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T20 WC 2016

Scorecard - 2nd Semi-Final, West Indies vs India at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India (31 Mar 2016)


192/2 (20) RR:9.6

West Indies won by 7 wkts

West Indies

196/3 (19.4) RR:9.97

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19.5 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, FOUR, was waiting for this shot. Those strong wrists come into play for the first time. Very full and around off, Kohli whips it with all his might, all bottom hand and it almost carried the distance. Went on the volley

19.0 - A Russell to Kohli, FOUR, huge over for India. 19 runs off the over. Sets it up for the final over superbly. Full toss and with the kind of form Kohli is in, you don't expect him to miss out, hammered along the ground. No chance for long-on or long-off

18.5 - A Russell to Kohli, FOUR, fabulous shot! How did he manage to get under that? Russell speared in a yorker around off, Kohli makes a bit of room, crouches low before going up and over extra cover, the fielder jumped up just as an after reaction

18.0 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, FOUR, that is genius. Couple of steps down the wicket, converts it into a length delivery and drives it on the up through extra cover. Russell at long-off had a few metres to cover, but the timing was just too good for him, his dive goes in vain

17.4 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, FOUR, Brathwaite almost got there. Off-cutter on a length, Kohli stoops low and fetches the heave from outside off, gets it off the face of the bat to long-on. Brathwaite ran forward, dived and almost took a blinder. Unfortunately, he missed and the ball rolled away

17.0 - Brathwaite to Kohli, FOUR, Brathwaite goes away in frustration. Kohli looks at the bottom of his bat. Even the rub of the green is going Kohli's way. Well-directed yorker - right at the base of off-stump, Kohli backs away and just about manages to get his bat down, third man inside the ring and the ball raced away

16.4 - Brathwaite to Kohli, FOUR, the Kohli juggernaut keeps rolling. Slower delivery that is dragged down. Kohli had ample time to pick his spot, pulled it off the front foot behind square, rolled his wrists to get the placement right

16.1 - Brathwaite to Dhoni, FOUR, how many times have you seen Dhoni playing the lap? He has played that to perfection. Walked across his sticks, Brathwaite fires in a low full toss, Dhoni gets enough connection to get it over short fine leg. Good start to the over..

14.4 - Brathwaite to Kohli, FOUR, "how did he do that?" asks a bemused Ian Bishop. A low full toss just outside off, there were two men patrolling the point region, Kohli opens the bat face, slices it over those two fielders. Hit the practice wickets and bounced over them

13.1 - Benn to Kohli, FOUR, that run-out miss already hurting. Quicker delivery drifting in, Kohli slaps it square of the wicket, hit it hard and gave the sweeper cover no chance to cut that off

12.4 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, FOUR, full marks for the effort. Russell almost pulled off a stunning save. Kohli shimmies down and takes it on the full, whips it in front of square on the leg-side, Russell moves quickly to his right from deep mid-wicket, slides and flicks it in. His leg was in touch with the ad cushions

9.5 - Badree to Rahane, FOUR, bad ball and that's been punished! Short and on the off stump, Badree is missing the trick, get it fuller and Rahane hasn't been picking Badree when the ball is full, this is a freebie and Rahane pulls fiercely off the back foot to the mid-wicket boundary

8.5 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, FOUR, now the outside edge flies past short third man! Gee, this has been an eventful over! Slower delivery outside off stump, Kohli reached out and got the edge, luckily for India it didn't go to hand. Kohli fist-pumps after the ball passed the fielder there. He was aware that he got away a couple of times earlier in the over. Bravo smiles as he knows he can't do anything about that.

