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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 12th Match, Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (12 Feb 2016)

Karachi Kings

178/5 (20) RR:8.9

Karachi Kings won by 27 runs

MOM: Ravi Bopara
Lahore Qalandars

151/8 (20) RR:7.55

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19.5 - Ehsan Adil to Rahim, FOUR, ramped over short third man. Very shrewd from the little man. Sees the ball being banged in short, and just deliberately under-cuts it over the infield

19.2 - Ehsan Adil to Bopara, FOUR, bad ball. Short and down the leg-side, and with Bopara batting the way he is, won't miss out. Pivots on the back foot and pulls it sweetly past short fine leg

18.2 - Dwayne Bravo to Bopara, FOUR, attempts a wide yorker and so nearly gets it right. But no. Bopara is too good. Uses all the pace on the ball and runs it very fine with an angled bat. That shows how little the margin for error is

11.1 - K Cooper to Bopara, FOUR, excellent improvisation from Bopara. He plonked his foot across to get inside the line of a length ball, then just lapped it fine using his bat like a trampoline

8.1 - Zohaib Khan to James Vince, FOUR, takes a step away towards the leg-side which adds to the room which was already there, no hindrance in his batswing as he lofts it beautifully inside out over extra-cover

6.3 - Zohaib Khan to Nauman Anwar, FOUR, this time he uses the room to his benefit. The width on offer means that Anwar can swing his arms cleanly and he carves it over extra-cover

5.3 - Dwayne Bravo to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, picks his spot over mid-off. A blatant half-volley just outside off, Malik brings the bat down straight and allows a good followthrough to lift it over the infield

2.3 - Ehsan Adil to Nauman Anwar, FOUR, shocking ball with fine leg up. It's short and down leg. Anwar swivels nicely and helps the pull over the man in the circle

0.3 - Ehsan Adil to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, half-volley on middle, clipped away neatly through mid-wicket. Not the place to be bowling. Mid-on gives chase and dives valiantly but can't catch up

19.0 - Dwayne Bravo to Bopara, SIX, overcooks an attempted yorker and finds himself being slugged over deep mid-wicket. Simply brilliant stuff from Bopara. Back-to-back blinders in two days

18.1 - Dwayne Bravo to Bopara, SIX, full in Bopara's slot and he slaughters it over long-off with a clean swing of the arms to bring up a half-century

17.0 - Z Gohar to Bopara, SIX, oh dear, these Lahore fielders can't catch much today. Bopara had sliced his slog towards long-off, the fielder moves across looking to reverse-cup it overhead but the ball bursts through

16.2 - Z Gohar to Bopara, SIX, this time he gets hold of one and sends it sailing over long-off. Gohar can't get it out of Bopara's arc this time and he clouts it straight back over long-off

15.2 - Dwayne Bravo to Imad Wasim, SIX, mistimes the heave towards deep mid-wicket. Again, it's another tough chance. The fielder always has the ropes in the back of the mind. Tries not to encroach while following the path of the ball. Gets both hands to his left to pouch the catch but can't hold on. To make it worse, it goes for six too

11.0 - Zohaib Khan to Shoaib Malik, SIX, that's been pummelled over deep mid-wicket. Ho, it's landed on the roof. A juicy full toss offered on the stumps, and Malik makes good of it with an almighty slog

6.0 - Dwayne Bravo to Nauman Anwar, SIX, Umar Akmal settles under the mistimed heave at long-on, hops on one leg, even manages to get hands on the ball but only tips it over the ropes. Difficult opportunity really. Anwar gets away again after getting too tempted by seeing it land on a good length. Swung very hard but couldn't get the desired contact

4.4 - Zohaib Khan to Nauman Anwar, SIX, goes down on one knee, gets it on a favourable length and slaps the slog-sweep over deep mid-wicket

4.0 - K Cooper to Nauman Anwar, SIX, clubbed over long-on. The fielder was interested and even got both hands to the ball, but by that time his feet were over the ropes. Length ball and Anwar simply pumps it hard and makes a good-enough connection

17.1 - K Cooper to Imad Wasim, out Caught by Delport!! Okay, so a catch has been taken. A good one too as Delport was on the move at deep mid-wicket while pouching it. Length ball in the slot to be whacked, but Wasim's bat face closes on impact and he skews it in front of the deep fielder. Delport runs in and holds on before tumbling. Imad Wasim c Delport b K Cooper 11(7) [6s-1]

14.3 - Z Gohar to Shakib, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! The Karachi Kings are not getting hold of these big shots and also finding men in the deep. Shakib once more sits on his back knee for a slog-sweep but Gohar had pulled his length back slightly. Got it high on the bat and mistimed it to deep mid-wicket who simply needed to trudge forward before pouching it. Shakib c Dwayne Bravo b Z Gohar 9(9)

