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Pakistan v England in United Arab Emirates 2015

Scorecard - 2nd Test, Pakistan vs England at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (22 Oct 2015)


378/10 (118.5) RR:3.18

354/6 (95) RR:3.73

Pakistan won by 178 runs

MOM: Wahab Riaz

242/10 (75.2) RR:3.21

312/10 (137.3) RR:2.27

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110.5 - Moeen Ali to Yasir Shah, FOUR, in trying to dish out the candy, Ali errs a bit too full. Overpitched outside off, Yasir drills the drive through the cover region. Has looked fairly accomplished, much more so than Riaz at least

109.5 - Stokes to Yasir Shah, FOUR, now tries to surprise the batsman with a fuller length delivery, it was on the pads though. Yasir flicks it elegantly and the ball skims past the chasing mid-wicket into the ropes

109.4 - Stokes to Yasir Shah, FOUR, Stokes switches to round the wicket and telegraphs the short delivery. It was angling away from Yasir giving him the room to get a clean swing of his arms on the pull. Manages a top edge and over the keeper's head

109.0 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, FOUR, the field was up trying to prevent the single and Shafiq makes use of the opportunity by hammering a slog-sweep over mid-wicket

108.2 - Moeen Ali to Riaz, FOUR, no messing around now. "His defence is not great," says Ramiz Raja on air. So we know what to expect. Takes a couple of steps down to get close to the loop, gets on one knee and slog-sweeps it wide of deep mid-wicket

104.1 - Moeen Ali to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, shortish, fastish and just outside off, Sarfraz uses the pace on the ball and carves it behind square on the off-side, Broad gives chase and comes second

101.0 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, bad delivery from Rashid to end the over. The full toss on off, Sarfraz clears his front leg, opens up the leg-side and whips it wide of mid-on, Cook didn't bother to chase that down

97.0 - Broad to Shafiq, FOUR, Broad might be tiring. This is an expensive over from him - 11 runs came off it. Fullish angling in on middle, Shafiq leans forward and clips it elegantly through mid-wicket, no need to run for those

96.2 - Broad to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, no one is going to stop that. Short and width on offer, Sarfraz has been waiting for something like this since his arrival, frees his arms and cracks it in front of square on the off-side, no fielder sweeping on the off-side

96.0 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, FOUR, edged and four. That brings up his 12th Test fifty. Another typical Shafiq innings. Comes in when the team is in a bit of trouble and adds a partnership with one of the senior men. Coming to the ball, on a length in the channel around off, Shafiq looks to defend off the back foot, the ball catches the outside edge and runs to the left of gully

88.4 - Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR, Cook thought about breaking into a sprint to give chase but soon gave up. It was a cracking cover drive, leaned into the shot and played it on the up through extra-cover

83.3 - Mark Wood to Misbah, FOUR, another one teasingly evades the fielder. A well directed bouncer gunning for the badge, Misbah transfers his weight on the back foot after coming forward and pulls it away. Didn't quite keep it along the ground and the ball just escapes the outstretched hands of Ali at backward square leg who was leaping to get to it

83.1 - Mark Wood to Misbah, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off, Misbah slices his punch in the air and behind backward point. May or may not have been deliberate but well wide of the man

82.1 - Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR, goes flashing at a wide half-volley, the movement catches a thickish outside edge which zooms away behind backward point

76.5 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, FOUR, down the track comes Shafiq and is nearly done in by the bowler who drags his length back. Shafiq still manages to reach out and loft it over mid-on. Didn't look the prettiest but effectively done

75.2 - Anderson to Shafiq, FOUR, rare loose ball from Jimmy. Short and with width on offer, Shafiq waits on the back foot and crunches the back-cut behind backward point

64.3 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, FOUR, "catch" yelps the keeper. It's Ian Bell, that took away half the chance. Nah, on a serious note it was well wide of him. Shafiq dances down and looks to whack this with the turn, the bat turned in his hand as he spooned it off the inside half to the right of mid-wicket. Bell hurtles across and dives but it's too far. Gets away with it does Shafiq

63.3 - Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR, Stokes has got the ball to reverse consistently. Overpitched delivery on the stumps, curls away ever so late and takes a thick outside edge of Shafiq's flowing drive. Unfortunately for the bowler, it straightaway dies on the turf and sneaks through slip and gully

62.3 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, FOUR, another reverse sweep! Also registers his half-century, his 31st in Tests. Gets a warm embrace from Shafiq. Moves in position ever so quickly and just helps it away behind backward point

53.1 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, FOUR, drifting away nicely outside off, overpitched though and Misbah crunches the drive through the covers

49.2 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, FOUR, now the reverse! Half of Misbah's runs have come off the sweep shots. It was always on though with no backward point in place. Tossed up outside off, he is in position in a flash and helps it away fine

48.4 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, soon after the slip is taken away, an edge flies through the vacant region. Well, this is what happens when you mess too much with the basics. A loose drive attempted by Younis against a good length delivery well wide of off, the ball tkes the outside edge and goes straight through where first slip would have been. You could argue that he played the shot because the fielder wasn't there. Umm, not really

45.4 - Stokes to Misbah, FOUR, was that a chance? Oh it's that man Bell again. The ball was right between first and second slip but might have just fell short. A hint of shape away from the batsman squares him up completely in his back foot defence. The ball takes a thick outside edge and goes very low. Could Bell have got there by diving forward? Maybe, maybe not. We'll never know. His feet seemed to have been stuck on the ground as he never made an attempt

44.2 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, previously he has had to fetch the sweep from outside off, this delivery is on middle and off, As a result he gets a lot more power behind the shot and the ball skims away behind square

41.2 - Stokes to Younis Khan, FOUR, surely is moving in the air! Squared Younis up completely after shaping away late, the thick outside edge dribbles away wide of the diving second slip and into the fence

38.5 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, finally Misbah latches onto one. Has been a horrible over from Rashid. Half-tracker which is pulled fiercely over mid-on. Didn't quite get hold of it but enough to clear the infield

29.4 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, very full outside off, too easy for a player like Younis. Drills the drive through the cover region. Enough legs on it to go all the way

27.5 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, FOUR, too much air this time, ends up being a low loopy full toss outside off stump, Younis sees the opportunity and cracks the drive through extra-cover

24.5 - Broad to Masood, FOUR, fifty for Masood! His second in Tests. Got to hand it to the opener the way he has approached this innings. The intent has been positive both in attack and defence. And this is a brilliant shot to bring up the landmark. On a good length just around the fourth stump line, Masood presses towards the line of the ball and pushes it square of the wicket. All timing

21.5 - Moeen Ali to Masood, FOUR, this is good positive batting. Masood has played with intent right through his innings. Advances again, makes room and belts the drive through extra-cover

17.3 - Moeen Ali to Masood, FOUR, that's what happens when you use your feet. The bowler's length is messed up. Drags this short outside off, Masood was waiting on the back foot and cuts it away behind square

15.1 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, flatter outside off, Hafeez goes leg-side to make room and punches it nicely square of the wicket. Broad, who was at backward point, puts in a clumsy effort and allows the ball to sneak through