5.5 - A Russell to Rohit, FOUR, slower delivery goes horribly wrong. Rohit spotted it nice and early. The length was short and Rohit had enough time to rock back and pull handsomely over mid-wicket. No one in the deep and it's a one-bounce four

4.3 - Badree to Rahane, FOUR, something had to give and Rahane plays the big shot, almost lost his wicket though. This is close to the off stump, Rahane steps out and tries to loft, gets a thick outside edge that flies to the left of short third man

3.5 - Benn to Rohit, FOUR, four more and this is Rohit's highest score in the tournament. Bad ball from Benn. Flighted delivery down the leg-side, Rohit gets down on one knee and sweeps well behind square, fine leg was inside the ring and it was always running away to the boundary

3.4 - Benn to Rohit, FOUR, sure turn for Benn, but he's bowled this way too short and allowed the batsman to pick his spot. He went back and executed the back foot drive to perfection through cover. Didn't try to hit it hard

18.3 - A Russell to Kohli, SIX, length and deposited into the crowd. Kohli took this from outside off and hit it flat towards long-off. The fielder would have thought he is in with a chance, but the ball kept going over him

5.2 - A Russell to Rohit, SIX, "We want sixer, we want sixer," was the chant from the crowd and Rohit doesn't disappoint. That's a dreadful delivery from Russell. The batsman has full license to swung hard at it and Russell bowls a juicy length ball. Rohit waits and muscles it down the ground for back-to-back sixes

5.2 - A Russell to Rohit, no ball, SIX, oh that's a high full toss above waist height and a free-hit to come India's way. Russell totally lost control of this one and bowled a full toss down the leg-side, Rohit spotted it early and smashed it over backward square leg

2.1 - Brathwaite to Rohit, SIX, two tight overs and Brathwaite offers a juicy freebie to release all the pressure. The ball travels here at the Wankhede and the margin of error for bowlers here is very minimal. Full and on the leg stump, Rohit lofts through the line and sends it easily over mid-on

15.3 - A Russell to Rahane, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! The Champion jig is out. The crowd are silenced. Looks like only the XI players in the field are happy with that wicket. Short delivery and Rahane fetched the pull from outside off, seemed to have nailed it. I for one was sure it was sailing over the deep mid-wicket fence, but not to be as Bravo settled under that and took it inches before the rope. It had plenty of air time, but not the distance. It might be a blessing in disguise for India as it will bring out their power-hitters. Rahane c Dwayne Bravo b A Russell 40(35) [4s-2]

7.2 - Badree to Rohit, out Lbw!! That's plumb in front. Loud shout from Badree, umpire Richard Kettleborough thought about it for a while and raised his finger. This was the straighter one from Badree, just skidded off the surface but Rohit was playing for turn as he tried to flick. Didn't move his feet forward and it sneaked through the gate to hit Rohit right in front of middle-leg stump. Rohit looked so good for a big knock and this is a big breakthrough for West Indies. Hawk-Eye shows that the ball would have crashed into the top of leg stump. Rohit lbw b Badree 43(31) [4s-3 6s-3]

19.2 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, 2 runs, dropped! It was a tough catch and Simmons did well to get something on it. Slower delivery just outside off, Kohli was made to fetch that and he got it off the toe-end to deep mid-wicket. Simmons runs to his right, dives full length and gets only fingertips. Luckily it didn't roll away for four

16.5 - Brathwaite to Kohli, 2 runs, fifty for Kohli. Third of the tournament. His team-mates are up on their feet. Few in the crowd are bowing to the champion. Short delivery gets a little big on Kohli, who plays a short-arm pull, the ball lobs up and drops near mid-wicket. Pushes for the second and Dhoni needs no second invitation. He is congratulated by his skipper

12.1 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, 1 run, direct hit and Rahane was gone. Slower delivery just outside off, steered away to short third man. Benn has a shy at the striker's end, Rahane's bat got stuck before the crease. But Benn missed and Rahane survived

8.4 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, 2 runs, oh another run-out missed. West Indies! Surely, that's schoolboy stuff! Slower delivery outside off stump, Kohli inside edges the flick towards backward square leg and races back for the second run, the throw comes close to the stumps, but Ramdin fumbles and Kohli was short despite a full length dive

8.3 - Dwayne Bravo to Kohli, no run, oh what happened there? What on earth was happening there? Kohli could have been run-out twice. First Ramdin missed and then Bravo missed. Both easy chances. Anyway, this was a brilliant slower delivery from Bravo, the yorker that dipped on the batsman and bounced past the stumps. Kohli was keen for a run, Rahane said no, Ramdin had enough time to knock the stumps out, Bravo rushed forward and tried to under-arm the ball, but both missed by a whisker. Kohli had given up and probably Bravo could have run with the ball and taken the stumps out

