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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 6th Match, Islamabad United vs Karachi Kings at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (07 Feb 2016)

Islamabad United

132/8 (20) RR:6.6

Islamabad United won by 2 runs

MOM: Saeed Ajmal
Karachi Kings

130/9 (20) RR:6.5

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19.1 - Amir to Sami, FOUR, much needed boundary, Amir missed his length, offers a wide half-volley, drilled back past the bowler for a boundary

18.3 - Tanvir to Sami, FOUR, on a good length and angling back into Sami, he clears his left leg, heaves, and gets an inside edge past the keeper, rolls away to the fence

15.2 - Bopara to S Billings, FOUR, easy pickings for Billings, full toss outside off, Billings waits on it, opens the face of the bat and runs it very fine, beats the diving third man fielder to the fence

5.4 - Shoaib Malik to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, short and poor from Malik, Latif rocks back in the crease and cuts it pretty sqaure on the off-side, that one rolled along the carpet, do not bother chasing those

4.3 - Imad Wasim to Khalid Latif, FOUR, slipped this one down the leg-side, Latif paddled it fine and it raced into the fine leg fence, beating the man who was chasing it, replays show it came off the pad

4.0 - Tanvir to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, it is in the air but once again in the gap, length delivery just outside off and Khan took his front foot in the line of the delivery and drove it uppishly through the covers, the ball had enough legs and it crashes into the fence in no time

3.5 - Tanvir to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, too short and punished, Khan went back in the crease and pulled it over the man at short mid-wicket, the fielder in the deep ran around but could not stop it from crossing the fence

19.4 - Amir to Sami, SIX, this is turning out to be a handy cameo from Sami, length delivery on off, he gets forward and thumps it high and over long-off for a maximum

17.2 - Bopara to Imran Khalid, SIX, much needed blow from Khalid, set himself behind a length delivery and clubs it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum

8.5 - Shakib to Khalid Latif, SIX, he came down the track a little and swung hard at it, got it off the meat off the bat and it sailed into the stands at the deep mid-wicket, no one in the crowd to catch it

4.5 - Imad Wasim to Khalid Latif, SIX, down the track Latif comes and opens up the off-side while doing so, cracked it over long-off and it went well over the ropes, that is a great show from Latif who is new to the crease

2.2 - Amir to Watson, SIX, short of length delivery and Watson cleared the left leg and hoicked it over deep mid-wicket, the ball sailed well over the ropes, first six of the innings

19.3 - Amir to Imran Khalid, out Imran Khalid Run Out!! This is turning out to be a fine comeback from the Kings. Yorker length delivery from Amir, went right through Khalid's legs as he opened up on the flick. The batsmen look to pinch a bye, Saifullah Bangash throws it at the bowler who demolishes the stumps, Khalid was well short. Imran Khalid run out (Bangash/Amir) 12(12) [6s-1]

18.0 - Bopara to Misbah, out Caught by Shakib!! No heroics from Misbah either! He set himself under a length delivery, doesn't get hold of the swipe, went very high and towards long-off. Shakib runs in, settles underneath the delivery and holds on - in front of his chest. Misbah c Shakib b Bopara 4(6)

15.3 - Bopara to S Billings, out S Billings Run Out!! Islamabad are in tatters now! On a good length and just outside off, Billings dabbed it in front of point and set-off for a non-existent single, Misbah wasn't going anywhere. Vince is quick on the ball and makes a direct hit at the striker's end, Billings is well short of his ground. S Billings run out (James Vince) 4(2) [4s-1]

15.1 - Bopara to Khalid Latif, out Bowled!! Islamabad are falling away! The yorker from Bopara and it slipped under Latif's bat, hits the base of middle! This was a seam up delivery, came back with the angle, Latif was late in bringing his bat down, surveys the debris behind him and walks away. Khalid Latif b Bopara 39(35) [4s-1 6s-2]

15.0 - Usama Mir to A Russell, out Caught&Bowled!! That's a huge blow for Islamabad, the big hitting Russell departs! This was tossed up on off, Russell was looking to whip it away towards the on-side, closed the face of the bat a tad too early, gets a leading edge back at the bowler. Mir doesn't drop those, the celebrations begin in the Karachi camp. A Russell c and b Usama Mir 2(6)