14.2 - Mark Wood to Masood, FOUR, there's your riposte. Short of length delivery which doesn't lift very high. Masood watches it closely and plays a short arm-jab pull behind square. The timing on it was exquisite and the ball skimmed to the ropes

6.4 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, and as I say that, he bowls one a bit too full. Just a firm push down the ground from Hafeez. Mid-off was quite wide, gives chase but the outfield here is quick. Much more so than Abu Dhabi

5.2 - Broad to Masood, FOUR, now this is much more convincing. Straying on the pads, flicked away right off the meat through the mid-wicket region

5.1 - Broad to Masood, FOUR, Masood is stuck on the crease all the time expecting a short one. As a result his feet are not going towards the pitch of the ball. On a fuller length just outside off, gets a thick outside edge on his attempted cover-drive, rolls away wide of the slip cordon and into the boundary

4.5 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, might have looked streaky but Hafeez was in control. Back of a length around the fifth stump line, Hafeez gets a thick outside edge while looking to defend off the back foot, was played with soft hands though which meant that the ball went straight into the ground. Also beats the dive of third slip to run away

3.5 - Broad to Hafeez, FOUR, pitched further up by Broad looking to entice a drive. Hafeez obliges. Leans nicely into it and sends the ball rolling through the cover region. The fielder gives chase and puts in a head-first dive trying to flick it back but doesn't get close

3.2 - Broad to Masood, FOUR, strays in line and Masood gets it away. A fuller length delivery on the pads, all the batsman had to do was get a tickle fine

89.3 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, SIX, thrilling stuff! This man isn't made up of nerves. He is something else. 1 away now. Ali throws up the bait by tossing it up nicely, Misbah meets it with a full blooded swipe over long-on

89.1 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, SIX, Misbah is keeping us all on our toes. Last over of the day and he unleashes a big slog-sweep. Just about clears the boundary. 7 away from a ton. Go for it skip!

74.5 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, a repeat of the previous ball, I almost thought it was an action replay. Sends it in the precise same spot over long-on. Credit to Rashid for tossing it up again, Misbah gets a clean swing off the arms and swipes it over mid-on

74.4 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, some people have been woken up. Smoked down the ground. Deliciously tossed up on middle and leg, Misbah clears his front leg out of the way and hurls it into projectile motion over the long-on boundary, his back knee bending while doing so

42.4 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, where did that come from? Suddenly Misbah decides to take the leggie on. And it was there to be whacked. Well tossed up leg-break just outside off, Misbah clears his front leg and bludgeons it down the ground over mid-off. Sailing over the ropes it goes

20.0 - Moeen Ali to Masood, SIX, Masood has been itching to do that to Ali right from the start. Finally gets one which he can execute. Tossed up around off, Masood is down in a flash, makes sure that he has enough room to swing his arms and launches it back over the bowler's head

118.5 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, out Caught by Root!! That is the end of that. And it will also be Lunch. Pakistan have been bundled out this morning. Got to hand it to the Englishmen. What an effort! The plans of bowling short to the batsmen early on were executed to perfection. Once they made a couple of early inroads, it was an open secret that Pakistan have a long tail which can be blown away. And so it proved. Coming to Shafiq's dismissal, it was on a good length and bending back in on the stumps, Shafiq clears his front leg and mistimes his heave off the inside half of the bat. Root at short mid-wicket takes a sharp catch as the ball was travelling. Shafiq c Root b Mark Wood 83(178) [4s-9]

117.0 - Mark Wood to Babar, out Lbw!! That's an absolute shocker from Babar. He was so paranoid about the short delivery, ends up trying to duck under a full one. Pitched right up on middle and leg, Babar was ducking, the ball raps him on the pads and the umpire's finger goes up. If that wasn't enough, he goes upstairs for a review with a look of embarrassment. Hawk-Eye shows that the ball would have clipped leg. Babar lbw b Mark Wood 3(6)

113.5 - Adil Rashid to Yasir Shah, out Caught by Stokes!! The rewards for tossing it up. Rashid gave this leg-break a lot of air and bowled it wider, Yasir's eyes must have lit up as any other tailender, goes chasing after it with the drive. The ball grips the surface and finds the outside edge which went quickly at chest height to Stokes who was swift to get his hands in the reverse cup and snap up. Yasir Shah c Stokes b Adil Rashid 16(17) [4s-3]

108.3 - Moeen Ali to Riaz, out Caught by Anderson!! You live by the sword, you die by it! Not sure if the Pakistani dressing room will be appreciative of that philosophy. But Riaz is done for. Credit to Ali for not being shy of tossing it up despite the previous boundary. Riaz's eyes lit up once again and he strained every sinew of his body looking for the almighty slog-sweep, only manages a top edge which skies towards mid-on. Another easy take for Jimmy. Riaz c Anderson b Moeen Ali 6(10) [4s-1]

106.2 - Moeen Ali to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Caught by Anderson!! Sarfraz's extravagance has got the better of him. Too many shots. Jumps down the track once more and looks to launch this quickish delivery with the turn over mid-on, probably got too close to the pitch due to which he failed to get under the ball. Ends up mistiming it and presenting Anderson with a simple offering to his right. Sarfraz Ahmed c Anderson b Moeen Ali 32(49) [4s-3]

90.5 - Broad to Misbah, out Lbw!! What a start! England would have talked about getting early wickets, Broad has given them that. It was the perfect set-up. Short, short, short and then the full one that nipped back in, Misbah wasn't expecting it, he was waiting for another short one, tries to defend but is beaten on the inside edge and is struck in front of leg-stump. Umpire Paul Reiffel took a bit of time before raising the finger. Misbah reviewed, but lost the challenge as the Hawk-Eye showed it to be clipping the leg-pole. Misbah lbw b Broad 102(197) [4s-8 6s-5]

58.0 - Mark Wood to Younis Khan, out Caught by Buttler!! A strangle down the leg-side! After trying everything in this over, he nips out Younis with a nasty little strangle down leg. Oh, this game. It was straying well down leg, Younis tries to fiddle with it attempting a glance. Runs it right off the splice to the keeper and walks off, not waiting for the umpire. Younis Khan c Buttler b Mark Wood 56(115) [4s-4]

28.1 - Anderson to Masood, out Caught by Buttler!! And Masood is gone first ball! Oh hang on! After a consultation with his partner, he has decided to review. Why would you talk to your partner if you know you haven't hit it. Moving on, there is a slight sound as the ball passes bat. Nothing very conclusive but the onfield call is out. The third umpire doesn't see any reason to overturn the decision. And the finger is raised for the second time. Masood goes. A gentle loosener from Anderson. On a fuller length and angling away just outside off stump, Masood is drawn into a needless front foot poke but only manages a feather through to the keeper. England were convinced. And the umpire responded in kind. Masood c Buttler b Anderson 54(87) [4s-7 6s-1]

18.4 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Bairstow!! Yowza, yowza, yowza! Holy, moly! Simply sensational from Bairstow at FSL! That was clipped right off the middle of the bat and Malik is crestfallen. Someone please drag him off the field. Back of a length delivery angling into Malik, he clips it straight at Bairstow who shows agile reflexes getting his hands in the right position close to his chest, doesn't hold on first time but the rebound was not far away to his left. He is alert and pouches it before tumbing over. Shoaib Malik c Bairstow b Stokes 2(9)

15.2 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, out Caught by Bairstow!! Ali has struck! Was that some turn or just a half-hearted defensive shot? Slower through the air and lands on a length around off, a bit of turn is enough to catch the inside edge as the batsman was lazily prodding forward to defend. Deflects onto the pad and pops up offering an easy chance to FSL. Hafeez c Bairstow b Moeen Ali 19(44) [4s-4]

89.4 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, 2 runs, get on your feet people! A 9th Test hundred for the Pakistani skipper. And he chooses a reverse sweep to get there. Seeing him move into position, Ali bowled it quicker and down leg, Misbah just about gets it away off the toe end through the vacant point region. Off comes the helmet. Played!