5.4 - A Russell to Rahane, 1 run, sensible batting from Jinks. Rohit is in good touch, so he wants him back on strike. Gets low to this length ball and guides it along the ground to third man

19.3 - Kohli to A Russell, FOUR, the inside edge has run away for four. Right in the gap at deep square. This was on a length on the stumps, Russell swung hard and beat deep backward square running to his left. Eluded deep mid-wicket as well. That should be the game, unless Kohli pulls off a miracle

19.0 - Jadeja to A Russell, FOUR, and again. The West Indies dug-out are on their feet. This is another fabulous shot. Down on one knee and lofted over cover. There was a deep cover, but he got nowhere close to it, one bounce over the ropes. Those two hits have decisively swung the game the West Indies' way

18.0 - Bumrah to Simmons, FOUR, that's four. A slower delivery outside off, Simmons gets a thick outside edge over point. No-one back at third man and it has run away. What an end to the over - 12 off the last three after the first three went for dots

15.3 - Bumrah to Simmons, FOUR, Simmons is having more luck than Kohli. That is saying something. This is an outside edge and with third man inside the ring, once it cleared him, it was four. Flies over Raina who was chasing back, bounces away

14.1 - Pandya to A Russell, FOUR, brutal from Russell. He is a powerful striker of the ball. Mid-off was in the circle and he has flat-batted it wide of him. Nothing but a length ball outside off and Russell smoked that

13.0 - Jadeja to Simmons, FOUR, why no sweeper? MS is missing a trick. He should know that Simmons is a good inside out hitter over cover. This is sliding on full and wide outside off, Simmons on one knee carves it over cover and there is no-one in the deep to cut that off. One bounce and over the ropes. There is a deep cover but he was a mere spectator. Again another good over for West Indies

12.3 - Jadeja to Simmons, FOUR, Simmons plays the inside out hit over cover so well, nearly a six. The third umpire into the action. It is a four. Just bounced inside. It is fired full and wide of off, Simmons laced it over cover. There is no sweeper and if he was there, would've been a dolly

11.2 - Pandya to Charles, FOUR, what wrists. Even Kohli will be proud of that. Sammy and Co. are on their feet applauding the 50 from Charles. This has been a special knock. Length delivery and he has whipped that with iron wrists over mid-wicket. Just a subtle flick and the bottom-hand power comes into play and nearly all the way, one bounce over the ropes at deep mid-wicket

10.3 - Jadeja to Simmons, FOUR, that is a top shot. Simmons knows this ground very well. He has played for Mumbai here. This is fired full and wide outside off, Simmons reached out and cracked the square drive, beats the diving point and sweeper had no chance. That was hit very, very hard

9.3 - Pandya to Charles, FOUR, the crowd have gone silent. Charles is playing a top knock. Takes the chest high short ball and pulls powerfully behind square, rocketed to the fence

8.3 - Ashwin to Charles, FOUR, a mistimed sweep and it is four. That goes with this format. Manish Pandey does ever so well, but fails to stop with the boundary. Charles took it from outside off and got it to the left of deep mid-wicket. Manish sprinted and pushed the ball back, but the ball deflected back over the ropes

7.5 - Pandya to Charles, FOUR, this is not pacy nor is short enough to create problems to Charles. He shuffles across slightly and muscles the pull to the left of deep square leg, the fielder had a few paces to move but was never getting there. A brutal swipe to leg by Charles. West Indies needed that boundary

6.2 - Ashwin to Simmons, FOUR, cut in the air and wide of Bumrah at short third. Wide and short outside off, Simmons reaches out and cuts in the air. Placed it just wide of the tall man. Since the fielder was in, it was four once it passed the fielder

4.5 - Nehra to Simmons, FOUR, Nehra grimaces while Sammy and Co. clap. This is stylishly played. Fraction short on the stumps, Simmons gets inside the line and plays the Flamingo pull - ala KP who is a master of it. Beats deep square comfortably. Nehra knew he got that slightly wrong