14.0 - Bopara to Khalid Latif, out Zaidi Run Out!! That's smart cricket from Bopara, this was the slower ball outside off, Latif tamely pushed it back towards the bowler. Zaidi was backing up for a single, Bopara turns around and breaks the stumps with the batsman well short. Zaidi run out (Bopara) 6(9)

11.2 - Amir to Sharjeel Khan, out Caught by Imad Wasim!! Sharjeel has found the man to perfection at deep mid-wicket, this was short and just outside off, Sharjeel swivels across and pulls it in the air, doesn't hit the gap though, straight down the throat of Imad at deep mid-wicket. Sharjeel Khan c Imad Wasim b Amir 28(27) [4s-3]

4.1 - Imad Wasim to Watson, out Lbw!! That was as plumb as anyone could ask for, the ball came in with the angle as Watson tries to defend it from the crease, completely missed the line as the ball came in with the arm and hit Watson on the back leg, it was a no brainer for the umpire and he raised his finger in flash. Wasim strikes off his first delivery. Another failure for Watson. Watson lbw b Imad Wasim 13(14) [6s-1]

19.1 - Watson to Amir, FOUR, handy boundary for Amir, on a good length and just outside off, Amir plays with an open face and squeezes it behind square on the off-side, rolls away to the fence in a hurry

18.4 - A Russell to Bopara, FOUR, poor ball from Russell, Bopara gets forward and drills it wide of mid-wicket. Sharjeel gets across, pulls the ball back in, but it rolls away to the ropes

18.2 - A Russell to Usama Mir, FOUR, lovely shot! Russell missed his yorker, Mir backs away and drills it back over the bowler's head, rolls away to the fence in a hurry

14.2 - Ajmal to Bopara, FOUR, nicely played by Bopara, gets down low, reverses his stance and sweeps a well flighted delivery behind square on the off-side for a boundary

13.1 - Sami to Shakib, FOUR, nicely played by Shakib, full and just outside off, Hasan jams his bat down, plays with an open face and gets it behind square on the off-side, beats backward point and rolls away to the fence

12.4 - Rumman Raees to Iftikhar Ahmed, FOUR, top-edge and four, the bouncer from Raees, Iftikhar was in no position on the pull, gets a top-edge that lobs over the keeper and into the fence

5.5 - Watson to Imad Wasim, FOUR, last time he gave Watson the charge, he did not get it off the meat of the bat, this time he does and muscles it past the man at mid-off and the ball goes to the fence like a bullet

5.4 - Watson to Imad Wasim, FOUR, short delivery and Wasim swivel-pulls it, it was not much high and the fielder at short fine leg almost got it on a jump, the ball raced away to the fence though

4.3 - Rumman Raees to Imad Wasim, FOUR, fuller length delivery on off and Wasim opens the face of the bat a touch to get it past the man at cover on the drive, once it beat the man in the ring it was always running away for four

3.5 - Ajmal to Imad Wasim, FOUR, slices this one off the back foot and beats the two man in the point region, Sami gives a long chase and puts in a slide at the fence, tries to parry it back but the ball rolls into the fence to make it three in three for Wasim

3.4 - Ajmal to Imad Wasim, FOUR, some width on offer and this time Wasim goes towards the off-side, creams the drive through the cover region and the ball races away to the fence in a jiffy

3.3 - Ajmal to Imad Wasim, FOUR, that has been cracked, Wasim comes down the track and hammers it straight down the ground, that almost took off the umpire as it went past the bowler into the fence

19.5 - Watson to Bopara, SIX, Bopara keeps his team in the hunt! Watson missed out on the yorker, turns out to be a full toss, smashed high and over long-off for a maximum

17.5 - Sami to Bopara, no ball, SIX, massive, length delivery on the stumps, Bopara makes room, gets underneath the delivery and tonks it high and over long-on. What's worse is that Sami had overstepped as well

