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T20 WC 2016

Scorecard - 32nd Match, Super 10 Group 1, South Africa vs Sri Lanka at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, India (28 Mar 2016)

Sri Lanka

120/10 (19.3) RR:6.15

South Africa won by 8 wkts

South Africa

122/2 (17.4) RR:6.91

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18.3 - Steyn to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR, that is a horror delivery. Might have been the yorker that went wrong. Leg-stump full toss, Shanaka stoops low and helps it behind square on the leg-side, sped across the turf

14.1 - Steyn to T Perera, FOUR, greeted with a fantastic hit. The off-cutter right in the slot for Perera, who spots it early and smashes it over his partner, one bounce and over the rope

9.1 - Phangiso to Siriwardana, FOUR, Miller almost pulled off a stunning save. Flighted on the stumps, Siriwardana lofts it towards long-on, Miller got across and tried to flick it in using his right hand, but in vain

8.2 - Tahir to Dilshan, FOUR, Dilshan takes full toll of it. Darted in full and on the stumps, Dilshan clears his front leg and swats it towards cow corner, to the left of deep mid-wicket for a one bounce four

7.1 - Wiese to Siriwardana, FOUR, bad delivery from Wiese. Loosener first up. Short and rose only till the hip, Siriwardana went on one leg and short-arm jabbed the pull behind square leg, raced away to the fence

6.5 - Phangiso to Dilshan, FOUR, quicker on middle and leg, Dilshan kneels down and sweeps it over backward square, got it fine enough to beat the chase and dive from deep square leg fielder. He now has 100 fours in T20 WCs

4.1 - Phangiso to Dilshan, FOUR, pressure straightaway on Phangiso. Quicker on off, Dilshan kneels down and sweeps it over mid-wicket, there was protection in the deep, but he got it square

2.5 - Steyn to Chandimal, FOUR, that's been clubbed. Charges Steyn, converts it into a length delivery and muscles it over mid-on. ABD could only watch the ball sail over him. Steyn isn't going to like this

2.1 - Steyn to Dilshan, FOUR, what a way to get off the mark. Steyn just watches and turns back to walk to his run-up. Length delivery on off and middle, Dilshan kneels down and laps it fine, beat short fine comfortably

2.0 - Kyle Abbott to Chandimal, byes, FOUR, that just took off. Beat everyone. Banged in halfway down, Chandimal attempts a pull, but is beaten on the top-edge and the ball flies over the leaping de Kock, who had no chance

0.5 - Steyn to Chandimal, FOUR, poor delivery. Gets a bit too greedy. Offers a half volley on the pads, Chandimal doesn't miss out, flicks it over short fine and opens his account with a boundary

16.2 - Behardien to Dasun Shanaka, SIX, Behardien gets the length wrong on this leg-cutter, pitches it up and pays the price, Shanaka gets under that and smokes it over the bowler, just manages to clear the rope. Sri Lanka need plenty more of this

4.2 - Phangiso to Dilshan, SIX, Dilshan does not want to allow Phangiso to settle down. Shimmies down, isn't to the pitch but goes across the line and against the turn, lofted it over mid-wicket for a maximum

2.4 - Steyn to Chandimal, SIX, Steyn shakes his head. Short square boundaries and Chandimal has got six. Dug in short and Chandimal was hurried on the pull, goes through with the shot and sends it just over the deep square leg fielder. Longer boundaries would have brought that fielder into play

19.3 - Kyle Abbott to Lakmal, out Lakmal Run Out!! Just one look from the TV umpire and he was sure. Shanaka wanted the strike and called for a risky single, but Lakmal is caught short by Wiese's brilliance. The slower delivery from Abbott, Lakmal ekes out an inside edge onto pad and the ball rolls towards point. Shanaka was haring across, but Wiese went to the right end - bowler's end and hits the bulls-eye. Lakmal was not even in the frame. Lakmal run out (Wiese) 0(1)

