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South Africa tour of India 2015

Scorecard - 2nd ODI, India vs South Africa at Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore, India (14 Oct 2015)


247/9 (50) RR:4.94

India won by 22 runs

MOM: MS Dhoni
South Africa

225/10 (43.4) RR:5.15

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48.4 - Steyn to Dhoni, FOUR, banged in halfway down the wicket, Dhoni hangs on the back foot, watches it all the way and pulls it over square leg, the fielder was inside the ring and it is four more

48.2 - Steyn to Dhoni, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Dhoni slaps it over wide mid-off, he got it high on the bat, but the ball had enough to clear the infield, once it went past the fielders, it was always going to be four

47.4 - Rabada to Dhoni, FOUR, what are those forearms made of? The off-speed delivery just outside off, Dhoni spots it early, just goes through with the shot, lifts it over mid-off and the ball almost went the distance, bounces just in front of the rope. Umpire Dar gave it as six, but then changed his decision

46.5 - Steyn to U Yadav, FOUR, Yadav is coming on the back of a Ranji Trophy hundred. So, he is in some sort of form. Short delivery on off, Yadav rocks back and pulls it past mid-wicket for a boundary, no one in the deep

46.2 - Steyn to Harbhajan, FOUR, the length is short and the pace is slow, Harbhajan has no problems in putting that away, he slaps it over extra cover, couple of bounces and into the fence

44.2 - Tahir to Dhoni, FOUR, poor delivery from Tahir. It was darted on leg-stump, Dhoni uses the pace and tickles it fine, there was no stopping that as it raced away to the fine leg fence

42.4 - Duminy to Harbhajan, FOUR, Harbhajan gets into the act. He was almost caught at deep mid-wicket. Just a bit of air and that is enough for Harbhajan to swing across the line, the ball lands in front of the diving Behardien and he can't prevent the boundary

40.3 - Rabada to Dhoni, FOUR, another four for Dhoni. And the Indian flag in the stands start fluttering. Short and outside off, Dhoni cuts it to backward point, Amla fumbled and the ball raced away to the fence

40.1 - Rabada to Dhoni, FOUR, fabulous shot! Dhoni was expecting the length to be short, he was into position quickly, moves across and pulls it over square leg, deep mid-wicket had no chance to stop that

36.2 - Duminy to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, a much needed boundary, especially to get the crowd going as they have gone very silent. Flighted around off, Bhuvneshwar shuffles across, goes down on one knee and sweeps it to the left of short fine leg, beat the dive from the fielder and collected his first boundary

26.0 - Rabada to Dhoni, FOUR, helped on its way and that's gone for four. How does Dhoni play now? Shortish and on the leg stump, Dhoni gets across the stumps, swivels and pulls it very fine, fine leg was not even in the picture

21.4 - M Morkel to Rahane, FOUR, wow! Sachin Tendulkar used to play this shot so well and now Ajinkya Rahane executes it to perfection and what's more, gets to his fifty as well. 12th ODI fifty for Jinks, back-to-back fifties for Jinks at No. 3. Morne bangs this short, Rahane spots it early, transfers his weight back and just ramps it over the keeper's head for a boundary. Rahane raises his bat to the crowd and the dressing room

11.1 - Duminy to Dhawan, FOUR, poor first ball from Duminy, a long hop outside off, Dhawan rocks back and pulls it past mid-wicket for a boundary

9.5 - Rabada to Rahane, FOUR, poor ball from Rabada, drops it short and on the stumps, Rahane swivels across, rolls his wrists and pulls it behind square on the on-side for a boundary

9.0 - M Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR, lovely shot, overpitched and just outside off, Dhawan leans forward and drives it on the up, mid-off is pretty wide and the ball races away to the fence in a hurry

8.1 - M Morkel to Rahane, FOUR, Rahane is looking confident, short and just outside off, Rahane didn't have the room to crack it square, delays his shot by a moment and goes over cover-point, a few bounces and over the ropes, played with a flat bat and gets the timing perfectly right

7.4 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, much better from Dhawan, width on offer from Rabada, he leans forward and crashes it wide of mid-off. Even AB can't get there - inspite of a dive, second boundary for Dhawan

4.5 - Steyn to Rahane, FOUR, this is the best of the lot, Steyn overcompensates and drifts this one onto Rahane's pads, he prods across, closes the face of the bat and clips it past mid-wicket for another boundary

4.4 - Steyn to Rahane, FOUR, poor ball from Steyn, short and wide outside off, Rahane cracks it up and over extra cover, just one bounce and over the ropes. That was a bit of a gift from Steyn