3.2 - Bumrah to Charles, FOUR, the last shot was power. This is placement. Not often do you say that about Charles. But he uses the angle and gets inside the line to deflect it wide of short fine inside the ring, the fielder was Ashwin, he didn't dive and the ball raced away. Successive fours

3.1 - Bumrah to Charles, FOUR, that is trademark Charles. Picks the length ball and swings across the line, nearly all the way, one bounce over the ropes at deep mid-wicket. That is cleanly struck

2.1 - Nehra to Charles, FOUR, Charles will play his shots. If it is there in his arc or not. Full on the stumps, he clears his front leg and drills it to the left of the diving mid-on. Pandya is a bit wide and despite his full-length dive, the ball beat him and went away

2.0 - Bumrah to Samuels, FOUR, bit of width and Samuels has put that away. Fraction short outside off, Samuels stays beside the line of the ball and cuts to the right of point. Raced away. That is a much better shot from Samuels

1.3 - Bumrah to Samuels, FOUR, the outside edge flies away where a second/third slip would've been. Samuels pushing with hard hands to a pacy delivery, gets the edge and is lucky that it beat third man. Unconvincing way to get off the mark, but he will take it

0.5 - Nehra to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle is off the mark. No risk in that shot, dug in short on the stumps, no real pace or height behind that delivery, Gayle rocks back and pulls with one leg up in the air, beats mid-wicket and races away. That is a confident way to get off the mark

19.4 - Kohli to A Russell, SIX, he can't! The West Indies have knocked out India! A million hopes are dashed. Look at Sammy and Co. Some of them may have injured themselves while trying to run onto the field, while clearing the LED hoardings. But they don't give a hoot about anything. They want to celebrate and surround Russell who is the hero. I nearly burst a gasket while trying to fist pump after Russell swung that to the deep mid-wicket fence. Such was the passion on display. I might have a migraine after that celebration, but what a win this is. Kohli - the Superman looks distraught, has the double teapot pose and when he can't help his side win, no-one can. A low full toss on the stumps, Russell was waiting for it and tonked it well into the stands at deep mid-wicket. As soon as he hit it, he knew it and started the crazy celebrations. Boy, do they know how to enjoy or what!

18.5 - Jadeja to A Russell, SIX, bang! That's six. The mute button has been pressed at the Wankhede. Fired in flat and outside off, Russell launched that miles over long-off. What a clean hit that is. When the pressure is on, Russell can strike them and he is coming to his side's rescue

17.4 - Bumrah to Simmons, SIX, Simmons won't get out. Tonight. Mark my words. He is like the cat who has 9 lives. Or more. Even if he tries to hit the stumps with his bat, the bails may not come off. Such is his luck tonight. What did he have before coming into the game? I for sure want some. I want his luck. Coming to the ball, he went deep in his crease and muscled that over wide long-on. Jadeja and Kohli were the men, the former from deep mid-wicket, caught it, but stepped on the cushions, before flicking it back to the latter who caught it. Jadeja is one of India's best, but he was too close to the ropes there. We have seen those tag-team efforts come off before, not this time. The third umpire has a look and signals six

16.4 - Nehra to A Russell, SIX, such is the power of this man that even miscues are going for six. A spliced pull off a length ball and it has gone all the way wide of long-on. The fielder didn't even get there. That is another nail in the coffin! India need wickets and a couple of them very quickly. This match is going away from them

16.0 - Bumrah to Simmons, SIX, Simmons is coming to the party, big time. Bumrah missed the yorker and he has been blasted back over his head for six. Very full on the stumps, Simmons cleared his front leg and got a flat six over long-off. No chance for the fielder to catch that

15.0 - Pandya to Simmons, SIX, and the free-hit has gone for six. This is another clean hit. Simmons shuffles across and goes outside off, this is on a length and begging to be hit, muscled over deep mid-wicket and what an end to the over. Pandya is almost close to tears. No more smiling. His day with the ball comes to an end

14.3 - Pandya to A Russell, SIX, "that is a ridiculous hit" says Wilko on air. "that is an upper-decker" chirps Warney. Even Kettleborough is impressed. Lets out a "wow" before signalling six. This is incredible from Russell. Stays back and clubs the back of a length delivery miles over deep mid-wicket. Looked like a mishit at first glance, mishit - my foot! That has gone a mile. He can hit the ball. 99 metres is the measurement

