latif. It has been a good knock. One which has kept the innings together. Flighted outside off, Latif lofts it handsomely over long-off. Sammy could only watch it sail over him this time

16.2 - Riaz to Khalid Latif, SIX, Latif has been good today. Picks the length delivery and deposits it into the stands at deep mid-wicket. Got plenty of elevation, in the end the required result as well. The 50-run stand comes up

13.4 - Afridi to Misbah, SIX, this time he connects. Flighted on the stumps, the line was the problem from Afridi, Misbah got down on one knee, slog sweeps it over deep mid-wicket. Almost sent it out of the park

13.1 - Afridi to Misbah, SIX, Afridi follows the batsman, Misbah makes room, the pace was there, but Misbah was ready lofts it over the man at long-on, who thought he was in with a chance for a second

12.1 - Asghar to Khalid Latif, SIX, the cameraman could only follow the ball to a certain distance. This was a 108 meter six which soared out of the ground. Aleem Dar immediately calls for a replacement ball, takes a step out of the crease and launches it into orbit, over long-on and out of the stadium

8.5 - Sammy to Khalid Latif, SIX, banged! The slower delivery and Latif spotted it early, cleared his front leg so that he could get his swing right, brings the bottom hand into play and heaves it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum

7.3 - Afridi to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, this is even better. Out of the ground. Tossed up on off, Sharjeel kneels down completely this time, nails the slog sweep over deep mid-wicket. The short boundaries helping Sharjeel as well

7.2 - Afridi to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, faster, fuller and just the right line for Sharjeel to free his arms, stoops low and mows it to the cow corner fence. Made a decent connection as the ball sailed over the rope

19.1 - Junaid Khan to Asif Ali, out Lbw!! That was dead. Junaid steams in from round the wicket, fires it into the blockhole, Ali is rooted to the crease, misses the flick and is struck on the back leg. Easy call for the umpire. The Islamabad innings is just falling apart. Asif Ali lbw b Junaid Khan 0(1)

18.4 - Riaz to Khalid Latif, out Caught by Tamim!! End of a fine innings. The umpire checks for a no-ball, it was a full toss and was below the waist, Latif is walking back. It was dipping on the batsman, Latif swung hard and the ball flew off the outside edge towards third man, Tamim runs forward, dives forward and snaffles a good low catch. Khalid Latif c Tamim b Riaz 59(41) [4s-1 6s-4]

17.3 - Asghar to A Russell, out Caught by Sammy!! Big blow for Islamabad. Russell had huge expectations and he has disappointed. Tossed up just outside off, Russell hammers it flat, might have come off the toe-end, Sammy gobbles it inches from the ground. He is still jerking his hand in pain, tells you how hard Russell had hit that. A Russell c Sammy b Asghar 2(2)

16.5 - Riaz to Misbah, out Caught by Afridi!! A cameo from the skipper comes to an end. Might be good for Islamabad as that would bring out Andre Russell. Pitched up around off, Misbah's weight was on the back foot as he tried to drill this over extra cover, doesn't get the elevation and Afridi takes it right on the edge. Misbah c Afridi b Riaz 32(27) [4s-3 6s-2]

10.0 - Tait to Sharjeel Khan, out Caught by Afridi!! Tait has his man this time. It was captain cool who was under that and he takes it with ease. Tait was brought in to take a wicket and he obliges. Slower delivery just outside off, Sharjeel goes for the loft, gets it right off the base of the bat, skies towards extra cover, Afridi had no problems. Sharjeel Khan c Afridi b Tait 28(22) [4s-2 6s-2]

4.3 - Asghar to Watson, out Bowled!! Top delivery. A spinner's delight that. Huge wicket for Peshawar Zulmi. Asghar has his hands aloft. He enjoyed that scalp. Slows this up considerably, Watson plays down the wrong line, moves forward to defend, doesn't account for the turn and the ball hits the top of off-stump. Watson looks startled, can't believe he has been undone. Watson b Asghar 19(20) [4s-4]

9.2 - Tait to Sharjeel Khan, 1 run, dropped! It was a sitter. We saw plenty of this in the first game and it has spread onto the second game as well. Banged in halfway down, Sharjeel pulls it to deep square leg, Shahid Yousuf overruns the ball, tries to reverse cup it, the ball hits the palm and goes to ground

17.5 - Sami to S Yousuf, no ball, FOUR, how's he got that one to the ropes? Almost in the blockhole, only a few inches short of it. Yousuf squeezes the drive past extra-cover and it just keeps on sliding. To make matters worse, Sami has overstepped by a mile. Okay six inches

16.4 - Rumman Raees to Tamim, FOUR, full toss, geez! As if the punishment Tamim is inflicting isn't enough, Raees decides to make it more tough on himself. Dishes out a low full toss just outside off, Tamim clears his leg and carves it wide of long-on

