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Pakistan v England in United Arab Emirates 2015

Scorecard - 1st Test, Pakistan vs England at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (13 Oct 2015)


523/8 (151.1) RR:3.46

173/10 (57.5) RR:2.99

Match drawn

MOM: Alastair Cook

598/9 (206) RR:2.9

74/4 (11) RR:6.73

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149.1 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, leg byes, FOUR, clumsy effort from Buttler, the heat has spared nobody. Malik missed out with his glance to a ball which was straying down leg, the ball deflects off the thigh pad to the left of the keeper. He gets a hand with the dive but fails to stop

141.2 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, brutally hit this time. Down the track and to the pitch before drilling it low and flat wide of mid-off. No chance for the fielder and Shoaib Malik is putting his foot down. Willing to take chances as he gets tired. It is visible to everyone who are watching the game

141.1 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, that is a crude slog but mighty effective. It was tossed up outside off, Shoaib Malik went down on his knees and slog-swept that to the deep mid-wicket fence. Didn't get too much power behind the shot but managed to hit the gap

138.4 - Anderson to Shafiq, leg byes, FOUR, the heads are going down. Poor, poor delivery. Straying on the hips, Shafiq misses out with his glance but the ball runs away fine off the thigh pad

137.2 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, down the track and bang! Will we see a different Malik now. Got close to the pitch and lofts it over mid-off

135.1 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, FOUR, another get up on your feet moment! Shafiq reaches his 8th Test hundred. Cook and Stokes clap in appreciation. Shafiq holds his bat and helmet aloft, big smile crossing his face. Nearly made a mess of it in getting there though. Loopy low full toss, Shafiq nearly falls over looking to play the paddle sweep. Gets it away though and into the boundary

128.4 - Root to Shafiq, FOUR, you get these with part-timers. Regular boundary ball. Dragged down well short and angled across outside off, Shafiq makes room while going back and hammers the cut through the gap

122.3 - Broad to Shafiq, FOUR, errs in line for once and is put away. Too easy. With no fine leg, he strays on the hips, all Shafiq had to do was get a tickle and he does so with his glance

118.3 - Broad to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, fraction fuller outside off, Malik doesn't get quite close to the pitch with his stride but there is no seam off the track anyways. Drives it square of the wicket, the ball teases the chasing fielder into the ropes

113.0 - Stokes to Shafiq, leg byes, FOUR, can't bowl there, very poor delivery from Stokes, down leg and Shafiq just had to get bat on the flick, did so beating Buttler to his left. The fielder is very square and he had no chance of cutting that off. Four more to Shafiq. Clearly came off the bat but the umpire has signalled it as four leg byes. I'm sure Shafiq won't be pleased to be deprived of four Test runs

111.2 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, FOUR, rank bad ball and Shafiq has flat-batted it wide of mid-off. A flat-batted cut and he reached out to hit it in the gap. Nicely done by Shafiq

109.5 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, FOUR, now Shafiq goes over mid-on. The bat turned on impact after he came down the track to loft but got it over mid-on's head. Didn't make the cleanest of connections but sometimes all you need is to clear the fielder

108.1 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Shoaib Malik goes inside out and gets four. Advancing and to the pitch before slicing it over cover, did enough to clear everyone. Good way to play spin, respect the ones that need to be respected and then put pressure by attacking the ones which need to be attacked

106.3 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, fraction short and Shoaib Malik is quick to latch on, rocks back and then punches the turning offie through cover, it ran away wide of the fielders and into the fence. Shoaib Malik continues on his merry ways

100.5 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, FOUR, very tired dive by Cook at mid-off. Shafiq takes a risk against Moeen Ali and it pays off, albeit luckily. Charges Moeen Ali and then lofts it flat, not far from Cook's right, but the England captain is slow to react and the chance is gone. It was a very difficult half chance and would've needed someone like Stokes to have had any chance of pulling that off

98.5 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Shoaib Malik gets to 150 - his highest Test score. What a comeback this is. Streaky way to get to the landmark though. Punches the short of length delivery outside off in the air where a regulation gully would've been. Would've carried to that man but instead it runs away in the gap and to the fence. No big celebrations, just a raise of the bat and a word with Shafiq. He looks tired as sweat is dripping down from his body

97.1 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, drilled past Shafiq. Advanced down the track and though he got too close to the pitch of that he smashed it past the backing away Shafiq. No chance for mid-on as Shoaib Malik shows his intent to great use