10.1 - Jadeja to Simmons, SIX, this is a rank half-tracker and Simmons is a tremendous puller. Backs away to leg and thumps the pull over deep mid-wicket, the West Indies' dug-out is happy, they clap. West Indies getting a move on now, the crowd barely whisper

9.2 - Pandya to Charles, SIX, Pandya just smiles at MS. He often does that. I don't know why. Whenever he is hit for a boundary or a six, he breaks into a smile. Did the same against Bangladesh too. Must be a habit. The third umpire is called for to check whether this is is a four or a six. May have just bounced inside the ropes. Nehra signals six. It is six. Tight decision and again the third umpire has to get this spot on. Because in these T20 games, even a run may prove potentially crucial at the end. This was full and on the stumps, Charles cleared his front leg and heaved, got a thick outside edge and flew over short third inside the ring. Had enough legs to hit the cushions on the full? Was a touch and go call but the third umpire takes his time and makes the call

8.1 - Ashwin to Charles, SIX, what is great about this shot, is that despite Charles not getting to the pitch of the ball, he has hit it for six. Took a couple of steps out, was beaten in the flight, but swung across the line and got enough bat to get the ball sailing over deep mid-wicket

5.3 - Jadeja to Simmons, SIX, MS shouts something to Jadeja after he has been hit for a six. Simmons is a quality player and he backs away to leg, takes the ball on the half-volley and smokes it flat over long-off. That came right off the middle of the bat and went a long way

13.1 - Kohli to Charles, out Caught by Rohit!! Make Kohli the PM of India or the President. Or whatever high-profile post there is in India. He comes on first ball and gets a wicket. Stretches his arms wide and breaks out into a big smile - implying I knew this was going to happen. Just throw me the ball, MS - he seems to be saying. Is there anything he can't do on a Cricket field at the moment. I'm not too sure. Maybe someone can enlighten me. This was a length delivery, Charles swung and miscued it high up in the air, straight to the fielder at long-off. Easy take. Full marks to MS for pulling out a rabbit out of the hat. Another of MS' genius moments. Charles c Rohit b Kohli 52(36) [4s-7 6s-2]

3.0 - Nehra to Samuels, out Caught by Rahane!! I would love to read Samuels' mind. Or would appoint someone to do so. Wonder what goes through his head. Sometimes I wonder, he himself must not know. He is such a talent, an enigma but he often flatters to deceive. He single-handedly destroyed Sri Lanka in 2012 helping his side win the final, but has often played poor shots to get out. This is a rank bad shot. Why do you show all three stumps and expect to get away with it every ball. You can't. Here he doesn't. Backs away to leg, Nehra deceives him with a slower delivery, chipped to cover for the easiest of catches. He should've defended or gone with power. Did neither and offered a dolly. He walks away with a stoic expression on his face. Samuels c Rahane b Nehra 8(7) [4s-2]

1.1 - Bumrah to Gayle, out Bowled!! He has knocked him over. Bumrah is jumping up and down. That is a special delivery. Gayle has missed a swinging full toss. How often does Bumrah get that right. We have seen him master the low full toss/yorker at the death, but to get it up there first ball, to Gayle is top class stuff. We know that Gayle struggles with the swinging ball early on and he is comprehensively beaten. The crowd go mental at the Wankhede. They know that is half the game won. Low full toss, swinging in, Gayle played across the line and was beaten for pace, the ball thudded into off stump. This fellow is a talent. Full marks for MS too, for trusting Bumrah, he could've so easily gone for Ashwin knowing Gayle's weakness against the offie, but he backed the young man and it has paid off handsomely. We saw Gayle beaten for pace by Rabada and here it is the same again. Half the Caribbean Islands have turned off their televison sets. Ok - I made that up. Gayle b Bumrah 5(6) [4s-1]

13.5 - Kohli to Simmons, 1 run, cutter on the stumps, nurdled to short fine. Easy single and that's 50 for Simmons