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Pakistan v England in United Arab Emirates 2015

Scorecard - 1st ODI, Pakistan vs England at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (11 Nov 2015)


216/10 (49.4) RR:4.35

Pakistan won by 6 wkts

MOM: Mohammad Hafeez

217/4 (43.4) RR:4.97

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40.0 - Riaz to Woakes, leg byes, FOUR, optimistic shout for LBW, good length delivery angled in, Woakes misses the tickle, the ball runs away off the thigh pad past the keeper. Pakistan were busy appealing and the ball escapes for four. That was clearly missing the stumps

36.0 - Yasir Shah to Woakes, FOUR, low full toss on the leg stump, Woakes whips it past the diving mid-wicket fielder. The umpire gives a friendly warning to Yasir Shah for stepping onto the danger area

26.1 - Bilal Asif to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, now this IS short enough and has been dispatched. Never going to miss out on these is Morgan. Hammers the pull over mid-wicket

21.0 - Bilal Asif to James Taylor, FOUR, just a step down the pitch and Bilal Asif bowled that right in the slot for the drive. The bowler was looking to toss it up nicely, but it went too full and Taylor was poweful with his drive to the left of mid-off

19.2 - Riaz to James Taylor, FOUR, that's nicely punch-driven by Taylor. Overpitched outside off stump, Taylor leans forward and times it sweetly, it's in the gap between mid-off and extra-cover and it races away

18.4 - Bilal Asif to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, now that is a top shot and excellent use of the depth of the crease. Allows the flatter delivery to come, waits and opens the face of the bat at the last moment to cut it late, sends it to the right of backward point, who had no chance

17.0 - Bilal Asif to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, poor bowling from Bilal Asif, not a good first over but Eoin Morgan won't mind. Short and asking for trouble, Morgan rocks back, waits for the ball and pulls powerfully over mid-wicket to raise his 29th ODI fifty. Another good knock under pressure from the England captain

15.0 - Shoaib Malik to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, strays short ever so slightly, that's enough for the English skipper who is in the middle of a resurgent spell in the ODIs. Jumps back in the crease and cuts it late to find the gap behind backward point

13.1 - Yasir Shah to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, he plays this well, the reverse sweep. Drifting away outside off, nice loop and dip, Morgan's hands are quick, smashes it behind backward point and scurries off the turf into the ad cushions

9.4 - Anwar Ali to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, let me tell you, this was no half-volley. Just a fraction full outside off, might have been the cutter, Morgan gets a good stride into the ball and creams the cover drive piercing the off-side field

9.1 - Anwar Ali to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, down the track and bang! Last over of the first powerplay and Morgan looking to make use. Anwar Ali is medium pace at best so not much of a risk. Length ball angled across off, Morgan leaves enough room to swing his arms, and hammers it over mid-on on the up

8.2 - Shoaib Malik to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, darted onto the pads, Morgan sinks low on one knee and shovels the sweep behind square. Rockets away to the fence

7.2 - Anwar Ali to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, Morgan would have been very worried when he hit that. Goes threateningly in the air, and teasingly wide of a scrambling mid-wicket fielder. Back of a length delivery on leg, perhaps stops in the pitch due to which he was early into the tuck, scoops it up but wide of the outstretched hands of the fielder

5.5 - Anwar Ali to James Taylor, FOUR, nice turn of the wrists. Fuller length delivery but erring in line, Taylor leans forward, meets it well in front of the body, not the ideal way to play. Where he did well was to roll the wrists on the ball to send it through along the turf through mid-wicket. Skims away

3.5 - Anwar Ali to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, gets this one away! Similar line, similar length, Morgan wasn't going to miss out on this occasion. Crunches it in front of square and whistles away

3.0 - Irfan to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, lobs up and just over the keeper. This is a very nervy start. Short of length on the body, Morgan was expecting this, but is through the pull too early. Catches him on the fore-arm and spoons over the leaping keeper. Umpire didn't spot it and gave runs

1.1 - Anwar Ali to Hales, FOUR, full, too full. Hales leans into the drive, not much feet, cracks it straight of mid-on. The fielder gives chase but doesn't have a cat in a hell's chance on this outfield

28.2 - Shoaib Malik to James Taylor, SIX, that is a great way to get to fifty. James Taylor gets a good round of applause from the dressing room, it's his 6th fifty in ODIs and he raises his bat to acknowledge the applause. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Taylor jumps out of the crease, gets to the pitch of the ball and muscles the loft over long-off