96.2 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, FOUR, classy from Shafiq. On off stump and he used all the power in his wrist to whip it wide of mid-on. He is very good with those leg-side shots and uses his wrists to get timing to great effect. Had to beat short mid-wicket as well and did so. Bit of VVS in that shot but not done with the same lazy elegance like the Hyderabadi

96.1 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, FOUR, poor delivery and glanced fine by Shafiq. Buttler diving to his left got a glove but failed to stop it cleanly. Raced away to the fence. It bounced in front of Buttler and that made it an awkward stop for the keeper

96.0 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, beautiful late cut from Shoaib Malik. Went deep in his crease and allowed the ball to come to him, played it late and got it wide of backward point. Managed to get it past the sweeper running across to his left as well. Shoaib Malik used the depth of the crease really well to get power and placement on the shot

90.0 - Anderson to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, superb shot. Full outside off, Shoaib Malik leant forward and drove it with fine timing wide of mid-off, who didn't dive. The ball purred across the turf and raced away beating the chasing fielder. He looked so elegant and in control when he played that drive. He seems to be getting better and better as the innings progresses

85.2 - Anderson to Shafiq, FOUR, half volley from Anderson, Shafiq leans into the drive and gets it wide of the man at mid-off for a sparkling boundary. Broad gives the chase, but some tired legs there. He eventually gives up as the ball crashes into the boundary boards

76.2 - Anderson to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, short of length delivery with plenty of width on offer - that's a lollypop to a batsman who was digging it out all day. Malik slaps the cut through cover and does so with sublime timing. Stand and admire stuff

75.2 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, FOUR, slightly short and Shafiq is off and running with a boundary against his name - the best way to get off the mark, isn't it? Shafiq leant back and muscled the cut through cover. Lanky Broad chases the ball and flings it back just inside the ropes but unfortunately he was in contact with the ropes

68.2 - Broad to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, as cool as you like. No punch in the air, no exult in delight. Just a little handshake with his partner and a nice big smile. Extra-ordinary year this has been for Malik. Scored a bucketful of runs on his ODI comeback, and now a ton on the resumption of his Test career. Coming to the ball, it was baited up outside off, Malik takes it and goes chasing with a loose drive, the outside edge rolls away safely though behind backward point. 3rd Test hundred for him!

67.5 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, loopy delivery which lands a bit too full outside off, Malik creams the drive through extra-cover

65.1 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, on the pads, Younis again brings out the reverse sweep. However, this time, around Younis timed this one well. It runs away to the third man fence for a boundary. The fielder at backward point gives the chase, but to no avail

64.2 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, Younis with a marvellous concoction of timing and placement drives this one through the cover-region and it rockets to the boundary boards. The fielder at cover gives the chase, but to no avail

63.5 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, byes, FOUR, this one misses everything as it pitches and turns out of the rough. The keeper moves to his left, but had no chance in stopping that. It runs away for four byes

59.5 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Shoaib advances, gets close to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over the deep mid-wicket region to collect a boundary. It crashed into the boundary boards on one bounce

59.3 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, lovely extension of hands from Younis as he slaps this delivery that was bowled outside off through deep extra cover for a boundary. He is just a few runs away from breaking Miandad's record for most runs by a Pakistani batsman in Tests

57.0 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, fuller length delivery and tempting the drive, Malik comes half-forward and gets a thick outside edge that goes past the vacant gully region for a boundary. It crashed into the boundary boards

56.4 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, fuller length delivery and outside off, Malik leans into the drive and it goes past the backward point fielder for a boundary. No need to run for those

47.4 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, more stylishly done this time. Waits for this tossed up just outside off, stays still and lofts it high and over mid-off, superb timing on that

47.3 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, full toss and that's a dolly to Hafeez who spanks that through mid-wicket. There is no one in the deep which means it's a boundary

47.0 - Stokes to Hafeez, FOUR, yet again Hafeez brings up 150 - but this time it's the partnership. Not a convincing way to get there though. Pitched on a good length and enticing width on offer for Hafeez, he drives and gets a healthy outside edge which runs away to the left of Root at gully

46.1 - Stokes to Hafeez, FOUR, Hafeez brings up the 150 for Pakistan. This was full and wide, Hafeez leans into the drive and places it behind point, once it beat the fielder it was always going in one direction - boundary ropes that is

45.2 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, full toss again, what are you doing Adil Rashid? Is he still feeling the nerves? Malik belts that with a slog across the line through mid-wicket, don't bother running for those

43.4 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Malik is not hanging back! Once he sees the poor delivery he pounces on it. This was the rank long hop from Adil Rashid, Malik cashes in as he rocks back and cuts it fiercely through cover

