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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 7th Match, Quetta Gladiators vs Peshawar Zalmi at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (07 Feb 2016)

Peshawar Zalmi

135/7 (20) RR:6.75

Quetta Gladiators won by 3 wkts

MOM: Mohammad Nawaz
Quetta Gladiators

139/7 (19.5) RR:7.01

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19.0 - Mohammad Nawaz to Riaz, FOUR, boundary first ball, this was tossed up outside off, Riaz gets down on his knees and lifts it back over the bowler's head, a couple of bounces and over the ropes

16.5 - Babar to S Yousuf, FOUR, lovely shot! A little shimmy down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lifts it back over the bowler's head, a couple of bounces and over the ropes

14.1 - Mohammad Nawaz to Sammy, FOUR, that's a nice way to start after the break, fraction too short from Nawaz, Sammy rocks back and cracks it square on the off-side for a boundary

6.2 - Mohammad Nawaz to Malan, FOUR, tossed up delivery on middle and off, Malan reverse paddles it fine and there is no man in the deep, short third man gives the chase but cannot stop it

2.1 - Anwar Ali to Tamim, FOUR, cuts and cuts it well, short and wide outside off, Iqbal gets back in the crease and cuts it through backward point, Umar Gul from third man runs across and dives, gets a hand to it but parries it into the ropes

19.2 - Anwar Ali to Sammy, SIX, lovely shot, Anwar misses his yorker, ends up offering a length ball on the stumps, Sammy gets underneath it and sends it soaring over long-on for a maximum

17.4 - Anwar Ali to Sammy, SIX, massive, the slower short ball from Anwar, Sammy spotted it early, rocks back and smashes it high and over long-off, went soaring into the stands, brings up the 50-run stand as well

16.0 - Nabi to Sammy, SIX, that's huge! Nabi tosse sone right in his arc, Sammy clears his left leg and thumps it high and over wide long-on for a maximum

15.2 - Nabi to Sammy, SIX, that's massive! This was tossed up on middle, Sammy gets forward and clouts it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum

11.3 - Umar Gul to Malan, SIX, cracking shot, short of a length and just outside off, Malan stays back and pulls it hard and into the stands at wide long-on

19.3 - Anwar Ali to Sammy, out Caught by Mohammad Nawaz!! Sammy falls after a blinder! This was full and on the stumps, Sammy was looking to go over long-on, doesn't get the required connection, ends up scooping in the air - high and down towards Nawaz at long-on. He's given his team a total to bowl at though. Sammy c Mohammad Nawaz b Anwar Ali 48(31) [4s-1 6s-4]

18.5 - Mohammad Nawaz to S Yousuf, out Caught&Bowled!! Third wicket for Nawaz, he's impressed in this tournament so far. This was flighted on off, Yousuf backed away, doesn't get to the pitch, he still went through with the drive, hits it straight back at the bowler. Nawaz holds on and scoops it up in joy. S Yousuf c and b Mohammad Nawaz 21(25) [4s-1]

12.0 - Umar Gul to Afridi, out Caught by Babar!! Now, now, silence in the ground as boom boom Afridi is out for a duck. This was banged in short and on the stumps, Afridi swivelled across on the pull, ends up getting a top-edge towards long-leg. Babar ran a fair way to his right, kept his eyes on the ball and completes a good two-handed catch. Afridi c Babar b Umar Gul 0(2)

11.4 - Umar Gul to Malan, out Caught by Sarfraz!! Edged and caught! Malan was just getting set for a big score, this was a short of a length delivery that shaped away, he made more room by backing away, looks to slash and gets a top-edge, good catch, diving to his right by Sarfraz, a wicket for Umar Gul. Malan c Sarfraz b Umar Gul 18(21) [4s-1 6s-1]

8.2 - Babar to K Akmal, out Caught by Mohammad Nawaz!! Akmal departs, he had been playing that inside out drive well, but this time perishes trying to play the same short, probably beaten by the flight and lack of pace on the ball, played it too early and the ball ballooned towards the fielder at backward point. K Akmal c Mohammad Nawaz b Babar 6(8)

4.5 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hafeez, out Caught by Chigumbura!! Hafeez was not looking comfortable and was mistiming the lofts and sweeps, this time he runs out of luck, goes for the sweep on a quicker delivery and mistimes it straight to the fielder at square leg, who could have not asked for an easier opportunity, two wickets in the over for Nawaz. Hafeez c Chigumbura b Mohammad Nawaz 10(10)

4.2 - Mohammad Nawaz to Tamim, out Caught by Nabi at !! Tamim departs early and it is a big blow to Peshawar, this was not exactly a tossed up delivery but a flatter one and Tamim went for the big loft, came down the track but did not get to the pitch, ended up rolling his wrists on the loft and miscued it to the man scouting the deep mid-wicket fence, an easy catch for him. Tamim c Nabi b Mohammad Nawaz 14(19) [4s-1]

19.5 - Riaz to Anwar Ali, leg byes, FOUR, appeal for LBW, but the angle was taking it away from off, on a good length and slanting across the right-hander, Anwar shuffled across, went for the flick and missed, went in the gap between the keeper and slip, rolled away to the fence

19.2 - Riaz to Chigumbura, FOUR, another short ball from Riaz, sat up to be smacked, Chigumbura swivelled across and pulle dit over square leg, just bounced in front of the ropes

16.1 - Riaz to Pietersen, FOUR, cracking shot, width on offer from Riaz, KP is all over the ball and drills it to the right of sweeper cover, rolls away to the fence

