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South Africa tour of India 2015

Scorecard - 2nd T20I, India vs South Africa at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack, India (05 Oct 2015)


92/10 (17.2) RR:5.31

South Africa won by 6 wkts

MOM: Albie Morkel
South Africa

96/4 (17.1) RR:5.59

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13.0 - Tahir to Ashwin, FOUR, attaboy Ashwin! The flipper just outside off, Ashwin waits on the back foot and opens the face of the bat ever so late to dab it fine. The ball races away

10.2 - Tahir to Raina, FOUR, friendly full toss and Raina has placed the drive nicely here. He didn't try to hit it too hard, knew that there was no one in the deep behind square on the off-side, just leans forward, opens the face of the bat as he drives and sends it past backward point

9.4 - Kyle Abbott to Raina, FOUR, width on offer and Raina has crashed that past backward point. Short and outside off stump, Raina cuts hard, the ball was in the air but well wide of the man at backward point and it rockets to the boundary. Third man had no chance too

9.2 - Kyle Abbott to Raina, FOUR, punchy-drive from Raina, it's racing across the turf, Duminy dives and gets a hand on it, but it rolls back and touches the rope. Great effort from Duminy! Fullish and outside off stump, Raina plays with an angled bat and sends it through cover-point, Duminy races to his right and half-stops the ball, he managed to flick it initially but it spun back and hit the rope

3.5 - C Morris to Dhawan, FOUR, Behardien got a hand on that, should check if it's made a hole in his palm. That was cut away with ferocity. Enough on it to reach the fence

3.3 - C Morris to Rohit, FOUR, you bowl that with fine leg up, good luck to you. Fuller length delivery going down leg, all Rohit had to do was get some bat and he does so with his glance

1.4 - Tahir to Dhawan, FOUR, edged and four. Dhawan can afford a chuckle while Tahir is frustrated. That's the name of the game. Drifting away with the arm, Dhawan tries to play the cover-drive with laden feet and only manages an outside edge which races away to the fence

0.2 - Kyle Abbott to Rohit, FOUR, poor, poor delivery. Rohit latches onto it in a flash. Short with width on offer, Rohit plays a controlled cut in the air and over backward point, beats third man to the fence

17.2 - C Morris to Ashwin, out Bowled!! That's it! India are all-out for 92 - their second lowest total ever in T20Is. Nothing but a length ball from Morris, Ashwin walks and also makes a bit of room, goes for the inside-out drive but misses it completely and the ball hits the top of middle stump. Ashwin b C Morris 11(15) [4s-1]

16.0 - A Morkel to Bhuvneshwar, out Bowled!! That one definitely nipped back in off the seam. Can't fault Bhuvi too much. It was a cracker. Fraction fuller than a good length, around off, Bhuvneshwar looks for a drive down the ground leaving some gap between bat and pad. The ball deviates rapidly to find that gap and cannons into the middle pole. Bhuvneshwar b A Morkel 0(2)

15.4 - A Morkel to A Patel, out Caught by du Plessis!! They keep falling like nine pins (okay, I know it's only 8 but metaphor?). Fuller length delivery on the pads, Axar fails to keep the flick down as he played it well in front of his body, ends up chipping it to Faf du Plessis at short mid-wicket. Of all people, Faf du Plessis. A Patel c du Plessis b A Morkel 9(12)

12.4 - Tahir to Harbhajan, out Bowled!! The crowd don't know what's hit them. The wheels are coming off for the home team. A well flighted googly from Tahir, pitches just outside off and turns back in sharply. Bhajji is bewildered, bemused, flustered - go on, throw anymore adjectives you want. He was looking to drive it into the off-side playing for the leg-break. The ball sneaks through the bat-pad gap, knocks over middle. Harbhajan b Tahir 0(1)

12.3 - Tahir to Raina, out Caught by Amla!! Tahir is off on his parade as he usually does. India are in tatters now. 69/6. Well flighted delivery just outside off, Raina looks for the drive but has to reach out for it as he isn't close enough to the pitch. Ends up meeting the ball well in front of his body, due to which he can't keep it along the ground. Chips it straight to the man at short cover. Raina c Amla b Tahir 22(24) [4s-3]

11.4 - A Morkel to Dhoni, out Caught by de Villiers!! The Indian skipper would be a disappointed man. A fairly innocuous delivery - on a good length and outside off, Dhoni is late on his attempted cut and the ball catches the toe-end. Dies on the way through to the keeper, who does ever so well to dive forward and complete the take. Made it look like child's play. Not sure if the shot was on as the length wasn't all that short enough. Dhoni c de Villiers b A Morkel 5(8)

8.3 - Rabada to Rayudu, out Bowled!! What have you done, Ambati Rayudu? I can't believe my eyes. He's missed a straight full toss. Oh dear! What a toss to win for Faf. His bowlers have reduced India to 45/4. Nothing but a friendly full toss, probably Rayudu would argue that it was a pacy ball as it bowled at 142.7kph, but you can't miss full tosses like that. He was so late in reading the length and the ball sneaked through to knock over the leg stump as he hurriedly played the drive. Rayudu himself can't believe what happened there. Rayudu b Rabada 0(2)