4.1 - Steyn to Rahane, FOUR, lovely shot, width on offer from Steyn, Rahane reaches across and lashes it up and over extra-cover, he didn't bother to keep it down and it raced away to the fence

3.2 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, cracking shot, that's much better from Dhawan, width on offer from Rabada, Dhawan leans forward, drives it on the up and finds the gap through extra cover, no one moved

50.0 - Rabada to Dhoni, SIX, nice way to finish the innings. Another short delivery from Rabada, Dhoni got into position quickly, pulled it flat and just over the leaping deep mid-wicket fielder

44.4 - Tahir to Dhoni, SIX, majestic! This is the Dhoni we are aware of. Flighted around off, Dhoni takes couple of steps, uses those strong arms to muscle it over long-on. That went a long distance

42.5 - Duminy to Harbhajan, SIX, better connection and better result. This is a big over for India. Flighted on the stumps, Harbhajan clears his front leg and clubs it to cow corner. He got the height and the distance

42.1 - Duminy to Dhoni, SIX, 60th ODI fifty. What a way to reach the landmark. The crowd are on the feet and so are the rest of the Indian players. It has been a captain's innings. Short and just outside off, Dhoni stays in the crease and pulls it over long-on. It was all bottom hand as it went flat

36.5 - Duminy to Dhoni, SIX, out comes Dhoni this time and heaves it into the crowd. These has been an excellent battle. Both players are trying to out-think each other. Flighted on the stumps, Dhoni comes down the track and heaves it over square leg for a maximum

29.0 - Duminy to A Patel, SIX, all of a sudden, Axar plays a big shot and just clears the boundary. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Axar tries to go over mid-off, but ends up slicing it, long-off runs to his right but doesn't get there in time. That was a mishit but it went all the way

47.0 - Steyn to U Yadav, out Caught by de Kock!! Steyn has his man. Stunner from de Kock, who made it look utterly easy. Another short ball, but bit more pace and height on this one, Yadav rises on his toes, opens the bat face and tries to steer it, but couldn't get it wide enough of the keeper, de Kock flings to his right and takes it with one-hand. Not much emotions shown by him after pulling that off. U Yadav c de Kock b Steyn 4(3) [4s-1]

46.3 - Steyn to Harbhajan, out Caught by de Kock!! A handy knock from Bhajji comes to an end. As he makes his way back, the crowd chant "Bhajji, Bhajji, Bhajji", even Kohli claps sitting in front of the dressing room. It was fullish and just outside off, Harbhajan tried to hit the cover off the ball, but could only manage an outside edge, the ball flew to de Kock, who takes a sharp catch to his right. Harbhajan c de Kock b Steyn 22(22) [4s-2 6s-1]

39.3 - Tahir to Bhuvneshwar, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! Imran Tahir is off on the celebratory run once again. He puts so much effort in that celebration. The straighter one that pitched on leg-stump, Bhuvneshwar stays leg-side of the ball and looks to push it into the off-side, he leaves a gap between bat and pad, the ball sneaks through and kisses the leg-stump. India slip further. Bhuvneshwar b Tahir 14(32) [4s-1]

29.3 - Steyn to A Patel, out Lbw!! Easy decision for Aleem Dar. Steyn was almost falling back in his appeal and is delighted to have his first wicket. Good length delivery just swinging back in, Axar stays rooted to the crease and tries to play across the line, misses and is struck right in front of leg stump. Axar was done for pace on that occasion as it came very quickly to him. India are 124/6. In fact, the side angle shows that height might have been an issue there as Axar was hit above the knee-roll, but the umpire was convinced. A Patel lbw b Steyn 13(27) [6s-1]

23.4 - M Morkel to Raina, out Caught by de Kock!! This is ugly cricket from Suresh Raina, surely he's got to find a way to tackle the short ball. The umpire has asked him to wait to check the no-ball. That looks tight, but looks like Morne has got just something behind the line. Raina has to go. This was banged in short around leg stump line, Raina was never comfortable to that line and even played and missed on a couple of occasions earlier in the over. This time he hops, tries to glance and gets a glove, the keeper dives forward and takes an easy catch. Umpire Aleem Dar didn't take long to put the finger up. So it's a 5-ball duck for Raina. Raina c de Kock b M Morkel 0(5)