26.4 - Bilal Asif to James Taylor, SIX, what an exhibition to play spin bowling from Taylor! Such light feet. Dances down making sure to get wide enough of the pitch, meets it with a full blooded swipe back over the bowler's head and into the sightscreen

49.4 - Riaz to Topley, out Woakes Run Out!! That's the end of that. England finish with 216. Woakes actually played a handy knock to get them here. Tries to sneak in a bye after Topley missed, had to get on strike to be fair on him, just inches short of the crease after Sarfraz effects a direct-hit with an underarm effort. Woakes run out (Sarfraz Ahmed) 33(49) [4s-1]

48.3 - Irfan to Willey, out Bowled!! Bingo! Actually was the most hittable ball of the over. Length and right in the slot to be whacked, Willey has an almighty heave at it, doesn't bounce as much as he thought, whizzes beneath the inside edge to clatter off-stump. Willey b Irfan 13(24)

40.3 - Irfan to Adil Rashid, out Caught by (sub)Z Gohar!! That's a soft dismissal. Irfan bowls a fullish slower ball, Rashid mistimes the loft, the ball goes straight to the man at mid-on. Second wicket for Irfan. Adil Rashid c (sub)Z Gohar b Irfan 7(13)

35.4 - Yasir Shah to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Babar Azam!! That's a stunning grab by the fielder at mid-wicket. First wicket for Yasir Shah. Short and spinning back in, Moeen Ali goes back and pulls well, but doesn't bother to keep it down, the fielder dives to his left, goes with both hands but it sticks in his left hand and he does well to hold on even while tumbling onto the ground. A dejected Moeen Ali walks back to the dressing room. Moeen Ali c Babar Azam b Yasir Shah 7(12)

34.1 - Shoaib Malik to James Taylor, out Caught by Azhar Ali!! Now another set batsman falls. England have lost the plot. They have lost their last 3 wickets for just 10 runs. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Taylor advances and plays a gentle flick, he didn't go hard at it and it popped up, short mid-wicket dived forward to take a good low catch. A delighted Azhar Ali throws the ball up in joy. James Taylor c Azhar Ali b Shoaib Malik 60(82) [4s-3 6s-2]

31.0 - Shoaib Malik to James Taylor, out Buttler Run Out!! Buttler is livid as he walks back to the dressing room. Turns back and looks at his partner while shaking his head. Flighted delivery on the leg stump, Taylor nudges it to the right of short mid-wicket, he calls for a quick single, but Buttler wasn't sure about the run, he responds but the fielder under-armed the throw adjacent to the stumps. The keeper collected and quickly disturbed the stumps. England have lost 2 wickets in the over. Buttler run out (Azhar Ali/Sarfraz Ahmed) 1(2)

30.3 - Shoaib Malik to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Now that's a massive wicket for Pakistan. Morgan has been dismissed against the run of play. End of a sensational 133-run stand. Flighted delivery pitching around off stump line and spinning away sharply, Morgan goes for the drive, but the sharp turn took the outside edge, which was neatly held by the keeper. The appeal was spontaneous and the finger went up. End of a handy knock from the England captain. Eoin Morgan c Sarfraz Ahmed b Shoaib Malik 76(96) [4s-11]

3.1 - Anwar Ali to Hales, out Caught by Younis Khan!! My oh my! What on this good Earth is going on. It's pace doing all the damage. Back of a length delivery around the fifth stump line, did nothing off the deck, nothing that I could spot anyway. Hales rocks back and aims a firm punch through the covers, just played down the wrong line as simple as that. Gets a thick edge which dips to the left of Younis. The oldie has still got it, moves smartly, fumbles the first time but hangs on for dear life as it didn't pop up too far. Then a boyish smile after being mobbed by his mates. Hales c Younis Khan b Anwar Ali 10(7) [4s-1]

1.5 - Anwar Ali to Root, out Lbw!! What a start this is. First Roy, and now the dangerous Joe Root. His reluctance to come forward ends up costing big time. A good length delivery pitching around off and jagging back a fair degree, Root was pinned on the crease aiming a push to mid-on with a straight bat, the movement beats the inside edge and hits the flap of the front pad. And England lose their sole review as well. Was more in hope rather than anything else. Not very smart. Root lbw b Anwar Ali 0(7)

