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South Africa tour of India 2015

Scorecard - 3rd ODI, India vs South Africa at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot, India (18 Oct 2015)

South Africa

270/7 (50) RR:5.4

South Africa won by 18 runs

MOM: Morne Morkel

252/6 (50) RR:5.04

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42.1 - A Patel to Duminy, FOUR, nicely done by JPD! Fast and full outside off stump, Duminy gets down on one knee and reverse-paddles it very fine and third man was inside the ring

39.5 - Harbhajan to de Villiers, FOUR, so easily done. Full and in the slot, de Villiers doesn't try to hit it too hard, waits for the ball to come and drives to the left of the extra-cover, there is no one in the outskirts to stop the ball

38.4 - Mohit Sharma to du Plessis, FOUR, cheeky and it's effective. Faf moves across the stumps and ramps the slower delivery past Dhoni, fine leg had no chance

38.2 - Mohit Sharma to de Kock, FOUR, down the track, slapped hard, beats the diving fielder at extra-cover and it's another hundred against India for de Kock in ODIs. No great celebrations from him. He's a really tired man. Mohit tried to drag the length back on seeing the batsman advance, but it wasn't short enough and the batsman was able to time it sweetly. Just a gentle punch in the air and then a customary raise of the bat to the dressing room. Dhoni claps from behind the stumps to acknowledge QdK's effort. In fact, I am told that this is his 4th hundred against India in 7 games

34.0 - Bhuvneshwar to du Plessis, FOUR, slower ball, du Plessis picks it. Comes down the track and lofts it imperiously over mid-off. That raises his 19th ODI fifty as well. In fact, it's a hat-trick of fifties for Faf in this series. He raises the bat to the dressing room to acknowledge the applause

33.4 - Bhuvneshwar to du Plessis, FOUR, was that a chance? Maybe not. Just evades the fingertips of Dhawan as he was diving full stretch. Back of a length and angling in on off, du Plessis swats the pull away. Didn't get hold of it completely and was in the air but just wide of short mid-wicket, skims away to the fence

31.0 - A Patel to du Plessis, FOUR, another brilliant shot against the turn. Lovely use of the feet to get close to the pitch and just chips it over mid-on. One bounce and into the fence

30.4 - A Patel to du Plessis, FOUR, might have premeditated the slog sweep with no protection in the deep. Gets it on a length and makes a good enough connection to lift it over mid-wicket

29.5 - Raina to de Kock, FOUR, dragged down short and punished. Not in control there was de Kock but no deep mid-wicket means that the shot is fairly safe. He rocks back and pulls it, got it off a thick top edge but enough to clear the infield

27.5 - Mohit Sharma to de Kock, FOUR, de Kock is lording over the Indian bowlers. This is definitely not the length to bowl. Short without any purpose and outside off, de Kock makes room and flays it over the point region. No one back there

26.3 - A Patel to du Plessis, FOUR, clap, clap, clap. Brilliantly executed inside out drive. Bit slower through the air and drifting in around off, du Plessis clears his front leg and goes over cover, the sweeper gives chase but ends up futile

23.5 - Mohit Sharma to de Kock, FOUR, de Kock has been very fluent today. Mohit goes fuller and angles it in on off and middle, de Kock punch-drives it back past the non-striker and the man at mid-on had no chance of stopping that, races away to the fence in a hurry

22.2 - A Patel to de Kock, FOUR, glorious drive! Axar bowls from over the wicket to the left-hander, bowls it very full and outside off, de Kock just drives it to the right of extra cover, who had no chance of cutting that off. Races away to the fence in a jiffy

22.0 - Harbhajan to de Kock, FOUR, lovely shot from de Kock to end the over. This was tossed up outside off, de Kock just lifts it inside-out over extra cover, the timing was great and the ball bounces just once before it hits the fence

12.1 - Mishra to D Miller, FOUR, width on offer, pushed through quicker, ends up tossing it wider outside off, Miller was looking to cut, gets a thick top-edge that flies past the lone slip, races away to the fence