22.4 - Tahir to Rahane, out Bowled!! This is a classical leg-spinner's dismissal. Rahane can't believe that he's been bowled round his legs. He asked the umpires and they sent it upstairs to check if it came off the keeper, but the side angle quite clearly showed that the ball clipped the leg stump. Flighted delivery pitching outside leg, Rahane was slightly across his stumps as he was down on his knee to paddle-sweep, the ball hit the rough patch near the crease and turns, sneaks past the bat and the pad to hit the leg stump. India are in deep trouble at 102/4. Rahane b Tahir 51(63) [4s-6]

18.0 - Steyn to Rahane, out Kohli Run Out!! 1 run completed. That's very sloppy from India and Kohli leaves the ground fuming. A lot happened there on this delivery. First, Rahane was early into the chip - off a length delivery from Steyn. It went in the air and to the right of Behardien at mid-off. He dived full length, got both hands but failed to hold on. The batsmen sprinted across for a single, Behardien gave the chase and threw the ball back at the bowler's end, Kohli was racing back for the second run, Rahane didn't realize that his partner was haring back, tries to send him back. Too late - Kohli was committed for the run and both the batsmen were at the same end. Steyn throws the ball at his keeper who demolishes the stumps. Kohli glares at his partner and walks back to the hut. The dressing room will not be a happy place at the moment. Kohli run out (Behardien/Steyn/de Kock) 12(18)

12.3 - M Morkel to Dhawan, out Caught by Duminy!! That's a soft dismissal for Dhawan! He looks gutted as he walks back to the hut. This was another slower delivery from Morkel, he rolled his fingers across the ball, Dhawan was staying back, doesn't get to the pitch as he aimed an expansive drive, the bat turned slightly on impact and he merely chips it straight to Duminy at short cover. Dhawan fails to make an impression once again, out in the twenties again. Dhawan c Duminy b M Morkel 23(34) [4s-4]

1.4 - Rabada to Rohit, out Bowled!! Massive wicket for South Africa, Rabada continues to be impressive. This was full and shaped back in slightly, drew Rohit into playing the flick, he ended up falling across a bit, the ball brushed his pads and knocked the off-stump from its perch. The Indore crowd have been silenced, the man who made 150 in the last match falls early today. Rohit b Rabada 3(10)

25.2 - Rabada to A Patel, no run, "Axar Patel, I am afraid to say, this is international cricket," says Shaun Pollock on air. What was Axar doing there? Fullish delivery on the leg stump, Axar flicks it into the on-side, looks for a run but Dhoni sends him back, for some reason Axar doesn't think about getting back to the crease, reacts only when the throw was released and a direct-hit would have been curtains

43.3 - Bhuvneshwar to M Morkel, FOUR, a cracking shot, short of a length delivery on the off stump, Morkel drives off the back foot and beats the fielder's dive at mid-off. What a start for Morne

42.5 - U Yadav to Rabada, FOUR, shortish slower ball from Umesh, Rabada goes for the pull, the ball goes off the glove and goes to the right of Dhoni, who had no chance

42.3 - U Yadav to Rabada, FOUR, this young man is turning to be a revelation for South Africa. He bowls very well under pressure and he seems to be no mug with the bat. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Rabada drives uppishly but wide of mid-off

37.3 - Mohit Sharma to Rabada, FOUR, cracking drive, the crowd goes silent. For a moment one thought it was going to the fielder, but Rabada picked the gap to perfection. Drove the length ball on the rise, timed it so well and hit it through extra-cover

33.3 - Harbhajan to Steyn, FOUR, the change of angle almost got a wicket. Edged and just eludes Raina at slip. Goes on with the angle, Steyn goes back and plays for the turn, the outside edge goes to the right of Raina, who dived full length and still couldn't get there

30.2 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, FOUR, the crowd is silenced. Fuller and angling in on off, de Villiers leans forward and flicks it elegantly through mid-wicket, the timing and placement were sublime

24.5 - Bhuvneshwar to du Plessis, FOUR, that releases the pressure. Slightly fuller and just outside off, du Plessis drives through cover, the fielder dives in vain, he placed it wide of mid-off as well

23.0 - U Yadav to Duminy, FOUR, third boundary of the over and South Africa are running away with the game. Another short ball that gets punished, no pace to trouble the batsman, Duminy swivels and pulls it all along the ground, beating deep square leg comfortably

22.3 - U Yadav to Duminy, FOUR, streaky! Umesh can still afford a smile. On a length around off, Duminy goes hard on the drive, the inside edge goes past the off-stump. Fine leg was square and had no chance

22.1 - U Yadav to du Plessis, FOUR, why bowl short to the South Africans? They are brought up playing such deliveries. It sat up nicely for Faf, who pulled it through mid-wicket with ease, not a muscled moved in the field