39.4 - Broad to Hafeez, FOUR, with the pitch offering nothing, Broad wants to take it out of the equation by aiming for yorkers. Gets it wrong again, ends up as a full toss on the pads, flicked away nonchalantly through the square leg region

33.1 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, some nice desserts after the Lunch. Shortish and width on offer, Hafeez's first movement was forward, doesn't bother to go back and cuts it square of the wicket in the gap

23.1 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, no respect whatsoever for Adil Rashid. Tossed up outside off, Hafeez lofts it over mid-on. Plenty of bottom hand in the stroke and a punchy way to get a boundary

20.0 - Broad to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Shoaib Malik gets lucky. It was angled in on a fuller length and swung in, Shoaib Malik was looking to punch that straight down the ground, the ball takes the thick outside edge and wrong-foots gully to his left, races away to the vacant third man fence

18.2 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, can't bowl short and wide like that, Hafeez rocked back to cut it wide of point and helped himself to another boundary. That boundary also brought up Hafeez's 3000 Test runs

18.0 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, beautiful shot. Two drives in the over - one on-drive and now the off-drive. Balance and poise from Shoaib Malik as he got forward to drive wide of mid-off. Mark Wood guilty of overpitching and Malik good enough to take advantage of that

17.4 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Shoaib Malik is looking in good nick. Full on the stumps, hint of reverse for Mark Wood, but Shoaib Malik punched that wide of Anderson's right at silly mid-on, Broad didn't dive at a conventional mid-on and escorted the ball to the fence. He certainly looks tired

16.2 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, Hafeez comes down the track and takes it on the full, lofts it over mid-on, one bounce over the ropes. Hafeez not allowing Adil Rashid to settle

15.4 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Mark Wood does his zig-zag thing. But he delivers it very full on the stumps after swaying wide of the crease, missed his length and Shoaib Malik drove it straight down the ground for a boundary

14.4 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, didn't take long for Hafeez to assert his domination over Adil Rashid. Down the track and a short-arm jab loft back over the bowler's head. Easy four and a some glove with Shoaib Malik after the shot

13.1 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, now Shoaib Malik punches a back of a length delivery and gets four. Wide of backward point and beats Stokes' head-first dive into the ropes. Mark Wood has to pitch it up further. He has been hitting back of a length consistently and that is not the way to go on this deck

13.0 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, beautiful shot. Not all that short but Hafeez rocked back in a flash and then used the depth of the crease to cut it between point and cover, bisected the two fielders and had the legs to go to the fence. Adil Rashid grimaces

8.1 - Mark Wood to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Mark Wood begins with a loosener and Shoaib Malik cashes in. On a back of a length and outside off, Shoaib Malik punches to the right of point where the fielder goes with one hand on the dive and fails to stop it. Races away

8.0 - Stokes to Hafeez, FOUR, back of a length outside off, Hafeez stands tall and cuts very late, in the gap at gully and it races away. Got on top of the bounce and put it away

6.3 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, first boundary of the innings and a lovely shot to bring it up. Half-volley outside off, Hafeez leans forward into the cover drive and times it well to get it down to the fence

145.3 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, SIX, through the line, as simple as that. Time to go full throttle. Fuller length delivery around off stump, Malik clears his front leg and lets in a free swing of the arms straight back over the bowler's head. Crashes into the ad hoardings on the bounce

137.3 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, SIX, this is even bigger. Rashid tossed it up from round the wicket on leg stump, Malik dances down making room as well and meets it with a full blooded swipe over mid-wicket

127.4 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, SIX, this has been the trend. Whenever Rashid is brought in, use your feet and put him off his length. Gets close to the pitch and shovels it over mid-on. Struck it so well that it carried all the way

97.4 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, SIX, Shoaib Malik is taking on Adil Rashid and putting him away with ease. Down the track once more and taken on the full, lofted over mid-on and enough power to go all the way. He is building the pressure on the leggie with these big hits and he is doing so very calculatedly

61.4 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, SIX, Younis Khan has broken the record of Miandad for most runs by a Pakistani batsman in Tests in a blaze of glory. He gets a hug from the non-striker after breaking the record. Younis, who made his debut in 2000 for Pakistan has come a long way for sure. It was a tossed up delivery from Moeen Ali, Younis got close to the pitch of the ball after dancing down the track, lofted it over the the mid-wicket region for a glorious six. There was Broad stationed on the fence for the shot but he could only watch the ball sail over his head. The meagre crowd find their voice and cheer loudly for their hero