79.5 - Broad to Shafiq, no run, fuller length delivery angling into leg, Shafiq fails to connect with his flick and his head falls over which made it look closer than it was

49.5 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, 2 runs, a gentle nurdle off his pads to get to his half-century. Gets a handshake from his skipper. This is his 30th fifty in Tests

67.1 - Riaz to Broad, FOUR, short of length and wide of off, Broad goes on the back foot and punches that with sublime timing, square on the off-side

66.3 - Yasir Shah to Broad, byes, FOUR, down the leg-side, that has spun a long way, the batsman didn't pick it, neither did the keeper and the slip fielder, raced away to fine-leg

62.1 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, FOUR, for the gazillionth time, Bairstow gets an edge to an attempted cut. Jumps back in the crease to a shortish delivery, gets it off the bottom-edge this time. The ball might have gone between the keeper's legs actually and skims away. Poor ol Younis gives chase and puts in a head first dive, but the ball has already reached the ropes

56.4 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, FOUR, Yasir has really struggled this morning. Either too short or too full. This is a half-tracker, Bairstow pounces on it and crashes the cut in front of square to find the gap

56.3 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, FOUR, a genuine outside edge which runs away. It was pushed through quicker, the flatter trajectory lulls Bairstow to play back to a delivery which was fullish, gets an outside edge which travels low to the left of Younis at slip. Fell well short of his outstretched left hand though

55.5 - Riaz to Root, FOUR, Root was opened up a touch but did well to go at it with soft hands. It was angling away on a back of a length, Root has a feel for it and the thick outside edge dies immediately and runs away between the slip cordon and gully

54.3 - Yasir Shah to Root, FOUR, and again. Leg-spinner and a full toss go together like butter and popcorn it seems. Nice and loopy and drifting in on the stumps, lots of bottom hand in this whip through mid-wicket. Was in the air but well wide of mid-on

54.2 - Yasir Shah to Root, FOUR, full toss from Yasir. 99 times out of 100 Root will put it away. Whips it through mid-wicket

50.0 - Yasir Shah to Root, FOUR, this is a terrific battle between two fine cricketers. Flighted delivery and on the stumps from Yasir Shah, Root brings out the slog sweep, doesn't look to keep it down and it runs away to the deep square leg fence

48.4 - Babar to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow cracks a powerful shot. He comes forward to a tossed up delivery and drills it to deep extra cover. It races to the boundary boards

45.4 - Yasir Shah to Root, FOUR, this one is bowled outside the line of leg-stump, Root uses the sweep and it goes fine for a welcome boundary. Root is playing with a touch of bravado against Yasir

43.2 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, FOUR, the straighter one from Yasir Shah, Bairstow plays against the spin. He brings out the slog sweep and collects a boundary through deep backward square leg. He didn't look to keep the sweep shot down there

40.4 - Riaz to Root, FOUR, consecutive boundaries for Root. Riaz from over the wicket, bowls it on a fuller length and outside off, Root, opens the face ever so slightly, leans into the drive and threads the gap between cover and backward point to perfection. Misbah gives the chase and puts in the dive, but to no avail

40.3 - Riaz to Root, FOUR, overpitched from Riaz, Root nicely uses the pace of the bowler and threads the gap through the cover-region. The fielder at cover gives the chase, but the ball wins the race

32.4 - Imran Khan to Cook, FOUR, Imran must be feeling like tearing his hair out. So frustrating. Pitched right up and slanting away, Cook seemed to be forced into a drive as his feet were languid, the ball takes a thick outside edge and once again just dies quickly and past the diving third slip (which was inserted after the previous delivery)

32.3 - Imran Khan to Cook, FOUR, the outside edge which dies quickly as it was played with soft hands. Cook had a feel for that length delivery which was angled across him. Close enough to off-stump to draw out a shot. Rolls away evading the diving second slip fielder

30.3 - Imran Khan to Cook, FOUR, oh dear! A help-me ball. Cook accepts it gladly. "Thank you very much, I'll bring up my half-century". His 45th in Tests. Low full toss on the pads, Cook tickles it away fine

25.5 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, the short ball ploy is not working against Cook. He doesn't seem to be too fussed with it, rocks back and pivots on the back foot as he pulls this fine. The fielder was square and had no chance of stopping that

25.3 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, top delivery. After bowling a couple of short deliveries, Riaz goes for the inswinging full delivery, Cook wasn't expecting that, doesn't get forward as he pushes at it, the ball takes the inside edge, hits the back pad and flies past the leg-stump. Riaz thought he had his man and asks Misbah to take the review

25.0 - Shoaib Malik to Root, FOUR, full and outside off, Root lunges and gets to the pitch of the ball, caressed it to the deep extra cover boundary

22.0 - Yasir Shah to Cook, FOUR, majestic! No problems for Cook this time around. He was clear in his mind. Kneels down and gets underneath the flighted delivery, slog sweeps it over mid-wicket, one bounce and into the fence

18.0 - Yasir Shah to Root, FOUR, second boundary of the over. Flighted on leg-stump, Root kneels down and sweeps it behind square leg, there was a man in the deep, but Root did well to play it fine

17.1 - Yasir Shah to Root, FOUR, leg-spinner and a full toss. Those two go hand-in-hand. Just that it took Yasir Shah three overs to bowl one. Root leans forward and clips it through mid-wicket, the timing takes it to the fence

14.5 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, fabulous shot! That is unlike Cook. He shimmies down the wicket, meets the pitch of the flighted delivery and hammers it over mid-wicket, hit it in the air intentionally and picked up four

12.1 - Babar to Root, FOUR, Babar drags this one short, Root picks the length quickly and pulls it to deep mid-wicket. It was a gift of a delivery from Babar and Root took a heavy toll of it

11.0 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, Cook is very good at getting outside off and then bringing out the sweep shot. He did exactly that as he slog sweeps this flighted delivery to fine leg. The fielder in the deep attempts to hunt it down, but the ball wins the race