10.3 - Mishra to de Kock, FOUR, poor ball from Mishra, he was looking to push it quicker, ends up dragging it short and wide outside off, de Kock makes room and cuts it square on the off-side for a boundary

9.3 - Harbhajan to D Miller, FOUR, Harbhajan drops one short and just outside off, Miller makes room and cuts it square past point, beats the two men in the ring and races away to the fence

8.3 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, FOUR, carbon copy of the previous shot, pitched up and on the stumps, de Kock presents the full face of the bat and drives it back past the non-striker, brings up the 50-run opening stand as well

8.2 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, FOUR, lovely shot, short of a good length and on the stumps, de Kock presents the full face of the bat and drives it back past the non-striker, bisects the two men at mid-on and mid-off

6.1 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, FOUR, this is turning out to be a strong start from South Africa, on a good length and well outside off, de Kock prods forward, drives it on the up and gets it wide of extra cover, no need to run for those

5.3 - Mohit Sharma to D Miller, FOUR, cracking shot, back of a length and just outside off, not the length to be bowling on this track. This was a slower ball as well, Miller waits on it and punches it in front of square on the on-side, beats mid-wicket and races away to the fence

4.0 - Mohit Sharma to D Miller, FOUR, lovely shot, back of a length and just outside off, Miller stands tall, presents the full face of the bat and punches it wide of mid-off. No need to run for those. Already proving to be a batting beauty

1.2 - Mohit Sharma to de Kock, FOUR, cracking shot, full and wide from Mohit, de Kock leans forward, plays with a closed face and drives it past extra cover for a boundary

50.0 - Bhuvneshwar to Behardien, SIX, full toss and it's muscled all the way. Behardien signs off in style and that will give a bit of momentum to South Africa. Bhuvneshwar went for the yorker, missed it by a long way and Behardien smashed it over deep mid-wicket. He does a fist pump after knowing that he timed that ball very well

48.5 - Mohit Sharma to Steyn, SIX, that was telegraphed. Steyn knew that Mohit Sharma would opt for the slower ball, he read this from the hands even though it was delivered from back of the hand, he waited for the ball to come and muscled it very hard back over the sightscreen

5.0 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, SIX, that's easy pickings for de Kock, length delivery angling onto his pads, he shuffles across, uses Bhuvneshwar's pace and helps it on its way - with a strong flick, brings up the first maximum of the day

49.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Behardien, out Steyn Run Out!! 1 run completed. Steyn tries to steal the second run and sacrifices his wicket. He doesn't even wait for the umpire's decision, just runs off to the dressing room. Length delivery from Bhuvneshwar, Behardien toe-ends the slog on the bounce to Raina and it was a good throw for the bowler to effect a run-out. Steyn run out (Raina/Bhuvneshwar) 12(9) [6s-1]

46.4 - Mohit Sharma to Duminy, out Caught by Raina!! Duminy had to play the big shots as Behardien was struggling to time the ball and Raina, who is a very good fielder, takes a good catch. He turns back and points to the crowd. This wicket could make a difference of 10-15 runs to the final total. Fullish and angling in from round the wicket, Duminy goes for the loft, but doesn't hit it well enough, long-on runs forward, dives and takes a good low catch. Duminy c Raina b Mohit Sharma 14(14) [4s-1]

40.1 - A Patel to de Villiers, out Lbw!! Appeal for LBW and up goes the finger in a flash. South Africa have lost their last three wicket for just 5 runs. This is a tremendous comeback from India. As always, Axar darts one in from round the wicket, it was the slider as well, de Villiers makes room to slice it towards point, but the ball brushed the pad before hitting the bat and it was pretty straightforward. This is a massive blow for the visitors. The run rate has dropped and de Villiers was key here to post anything over 280. de Villiers lbw b A Patel 4(5) [4s-1]