151.1 - Stokes to Babar, out Caught by Anderson!! Okay so Misbah has declared. Lazily gestures from the balcony for the batsmen to come back. A lightning of delight must be passing through every Englishman out there. Coming to the wicket, it was a short delivery, bounced as high as it can on this pitch, Babar tries to hammer the pull into the desert but only manages to slice it off a thick top edge. The man at mid-wicket was lurking halfway inside the boundary and it's straight to him. Babar c Anderson b Stokes 0(4)

149.3 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Bell!! Too many shockers on this ball. First, Malik gets out. Then, Ian Bell takes his second catch of the day. What's going on? Malik gets a pat on the back from two or three of the English fielders as he walks off. He looks a tired man. The walk to the dressing room will be a long one. Fuller length off-cutter around off, Malik clears his front leg and looks to hoick it across the line, the bat turns in his hand as he gets it off the inside half, pops up a simple chance to short mid-wicket. Shoaib Malik c Bell b Stokes 245(420) [4s-24 6s-4]

148.0 - Stokes to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Caught by Bell!! What did I just see? Wickets have been a rare commodity and now England get two in succession. Banged in back of a length and angling into leg, the ball held up in the pitch as Sarfraz was trying to work it through the on-side. It pops up after taking a leading edge straight to short cover. And guess who is the catcher? It's that man, Ian Bell. Come on Belly, give us a smile. Nearly, nearly. Sarfraz Ahmed c Bell b Stokes 2(7)

144.3 - Mark Wood to Shafiq, out Lbw!! Aha! Mark Wood has a wicket against his name. And this is the first one to fall today. The intention from Pakistan is quite clear though. Just go out and swing. That appears to be the message. Back of a length delivery angling into middle, doesn't get up much at all beating the batsman's attempted pull (or hoick). Hits him on the back leg and the umpire's finger went straight up. Shafiq lbw b Mark Wood 107(218) [4s-10]

74.3 - Anderson to Misbah, out Caught by Buttler!! This was a carbon copy of the previous delivery. On a good length and in the corridor of uncertainty, Misbah gets across slightly and hangs his bat in defence. There was a bit of deflection as the ball carried to Buttler. England appealed in unison and umpire Paul Reiffel nods his head straightaway (signalling not out). There seems to be some movement away and that might have been the reason why Cook opted for a review (sans any hesitation). To me, that looks NOT OUT. Still no HotSpot or Snicko. The third umpire is going by audio. Hold on ladies and gentleman, chop that - Misbah has been given OUT. I'm pretty sure he'll have a sleepless night. Cook reviewed immediately and to everyone's surprise the third umpire ruled Misbah out. That is some story for tomorrow. Misbah out in controversial circumstances. Misbah c Buttler b Anderson 3(17)

70.2 - Broad to Younis Khan, out Caught by Cook!! The umpire checked for the no-ball there once again, and Broad's expressions were worth looking at. But no, this time it's fine - half and half. Younis just got carried away in trying to impose himself. Well pitched up delivery on off, the ball might have slightly held-up on his attempted straight drive. Replays suggest it was the cross seam delivery which might explain the reason for not quite coming on. Ends up chipping it straight down the throat of Cook who was positioned at silly mid-on. Younis Khan c Cook b Broad 38(57) [4s-3 6s-1]

54.2 - Stokes to Hafeez, out Lbw!! What a sorry sign here at Abu Dhabi - for the Pakistani fans and Mohammad Hafeez in particular. The pressure of being stuck in the nineties did him and he is not a happy man. A moment of respite for England as they head back to tea. This was fuller and swinging in, Hafeez was caught on the shuffle on the walk down the track as he aimed a flick through square leg. He misses the ball completely and is pinged on the front pad. Pitching - outside off, impact - in-line, wickets - umpire's call (just hitting leg). So, with that, England have just spoiled what could have been a mouth-watering tea for Hafeez. Hafeez lbw b Stokes 98(170) [4s-13]

2.5 - Anderson to Masood, out Bowled!! What an awkward way to get out. Anderson strikes. Masood wasn't expecting the short one, ducks his head down and doesn't look at the ball. The ball thuds into the grille of the helmet and then falls on the stumps. Good change-up from Anderson as he deceived Masood with a surprise short ball. Masood never expected that and has to pay the price for his indecision. Replays show that the ball brushed the right shoulder before going onto the helmet grille. Masood b Anderson 2(6)

86.0 - Anderson to Shafiq, no run, Oh! Boy! Bell has dropped another clanger. He certainly won't watch the highlights for the day. It was a lovely length from Anderson as he drew the batsman forward, Shafiq came half-forward and poked at it to second slip. Bell though, despite getting both hands to it dropped a sitter. Anderson has bowled a wonderful probing line throughout the day and deserved much better for his sterling efforts