7.5 - Riaz to Root, FOUR, Riaz is causing headaches for the English batsmen. Remember, Root has been troubled by short stuff in the past. Here, the short ball from Riaz gets big on Root, he can't control the pull, gets a top-edge to fine leg. To add insult to Riaz's wounds, it runs to the boundary boards

6.2 - Imran Khan to Cook, FOUR, Cook has certainly improved his game on the front foot in recent times. He comes forward, bends his front knee and drives this fuller length delivery that is bowled outside off through the cover-region. It races to the boundary boards. He found the gap with needlepoint precision

3.1 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, back of a length delivery that drifts on Cook's pads, Cook is very good at clipping it into the on-side. He jumps in the air, rolls his wrists down and flicks it to deep backward square leg. The ball crashes into the ad-cushions

42.5 - Babar to Bairstow, SIX, slower through the air, Bairstow advances, doesn't get close to the pitch of the ball. However, he carries on with his lofted shot. It sails over the long-off fence

75.2 - Imran Khan to Anderson, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Bravo Anderson, he decides not to keep us waiting for our lunch. Banged in short, gets big on the batsman as he tries to fend at it, only manages to glove it through to the keeper. A dramatic collapse from England this morning, much like their counterparts yesterday. Hands Pakistan a hefty lead of 136. Anderson c Sarfraz Ahmed b Imran Khan 4(17)

70.2 - Yasir Shah to Mark Wood, out Caught by Younis Khan!! Googly, googly screamed someone among the close-in fielders before Yasir Shah delivered this ball. Yasir bowled it and to his delight he got a wicket. Wood went hard on the stroke, and seems like the bat hit the ground before it flew to first slip. Anyways, Pakistan claim the catch and there was enough drama before Wood was sent back. Mark Wood c Younis Khan b Yasir Shah 1(11)

67.0 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, out Lbw!! Yasir Shah is slowly getting into rhythm. No wonder he is the fastest Pakistani to claim 50 Test match wickets. Bairstow walks back with a sorry face. Flatter delivery on middle and leg, that came quicker to Bairstow than he anticipated. Looked to work it to the leg-side and misses, ball strikes the pad and umpire Paul Reiffel has his finger up in flash. Bairstow lbw b Yasir Shah 46(104) [4s-5 6s-1]

66.2 - Yasir Shah to Adil Rashid, out Caught by Hafeez!! No problems on this one though. What did you just do Adil Rashid? He just faced 1 ball of leg-spin and this (the second one), he wants to slog-sweep Yasir out of the park. Gets a thick-top edge that flies towards cover. Hafeez could have had a cup of coffee and taken that catch. Easy as you like, just jogs forward and accepts it gleefully. The quicker one from Yasir Shah which Rashid didn't pick at all. Adil Rashid c Hafeez b Yasir Shah 0(2)

64.0 - Riaz to Buttler, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Riaz is waving his wand and the ball is dancing to his tunes. What a spell of fast bowling! Oh, they will write songs about this. Never mind the exaggeration but that's how good he's bowled. Pitched right up and angled in from round the wicket, gets it to curl away in the air. Buttler had to play at it due to the angle but only manages a faint outside edge. The ball dies on the way to the keeper who dives forward to collect. He's made up for that drop earlier, has Sarfraz. Buttler c Sarfraz Ahmed b Riaz 0(9)

61.3 - Riaz to Stokes, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Kudos to Riaz, what a bowler! He's getting the dividends this morning. Slingy back of a length delivery wide of off, Stokes looks to punch it through the off-side playing away from the body with no feet. The ball must have slightly held its line as well after pitching which induced the outside edge. Sarfraz moved smartly to his left to hang on as it was flying. Stokes c Sarfraz Ahmed b Riaz 4(13)

57.3 - Riaz to Root, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Another missed hundred for Root. And it's that man, Wahab Riaz, with the breakthrough! Just rewards for bending your back. Pitched up delivery slanted across the right hander, draws Root into a loose drive away from his body, feet hardly moved, gets the outside edge which flew low to the keeper's right. Sarfraz does well to dive to his right and pouch it up. Root c Sarfraz Ahmed b Riaz 88(141) [4s-12]

35.4 - Yasir Shah to Cook, out Caught by (sub)Ahmed Shehzad!! Straightaway the change in angle works. Yasir Shah has broken through. Flatter delivery pitching on line with leg stump, Cook was on the back foot looking to clip it away, the ball turns appreciably catching the inside edge onto pad and straight to leg-slip. Cook c (sub)Ahmed Shehzad b Yasir Shah 65(117) [4s-10]

4.1 - Imran Khan to Bell, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! That is a terrific delivery from Imran Khan and he has prised out Bell. It pitched on a fuller length and outside off. It moved late, Bell came half-forward and had a flirty poke at it. It carried nicely to the keeper, who took a simple catch. Throughout the English summer, England lost early wickets. Here too they are in a spot of bother. On the other hand, Imran has that uncanny ability to find a little bit of wobble out of most decks. Bell c Sarfraz Ahmed b Imran Khan 4(10)

1.4 - Riaz to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Masood!! Holy! Moly! Shan Masood at FSL has shown sharp reflexes to pouch the catch and send Moeen back to the pavilion. It is bowled on a back of a length and drifts on the pads. Ali gets into a good position to tuck it into the on-side. In fact, he gets it off the face of the bat. However, Masood at FSL shows excellent reflexes to take the catch with both hands. It was really travelling there. We have seen a couple of breathtaking catches at FSL snapped up in this game now. Moeen Ali c Masood b Riaz 1(8)

56.5 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, no run, was there an edge there? Most certainly was. The keeper has put it down! Short again outside off, Bairstow makes room looking for an encore but this one bounces more to take the outside edge. The deflection wasn't huge so Sarfraz has no excuses for not clinging on

72.1 - Yasir Shah to Broad, no run, this was flighted delivery and around off, Broad is prodding forward in defence, misses and is hit low on the pad. Pakistan fielders go up in unison but the umpire is unmoved

37.1 - Yasir Shah to Root, 1 run, "Roooot" echoing through this massively empty cavernous bowl as he gets to his 15th Test fifty. Gets there with a thick inside edge which rolls away behind square while he was trying to defend a fullish delivery pushed through quicker on off

31.4 - Yasir Shah to Cook, 1 run, a nice little nurdle round the corner brings up the 100-run partnership. Cook hangs back and comfortably plays this with the turn

92.4 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, FOUR, lovely use of the feet. Gets right to the pitch of this flighted delivery and spanks it with the turn over mid-wicket

90.5 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, FOUR, tired effort from the English skipper. Long Test match this has been for him. Half-volley which is driven straight of mid-on, Cook sprints across and tumbles to make the stop. Gets a hand but the ball has enough legs to run away to the ropes

90.1 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, FOUR, what a shot! Didn't go too hard at it, just beautiful roll of the wrists. On a back of a length close to off, Shafiq is anchored to the crease, waits for the ball to arrive and punches it past the diving backward point fielder

90.0 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, FOUR, terrific use of the feet. Is down the pitch in a flash, takes this loopy delivery on the full and drills it down the ground. Fasten your belts