19.1 - Watson to Usama Mir, wide, out Usama Mir Run Out!! That's smart work from Billings, a wicket and a dot ball for United. This was the slower bouncer from Watson, Mir was looking to pull and missed, he wandered down the track aimlessly, Billings under arms the throw and finds the target. Bopara doesn't get to face the next ball either, it's called as a wide for height though, not a dot then. Usama Mir run out (S Billings) 10(9) [4s-1]

16.1 - Rumman Raees to Bopara, out Tanvir Run Out!! United are well on top now! On a good length and on the stumps, Bopara pushed it to the right of the bowler, Tanvir was backing up as he looked for a quick single, he's stranded in the middle after being sent back. Raees gets across, turns around, aims at the stumps and nails it, Tanvir wasn't even in the frame. Tanvir run out (Rumman Raees) 1(4)

15.0 - Ajmal to Saifullah Bangash, out Caught by Imran Khalid!! A first-ball duck for Bangash and Karachi are falling away! This was the arm ball from Ajmal, came from round the wicket and went with the angle, Bangash was looking to work it towards the on-side, closed the face of the bat a tad too early, gets a fat leading edge, to the left of cover who holds on. Saifullah Bangash c Imran Khalid b Ajmal 0(1)

14.4 - Ajmal to Shakib, out Caught by Imran Khalid!! That's another huge blow for Karachi. This was tossed up on off, Shakib made room outside leg, gets down low and slog sweeps it towards deep mid-wicket, it went flat and straight to Khalid - who holds on. Unnecessary from Shakib and he walks back to the hut. he was batting sensibly, but a moment of madness has cost him his wicket. Shakib c Imran Khalid b Ajmal 20(22) [4s-1]

12.5 - Rumman Raees to Iftikhar Ahmed, out Caught by Sharjeel Khan!! Iftikhar's luck finally runs out! Another short delivery on the stumps, he was looking to pull, is hurried onto the shot, gets a top-edge and it's easily gobbled up at deep mid-wicket, Sharjeel is the catcher, a strange innings comes to an end. Iftikhar Ahmed c Sharjeel Khan b Rumman Raees 19(20) [4s-1]

7.3 - Sami to Shoaib Malik, out Bowled!! For sometime now he was dabbing the ball and tapping it from outside off, this time the length was not short and the line was quite closer to off, Malik tried to run it down to third man, instead ended up chopping it back to the stumps. He looks dejected, swishes his bat in anger, he knows that was a poor shot. The captain departs and all of a sudden this target has started looking like a precipice for Karachi. Shoaib Malik b Sami 6(11)

6.1 - A Russell to Imad Wasim, out Caught by S Billings!! He has edged it into the hands of the keeper, in fact he guided it into the hands of Billings, it was a length delivery angled across Wasim, who wanted to run it down to third man, got it too fine and the keeper moved to his right to take a simple catch. Wasim was looking good but he has gifted his wicket to bring Islamabad back in the game. Imad Wasim c S Billings b A Russell 29(17) [4s-6]

3.1 - Ajmal to James Vince, out Lbw!! Ajmal strikes off the first ball. Gets this one to drift into Vince, who was glued into the crease as he looked to flick it across the line, missed it completely and was hit right in front, the umpire does not think for long and raises his finger. What a start for Islamabad! Captain is the new man out of hutch. Malik walks into the middle. James Vince lbw b Ajmal 2(11)

1.4 - Imran Khalid to James Vince, out Simmons Run Out!! That is a horrible miscommunication and Simmons has to go. Vince made room on this tossed up delivery and flayed the drive to the fielder at cover, Zaidi fumbled and Vince sensed a run, Simmons responded first but then stopped in the middle after seeing Zaidi recover and latch onto the ball, the confusion did not help Simmons's cause and he was caught short at the striker's end on a good throw to the keeper. United strike early. Simmons run out (Zaidi/S Billings) 1(3)

12.2 - Rumman Raees to Iftikhar Ahmed, 1 run, that's a skier and Watson has missed it, on a length and angling across the right-hander, he has a big swish at that, the ball goes high and behind cover. Watto circled underneath it, gets both hands and can't hold on