12.4 - Z Gohar to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Delport!! Malik took his time to get set, but he's thrown away all of that. Just couldn't get hold of the ball while trying to launch it down the ground. Skipped down the pitch which took him a bit too close to the ball, ends up slicing it down to long-off. Shoaib Malik c Delport b Z Gohar 27(25) [4s-2 6s-1]

8.2 - Zohaib Khan to James Vince, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! Tries an encore and pays the price. Zohaib had tossed this even wider than the previous one, it meant that Vince had to reach out for the inside-out loft. There was no way he could have generated any power behind the shot. Ends up chipping it to extra-cover James Vince c Dwayne Bravo b Zohaib Khan 7(5) [4s-1]

6.4 - Zohaib Khan to Nauman Anwar, out Caught by U Akmal!! Anwar's luck has run out. Finds long-on to perfection on this occasion. The ball was a bit too full this time and Anwar's couldn't get under it and hence couldn't get the elevation on his attempted loft. Akmal settles himself a yard inside the long-on ropes and reverse cups it around shoulder height. Nauman Anwar c U Akmal b Zohaib Khan 35(25) [4s-2 6s-3]

11.5 - K Cooper to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, holds up on Malik from a short of length as he was trying to work it away through the on-side, ends up spooning it off the splice. Wide enough of a diving keeper and towards mid-on

7.2 - K Cooper to Shoaib Malik, no run, they keep going down. Length ball outside off, Malik tries to be cheeky as he opens the bat-face to run it down towards third man. The angled bat means that he opens himself up to the outside edge. I'm not saying it was a regulation take. The keeper had to dive full stretch to his right. But after getting both hands to it, should have been taken

0.2 - Ehsan Adil to Nauman Anwar, 1 run, would you believe it, Anwar's picked out the only man in the deep on the leg-side, and the catch has been put down! Fullish on middle and leg, Anwar whiplashes those wrists furiously and flogs it behind square. Cooper is manning the fence there, he is looking straight into the sun and not wearing any glasses. Might have found the ball difficult to pick. Moves to his right, gets both hands but fails to cling on

6.1 - Zohaib Khan to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, tosses it wide of off, Malik had to stretch to reach it before squeezing it to deep cover

20.0 - Tanvir to Zohaib Khan, FOUR, Karachi Kings win by 27 runs. The players are happy and some of them are applauding the crowd for their support. It was a crucial game and they have come up trumps. Length delivery on middle and leg, Zohaib gets inside the line and hoicks it to the deep backward square fence

18.4 - Sohail Khan to K Cooper, FOUR, Sohail Khan misses the yorker by an inch or so, low full toss on middle and leg, Cooper flicks it square on the leg-side, no need to run for those as it raced away

17.1 - Bopara to U Akmal, FOUR, short and width on offer, Akmal gets on top of the bounce and cuts it behind square, short third man and backward point bisected to perfection

15.0 - Usama Mir to U Akmal, FOUR, a much needed boundary for Lahore. Fired it down leg, Akmal helps it along the way, short fine leg dived to his left in vain. Usama finishes his spell: 4-0-33-1

9.0 - Usama Mir to Delport, FOUR, quicker one around off, Delport stays deep in the crease, opens the bat face at the last second and steers it to the third man fence

8.0 - Tanvir to Delport, FOUR, a very expensive from Tanvir, 15 runs came off it. The momentum has shifted now. Pitched up and in the swinging arc, Delport drills it uppishly to the long-off fence, the fielder was a mere spectator

7.3 - Tanvir to Delport, FOUR, back of a length on off, Delport stays on the front foot and pulls it towards deep mid-wicket, the fielder did all the hard work of getting there, gets a hand as well but the ball escapes to hit the rope

7.1 - Tanvir to Gayle, FOUR, not middled, but with the short boundaries, any mishit from the big man will travel. Length ball on off, Gayle slugs in front of square on the leg-side, gives deep mid-wicket no chance

5.3 - Tanvir to Delport, FOUR, short and down leg, asking to be put away, Delport helps it along the way and collects four more. Fine leg was inside the ring and he barely moved

4.3 - Shoaib Malik to Delport, FOUR, flight on the delivery and Malik pays the price. Delport backs away to the leg-side, gets underneath that and hammers it over the bowler's head. Lahore needed that as the asking rate has touched 10

3.2 - Sohail Khan to Delport, FOUR, Delport was feeling the heat, releases all of it with this hit. Gives the charge to Sohail Khan, converts it into a full length delivery and tonks it over mid-off, almost carried the distance

2.0 - Sohail Khan to Gayle, FOUR, stand and deliver stuff from the Jamaican. Length ball on off and middle, Gayle gets his front leg out of the way, heaves it over mid-wicket for a one bounce four