85.0 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, now Younis Khan gets into the act. Skips out and then to the pitch before bottom-handing a flick over mid-wicket. Wristwork from Younis Khan and great to see as he was down the wicket in a flash before deciding to go for the big hit. Now he will play his shots

83.5 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, FOUR, yet another 100 for Younis Khan. He keeps getting better and better with age. His 31st hundred in Tests. No problems at all. Gets a gift from Adil Rashid, short and wide outside off, he rocks back and cuts wide of short cover, the ball runs away wide of the chasing fielders. No big celebrations, a handshake with Shafiq and then a raise of the bat before asking for a fresh pair of gloves. He wants to get on with it. A true professional and such a great smile he has

82.3 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, Younis Khan has a wry smile on his face after getting a boundary. He shuffled across his stumps and then shows all his three stumps, asking Broad to hit one of them or the pads. Broad fired it towards off stump, Younis Khan though flicked it into the vacant deep backward square leg region, takes four and moves to 98. Even Broad had a wry smile on his face after Younis Khan put bat to ball

81.5 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, FOUR, dragged down and gives Shafiq all the time to rock back and pull to deep mid-wicket. Was onto that in a flash and put it away, in the gap

77.5 - Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR, now to the left of the fielder. All class from the little man. Slightly fuller length and Shafiq gets right to the pitch, caresses the drive through extra-cover

77.4 - Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR, mid-off is quite wide and Shafiq gets it through. Stands tall and punches it straight of the man. An innocuous back of a length delivery in the corridor, no real purpose. Elegantly done

76.3 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, the width was there and Younis Khan has flayed that through point. Full outside off, Younis Khan standing outside his crease belted that on the rise and once he found the gap, it was four all the way. Moves into the nineties

76.1 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, Younis Khan gets lucky and gets a boundary. Full outside off, Younis Khan reached out to drive well away from his body, the thick inside edge narrowly misses off stump and Buttler didn't even move to his left. He stood static, even if he had gone for it, he would just grabbed the ball on the bounce as it went to ground quickly

71.3 - Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR, too full and that allows Shafiq to play a glorious cover drive on a bent back knee. The knee touched the ground as he crouched low and then creamed the drive through the gap at cover. The ball had enough to beat the chasing fielders. Shafiq's class on show there

68.0 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, FOUR, drifting onto the pads and Shafiq gets a boundary. Rolled his wrists on the leg-glance and the ball beat the fine leg fielder who was very square. Nicely done by Shafiq

60.2 - Root to Misbah, FOUR, short and down the leg-side, it was asking to be hit. It was a help yourself delivery. Misbah just brings out the slog sweep and gets it past the man at leg slip for a boundary

59.0 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, FOUR, the juicy full toss from Adil Rashid, Younis looks to heave it across the line. He gets it right off the bottom of the bat. However, it has enough legs to beat the mid-on fielder who gave the chase

54.4 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, Misbah goes across towards the off-stump and brings out the slog sweep. He doesn't look to keep it down. Luckily for him it goes over the head of Broad at short fine for a boundary

54.0 - Stokes to Misbah, FOUR, in between, Misbah suddenly wakes up. He just bludgeons this length delivery past motionless fielders to extra cover. It crashed into the ad-cushions. Now, that was a meaty blow from Pakistan's skipper

53.3 - Stokes to Misbah, FOUR, Oh! No! That is the last thing a team that is going through the motions want. Stokes flings it on a fuller length and invites the drive, Misbah comes half-forward, gets an outside edge. However, neither the keeper nor Root at first slip moved. It went between the two and Misbah collected four more runs to his tally. More pain and agony for the wholehearted cricketer from Durham - Stokes

51.4 - Stokes to Misbah, FOUR, more pain and agony for the bowler as Misbah steers this good length ball along the carpet past the first slip fielder to the third man fence. He was opened up there, but in the end, he played it with soft hands

46.1 - Broad to Younis Khan, byes, FOUR, well, it seemed to have touched the thigh pad on its way. However, the umpire signals it as four byes. Drifting down the leg-side, Younis looks to tickle it around the corner and fails to connect

45.5 - Stokes to Misbah, FOUR, Stokes flings it on a good length and it angles away after pitching. Misbah steers it wide of the fielder at first slip and it runs away to the third man fence

44.4 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, Younis brings up his 31st Test fifty in style. Broad drifts this one down the leg-side, the willowy Younis brings his Asian wrists into play and flicks it to fine leg for a boundary. Younis has certainly a great conversion rate as he has made 30 Test centuries as well

37.1 - Anderson to Younis Khan, FOUR, Younis is all text-book. Such elegance with his strokeplay. You err slightly in line and he will put you away. Fuller length delivery on off, Younis shuffles across and neatly flicks it through square leg. Skims away!

36.2 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, dropped short, 77ks, Misbah examines it on the back foot, and swats it wide of long-on

30.5 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, it's just not falling in place for Rashid. Very ordinary he's been since Tea. Low loopy full toss, Misbah gets down on one knee, uses his long reach and plonks the sweep behind square

26.0 - Mark Wood to Younis Khan, FOUR, if you ever wanted to watch confidence of a classy batsman, you have to catch up the highlights of the last ball before tea. Younis just drove that and turned his back, he knows he timed and placed it to perfection. He didn't even bother watching his partner. Full and in the slot, Pakistan's leading run-scorer in Tests, drives that elegantly wide of mid-on, hardly any soul moved on the field. Mid-on fielder just jogs casually to collect that ball. So, that will be tea on day 3.

21.3 - Mark Wood to Hafeez, FOUR, what a way to get to your fifty? Hafeez reaches his fifty in style - with a pull through mid-wicket. Short and sat up nicely for Hafeez, he rocks back and goes for the stroke. Placed it well wide of the man protecting the deep mid-wicket fence

21.0 - Root to Younis Khan, FOUR, full and on the leg-stump line, Younis sinks low and sweeps it behind square on the leg-side. Younis and Hafeez are toying with the English spinners here. Back to pace chef?

18.0 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, Adil Rashid, just like his spin twin, bowls a lollipop of the last ball. Bowls a short delivery on the stumps, Hafeez sits back and pulls it wide of long-on, Cook the man there just jogs and lets the ball reach the fence. Must say that was a very casual effort

17.0 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, what are you bowling Moeen Ali? Full toss on the stumps to Hafeez, he jumps out and smacks it straight down the ground. Moeen hasn't been impressive in his spell

15.4 - Stokes to Hafeez, FOUR, superb stuff from Hafeez! When he sees width, he pounces on it. This time he clobbers the drive off the front foot and places it through cover

13.5 - Stokes to Hafeez, FOUR, short and Hafeez takes full toll of it. He has so much time to pick his spot, rocks back and pulls that over mid-wicket, superb placement and timing

12.5 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, floats up nicely and offers the driving width this time, Younis creams the shot all along the ground through extra-cover, don't bother running for those

12.4 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, short and this time Younis won't spare it. Rocks back and goes for the full-blooded pull through mid-wicket, you can't bowl that to a batsman of Younis' class

7.2 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, short and wide, Malik flat-bats it over point and runs away to the third man fence. Rameez on air calls it as 'Sania Mirza's forehand smash'.