40.0 - Harbhajan to de Villiers, out de Kock Run Out!! South Africa won't mind this wicket, QdK was really struggling out there. Anyway, he's played an excellent innings. Flighted delivery on the off stump, de Villiers works it to the left of mid-wicket, he takes off for a run, but de Kock was watching the fielder, who was diving to stop the ball, hence couldn't react immediately. AB though was always committed for the run and QdK didn't have enough power in his legs to reach the striker's end even as the throw was very poor to Dhoni. The ball came slowly to the keeper as Dhawan threw the ball when he was tumbling. de Kock run out (Dhawan/Dhoni) 103(118) [4s-11 6s-1]

38.5 - Mohit Sharma to du Plessis, out Caught by Bhuvneshwar!! Faf tries to be cheeky once again, but it's not effective this time. On seeing Faf try a ramp again, Mohit bowled this slightly outside off and forced the batsman into a bit of a tangle, the ball takes the toe end of the bat and goes up in the air, short third man runs back and completes an easy catch. End of a fine knock and end of fine 118-run stand as well .du Plessis c Bhuvneshwar b Mohit Sharma 60(63) [4s-6]

18.4 - Mishra to Amla, out Stumped!! Lovely bowling from Mishra. Bowling slower through the air is paying dividends for the spinners. This was tossed up just outside off and turns away sharply, Amla reaches out to drive, drags his foot outside the crease as well. The ball spins away past the outside edge, Dhoni gathers and whips the bails off in a flash to send Amla on his way back. This is the second time in the series that Mishra has chipped away with the wicket of Amla. Amla st Dhoni b Mishra 5(15)

13.3 - Harbhajan to D Miller, out Caught by Rahane!! Lovely bowling from Harbhajan and he has deserved this wicket! This was tossed up invitingly outside off, Miller was looking to go over mid-off, the ball dipped onto him, he ended up slicing it in the air and in front of backward point. The ball was dying onto him, but Rahane races across to his right, dives forward and holds onto the chance. Miller falls for 33, his promotion didn't work wonders for SA. D Miller c Rahane b Harbhajan 33(41) [4s-4]

26.4 - A Patel to du Plessis, 1 run, it's popped up off the leading edge, Raina leaps at cover-point, gets fingertips but doesn't cling on. du Plessis is living a cat's life today. Pushed through the air and slanting in on off, du Plessis was looking to clip it away but the ball stopped and turned sharply. Raina was rushing in to save the single, he jumps up and goes with his right hand, but can't hang on

35.5 - Harbhajan to de Kock, 1 run, width on offer outside off stump, cut away through point. The 100-partnership comes up

20.3 - Mishra to de Kock, 1 run, fifty for de Kock, his 6th in ODIs. This was tossed up just outside off, de Kock uses his feet and drives it to long-on to get to the other end. In fact, de Kock didn't know that has reached his fifty and belatedly lifts his bat after being told about it

46.5 - Tahir to Harbhajan, FOUR, poor ball from Tahir and it gets the punishment it deserved! It was a full toss on the pads, Harbhajan just helps it over short fine leg and it hits the fence in no time

43.1 - Tahir to Kohli, FOUR, what a shot! Brilliant improvisation by Kohli. It was flatter and bowled quicker as well, Kohli employs the reverse sweep and sends it past backward point, no need to run for those

42.4 - Steyn to Kohli, FOUR, that's a lovely shot from Kohli. He comes down the track this time around and punches this length delivery through the extra cover region, the timing was sublime and it runs away to the fence in a jiffy

41.4 - M Morkel to Dhoni, FOUR, that will go down as a dropped chance! This was once again short from Morkel, Dhoni backs away and pulls it hard, doesn't get it off the middle of the bat. Behardien from long-on runs to his right, dives as well to cover for the dip on the ball, but he can't hold onto it, the ball bursts through his hands and runs away to the fence

39.5 - Duminy to Dhoni, FOUR, go watch the highlight reel of the 2011 World Cup final and you'll see loads of these. Flat and short outside off, Dhoni punches it strongly through the extra-cover region. What bottom-handed power from Dhoni as the ball rocketed along the carpet and gave sweeper cover no chance. It was hit so hard and that made the ball purr across the grass