6.5 - Anderson to Hafeez, no run, dropped by Bell at second slip! That is a dolly and the Warwickshire man has clanged it. Need to support the bowlers in this heat. Anderson induced the outside edge as Hafeez pushed out well away from his body. Easy height to his left but Bell got hit on the wrist as he grabbed at it and down it went

147.5 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, Malik is just out of his breath. Lying on the grass now. Completely spent. Pursues a quick single after a drive to mid-off and had given up halfway. Direct-hit would have got him. A makeshift drinks break being taken. Cold water being gulped down by Malik. What a marathon!

142.5 - Root to Shafiq, leg byes, 1 run, Shoaib Malik is a tired man and would've been out with a direct hit. It went off the pad behind square and Buttler ran after it, Shoaib Malik set off late and had Buttler hit direct, the batsman was gone. But the throw went wide, Malik was seen stretching to make it but he didn't have the energy to complete the single. A chance missed by England but top marks to Buttler for running across and putting in the effort

134.4 - Anderson to Shoaib Malik, 2 runs, that's it! Malik has his first ever double ton in Tests. That too in his comeback match. He can do nothing wrong at the moment. A ton in his comeback ODI and now this. This has been his best Test innings. Certainly at the top of his game currently. Didn't put a foot wrong. If my memory is right then the only blemish in his innings was the drive off a no-ball which was caught. Apart from that I can't remember anything even remotely resembling half-a-chance. His defence and technique has been impeccable to say the least. Coming to how he got to the landmark - it was on a back of a length outside off, he rode the bounce and steered it wide of backward point for a couple of runs. The Pakistani team are on their feet and so are the sparse crowd. Malik gets a hug from Shafiq and Root says "well played", that is nice to see. No big celebrations from Shoaib Malik though. He just soaks in the moment and then does the Sajda. One thing that stands out is his calmness! So serene he looks. Definitely great signs for Pakistan as he can take Misbah's place in Tests once the Pakistani captain hangs up his boots

121.4 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, 1 run, 150-run stand has been completed. The landmarks keep churning up. Flattish on the hips, nurdled away wide of short mid wicket

106.2 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, 1 run, a scampered single to mid-on as Shafiq reaches his 12th Test fifty. Got there with a push to Broad who was on his heels. Should've known that the batsman was on 49 and been more alert. A calm and composed innings by Shafiq who is a very very good young player

104.3 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, this one stayed a bit down but Shoaib Malik went back and chopped it wide of point. The 100-run stand is up between the two

42.3 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, 06th August 2010 - Mark this date all Malik fans - That's when he played his last Test match and he exactly scored 6 (including 2 innings). And now 5 years later, the comeback man registers his fifty in style, step down the track and an on-drive past silly mid-on

36.2 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, 2 runs, 100-run partnership is up for this pair! A batting day. Again very full, in fact a full toss on off stump, Hafeez paddles it fine and scampers back for the second before fine leg gets around

31.5 - Anderson to Hafeez, 1 run, 11th Test fifty for Hafeez! Gets a congratulatory handshake from his partner. The ball nipped back slightly from a length inducing a thickish inside edge on Hafeez's push down the ground, dribbles away through square leg

199.0 - Rahat Ali to Broad, FOUR, Broad is a very good driver of a cricket ball when it is pitched up and he does just that, gets forward and drives through cover, Shafiq has a long chase and does well, but then dives head-first too early in trying to pull it back, can't rein it back in, the ball rolls away into the ropes. So much effort and it has gone down the drain

197.0 - Rahat Ali to Broad, FOUR, streaky but the lead is now 50. A similar fullish length in the outside off channel, Broad jabs at it with docile feet, gets a thick outside edge which dies down and finds the gap between the slip cordon and gully

193.4 - Babar to Buttler, FOUR, superb use of the feet and an inside out hit over cover, got to the pitch and put it away, Buttler looking to be aggressive against Babar and that is paying dividends

191.5 - Babar to Buttler, FOUR, lovely flowing drive and it beats Rahat's tired dive at mid-off. He went to his left but couldn't stop it. It was hit well by Buttler as he reached out to play the shot

188.1 - Shoaib Malik to Buttler, FOUR, superb reverse sweep from Buttler. Takes it from outside off and then rolls his wrists to get it powerfully through square of the wicket on the off-side. The ball purred across the turf, gets a four to his name