0.2 - Irfan to Jason Roy, out Bowled!! Boom. Irfan crashes timber with his second ball! And what a ball. Delivered on a good length and angled across from over the wicket, the ball pitches in line with middle and leg stump and straightens a shade, enough to go right through the gate of Roy who had committed on the drive, never in balance as he was on the walk. Goes on to knock over the top of off. Jason Roy b Irfan 0(2)

30.2 - Shoaib Malik to James Taylor, 1 run, in the airrrrrr, oh dear the captain puts it down. This surely had to be taken. Pakistan needed to break this stand, but they've not taken the opportunity. Taylor advances and mistimes the loft high in the air, it went high in the air but no futher than mid-wicket, three fielders were converging but Azhar Ali went for it, he never looked comfortable and in the end didn't even get a hand to it running back from mid-wicket

45.4 - Riaz to Woakes, 1 run, Woakes had given up and would have been on his bike with a direct hit! Pushed to cover and sets off, the fielder collects and shies at the non-striker's end but can't hit bull's eye

24.4 - Irfan to Eoin Morgan, wide, the 100-run stand is brought up with an innocuous wide down leg.

40.1 - Willey to Babar Azam, FOUR, plonk your foot down and slap it straight. As simple as that. Was nothing wrong with the delivery. Perfectly on a good length, Azam thrashes it disdainfully

37.1 - Woakes to Hafeez, FOUR, all of a sudden the runs are flowing for Pakistan. No one at slip now. Good length delivery outside off stump, Hafeez looks to defend, gets a thick edge, the keeper dived to his right, but it was well wide of him

36.4 - Willey to Babar Azam, FOUR, slower delivery on the stumps, Babar Azam glances it fine past the short fine leg fielder. This is the first boundary for Pakistan in 52 balls

26.5 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, lovely use of the feet. Enables him to smother the turn and crack the drive through the covers. Hafeez is batting on a different planet currently

24.5 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, pretty much similar to previous ball, only that this time Hafeez finds the gap. Wasn't much of a risk driving against the turn as the ball was too full

24.0 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, here comes the gift. Filthy half-tracker, pulled fiercely through mid-wicket

20.4 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, spinners have opened the release valve. Floated up on a length just outside off, Hafeez sinks low and shovels the sweep through square leg

19.0 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, ventures down, meets the pitch of the ball and clouts it over mid-wicket

17.2 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, that should have been stopped. Moeen Ali does all the hard work by making good ground, seems like his knee got stuck in the turf while diving, and the ball sneaks through to the ropes

13.3 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, another filthy half-tracker so nearly produces a wicket. Hales was around 10 yards inside the boundary at deep mid-wicket. Leaps with his right hand outstretched but just over his fingertips. Would have been right down his throat if he had been all the way back.

13.1 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, half-tracker, was plagued by this right through the Test series. Too short, too easy. Hafeez jumps back and pulls hard over mid-wicket

10.4 - Woakes to Hafeez, FOUR, way too short, Hafeez rocks back and pulls well, it was in the air but there was no one at backward square leg to take the catch

8.1 - Woakes to Hafeez, FOUR, overpitched and punished. Full and outside off stump, Hafeez drives off the front foot, beats the dive at mid-off and it runs away for four

6.1 - Willey to Hafeez, FOUR, driven nicely off the back foot, nothing wrong with the delivery, good length delivery close to off stump, Hafeez drives it straight down the ground, mid-off and mid-on had no chance

5.3 - Topley to Younis Khan, FOUR, that's a nice hit. Younis got his front foot slightly across the line, but he adjusted to the inswinging ball, moved his front leg inside the line and then drove with the full face of the bat through mid-off

4.2 - Willey to Hafeez, FOUR, on the leg stump, Hafeez glances it fine and fine leg is very square, easily done by Hafeez

3.5 - Topley to Younis Khan, FOUR, what was that? A checked flat-batted shot down the ground to a short and very wide delivery. Had to reach out for it originally intending a conventional square cut but had to make the adjustment

0.5 - Willey to Azhar Ali, FOUR, full and outside off stump, Azhar Ali leans forward and drives along the ground, finds the gap between mid-off and extra-cover