30.1 - Behardien to Dhoni, FOUR, attempted leg-cutter goes wrong. Strays down leg and Dhoni just helps the glance fine

29.5 - M Morkel to Kohli, FOUR, what just happened? With no mid-off Morkel decides to offer Kohli four of his most easy ODI runs. Pitches one right up around off. Kohli just leans forward and eases the drive through the vacant region

26.4 - Steyn to Dhoni, FOUR, now this was definitely straying down. Steyn would be disappointed with it. On the hips of Dhoni, all he had to do was get a tickle and he does so with his glance. Skims away to the fence beating fine leg

24.5 - Steyn to Dhoni, FOUR, just a mere push and there is no one sweeping on the off-side. Width on offer from Steyn, Dhoni places it between cover and point, both fielders gave chase but the ball won the race

22.1 - Tahir to Rohit, FOUR, full toss, surely there must be some dew on the outfield. Rohit gets down on one knee and sweeps over backward square leg, Amla runs to his right and gets to the ball, tries to flick back, yet it touches the rope

16.4 - Tahir to Rohit, FOUR, full toss and Rohit accepts the gift. He waits for the ball to come and smashes it on the bounce to the deep mid-wicket boundary. Is there a bit of dew on the ground now? Tahir is struggling to grip the ball

15.4 - Duminy to Kohli, FOUR, the Giraffe (Morne) is inside the ring and he won't get there. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Kohli gets across and goes down on one knee to sweep, the ball takes the under edge and rolls fine past short fine leg

13.4 - Duminy to Kohli, FOUR, typical Kohli shot. That strong bottom hand comes into play as he plays a whippy drive. Flighted just outside off, Kohli goes leg-side of the ball and drives inside out through extra cover, no chance for the mid-off fielder to hunt that down

9.2 - Duminy to Rohit, FOUR, Duminy got away with two bad deliveries in the previous over, but not this time. It was once again on leg-stump, Rohit kneels down and sweeps it behind square, between backward square and short fine leg

6.1 - M Morkel to Rohit, FOUR, the runs are starting to flow freely. It was dug in short and outside off, Rohit was early into the pull, but manages to get it over the mid-wicket fielder. Behardien gives chase but the ball has enough legs to reach the fence

5.4 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, fabulous shot! This came right off the meat of the bat. Fuller and just outside off, Dhawan presents the straight bat and drives it to the left of mid-off, Faf gave up the chase quite early. The timing was exquisite!

5.3 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, mistimed drive but the lightning fast outfield fetches Dhawan his first boundary. On a length outside off, Dhawan goes hard on the drive, the bat turned in his hands but he placed it through extra cover

3.2 - Rabada to Rohit, FOUR, Rohit hits the gap now, too full and too straight from Rabada, Rohit waits on the ball, closes the face of the bat at the last moment and clips it past mid-wicket. Tahir gives chase from mid-on, but the ball beats him to the fence

2.4 - Steyn to Rohit, FOUR, lovely shot, width on offer from Steyn, Rohit leans forward and caresses it square past cover, no need to run for those, the ball races away to the fence

0.5 - Steyn to Rohit, FOUR, lovely shot, this was full and wide from Steyn, Rohit leans forward, uses his hands to good effect and cracks it square past point for a boundary, off the mark in style

50.0 - Steyn to A Patel, SIX, Steyn bowls this with a very short run-up and Patel finishes it in style, but South Africa win by 18 runs! This was a good length delivery on the stumps, Patel just lifts it through the line and the ball just about clears the fence as well

20.4 - Tahir to Rohit, SIX, down the track and baaaaang, what a way to bring up his 27th ODI fifty. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Rohit gets to the pitch of the ball and handsomely lofts it over the long-off boundary. Runs continue to flow from Rohit's bat. He raises his bat to the dressing room to acknowledge the applause

12.5 - Steyn to Rohit, SIX, majestic! It is a shot of authority. Rohit shimmies down the track, gets close to the pitch of the ball and then allows his hands to swing through the line, sends it sailing over the long-off fence for a maximum. Steyn is not happy as he goes back fuming to his run-up

