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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 11th Match, Islamabad United vs Quetta Gladiators at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (11 Feb 2016)

Islamabad United

117/10 (19.1) RR:6.1

Quetta Gladiators won by 7 wkts

MOM: Grant Elliott
Quetta Gladiators

118/3 (16.1) RR:7.3

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15.5 - Elliott to A Russell, FOUR, that's thrashed! Past the bowler for a boundary, full and straight, Russell didn't get all of it but his power takes over

13.0 - Nabi to Imran Khalid, FOUR, and to add insult to injury this one evades the fielder at backward point, touch short and wide, Khalid sits inside the crease and executes the late-cut to perfection

2.5 - Anwar Ali to Watson, FOUR, don't bowl there to Watto - On the pads, as if that wasn't enough, it was a full toss, Watson gently clips with his twirly wrists and picks up a boundary through mid-wicket

2.4 - Anwar Ali to Watson, FOUR, serves up length and width, Watson sits on the back knee and bludgeons it past extra cover, nobody moved!

1.5 - Babar to Watson, FOUR, flighted delivery under his eyes and Watson's eyes lit up, a little shimmy and a thump back over the bowler's head, one-bounce four

17.4 - Elliott to Ajmal, SIX, woof! That's some striking. Steadies himself inside the crease and clobbers a straight six over the long-off fielder

13.2 - Mohammad Nawaz to Imran Khalid, SIX, flat and Khalid goes for a flat six over wide long-on. It was a loopy delivery wide of off, Khalid fetches the slog-sweep from there and sends it soaring over the fence

5.5 - Mohammad Nawaz to Watson, SIX, fifty comes up with a lofted six over the long-on fence

5.4 - Mohammad Nawaz to Watson, SIX, BOOM! Watson clears his front leg and hammers this flat delivery for a maximum over the cow-corner fence

3.5 - Babar to Haddin, SIX, Oh! Yeah! How about that? Welcome to the crease Hadds! Skips out, picks the fuller length and wallops it nonchalantly back over the bowler's head

3.2 - Babar to Watson, SIX, arm-ball and Watto has picked the bones out of it, allows the ball to dip and then launched it high and handsome over the long-on fence

19.1 - Anwar Ali to Ajmal, out Caught by Babar!! That's it. Islamabad United are all out for a paltry total. Slower length delivery outside off, Ajmal goes for the pull and it was a mistimed stroke. Ball balloons high and towards deep square leg who grabs a sitter. Ajmal c Babar b Anwar Ali 10(6) [6s-1]

18.5 - Aizaz Cheema to Rumman Raees, out Bowled!! TIMBAHHHH! Slower back of a length delivery and Rumman Raees didn't even read the S of slower delivery there. He steps out and misses out on a big heave. You miss I hit stuff from Aizaz Cheema. Rumman Raees b Aizaz Cheema 2(5)

17.1 - Elliott to Kamran Ghulam, out Caught by Anwar Ali!! Two in Two for Quetta Gladiators. Take a bow Anwar Ali - He makes up for the previous drop. Clings on to a stunner and Kamran Ghulam is back on his bike. It was a short delivery asking to be smashed, Ghulam mistimed the pull and Ali comes forward and dives full length to pluck a blinder. Kamran Ghulam c Anwar Ali b Elliott 9(12)

17.0 - Babar to A Russell, out Lbw!! So, no heroics from Russell. Credit to Zulfiqar Babar for bowling a peach of a delivery. It was full and dipped right in front of Russell's back knee. He was threatening to go over mid-wicket with a big, booming stroke. Misses and is hit on the back leg, right in front of middle. That would have crashed the base of middle and leg. A Russell lbw b Babar 10(13) [4s-1]

13.3 - Mohammad Nawaz to Imran Khalid, out Caught by Sarfraz!! Nawaz gets his man. Darts a quicker delivery outside off, the ball grips and bounces a fraction extra to catch the outside edge of Khalid who was trying to cut off the back foot. Imran Khalid c Sarfraz b Mohammad Nawaz 18(18) [4s-1 6s-1]

11.0 - Nabi to Khalid Latif, out Lbw!! Another one bites the dust and Nabi is chuffed to bits. It was slower through the air, spun in and hit Latif in front of off. He walked across and tried to swat over mid-wicket, misses and up goes the finger. Replays show it might have bounced over off but the onfield umpire didn't think so. Khalid Latif lbw b Nabi 6(10)

9.1 - Elliott to S Billings, out Lbw!! "Grant Elliott has taken a long, long flight from New Zealand and he's making his presence felt" lauds Rameez Raza on air. He stole my words. Nice variations from Grant Elliott. Bowls a leg-cutter on middle, the ball grips and spins away late to strike the front pad of Billings. He was a dead duck there. PLUMBER THAN A PLUMBY McPLUMB. Elliott is on a hat-trick now. S Billings lbw b Elliott 2(4)