16.2 - Rumman Raees to Tamim, FOUR, oh my! How well is he hitting it. Short of length ball angled into middle, Tamim moves with the ball and whips it wide of long-on. Seemed to have got it high on th bat. Doesn't matter

16.1 - Rumman Raees to Tamim, FOUR, that's been butchered through extra-cover. Half-volley wide of off, Tamim comes down hard on the ball and shreds it to pieces

13.1 - Ajmal to Tamim, FOUR, poor ball. Fired down the leg-side, and Tamim ain't missing out. Gets down on the back knee and helps the sweep away fine. Finer than expected perhaps due to a bottom edge, but still a poor ball

12.5 - Badree to S Yousuf, FOUR, turns sharply from a length on off, draws Yousuf forward, even makes him reach out on the defence. Only manages an outside edge which runs away. So unlucky

6.0 - Ajmal to Allenby, FOUR, oh no. That's a pathetic ball for a man of Ajmal's class. Might have gone for the doosra, but drops it well short outside off. Allenby has light-years to rock back and pick any spot of his choosing. Slaps it through the covers

5.1 - Ajmal to Tamim, FOUR, that's been laced through extra-cover. Took a couple of steps down the pitch while making room, gets to the ball while also leaving himself with enough room to allow a flourish on the drive and slaps it hard

4.0 - Rumman Raees to Hafeez, FOUR, oh well played! That's not all that bad a delivery. Probably should have been avoided with third man up. But still. On a back of a length just outside off, Hafeez waits for it and then dabs it almost from behind his body to thread it fine

3.0 - A Russell to Hafeez, FOUR, flayed over backward point. Length ball which is well wide of off, allows Hafeez to free his arms and he doesn't bother keeping it down

2.5 - A Russell to Hafeez, FOUR, Russell is definitely not at ease, is Russell. Hobbling in the followthrough while he sees a full toss driven through the covers

2.3 - A Russell to Hafeez, FOUR, short of length delivery on middle and leg, doesn't rise more than mid-riff height and Hafeez is able to pivot on his back leg and help the pull behind square

1.2 - Sami to Tamim, FOUR, oh slapped! Comes dancing down while moving leg-side, made his own room and allowed himself a clean swing of the arms to spank a length ball through the covers

14.4 - Rumman Raees to S Yousuf, SIX, that's rocketed off the willow. Almost caught Ajmal by surprise at deep backward square. He leapt up in hope sticking his right hand up, but the ball just about cleared him. Went at the rate of knots after Yousuf whipped it off his pads. A mere pick-up shot

11.5 - Ajmal to K Akmal, SIX, sliced, or is it? It keeps going, and clears wide long-on with ease. I thought he Ajmal forced him to slice the loft by pulling the length back after seeing him dance down, he might well have. But it still went a long way

10.1 - Badree to Tamim, SIX, he's smoking these spinners. Nimble feet, steady head and a clean swing of the arms to slug it clobber it back over the bowler's head

7.5 - Ajmal to Tamim, SIX, and again. Just too good. Even for Ajmal. Fleet-footed in his approach, again gets near enough of the delivery and swipes it down over long-on this time

7.4 - Ajmal to Tamim, SIX, wow. Just wow. That's tyrannical. Dances down to get close enough to meet the pitch of the ball and wallops it inside out over wide long-on

1.0 - A Russell to Hafeez, SIX, he's taken it on now, and with aplomb. Short ball aiming for the helmet, Hafeez was prepared for it. Swivels across and pulls it over deep backward square. Russell's pace means that the ball has gone on the roof

12.0 - Ajmal to K Akmal, out Stumped!! Oh, brilliant. Just brilliant. A master at work. Not to be oppressed for long, is Ajmal. Again the batsman dances down at him, he fires it through while shortening the length, then turns it past the inside edge of Akmal's slog and results in an easy stumping. K Akmal st Haddin b Ajmal 10(10) [6s-1]

8.1 - Badree to Allenby, out Caught by Sami!! Premeditates the sweep and ends up picking the wrong ball. It was tossed up well wide of off, meant that Allenby had to reach out on one knee. Ends up spooning it off the top-edge wide of long-on where the fielder runs across to his right, and cradles it close to his chest before tumbling down. Allenby c Sami b Badree 7(11) [4s-1]

4.4 - Sami to Hafeez, out Caught by Misbah!! Ugly slog, skies it off a top edge, it's swirling in the night sky just refusing to come down, Misbah settles under it with his trademark tranquility at mid-wicket, sees it all the way and pouches it cushioningly close to the tummy. Hafeez saw it land on a length and just lost his mind. Throws away a brisk start. Hafeez c Misbah b Sami 25(14) [4s-4 6s-1]

17.4 - Sami to S Yousuf, 2 runs, short of length delivery on middle, pulled wide of long-on. Didn't quite hit it well enough to have the legs

11.4 - Ajmal to Tamim, 1 run, fifty for Tamim, gets there with a gentle push with the turn to deep cover