15.5 - Junaid Khan to Pietersen, FOUR, nicely done by KP, width on offer from Junaid, he cracks it square and bisects the two men in the ring behind square, no need to run for those

14.5 - Asghar to Nabi, FOUR, Nabi breaks the shackles, comes down the track, makes room as he did so and goes over cover, a couple of bounces and over the ropes

13.0 - Afridi to Akbar-ur-Rehman, FOUR, nicely done by Akbar-ur-Rehman, pushed through flatter and just outside off, Akbar-ur-Rehman waits on it, uses Afridi's pace and steers it behind square on the off-side. Junaid chases, but his boot was in contact with the ropes as he pulled back in, signalled as a boundary

11.3 - Riaz to Mohammad Nawaz, FOUR, too short from Riaz, Nawaz swivels across and pulls it over mid-on, one bounce and over the ropes

9.2 - Junaid Khan to Sarfraz, FOUR, Khan comes round the wicket and spears it wide of off, Ahmed cuts it over the man at point, the ball races away to the fence

5.3 - Riaz to Sarfraz, FOUR, short delivery again and Ahmed connects with the pulls, sends it soaring through the backward square leg region

3.3 - Tait to L Wright, FOUR, slower delivery and Wright stands tall and drives it on the up back to the bowler, Tait cannot get a hand to it, the ball was in the air, it goes past him and into the long-off fence

3.2 - Tait to L Wright, FOUR, length delivery outside off, Wright gets beaten by the pace on the slash, outside edge flies past the keeper and the ball races away to the third man fence in a jiffy

2.3 - Asghar to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, Shehzad comes down the track and takes it on full, wrists it wide of the fielder at mid-wicket, two fielders go after it and converge at it, neither succeed in stopping it

19.0 - Tait to Anwar Ali, SIX, massive blow from Anwar, has he won the match for his team? Tait misses his yorker, ends up offering a length delivery outside off, driven hard and over long-off for a six

7.3 - Junaid Khan to Pietersen, SIX, short of a length delivery and that has gone deep into the stands, Ramiz Raza has to bite his words, he was saying that KP struggles against medium pacers sometimes, this time KP hoicks against the angle and sends it deep into the stands at deep mid-wicket

3.0 - Asghar to Ahmed Shehzad, SIX, quick arms from the batsman there, he came down the track but failed to reach the pitch of the delivery, still went through with the shot and connected with it, it sailed over the long-off fence

17.5 - Junaid Khan to Pietersen, out Caught by Afridi!! Is this the game for Zalmi? Afridi has his arms aloft in joy after holding onto a stinger. This was full and well outside off, KP launched into the cover-drive, struck it sweetly but straight to extra cover, Afridi holds on and the celebrations begin in the Zalmi camp. Pietersen c Afridi b Junaid Khan 35(29) [4s-2 6s-1]

16.5 - Riaz to Nabi, out Caught by K Akmal!! That's a ripping short ball from Riaz and Zalmi keep fighting with regular strikes. This was held with the seam as Riaz banged it in, Nabi was way too late in dropping his gloves, the ball thuds into it and lobs towards the keeper. Simple catch for Kamran, is there another twist in the tale? Nabi c K Akmal b Riaz 9(9) [4s-1]

14.2 - Asghar to Akbar-ur-Rehman, out Stumped!! That's nicely bowled, but Akbar-ur-Rehman gave it away all too easily. He charged down the track to the bowler, Asghar saw it coming, fires it shorter and wider outside off, Akbar-ur-Rehman couldn't reach for the cut and the keeper does the rest. Quetta have now lost half their side. Akbar-ur-Rehman st K Akmal b Asghar 11(11) [4s-1]

11.5 - Riaz to Mohammad Nawaz, out Caught by Malan!! Riaz has the last laugh! Another short delivery on off, Nawaz swivelled across on the pull, didn't bother to keep it down, straight to Malan at deep square leg. Riaz is pumped up, has a few words to say to the departing batsman. Afridi looks chuffed as well. Mohammad Nawaz c Malan b Riaz 4(4) [4s-1]

10.4 - Afridi to Sarfraz, out Caught by Malan!! No doubt about this one though, terrible shot from Sarfraz. This was tossed up invitingly outside off, Sarfraz went for the sweep, doesn't roll his wrists across the ball, gets a fat top-edge towards deep mid-wicket. Malan settles under it and holds on. Sarfraz c Malan b Afridi 21(24) [4s-2]

4.4 - Afridi to L Wright, out Bowled!! Slider on the stumps that is not short enough and Wright pays the price for playing it off the back foot, he wanted to pull it but was cramped for room. Also the ball skid to crash onto the stumps, the captain provides the second wicket of the innnings. L Wright b Afridi 16(16) [4s-2]

3.5 - Tait to Ahmed Shehzad, out Caught by K Akmal!! It is the pace on the delivery that has outdone Shehzad there, or perhaps it is the bounce which got the better of Shehzad, he was trying to run it down to third man for a single, could not compensate for the bounce and edged it straight into the hands of the keeper, the fastest bowler of the match has provided his team the breakthrough they were expecting from him. KP walks into the middle. Ahmed Shehzad c K Akmal b Tait 16(11) [4s-1 6s-1]

0.5 - Asghar to L Wright, 1 run, dropped, tossed up and Wright lofted it from the crease, miscued it completely and the ball skied high towards mid-on, the bowler called for the catch but misjudged it and did not even get fingers to it, Wright survives