3.1 - Broad to Hafeez, FOUR, Broad bangs it short, but he doesn't get good height on it. Hafeez easily gets on top of the bounce and pulls it behind square. It crashes into the ad-cushions

60.4 - Root to Misbah, SIX, one can always expect the big shot from Misbah at the end of the day. Tossed up delivery from Root, stand and deliver stuff from Misbah as he lofts it wide of long-on. It sails all the way into the stands. Misbah has mastered the art to thwack sixes against the spinners

50.5 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, Misbah gets to his fifty in style. It is his 31st fifty in Tests. He clears his front leg to this flighted ball and lofts it down the ground. It sails into the stands. Remember, he also essayed a measured century in the first innings. One can always count on him to deliver

50.2 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, Misbah always chances his arm against the spinners. As soon as Rashid comes onto bowl, Misbah uses his wrists and lofts it over the long-off fence for a sumptuous six. Superb wrist-work on show there

31.0 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, Rashid has bowled has last over for the foreseeable future I would presume. Long-hop on the stumps, Misbah hops back in the crease and wallops the pull over the mid-wicket ropes. Misbah now has the most number of sixes (61) in Tests for Pakistan. He's surpassed the man at the other end. Come on Younis, surely you must have an answer!

18.5 - Root to Hafeez, SIX, Hafeez couldn't have asked for any better! He's getting gifts from the English bowlers as if it's his birthday today. Short and Hafeez had all the time in the world to spank that into the mid-wicket stands

10.1 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, SIX, Hafeez goes aerial and it goes all the way. Flighted ball from Moeen Ali, Hafeez just brings out the slog sweep and doesn't look to keep the shot down. It easily sails over the deep mid-wicket fence. Chris Jordan, the substitute fielder fetches the ball

95.0 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, out Lbw!! No hundred for Shafiq then. And Misbah signals for a declaration as well. Vicious turn from outside off, stays a touch low as well. Shafiq was rooted on the crease while trying to work this away through the on-side, is beaten by the turn and rapped low on the pad. Once it was given out on the field, there was little chance of the decision being overturned. So, England's leather hunt comes to an end as well. Shafiq lbw b Moeen Ali 79(112) [4s-8]

91.4 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, out Caught by Moeen Ali!! Younis perishes for the cause. Had to throw his bat around but this style doesn't quite suit him. Well flighted delivery just outside leg, Younis was loading up to plonk it down the ground, the ball rips off the surface as a result of which he ends up slicing it straight up. Ali backtracks from mid-on, keeps his eyes glued to the ball and pouches it comfortably before tumbling down. Younis Khan c Moeen Ali b Adil Rashid 118(211) [4s-13]

64.2 - Anderson to Misbah, out Caught by Cook!! Misbah has given it away. He is livid with himself for lofting one straight to the fielder at mid-off. Keeps shaking his head on the way back. Misses out on the chance? (he has already done it once against Australia - my colleagues point out, so apologies!) to join an elite club - hundreds in both innings of a Test match. It was the cutter outside off, Misbah wanted to clear mid-off with the shot but the bat turned on impact and that meant he could only tamely find Cook to his left who took it without any fuss. Misbah had to reach out to play the stroke as it was outside off and the ball may have gripped a touch after pitching. Was on one knee when he played the shot. England get their breakthrough today. Misbah c Cook b Anderson 87(147) [4s-8 6s-4]

21.4 - Mark Wood to Hafeez, out Caught by Root!! Can you believe it? Just when he started to look good, he gets loose and perishes. That's what Test match cricket is all about, you can never ever afford to lose your concentration no matter what the situtaion. Meanwhile, Mark Wood ticks the wicket column for the second time in this innings. Full with a hint of away swing, Hafeez goes fishing sans any feet movement. Outside edge is found and it nestles safely into the hands of Root (who held it low and nicely with his both hands). Hafeez c Root b Mark Wood 51(76) [4s-6 6s-2]

7.5 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, out Bowled!! Now, that was a quick delivery from Mark Wood. It was bowled at 90mph. And that extra burst of pace from the Durham pacer has done the trick for the tourists. It was a fuller length delivery that did little in the air or off the seam. However, as Malik was rattled by the extra pace, he was rooted to the crease. In the end, he tried to slap it through the off-side, got an inside edge and his off-stump was knocked over. Shoaib Malik b Mark Wood 7(13) [4s-1]

2.4 - Anderson to Masood, out Caught by Buttler!! Anderson has been all over Masood like a rash in this series. This is the fourth time, the Burnley Bullet has prised him out. Masood has only faced 17 deliveries from Anderson. Lovely bowling from the Lancastrian there. He went slightly wide of the crease, pitched it on a good length, got it to angle away from the left-hander, Masood came half-forward, had a flirty poke at it. This time around, Buttler didn't make a mistake as he dived to his left and snapped up the catch. Masood c Buttler b Anderson 1(6)

1.2 - Broad to Masood, 1 run, well, Buttler has dropped Masood! The lack of confidence in his ability certainly played a part there. Coming back to the ball, from wide of the crease, Broad drifts it down the leg-side, Masood gets a faint tickle on it. Buttler moved to his right, dived, got both hands to it, yet couldn't pouch the catch.

91.5 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, no run, looped up on a length just outside leg, turns square beating the front foot defence of Shafiq and lands in the hands of Jimmy at slip. Ferocious turn off the rough. The appeal seemed like an afterthought but England have decided to go for the review for a supposed edge. There is a noise but looks like the bat has crashed into the boot. Daylight between bat and ball. So the original decision should stay I guess. Yes, NOT OUT it is.

89.5 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, 1 run, full bunger on the stumps, whipped to deep mid-wicket. Also brings up his fifty

86.4 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, no run, tossed up and turned in, rapped Shafiq pretty low on the pad. But has Shafiq got outside the line of off? No inside edge onto the pad. Yes impact is outside off! and Shafiq should be safe. The ball was going on to hit the stumps but it won't matter. England probably went for the review to waste some time

80.0 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, 1 run, with the ball turning as much as it is, Younis decides to bring out the sweep. Was tossed up on a length around off, Younis gets low and sends it to deep square

133.5 - Riaz to Adil Rashid, FOUR, too leg-sidish, glanced away fine. Runs are irrelevant but another wasted delivery

127.1 - Imran Khan to Adil Rashid, FOUR, full and driven handsomely down the ground past a diving mid-off. Rashid continues to impress. What a phenomenal effort!