1.2 - Sohail Khan to Gayle, FOUR, edged and four. The length remains the same as the previous delivery, but it came with width and Gayle threw his bat at that, the outside edge flew over the slip fielder and thudded into the third man fence

1.0 - Shoaib Malik to Delport, FOUR, that just rubs salt into the wound. A four to ruin the over. That all that short, Delport uses the depth of the crease and slashes it to the deep backward point fence

10.1 - Usama Mir to Delport, SIX, the runs have started to flow, That is another biggie from Delport. Takes a step out and lofts it over the bowler's head, carried the distance quite comfortably. Brings up his fifty as well

10.0 - Mir Hamza to Gayle, SIX, whacked! It looked like a slower one, Gayle picked the bones out of that. Got down on one knee to get under it, slog sweeps it flat and over deep mid-wicket. Went crashing into the ad hoardings

9.4 - Mir Hamza to Delport, SIX, Hamza got away couple of times earlier in the over, but not this time. Delport got stuck into this full toss, slams it right back over the bowler's head for a maximum, pinged the sightscreen

5.0 - Shoaib Malik to Gayle, SIX, a flat six. Hardly left the ground. Gayle brings out the dancing shoes, gets a bit too close to the ball, but manages to lift his back leg up and smash it over the long-on fence for his first six

18.2 - Sohail Khan to Z Gohar, out Bowled!! Another one walks back to the dugout. Full and straight with the mantra you-miss-I-hit. Gohar clears his front leg and targets the cow corner fence, misses and the leg-stump takes a pounding. Z Gohar b Sohail Khan 1(3)

17.2 - Bopara to U Akmal, out Caught by Shakib!! Six wickets. Why are England ignoring him exactly? He joins an elite group with this wicket. Only Andrew Hall and Shakib have managed a fifty and a 6-wicket haul in a T20 game. Akmal perishes for the team's cause. Full delivery and Akmal mistimes the loft to long-on, dolly for Shakib. U Akmal c Shakib b Bopara 19(19) [4s-2]

16.0 - Bopara to Naved Yasin, out Caught by Shoaib Malik!! 5-fer for Bopara. Has there been a better performance in a T20 game? Not to my knowledge. 70-odd runs with the bat and a 5-wicket haul. Third wicket in the over as well and Lahore are staring at a loss. Yasin kept the hat-trick ball out, but decides to give the charge to this one, toe-ends the loft straight to Malik at cover. Rameez Raja says there have been 9 instances when a player has scored 50 and taken a 5-fer in a T20 game. Naved Yasin c Shoaib Malik b Bopara 0(2)

15.4 - Bopara to Azam, out Lbw!! Bopara can win a lottery today. He is on a hat-trick. The rub of the green is going his way. That's a shocker from Aleem Dar. The yorker tailed back in, Azam closes the bat face early, the ball takes the outside edge and rolls to third man. Bopara appeals for LBW, Dar nods his head and raises the finger. Azam has a smile as he makes his way to the dugout. That was clearly off the bat. How can anyone miss that? Azam lbw b Bopara 0(1)

15.3 - Bopara to Rizwan, out Bowled!! Third wicket for Bopara. His evening keeps getting better and better. Roars in delight. Full and fast, Rizwan shuffles across and tries to be cheeky, attemps the scoop over short fine, the ball crashes into leg-stump to send the zing bails flying. Rizwan b Bopara 12(12)

11.4 - Bopara to Dwayne Bravo, out Caught by Mir Hamza!! What was Bravo trying to do there? A complete brain freeze from the stand-in skipper. Gives the charge first ball, Bopara bangs it short and doesn't provide any pace, sliced off the bottom of the bat to sweeper cover, Hamza runs forward, dives and pouches it inches from the ground. He did well to hang on even after hitting the ground. Bopara's merry day continues. Dwayne Bravo c Mir Hamza b Bopara 0(1)

11.1 - Bopara to Gayle, out Caught by Rahim!! Well, it's Bopara's day. No other way to put it. First ball he trundles in, drops a rank half-tracker and Gayle skies his attempted pull off a thick top edge. Rahim calls for it, runs in and takes it with ease. Both openers dismissed in a space of two overs. Here's the opportunity for Karachi to put on a strangle. Gayle c Rahim b Bopara 37(28) [4s-3 6s-2]

11.0 - Usama Mir to Delport, out Stumped!! The partnership has been broken. Delport tries to be too ambitious and pays the price. He had already hit a six in the over, tries to send another one in the crowd, is deceived by the wrong 'un. The ball beats the outside edge, Rahim does the rest behind the stumps. Delport st Rahim b Usama Mir 55(39) [4s-7 6s-2]