181.5 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, fired in on leg stump, Cook gets inside the line and sweeps it away fine, might have got it off a thick inside edge and it runs away

180.5 - Shoaib Malik to Stokes, FOUR, another batsman gets to fifty! "It's a ROAD", sharing Bumble's sentiment. Stokes reaches the landmark in style. Brings out the slog-sweep over mid-wicket

179.1 - Babar to Stokes, FOUR, against the turn - if there is any turn - and blasted through extra-cover. Was down the track in a flash, got very close to the pitch and crashes it wide of mid-off

178.4 - Shoaib Malik to Stokes, byes, FOUR, this delivery has refused to get up from the pitch. Well flighted outside off, Stokes was looking to go for a booming drive but the ball scoots under his bat, between the keeper's legs and dribbles away lethargically to the ropes

171.3 - Rahat Ali to Stokes, FOUR, nice flowing on-drive down the ground. Bat comes down ever so straight, was there to be put away and he does so in style

170.1 - Imran Khan to Stokes, FOUR, a real loosener, a product of a stiff body. Straying on the hips, gentle pace, Stokes gets inside the line and glances it fine

166.2 - Imran Khan to Stokes, FOUR, down the leg-side, Stokes, with that high back-lift, clips it to fine leg. It crashes into the ad-cushions

164.5 - Babar to Stokes, FOUR, Stokes straightaway shows his ability to play with a touch of bravado. He muscles the slog sweep to deep backward square leg for a boundary. No need to run for those

164.0 - Riaz to Stokes, FOUR, outstanding over from Riaz as he again gets it to reverse late. However, in an attempt to bowl the yorker, it turns out to be a full toss. Stokes gets an inside edge on it as he looked to worked it through the on-side and that saved him. To make it worse for Pakistan, it runs away for four runs. It also just missed the leg-stump

154.0 - Babar to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow shows his class by leaning forward, opens the face and drives it through the cover-region. It crashes into the ad-cushions. The fielder at cover gives the chase, but the ball wins the race

145.0 - Imran Khan to Cook, FOUR, half-volley to a batsman sitting on a double hundred. Cook leans into the drive and sends it straight back down the pitch. Mid-off thought about giving chase, nah!

139.0 - Shoaib Malik to Root, FOUR, a boundary, wakes a couple of people in the crowd from their slumber. Shimmies down the track and whips this flighted delivery - powerful wrists - wide of mid-on. Deep mid-wicket gives a futile chase

135.4 - Riaz to Root, FOUR, superbly done. Short outside off, Root saw it late but ramped it over the slip fielder. Got it over by arching his back and then played it intentionally in the air. Nicely on top of the ball too

129.5 - Shoaib Malik to Root, FOUR, Root gets to fifty. Another batsman making runs on this dead track. Reverse sweep to get there. Saw it was outside off and knew no-one was there behind square on the off-side, switched his hands and swept it away

127.1 - Babar to Root, FOUR, full toss from Babar and Root puts him away, gets forward and flicks wide of mid-on, once he got it past the fielder it was always four

123.3 - Babar to Root, FOUR, Root is looking to be positive and takes on Babar, it was outside off and he swept it over mid-wicket, hit well and no-one out there in the deep for that shot, easy four

122.3 - Imran Khan to Root, FOUR, Root gets lucky as the inside edge runs wide of the stumps. Misbah is exasperated. Full outside off, swung in a bit, Root came forward for the cover drive but the ball took a thick inside edge and missed the stumps before running away to the fine leg fence. More misery for Pakistan and Imran Khan

122.2 - Imran Khan to Root, FOUR, Imran Khan overpitches outside off and Root puts him away, gets forward and laces the drive through cover. High elbow and all that, Misbah gave chase but the ball won the race

122.0 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, fabulous sweep shot! Gets outside off and then rolls his wrists to keep the shot down, beat deep backward square leg as the ball raced away. Always in control of the shot

106.0 - Riaz to Mark Wood, FOUR, now that is gut-wrenching moment for Riaz. After bowling short balls, he pitches it up, Wood drives it with his feet rooted to crease, it goes towards Younis at second slip, who looks to take the catch with both hands, but in the end, just leaves it without attempting to catch it. It was a clanger for sure. It runs away to the boundary boards and that would have put more salt into Riaz's wounds

98.5 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, FOUR, Cook is showing his ability to play through the cover-region today. He advanced down the track and took this one on the full to drive it through deep extra cover along the carpet for a boundary

98.1 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, FOUR, Cook doesn't usually essay the drive through the cover-region. However, this time around, Cook comes onto the front foot to a delivery that was bowled slower through the air, finds the gap and it runs away to the boundary boards. The fielders at cover and mid-off give the chase but to no avail