19.2 - Kyle Abbott to Jeffrey Vandersay, out Bowled!! Too fast, too quick for the No. 10. Umpire Ravi runs up to the batsman and tells him to wait as he checks for a front foot no-ball. Abbott has something behind the line and Vandersay gets his orders. Good length delivery nips back in slightly, Vandersay was looking to steer it to third man, gets an inside edge onto the middle stump. Jeffrey Vandersay b Kyle Abbott 3(7)

17.2 - Kyle Abbott to Herath, out Caught by de Kock!! What happened there? Abbott didn't even appeal or celebrate. de Kock threw the ball and Herath got the marching orders. Fullish and around off, Herath gets an outside edge on the drive, good low grab by QdK. Can Sri Lanka bat out their overs? Herath c de Kock b Kyle Abbott 2(5)

15.0 - Steyn to T Perera, out Caught by Behardien!! Horrible delivery and Steyn gets a wicket. Perera can't believe he has hit that straight to the fielder. Keeps his bat close to his helmet and looks disappointed. And remember this was the extra delivery. Ravi gave a wide even though the ball went off the thigh pad. Short and outside off, Perera stays leg-side of the ball and slaps it to extra cover, Behardien doesn't drop those. Sri Lanka are falling apart. First wicket for Steyn in the competition. Pumps his fists and gets a big roar. T Perera c Behardien b Steyn 8(7) [4s-1]

13.2 - Tahir to Kapugedera, out Bowled!! That's too good. And Tahir is off on his celebratory run. Love his celebration. Whatever the match or the situation, he doesn't forget to entertain us with his wicket celebrations. The googly and Kapugedera had no clue about it, played for the leggie, the ball spun back in and went through the gate, huge gap between bat and pad and the off-stump takes a beating. Kapugedera looks bamboozled. Kapugedera b Tahir 4(7)

12.5 - Behardien to Dilshan, out Lbw!! This time the finger is up. The reverse sweep didn't work and hence Dilshan went for the conventional sweep/paddle. Behardien generally bowls wicket-to-wicket. Kept it full and on the stumps, Dilshan missed and he was struck in line with middle, an easier call for Ravi and Sri Lanka keep sliding. From 45/0 they have slipped to 85/5. Dilshan lbw b Behardien 36(40) [4s-4 6s-1]

10.3 - Behardien to Jayasuriya, out Caught by du Plessis!! That's a tame dismissal. Jayasuriya has a look at the pitch before trudging off. The slower delivery that held up in the wicket, Jayasuriya was going for the front foot push, checked his shot and spooned a dolly to Faf at cover. The South Africans are delighted and why wouldn't they be. After a solid start from Sri Lanka, they have pulled things back. Jayasuriya c du Plessis b Behardien 1(3)

9.2 - Phangiso to Siriwardana, out Siriwardana Run Out!! Needless from Siriwardana. There was never a run. And you don't run when the ball is close to AB or Faf. They are the best in the world. Tucks the flatter delivery in front of mid-wicket and sets off, Dilshan was going nowhere, he sends his partner back but it was too late, Siriwardana was more than halfway down and Faf had to get his throw right to de Kock, he did and the keeper did the rest. Replays suggest that Dilshan had taken a couple of yards, but being the non-striker he was just backing up. Siriwardana run out (du Plessis/de Kock) 15(10) [4s-2]

5.0 - Phangiso to Thirimanne, out Bowled!! Geez! That is some delivery. Phangiso is delighted and lets out a roar. Thirimanne is amused as to what happened. Looks at the bowler and then the pitch before walking back to the dugout. Tossed up just outside off, Thirimanne was pushing away from the body, the ball spun sharply and went past the gap between bat and pad. The leg-stump is uprooted and South Africa are back in it. Excellent comeback from Phangiso after being hit off the first two deliveries. That wicket showed there is spin on this surface. Thirimanne b Phangiso 0(1)

4.5 - Phangiso to Chandimal, out Bowled!! Cleaned 'im up. Chandimal didn't read that at all. South Africa needed that wicket to calm things down. The slider which zooms off the surface, Chandimal camped on the back foot looking to force it through the off-side, the ball hurried through and went past his under-edge to castle the off-stump. Phangiso looks like a relieved man. Chandimal b Phangiso 21(20) [4s-2 6s-1]