21.4 - Raina to du Plessis, FOUR, poor bowling from Raina, he drops one short and well outside off, du Plessis backs away and cracks it square past cover, no need to run for those

20.5 - U Yadav to du Plessis, FOUR, easily done by du Plessis, Dhoni looks concerned, back of a length and just outside off, du Plessis rocks back and pulls it wide of mid-wicket, once it passed the infield, there was no stopping that

19.5 - Raina to du Plessis, FOUR, cracking shot, Raina dropped this one short and well outside off, du Plessis stays back and punches it square past cover, no one in the deep, and the boundary brings up the 50-run stand as well

17.4 - A Patel to du Plessis, FOUR, lovely shot, fraction shorter and just outside off, du Plessis makes room and punches it square past cover. Rohit gets across from the deep, puts in the slide and looks to flick it towards Yadav - getting across from long-off. But Yadav fails to stop it cleanly and allows the ball to hit the ropes

9.5 - Harbhajan to Duminy, FOUR, Harbhajan drops it short and Duminy plays spin very well, goes on the back foot and cuts it through cover-point to open his account in style

9.1 - Harbhajan to de Kock, FOUR, that is a brave hit from de Kock. Flighted delivery outside off stump, de Kock advances, doesn't fully get to the pitch of the ball, plays against the turns as he slogs, makes good enough contact to pick up a one-bounce four at deep mid-wicket

8.3 - A Patel to de Kock, FOUR, this is a top hit. Again not much of room on offer but de Kock goes back and deep in the crease to make space, he cuts well and sends it to the left of backward point this time

6.2 - A Patel to Amla, FOUR, Amla attacks and just clears the man at mid-on. Fired flat, Amla advances and goes for the lofted drive, not quite from the middle of the bat but just good enough to get a boundary

4.0 - U Yadav to Amla, FOUR, top shot from Amla. Short of a length delivery on the off stump, Amla moves slightly across the stumps and plays a lovely looking flick, places it between mid-on and mid-wicket and it raced away

3.2 - U Yadav to de Kock, FOUR, full and outside off stump, de Kock leans forward and drives it along the ground, mid-off is very square and he had no chance

2.4 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, FOUR, there were two fielders for that clip shot, but de Kock has split them to perfection. Not sure why he's bowling round the wicket to the left-hander! Full and down the leg-side, de Kock flicks it to the left of the diving mid-wicket fielder and it escapes for four

1.1 - U Yadav to Amla, FOUR, edgedddddd but past the man at second slip. Fullish and swinging away outside off stump, Amla goes for the drive, plays away from the body and gets a thick edge, luckily for Amla it went well wide of the fielder at second slip and third man had no chance of cutting that off

0.3 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, FOUR, poor line from Bhuvneshwar. Nice inswing on this length ball, but with the angle from round the wicket, this one ends up on leg stump and de Kock easily flicks it away past mid-wicket to open his account in style

39.5 - Harbhajan to Tahir, SIX, oh that's a wonderful slog-sweep and he's cleared the boundary as well. Flighted delivery on the leg stump from round the wicket, Tahir gets down on one knee and smashes it hard over deep mid-wicket

33.2 - Harbhajan to Steyn, SIX, Steyn sees the flight on this and decides to take it on, he bends his back leg and slog sweeps it towards cow corner, he made connection as the ball sailed over the rope

31.0 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, SIX, AB de Villiers reminds everyone why he is the best. He uses his feet, meets the pitch of the ball and tonks it flat, went crashing into the stands over long-off

43.4 - Bhuvneshwar to M Morkel, out Caught by Raina!! Edged and that is a fine catch by Raina. The crowd love it. India level the series 1-1, with three games to go. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Morkel goes for the back foot drive again, gets a thick edge, it went quickly and Raina, who was very wide at slip, was placed perfectly by Dhoni and he held onto the catch despite the ball travelling quickly to him. In fact, he fell back after completing the catch and that tells you how quickly it came to him. M Morkel c Raina b Bhuvneshwar 4(2) [4s-1]

43.2 - Bhuvneshwar to Tahir, out Caught by Dhoni!! Edged and taken. No doubt about this one, a clear edge. Dhoni takes the catch and throws the ball up in the air in delight. Short of a length very close to the off stump, Tahir goes for the drive off the back foot, the ball takes the outside edge and Dhoni makes no mistake. India are one wicket away. Tahir c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 9(12) [6s-1]