114.3 - Yasir Shah to Mark Wood, FOUR, now this was there to be put away and Wood has slapped it away. Yasir has been blowing hot and cold. Dragging it too short for his liking every now and then

105.5 - Riaz to Mark Wood, FOUR, slower delivery on off, Mark Wood takes it on and lofts it over the very short mid-off in place. Once he got it over the man close-in, it was always a boundary. Three fours in the over and Misbah wears a smile on his face. He is trying his best to contain his disappointment

105.4 - Riaz to Mark Wood, FOUR, bad ball and put away, short and wide outside off, Mark Wood did well to reach out and toe-ended the cut through backward point. That area is vacant and the ball raced away

105.2 - Riaz to Mark Wood, FOUR, stylishly played by Mark Wood. Ala Gordon Greenidge. Lifts one leg up in the air and plays a flamingo short-arm pull behind square, past the close-in backward short leg, raced away. This short ball didn't rise as much as Riaz wanted

104.0 - Riaz to Adil Rashid, FOUR, how assured has this man looked? Must have a word or two to say to his top order when he gets back. Short of length delivery just outside off, Rashid hops on the crease, rides the bounce and steers it behind point, skims away to the fence

100.5 - Yasir Shah to Adil Rashid, FOUR, short and crunched. More frustration for Pakistan as this partnership now crosses fifty. It was a half-tracker and Rashid swats it through mid-wicket

95.1 - Riaz to Broad, FOUR, Broad is enjoying this. Keep the pacers on, he would be saying. Rises on his toes and punches this short of length delivery through the vacant point region. Wahab has been completely off-colour today. No real venom at all

94.3 - Imran Khan to Broad, FOUR, we might soon see spin from both ends. Broad is enjoying the pace on the ball. Cracking drive through the covers. It was pitched right up and it's been crashed off the front foot

94.2 - Imran Khan to Broad, FOUR, dug in short on the stumps, Broad rocks back and pulls it in the vacant backward square leg region. This short one sat up to be hit and Broad didn't miss out. He will take on the short ones if it is in his zone. Swivelled and then rolled his wrists to keep it down

94.0 - Yasir Shah to Adil Rashid, FOUR, three short balls in the over - not a typical Yasir Shah offering, Adil Rashid picked that and went back to hammer the pull through mid-wicket. Had to find the gap and did so. He is playing spin really well. Not surprising considering he himself is a leggie

93.2 - Yasir Shah to Adil Rashid, FOUR, again dragged down by Yasir Shah, this time Adil Rashid thumps the cut through cover. Can't bowl so short and Rashid cashed in

92.5 - Imran Khan to Broad, FOUR, lovely languid, free-flowing drive off the front foot. Wide of mid-off. Imran Khan overpitched and Broad put him away

89.4 - Babar to Adil Rashid, byes, FOUR, the arm ball from Babar, but slips it down leg. No chance for the keeper and it runs away to the fence

86.1 - Imran Khan to Stokes, FOUR, a thick outside edge on the drive as Imran Khan floated one up on off, went to ground and eluded the diving Asad Shafiq at gully to his right. A streaky start to the session but Stokes will get four more runs to his name

85.5 - Babar to Adil Rashid, FOUR, nicely done by Adil Rashid. He saw the half-volley outside off and crashed a drive through the vacant cover. Didn't try to hit it too hard, just relied on placing it and did so

75.1 - Yasir Shah to Stokes, FOUR, lazy and poor from Imran Khan at mid-off. He dived too early and didn't even get a hand on that drive, well-timed by Stokes as he got to the pitch of that and essayed a fine off-drive that went to the right of Imran. It should've been stopped and Misbah isn't happy again

72.0 - Yasir Shah to Buttler, FOUR, tossed up outside off, Buttler goes hard on the drive and gets a thick outside edge that went to ground quickly, wide of the diving second slip and raced away. Buttler is off the mark with a streaky boundary

64.0 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, FOUR, too full again and allows Bairstow to play a drive wide of mid-off. Lots of bottom-hand in that as he essays a cover drive. All along the grass and raced away. Always in control of the stroke

59.5 - Riaz to Root, FOUR, superb off-drive by Root. Tad overpitched by Riaz and Root leant into the stroke. Crouched low and eased a drive wide of mid-off. The ball won the race beating the chasing fielder. It was kept all along the carpet too by Root. Class from Root and he certainly looks in the mood to fight it out

44.5 - Babar to Bairstow, FOUR, a shocker ball, a real drag-down outside off, Bairstow is not going to miss out on easy runs. Hops back and slaps it through the off-side

43.2 - Yasir Shah to Root, FOUR, loose stroke away from the body. Well flighted delivery just outside off, draws Root into the drive and turns away to take the outside edge. The ball dies immediately and rolls away wide of the diving slip fielder. Also brings up his half-century. No exaggerated celebration, knows that a lot of work is to be done

39.5 - Riaz to Root, FOUR, oh shottt! Vintage Root! Stands tall and punches it through the covers. Woosh, that's one for the cameras. Nothing wrong with the ball, it was on a short of length just outside off, just the brilliance of Root

28.5 - Shoaib Malik to Root, FOUR, flatter and sliding away wide of off, Root waits on the back foot and cuts it late to send the ball behind backward point, skims away to the fence

24.4 - Yasir Shah to Bell, FOUR, oh dear. Real filth. Half-tracker on middle stump, Bell is too good a player to miss out, swats it away wide of mid-on

24.1 - Yasir Shah to Bell, FOUR, easy pickings all of these. Has the pitch gone in delta sleep all of a sudden. Or is it the bowling. I think the latter. A drag-down outside off, Bell rocks back, cuts it hard and cuts it for four

23.1 - Babar to Root, FOUR, both these batsmen have looked at ease so far after tea. Dropped down short outside off, Root hops back and punches it square of the wicket. Hafeez puts in a slide to flick it back but the ball sneaks over the ropes

11.3 - Yasir Shah to Bell, FOUR, rare bad ball from Yasir Shah and he has dropped it short and wide outside off, Bell rocked back and beat Malik at point with a cut. The ball wins the race

11.0 - Imran Khan to Root, FOUR, nice shot from Root and he will get off the mark. Stayed back to a good length delivery outside off and then played it late to hit the gap at backward point. Rolled his wrists to keep the shot down. Imran Khan lets out a grimace

8.5 - Imran Khan to Bell, FOUR, when it is full and wide outside off like that, Bell will ease into those cover-drives. He is so graceful when he plays them and this time he leans into one of those and sends it through the cover region. The ball has enough on it to cross the ropes. All class and timing from Bell that time

137.3 - Yasir Shah to Adil Rashid, out Caught by Babar!! Catastrophy for Rashid! Yasir Shah runs away madly and slides on his chest. Oh he's scored the winner in injury time. Everyone rushes towards him. What a way to get out. Gosh, Adil Rashid. After leaving, leaving and leaving outside off, he gets suckered into a loose drive to a floated up leg-break. The ball grips the surface and he ends up slicing the shot straight to cover. The Pakistanis are dancing around like they have discovered the recipe to immortality. Eureka! Frenetic scenes. Adil Rashid c Babar b Yasir Shah 61(172) [4s-7]

132.5 - Babar to Mark Wood, out Caught by Hafeez!! The Pakistani fielders jump around in joy. Much like their support in the crowd. Just Jimmy to come in now. Wow, what a finish! Well flighted delivery on a length on off, it's out of Wood's defensive reach, turns and bounces to take the right shoulder of the bat and sinks low in front of Hafeez at second slip. He moves forward smartly and plucks it off the turf. Mark Wood c Hafeez b Babar 29(95) [4s-4]