16.5 - Dasun Shanaka to Amla, FOUR, slower ball alright but it was deliberately wide. What does Amla do? Reaches out, uses those wrists to generate all the horsepower and cannons the sliced cut wide of backward point

14.5 - Jeffrey Vandersay to Amla, FOUR, ever so late. Just a hint of width on that. Amla waits, chews gum, then waits before unleashing a Zephyr-like cut wide of backward point

9.5 - Jeffrey Vandersay to du Plessis, FOUR, back-to-back from du Plessis. Stretches as far forward as he could and brooms it away with a sweep through backward square leg

9.4 - Jeffrey Vandersay to du Plessis, FOUR, lovely. Had the room fabricated early, uses the room to crash his arms and then thumps it through cover. The ball just skids on, holding its line to effect that shot

8.4 - Herath to du Plessis, FOUR, Thirimanne at deep mid-wicket dives but he was all over the ball which scooted underneath to roll away. A brooming sweep from du Plessis it was and it fetches him a boundary - his first

4.4 - Herath to Amla, FOUR, this is tripe. Trash. Drifting down leg, Amla just had to turn and guide it down into the fine leg reservoirs. Easy

3.4 - Lakmal to Amla, FOUR, supple. Meets this straight ball with Warne's wrists and places the flick just wide enough of mid-on for it to run away

1.3 - Lakmal to Amla, FOUR, width platter from Lakmal. Amla just had to stay put, extend his arms and delay his delicate cut to explore the plughole behind backward point

0.3 - Jayasuriya to de Kock, FOUR, gives this some air outside off, the ball rips away a touch and the squeezed out drive evades a flat-footed slip to scoot to the third man fence

0.2 - Jayasuriya to de Kock, FOUR, off-side is his playground. Fired in flat outside off, slides on and de Kock leaned into a drive that shaves the covers

17.4 - Lakmal to de Villiers, SIX, there's the win. There's de Villiers's six. There's your money's worth, Kotla! An easy win by 8 wickets. Gets a full toss, gets under it and swings it with bent knees over deep mid-wicket. A demolishing win for South Africa but a game too late..

16.3 - Dasun Shanaka to de Villiers, SIX, that ball was slower than erosion. Slower than evolution. Had his knee bent and then bent it further to connect the pull. Had done well to wait and wait before unleashing the ball pancake-flat over deep mid-wicket

15.4 - T Perera to Amla, SIX, 1000 runs for Hashim Amla in T20Is. A shot that's a misnomer to his serene image. Just gets a shortish ball on leg-stump, shuffles across, gets under it and jets it up over fine leg with a wristy pick-up

13.0 - Lakmal to du Plessis, out Lbw!! "AB, AB" is the only moment that I could collect from that delivery. Kotla is buzzing! And this looked like a horror decision. Absolutely poor. du Plessis was shaping for the Dilscoop but was a tad late on that, the ball dipped in and rapped du Plessis's inside edge that ricocheted onto the pad...and he's been given LBW. Next time a horror movie hits the theatres, choose to watch this dismissal over that movie. du Plessis lbw b Lakmal 31(36) [4s-3]

1.5 - Lakmal to Amla, out de Kock Run Out!! Amla's and de Kock's ages and urgencies are as far apart. Fullish delivery outside off, Amla had his wrists jammed and opened the bat face on impact for a dab to cover. de Kock was in a hurry, backing up and halfway down the track when a throw found him short. Amla's face can be used as a prop for serene. Here, it could be used to teach the word "shocked" to kids. de Kock just looked too overambitious there and to make things look worse, he never attempted to dive back in. de Kock run out (Dilshan) 9(6) [4s-2]

15.5 - T Perera to Amla, 1 run, here's the fifty. Lovely innings. Tucks one to backward square leg and runs for the milestone

11.0 - T Perera to du Plessis, leg byes, 1 run, the googly that raps the pads to beat du Plessis's flick. But he was well down the track and looked to have been struck well outside off. Umpire van Gogh's the appeal