39.3 - Harbhajan to Behardien, out Caught by Dhoni!! Biggggg shout from Dhoni, Harbhajan joins the party, umpire Vineet Kulkarni thinks, thinks, thinks and then raises the finger. The umpire was under serious pressure there, hope he's got this right. Poor delivery from Harbhajan. Flighted delivery down the leg-side, Behardien tries to glance, probably the ball took a faint edge and Dhoni was very confident in his appeal. Was there an edge? I am not sure. I can't hear anything. Well, well, well. The Snicko showed nothing there. South Africa will be unhappy with this call. Could be match-defining as well. Behardien c Dhoni b Harbhajan 18(33)

36.1 - U Yadav to Steyn, out Caught by Kohli!! Kohli in action again. This was a much easier catch than the previous ones. It was a nothing shot from Steyn. A short of length delivery around off, Steyn wanted to go up and over mid-off, the length didn't allow him to get it off the sweet spot, he gets it high on the bat and the ball balloons towards mid-off, Kohli runs back from short cover and takes it easily. Steyn c Kohli b U Yadav 13(16) [4s-1 6s-1]

32.1 - Mohit Sharma to de Villiers, out Caught by Kohli!! He might have not contributed with the bat, but Kohli is pulling off stunners in the field. He throws the ball high in the air in delight. This is a big wicket for India. The South African captain has been sent back. He walks back disappointed. Not a wicket taking delivery, short and wide outside off, slapped towards cover, where Kohli flies to his left, snaffles it with both hands while still being in the air. Can India win it from here? de Villiers c Kohli b Mohit Sharma 19(20) [4s-1 6s-1]

26.2 - Bhuvneshwar to D Miller, out Caught by Dhoni!! Miller gone for a golden duck. The roof erupts at the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore. India have the advantage now. Top delivery from Bhuvi, short of length in the corridor of uncertainty, Miller could have let it go, instead fishes at it and the outside edge flies to the left of Dhoni, who dives and grabs it with both hands. D Miller c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 0(1)

26.0 - A Patel to du Plessis, out Caught by Kohli!! India are back in the game. Two wickets in three overs and both set batsmen have been dismissed. Third wicket for Axar, who is single-handedly keeping India in the game. Superb catch from Virat. Slower through the air and on off, Faf advances and looks to go inside out, he chips it towards short cover, Kohli times his jump to perfection and holds on with both hands above his head. du Plessis c Kohli b A Patel 51(56) [4s-6]

24.0 - A Patel to Duminy, out Lbw!! The 82-run partnership has been broken. Is this the opening India were looking for? It was pushed through on off, Duminy kneels down and misses the sweep, is rapped low on the pads, Axar went up and umpire Vineet Kulkarni obliged by raising his finger. South Africa were cruising with this stand and India needed to break it. Duminy lbw b A Patel 36(46) [4s-3]

9.3 - Harbhajan to de Kock, out Caught by Mohit Sharma!! Oh! What have you done, Quinton de Kock? He bangs the bat onto the ground in anger and then practices the drive down the ground. He throws his head back in disappointment as he walks back. Flighted delivery on the off stump, de Kock backs away and then tries to go for the lofted drive, only two fielders are allowed outside the ring in the first 10 overs and he's picked out one. A straightforward catch to Mohit at long-off. Harbhajan picks up a wicket in his comeback game. de Kock c Mohit Sharma b Harbhajan 34(36) [4s-5]

6.4 - A Patel to Amla, out Stumped!! This is so unlike Hashim Amla! He tries to take the aggressive route again and perishes. Clever bowling from Axar and Dhoni's change has worked. Axar anticipated Amla to give the charge again and bowled it wide outside off stump, Amla goes for the big hit, but misses the ball completely, the ball spins away and beats the bat, Dhoni does the rest. The crowd is delighted. Amla st Dhoni b A Patel 17(17) [4s-3]

3.1 - U Yadav to de Kock, no run, in the airrrrr and put down. That was hit very, very hard, good effort from Rohit. He actually caught the ball, but when the elbows it the ground, the ball popped out. Quinton de Kock is relieved to see the ball touch the grass. Shortish and on the off stump, de Kock pulls nicely from the middle of the bat, Rohit dives to his right and takes the catch, but couldn't control it. Umesh thought he had his man

25.0 - Bhuvneshwar to du Plessis, 1 run, Faf brings up his 18th ODI fifty. His 4th against India and second in this series. But he would have been run out had Rayudu hit the stumps at the bowler's end. He pushed it towards mid-off and took on the fielder, even a desperate dive wouldn't have saved him