103.3 - Riaz to Broad, out Bowled!! Finally, finally! And what a ball. Would have got most of the top-order out let alone Broad. Fast, reverse swinging yorker. The death rattle was heard even before the bat came down. Just two away now. Broad b Riaz 30(42) [4s-4]

88.3 - Imran Khan to Stokes, out Caught by Misbah!! There is the celebration from Imran Khan. He points at himself and gestures as if to say - "I'm the man." Stokes is furious that he has got out to a seamer on this turning track. A nothing shot as he outside edged a back of a length delivery outside off, to Misbah at slip. Comfortably taken too. Should've left that alone but the angle across him made him play at that one. Falls for the second time in the match to a fast bowler. His painful innings finally comes to an end. Was all at sea against the spinners but ironically has got out to a quickie. Stokes c Misbah b Imran Khan 13(66) [4s-2]

81.0 - Yasir Shah to Buttler, out Caught by Younis Khan!! Superb stuff from Yasir Shah. Gets another with a terrific piece of bowling. He set Buttler up with a series of deliveries that were bowled outside off, then recalibrated his radar and bowled it slower on middle, Buttler had to play, but couldn't cover the line, the soft outside edge is allowed to go through to slip by Sarfraz, Younis bends down low and grabs it with both hands. He won't drop those. Pakistan are now just four wickets away. Buttler c Younis Khan b Yasir Shah 7(26) [4s-1]

71.5 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, out Bowled!! Yasir Shah has cleaned up Bairstow. He runs to Misbah and hugs him. Was that a trap? Looks like it for Misbah set the leg-side vacant wanting Bairstow to work it across the line. This was the googly and Bairstow paid the price for playing with a closed bat face, misread it and left a gap for the ball to sneak through. The ball hits middle. Completely the wrong option from Bairstow as he was content to play straight and then suddenly decided to eye the vacant gap. Beautiful bowling from Yasir Shah too in co-ordination with his captain. A fist pump from Misbah for his plan worked wonders. Bairstow b Yasir Shah 22(86) [4s-2]

67.0 - Babar to Root, out Caught by Younis Khan!! Good grab by Younis Khan at slip. But Root is waiting and the umpires are going upstairs to check for a clean catch. The soft signal from Oxenford is out. Lovely bowling from Babar, induced the outside edge, spun away a bit and had Root groping for it, the edge went low but Younis Khan went down and grabbed it before the ball hit the turf. And yes - there comes the confirmation, Root has been given out by the third umpire after taking a look at the replays. Younis had the fingers under the ball - no problems with the catch. He is a good slipper and that's the breakthrough Pakistan wanted. To get rid of Root early on, now the game opens up for them. Babar deserved that too, he has bowled very well this morning. The wicket-taking delivery was a good one too, slower and had Root caught on the crease. Root c Younis Khan b Babar 71(171) [4s-6]

44.1 - Babar to Bell, out Caught by Younis Khan!! Finally, after over 30 overs of being stonewalled, Pakistan have an opening. Bell's dogged resistance comes to end. Well tossed up delivery which kicks off the surface, Bell was looking to pad it away as it had pitched well outside leg but the extra bounce and turn does him in. Misses the pad, takes some glove and presents a simple chance to slip. Coming to the review - Pakistan were convinced there was glove in this but Oxenford said no. Misbah goes upstairs straightaway. And it's a good call. Replays indicated that there was clearly glove involved. Bell c Younis Khan b Babar 46(122) [4s-4]

9.4 - Yasir Shah to Cook, out Caught by Riaz!! Look at that roar from Yasir Shah. He knows the enormity of Cook's wicket. Always dangerous when sweeping against the turning ball out of the rough. Maybe Cook pre-meditated the shot and since the length was very full, he couldn't get under it sufficiently. The top edge flies to deep backward square leg where Riaz hangs on to a simple chance. Cook was the man England hoped to bat till the last ball of the match for them to have any chance, now he is gone. Magnificent roar from Yasir Shah after taking the wicket. The veins and nerves nearly popping out of his neck. Cook c Riaz b Yasir Shah 10(22)

4.4 - Imran Khan to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Younis Khan!! Ali has fallen for it. Didn't take long for the plan to work. Imran was continuously asking the batsmen to drive away from the body, this time he gets a response from Ali. He goes flashing after a pitched up delivery. The angle was always taking it further and further away. Catches the outside edge and flies to Younis at second slip around chest high. Poor from Ali. You have to be a lot more patient than this in Test cricket. His stint as an opener might be short-lived. Moeen Ali c Younis Khan b Imran Khan 1(15)

136.1 - Babar to Anderson, no run, dropped by Shafiq at short-leg. In his defence, it was straight off the bat face. Well flighted delivery around middle, Anderson gets a thick inside edge while looking to defend, Shafiq gets a hand to it but cannot cling on

108.0 - Yasir Shah to Adil Rashid, 2 runs, a dropped catch but a very difficult one. Misbah appreciates that effort from Hafeez in the gully by clapping. Adil Rashid played a half-hearted cut but it still flew and before Hafeez could get his hands around the ball, the ball had burst through. Those have to stick

72.4 - Babar to Stokes, no run, again dropped by Shan Masood at FSL! Stokes misread that and went back to block, got an inside edge onto the pad and it looped in front of Masood who was caught on his heels, lunged forward with one hand stretched out to grab and it didn't stick. Better if he had gone with two hands. Picked the edge late and that's why he couldn't get his hand under the ball. Misbah isn't happy

117.2 - Riaz to Adil Rashid, 1 run, direct hit and Wood was gone! Rashid was eager for his fifty and nearly sold his partner to get there. Nudges it close to mid-on and sets off. Imran Khan's throw isn't accurate. However, maiden Test fifty up. Played Sir!

106.5 - Babar to Mark Wood, no run, the arm ball from Babar and Mark Wood missed the forward defence, the ball was going down leg and there was no inside edge onto the pad as well, it was caught at slip after the ball hit the pad. Babar thought that there was an inside edge onto the pad and also seemed convinced about a strong case for an lbw call. Oxenford said no and Babar went up to Misbah to press his case. Eventually it turned out to be a wasted review by Pakistan as it was missing leg

85.2 - Babar to Adil Rashid, no run, Pakistan go up for a review after being given not out by Reiffel. The call is for lbw. Quicker and darted in, on middle and leg, Adil Rashid went back to flick and there was an inside edge onto the pad, clear bat and don't know why Pakistan went for a review. Also the umpire's call was not out which meant it should've crashed into the stumps for it to be overturned, with the angle that Babar bowled the delivery, it was at best clipping leg. So a wasted review from Pakistan

43.5 - Yasir Shah to Bell, byes, 2 runs, woah, look at that go! Yasir changes his angle and immediately turns it square after pitching one outside leg. It beats everyone (Bell's outside edge included) and sneaks away. Nevertheless, the 100-run partnership is brought up