7.5 - A Morkel to Rohit, out Rohit Run Out!! Stunning piece of fielding from Killer Miller. He was off balance while he threw, yet he was bang on target. India are in some trouble now, it's 43/3 inside 8 overs. Good length delivery outside off stump, Rohit defends it to the right of point, Miller swiftly runs to his right, picks it up with his right hand and fires the throw at the bowler's end, Rohit ran at full speed, but Miller was too quick for him and a direct-hit meant that Rohit was at least a yard short. Rohit run out (D Miller) 22(24) [4s-2]

4.2 - Rabada to Kohli, out Kohli Run Out!! 1 run completed. Full toss around off stump, Kohli flicks it through the mid-wicket region, didn't seem like he was too keen on the second as he strolled across for the single. Rohit might have called him through. Yes he did and the second run was easily on. The fielder runs across and rifles in the throw at the striker's end leaving Kohli stranded. Kohli wasn't swift enough taking the first run and he payed the price. Massive blow for India. Kohli run out (C Morris/de Villiers) 1(1)

4.0 - C Morris to Dhawan, out Lbw!! South Africa get the breakthrough which they have deserved. Dhawan moves right across to a fuller length delivery on the stumps and tries to play the pick up shot behind square on the on-side. Fails to get any bat on it. The ball seemed to have pitched on leg and probably would have clipped the off stump. Dhawan lbw b C Morris 11(12) [4s-2]

17.1 - Raina to Duminy, FOUR, that's it, Duminy completes the formalities. South Africa win the series with a game to go. Short ball on the stumps, Duminy goes on the back foot and pulls it over deep mid-wicket

10.4 - Mohit Sharma to Duminy, FOUR, another four runs deducted from the target. Ordinary bowling. Fine leg was very square, the ball was on Duminy's hips, he clips it fine and the ball beats the fielder to the ad cushions

7.3 - Ashwin to Duminy, FOUR, a different release from Ashwin, just flighted it up with the seam pointing leg-slip, unfortunately ends up as a full toss which Duminy creams through the cover region

5.2 - Ashwin to du Plessis, FOUR, nicely done! Flighted delivery outside off stump, du Plessis dances down the track and easily lofts it over mid-off

4.2 - Harbhajan to du Plessis, FOUR, he can play spin! Flighted delivery just outside off stump, du Plessis steps out, gets to the pitch of the ball, doesn't go hard at the lofted drive and sends it to the left of mid-off

0.4 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, FOUR, tell you what, this match could be over in 10 overs if this man remains unbeaten. Short and outside off stump, de Villiers cuts uppishly over backward point, more from the toe-end of the bat but it's good enough to beat third man

0.2 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, FOUR, thank you very much says AB de Villiers and smashes it. Interestingly, the crowd cheer loudly for that hit. Short of a length delivery swinging away outside off stump, de Villiers camps on the back foot and cuts it hard through cover-point

16.2 - A Patel to D Miller, SIX, there he goes, David Miller. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Miller advances, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it easily over long-off and clears the boundary by some distance

5.3 - Ashwin to du Plessis, SIX, this is even better from Faf. I told you, he knew Ashwin's tricks very well and he's showing it. Flighted delivery outside off stump, du Plessis advances and gets to the pitch of the ball, lofts it handsomely over mid-off and this time it goes all the way

14.3 - A Patel to Behardien, out Lbw!! The quicker arm-ball from Axar Patel and Behardien had no clue about it. He played for spin, but it came in with the angle from round the wicket, beat the inside edge of the bat as he tried to defend and trapped him plumb in front. Something to cheer for India, but South Africa are just 17 runs away. Behardien lbw b A Patel 11(18)

8.0 - Ashwin to de Villiers, out Bowled!! Ashwin has got de Villiers twice in two games. And that too with genuinely good deliveries. Making a habit to get the top players out. Sangakkara in Sri Lanka, and now ABdV here. Well tossed up delivery, was the over-spinner which lands on a length just outside off, de Villiers looks to play for some turn and looks to steer it into the off-side. The ball just skids on, beating the outside edge and shaving off stump. de Villiers b Ashwin 19(21) [4s-2]

5.5 - Ashwin to du Plessis, out Caught by Mohit Sharma!! Ashwin wins the battle in the end. Pretty needless I would say, especially after having played a couple of delightful shots earlier in the over. The slider from Ashwin, du Plessis steps out and looks to loft over mid-on, because it didn't spin and went on with the angle from round the wicket, it took off the outside half of the bat, mid-off ran back and completed a good catch. du Plessis c Mohit Sharma b Ashwin 16(14) [4s-2 6s-1]

2.0 - Ashwin to Amla, out Caught by Rohit!! MS Dhoni loves to have a man at leg slip and the ploy works. Nothing but a flighted delivery down the leg-side, Amla plays the glance, but sends it very fine, it goes quickly, the fielder moves his hands to his right, juggles and takes it on the second attempt. Luckily for him it didn't go too far away from him and he could react in time to grab the rebound. So the spinner gets a wicket in his first over. Amla c Rohit b Ashwin 2(3)