8.0 - Elliott to Haddin, out Stumped!! Good work from Sarfraz behind the stumps. Back-of-the-hand slower delivery outside off, Haddin attempts a wild cross-batted heave and misses. Slips forward, just a little while completing the stroke. Sarfraz was aware of that and he whips the bails in a flash. Haddin st Sarfraz b Elliott 15(15) [6s-1]

6.4 - Aizaz Cheema to Watson, out Caught by Ahmed Shehzad!! Watto gone too! So the openers are back in the hut now. It was a skiddy length delivery around off, Watson clears his front leg and goes for a big whoosh over mid-wicket. Manages a thick top-edge which swirls high towards cover and Shehzad settles under it. Watson c Ahmed Shehzad b Aizaz Cheema 40(28) [4s-3 6s-3]

3.4 - Babar to Sharjeel Khan, out Caught by Akbar-ur-Rehman!! Can you believe it? Sharjeel Khan has smoked a full toss straight into the lap of Akbar-ur-Rehman at deep mid-wicket. He jumps out and ends up mistiming the slog straight to the fielder. There was no real power behind the shot to be honest. Sharjeel Khan c Akbar-ur-Rehman b Babar 2(3)

12.5 - Nabi to Imran Khalid, 2 runs, dropped by Anwar Ali. This was fired full on off, Khalid allows the ball to dip and smashes the loft wide of long-off. Ali covers good ground and looks to pluck it on the run, tumbles and allows the ball to burst through

13.2 - Imran Khalid to Sarfraz, FOUR, here's the 100th run. Rocks back and then punches this ball through cow-corner

13.1 - Imran Khalid to Sarfraz, FOUR, darted in full, Sarfraz flicks it through mid-wicket and starts the over on a high

12.5 - Ajmal to Sarfraz, FOUR, looped up outside off, Sarfraz stretches as far forward as he could and brooms it away through square leg

7.4 - Imran Khalid to Sarfraz, FOUR, short, wide and ear-pulled with a thrashy cut shot that beat backward point

6.1 - Ajmal to Sarfraz, FOUR, that's one way to start the Ajmal-nullification. Tossed up on off, Sarfraz kneels and sweeps it away through backward square leg

5.5 - Irfan to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, the ball might be hurled from a point 10 feet high, but Shehzad can middle it. Swivels, gets on top of the bounce and rolls his wrists on the pull. Ends up with his body slanted towards off, much like Kohli

5.1 - Irfan to Sarfraz, FOUR, short ball mediocred with lots of width, Sarfraz gets the room to protract his arms and places the upper-cut over backward point

4.3 - Rumman Raees to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, that was middled and just evaded a leaping mid-wicket. Fuller ball, he just bent forward and flicked the ball uppishly

3.4 - Watson to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, Irfan ran behind it like a senile man. And then takes an eternity to stoop and stop. This flicked ball runs through deep backward square leg, beating the tall man's efforts

2.5 - A Russell to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, now that's creamed away. Outside the reach of mid-wicket as Shehzad placed this swiveling pull to the fences

2.0 - Irfan to L Wright, FOUR, that's a walking shot. Came jogging down with his bat held high and smothered this pull through deep mid-wicket. Talk about courage and stuff

1.2 - Irfan to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, short ball again and Shehzad hammers it. Meets it with a checked hook shot, rolled his wrists and gets it along the ground to the deep square leg fence

9.2 - A Russell to Ahmed Shehzad, SIX, no crorepati in the stands either. Dropped there. Short ball, Shehzad swiveled and picked it up with a nonchalant pull through mid-wicket

9.4 - A Russell to Ahmed Shehzad, out Caught by Sharjeel Khan!! And he perishes to the same shot that earned him a boundary this over. Quick short ball, Shehzad looked late on the pull and mistimed it square on the leg-side where Sharjeel ran in from deep backward square leg and caught it. Was also way outside off to be fetching that with a pull. Ahmed Shehzad c Sharjeel Khan b A Russell 41(31) [4s-5 6s-1]

2.3 - A Russell to Pietersen, out Bowled!! Dodo duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Russell has KP off the first ball. Full ball veering into the leg-stump, Pietersen shuffles too far across to flick, misses and sees the leg-stump tip back all unkindly. Russell is on a hat-trick. Pietersen b A Russell 0(1)

2.2 - A Russell to L Wright, out Caught by S Billings!! Short ball sitting up outside off, you cut it uppishly and deliberately only to see it being lapped by cover-point. Gone. Let the KP show begin. L Wright c S Billings b A Russell 5(6) [4s-1]

15.2 - Rumman Raees to Sarfraz, 1 run, lots of cheers to celebrate Sarfraz's fifty. Length ball dragged on leg-stump, Sarfraz turns and tucks it to fine leg

8.5 - Rumman Raees to Ahmed Shehzad, wide, fifty partnership is celebrated by a honking truck. Short ball banged in too short, hits a trampoline and loops over the batsman's head