0.1 - Willey to Azhar Ali, FOUR, off the mark in grand style. Full and swinging back in, the line was slightly down the leg-side, Azhar Ali clips it uppishly to the right of square leg and it runs away for four

42.4 - Adil Rashid to Babar Azam, SIX, Azam continues to give a glimpse of his striking prowess. Clean striking of the cricket ball. Rashid invitingly tosses it up just outside off, Azam gets low and thumps it over long-off

41.3 - Woakes to Babar Azam, SIX, slower ball and Azam has deposited it back over Woakes' head. I'll take my 2nd ODI fifty, thank you. He is in a hurry now. Might not have got all of it, but enough. Actually, was off the bottom of the bat. I have no words

36.5 - Willey to Babar Azam, SIX, oh that's a top shot! Shortish delivery on the off stump, Babar Azam stands tall and pulls handsomely over mid-wicket, the timing was so good that it went all the way

28.0 - Adil Rashid to Babar Azam, SIX, wow! Youngsters these days. What confidence. The wrong 'un tossed up above the eye-line, Babar picks it up, clears his front leg and thunders it over long-on. Goes soaring into the night sky

19.4 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, SIX, googly, short, six! Just not happening for Rashid. Not control of length. And at his pace, just sits up. Hafeez rocks back and swats the pull over mid-wicket. Brings up his 28th ODI half-century!

24.2 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Jason Roy!! Something happened. Oh yes. Malik's trudging off. Seemed so impassive. That's as soft a dismissal as they come. Flatter delivery on the stumps, Malik tucks it in the air and straight to short mid-wicket. Can't work out how he made the error really. Might have been early into the stroke and well in front of the body. But the bottom line is that England have an opening. Shoaib Malik c Jason Roy b Moeen Ali 26(35) [4s-3]

9.5 - Topley to Younis Khan, out Caught by Adil Rashid!! In the airrrrr and taken. That is the end of Younis Khan's 15-year-old ODI career. He raises his bat to the crowd as he walks off the field. Shortish delivery from Topley, Younis is late on the pull and gets it high on the bat, the ball baloons towards mid-on, who dives forward and takes a good catch. Big wicket for England and Pakistan are reduced to 41/3 inside 10 overs. The Pakistani team gives Younis a guard of honour just beyond the boundary rope. Younis Khan c Adil Rashid b Topley 9(18) [4s-2]

3.2 - Topley to Bilal Asif, out Lbw!! What a shambolic attempted defence. Certainly not equipped to play the swinging ball. Short of length delivery which veers back in sharply after pitching in line with middle-stump, skids on and doesn't bounce as much. Bilal is playing for the straight one. Beaten on the inside edge by a huge way and struck on the knee-roll. OUT. Younis Khan for his final ODI innings now. Bilal Asif lbw b Topley 2(7)

1.5 - Topley to Azhar Ali, out Lbw!! That's plumb in front. Don't tell me Azhar Ali is going to review this. He is having a chat with his partner for the review, so that's a sign that he's not hit this. No captain, please don't waste the review and thankfully he doesn't. England get the early wicket they wanted. Nothing but a full ball swinging back in, Azhar Ali plants his front foot across the line and tries to work it on the on-side, misses and the ball hits him right in front of middle and off. In fact that is the first ODI wicket for Topley. Azhar Ali lbw b Topley 8(10) [4s-2]

7.1 - Topley to Younis Khan, 1 run, driven hard and the fielder at short cover makes a half-stop. Full and outside off stump, Younis drives off the front foot, it was heading to the boundary but the fielder saved England three runs. Alex Hales was the man with that piece of fielding

42.2 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, 2 runs, there it is! Takes his right glove off, removes his helmet and kisses the turf. His teammates are genuinely delighted back on the balcony. A warm embrace from Azam as well. His 11th ODI ton. Was the tossed up googly on off, Hafeez picked it, looks to club it with the turn but couldn't quite get hold. Enough though to clear mid-on

11.3 - Topley to Hafeez, no run, Hafeez takes a few strides down the pitch after working a back of a length delivery through the on-side, sees Rashid move swiftly to collect the ball, then retracts. Nearly sold Malik down the river. He would have been out with a direct-hit

8.3 - Woakes to Hafeez, no run, yorker on the stumps, Hafeez digs it out, England appeal for LBW thinking the ball hit the boot first, but there was no pad or boot involved