92.2 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, the thick outside edge this time. Went hard on the cut and that was the key, flies over the slip cordon

92.1 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, ah, a boundary! Attaboy, Cook. Slightly short outside off, Cook pounces on it. Traces the middle of the bat on his cut behind square

90.3 - Riaz to Bell, FOUR, a perfect riposte! Cracks it through the covers. Got on top of the bounce using his wrists and cuts it away nicely

86.3 - Rahat Ali to Bell, FOUR, Bell has scored a fifty! His debit keeps coming down. Short on the body, no real threat, he transfers his weight on the back foot after coming forward and pulls it in the air behind square. Long-leg was interested but the ball escapes him into the boundary. Keep 'em runs coming, Abu Dhabi

72.2 - Imran Khan to Cook, FOUR, short delivery and asking to be hit. Cook waits on the back foot on a slow deck and pulls it to deep mid-wicket. It crashes into the boundary boards. This is a stroke that Cook is famous for ever since he cut and pulled his way to 3 centuries in Bangladesh in the Under-19 World Cup in 2003-04

61.2 - Rahat Ali to Bell, FOUR, so good to watch. This is Bell's beauty. Short and wide, was there to be punished. But there is a difference between other players cutting the ball, and Ian Bell cutting the ball

61.0 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, is this it? The ball is racing across the turf, Imran is in pursuit, and he gives up! Alastair Cook has a hundred to his name in all countries he has played. This is his career's 28th ton. What a run-machine! Had his bare patch before the World Cup. But now he's back and how. Removes his helmet and waves the bat to his mates. It was a fuller length delivery just outside off, this time Cook was not going to miss out. Nails the drive through extra-cover. Bell holds him in a warm embrace as well. Well played skipper!

58.5 - Riaz to Bell, FOUR, not convincing at all from Bell. He is flirting with length deliveries which are holding their line outside off and that too with an open face. A thick outside edge goes along the ground and beats gully's dive to run away

57.2 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, there is an ocean of space in the off-side, and Babar slides it across Cook with the length being short, Cook might think it's Christmas already, gets into the 90s with a cut

53.3 - Babar to Bell, FOUR, now Bell gets the sweep away. Has looked so much better after the break. It was well dished up just outside off, Bell fetches it and times to perfection through square leg

52.3 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, FOUR, Cook has used the sweep to good effect. Remember him playing this way on his tour of India as well. Very important to be proactive against the spinners. Lands on a length outside off, Cook shovels it away through mid-wicket

46.3 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, fraction short outside off and Cook is quick to latch on, doesn't shift his weight on the back foot, the initial movement is forward and he stays there to crunch the cut through cover. The ball teases the fielder before going into the ropes

39.2 - Shafiq to Cook, FOUR, dragged down short and that allows Cook an easy route. He rocked back and short-arm pulled it wide of mid-on. Belted that one away

34.5 - Rahat Ali to Moeen Ali, FOUR, poor bowling from Rahat Ali and he has been too leg-sideish this spell. Another one down leg, gently glanced to fine leg by Moeen Ali, he beats Babar at deep backward square

33.5 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, that is a fabulous sweep shot. There was FSL, backward square and deep backward square but he has timed that so well and placed it right between the three of them. Got outside off and then nailed it powerfully. Along the ground as the ball rockets past the square leg umpire. That is how to play the sweep

28.1 - Rahat Ali to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Rahat Ali errs in line first ball and it is put away by Moeen Ali. Slightly full on middle and leg, Moeen Ali got forward and clipped it past mid-on. Nice timing on that and the ball raced away. He looks so elegant when he times them

27.5 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, superb cut shot. It wasn't short and wide, bounced in fact, but Cook went deep and powered the shot past point. The fielder gave chase but the ball won the race. Footwork was key there as Cook used the depth of the crease to fine effect. Made the ball look like an ordinary one, when it wasn't

24.1 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, 50 for Cook and Moeen Ali is there to shake his hand. Easy fifty for Cook - his 45th in Tests. He has looked assured and calm in this innings. No trouble so far. Got to fifty by steering a back of a length delivery outside off wide of gully. No third man and it raced away. Opened the face of the bat on that at the right moment to hit the gap

16.0 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, too full and down leg, easy pickings for Cook who flicks that through mid-wicket for a boundary, beats the chasing fielder. Babar gave that plenty of air but the ball didn't dip on the shot