45.2 - M Morkel to Rahane, out Caught by D Miller!! Disaster! India have lost the plot. It was like an action replay of the Kohli wicket. This is poor cricket from the Indians. Another short delivery from Morkel, Rahane comes down the track and goes for the pull, hits it straight to Miller at deep mid-wicket, who didn't have to move much but just had to crouch forward to complete a good low catch. Rahane c D Miller b M Morkel 4(7)

45.1 - M Morkel to Kohli, out Caught by D Miller!! Oh dear! Kohli has perished and have the Indian hopes also faded with this wicket? Only time will tell. It was a short delivery from Morkel, Kohli steps out as he goes for the big pull over mid-wicket, he didn't hit it too well, the fielder from deep mid-wicket runs to his left and gobbles it easily. The Indian hopes now rest on Rahane and the bowlers. Kohli c D Miller b M Morkel 77(99) [4s-5]

43.3 - Tahir to Raina, out Caught by D Miller!! Raina fails yet again! Another huge blow for India and Tahir has once again got his man. This was a tossed up (googly) just outside off, Raina lofts it through the line but couldn't quite get under it, Miller from long-off runs to his left and reverse cups it with ease. India are in a bit of a trouble here. Raina c D Miller b Tahir 0(2)

41.5 - M Morkel to Dhoni, out Caught by Steyn!! A big, big wicket for South Africa. Dhoni misses out on a fifty. This was the slower short ball from Morkel, Dhoni wanted to ramp it over the man at short third man but was deceived by the lack of pace, he can't get it over the man there and the fielder takes the simplest of catches to send the Indian skipper on his way back. The pressure continues to build on India. Dhoni c Steyn b M Morkel 47(61) [4s-5]

23.1 - Duminy to Rohit, out Caught&Bowled!! Rohit Sharma has thrown it away. What a change from AB, Duminy comes on and breaks this dangerous looking 72-run stand. South Africa have got the opening they wanted. Clever piece of bowling from Duminy. On seeing Rohit give the charge, he dragged the length back, Rohit just tried to drive, but he wasn't to the pitch of the ball and he ended up spooning it back to the bowler off the inside half of the bat. Duminy took a smart low catch diving to his right in his followthrough. An extremely delighted Duminy throws the ball onto the pitch before he was mobbed by his team-mates. Rohit c and b Duminy 65(74) [4s-7 6s-2]

10.4 - M Morkel to Dhawan, out Caught by de Villiers!! Thrice in three games - Morne has dismissed Dhawan. Each time it has been different. Dhawan decides to give the charge, Morkel sees that and pushes it wide of off, he still goes through with the drive, the outside edge flies to the left of AB, who dives full length to gobble it. The pressure was being built and Dhawan tried to hit his way out. Dhawan c de Villiers b M Morkel 13(29) [4s-2]

40.0 - Duminy to Dhoni, no run, what on Earth has poor ol Duminy done wrong! I surely can't see a bull's eye on his shirt. He is being bombarded with some ferocious hits. Dhoni whacks this tossed up delivery after dancing down. Was straight around chest high, the bowler gets two hands to it but fails to hold on. That was travelling, boy gee it was!

49.5 - Steyn to Harbhajan, 1 run, fullish delivery on off, Harbhajan drives it towards mid-off and sets off, AB de Villiers throws the ball at the non-striker's end and Harbhajan had given up. Luckily for Harbhajan, AB missed

49.3 - Steyn to A Patel, 1 run, run-out chance missed! This was on a good length and outside off, Patel slaps it hard towards Miller at mid-off, who dives and makes a good stop. He quickly gets up and fires the throw at the striker's end. Harbhajan was struggling to make his ground and a direct-hit would have been out. He misses and the batsman gets in

33.5 - Tahir to Kohli, 1 run, now he gets there. Gets a nice strong handshake with his skipper. Might well be saying "Put me at no. 3 more often". 34th ODI fifty of his career. A bit more slower through the air around off, Kohli gently nibbles it wide of cover