6.3 - Rahat Ali to Cook, FOUR, this is Cook's go-to shot. Failed to get it away a couple of times previously. No problems with this one, nails it square of the wicket

193.1 - Babar to Buttler, SIX, Buttler takes the aerial route and gets six. Comes down and lofts Babar way over long-off. Sort of sliced it but got enough power into the hit. Nice shot to get a biggie

202.4 - Imran Khan to Adil Rashid, out Bowled!! So, Rashid won't redeem himself on debut with bat in hand either. A delivery which jags back in off the seam and is right through the massive gate between bat and pad. It was not full enough to drive, Rashid just goes at it lazily. Has been trying this since morning. And he can now go do some shadow practice in the dressing room. The ball crashes into middle and leg. Adil Rashid b Imran Khan 12(36)

193.5 - Babar to Buttler, out Caught by Shafiq!! ANOTHER ExpressMUMNAL MOMENT IN THIS GAME - BABAR HAS JUST TAKEN A WICKET! After 68.4 overs of hard-earned toil that you are ever going to see from a bowler in a Test match. This is just incredible. Not often you will see such an instance in Tests. Buttler got greedy and went for another inside out over cover, but Shafiq had been placed halfway from the ropes at cover, he runs to his right and takes a simple catch. Buttler used his feet but didn't get it off the middle of the bat. That's why he holed out. Babar must be the most happiest man on the planet today. Seriously have to admire Babar for his spirit. To bowl so many overs when you know that it is almost next to impossible to take a wicket - unless the batsman gives it away - just boggles the mind. And finally his perseverance has paid off. Buttler c Shafiq b Babar 23(28) [4s-3 6s-1]

190.1 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, out Caught by Masood!! Holy Hell! COOK HAS JUST GOT OUT! Don't believe it! *Rubs my eyes in disbelief and rewinds the TV to reconfirm.* Yes Cook has got out - never thought I will write this in this game. After one of the best Test innings you will ever see. No maiden triple ton! He is so tired that he just ambles off the field. Malik gets Cook out. The double centurion gets the double centurion. A tame way to get out. A top edge on the sweep and a dolly to short fine leg. Had the fielder dropped it, I think the Pakistani team would've banished Shan Masood in the desert forever. But what an innings this has been. Replays show that Shoaib Malik's first impact on landing his foot was outside the popping crease and then he dragged it in. So that will be a no-ball. The umpires didn't spot that. Cook is unlucky then! A couple of Pakistanis stand there and clap in appreciation but Cook is a weary soul, just raises the bat and off he goes. If ever there was a template for how a Test match innings should be played, then this Cook innings has to be played on loop. Mind you that piece of advice will come with a warning though - only for the cricket tragic and not for the faint-hearted. But seriously, what powers of concentration, what skill and what bloody determination. 528 balls of resoluteness which totally sank the spirit of the Pakistani side. The innings lasted for 773 minutes which shows what Alastair Cook is made of. I can't find a suitable adjective at the current moment but man - Alastair Cook - are you even human? And I end it there. Cook c Masood b Shoaib Malik 263(528) [4s-18]

184.1 - Shoaib Malik to Stokes, out Bowled!! Lo and behold! A wicket, a spinner. Scenes. Fireworks around the ground. I told you Stokes had a death wish. Malik tosses this one well up outside leg, Stokes comes dancing down and makes room to get inside the line, he is nowhere close to the pitch, the ball grips the surface and beats the outside edge of a nervy poke. He thought he had it covered, but the bails disagree. Stokes b Shoaib Malik 57(87) [4s-7]

161.3 - Riaz to Bairstow, out Lbw!! Riaz is delighted as for the every ounce of the effort he has put in today, he has been rewarded with the wicket. Riaz has certainly tested crevice of every batsman's defence. This was a fuller length delivery with a hint of reverse back into the right-hander, Bairstow was beaten on the inside edge as he looked to work it through the on-side. It looked like he was caught in front. However, Bairstow went for the review. On the review, it was clear that the impact was in line and hitting the leg-stump. After taking the wicket, Riaz sat on the ground. It just encapsulates that he has put in a lot of effort today. Bairstow lbw b Riaz 8(39) [4s-1]

107.4 - Riaz to Mark Wood, out Bowled!! Riaz gets just reward for some aggressive fast bowling. With a threatening gait, Riaz bangs this one short, Wood looks to chop it to backward point, gets an inside edge onto the stumps. His feet moved nowhere there and as a result, was caught in the crease. This is a window of opportunity for Pakistan to put the tourists under some pressure. Mark Wood b Riaz 4(7) [4s-1]

105.3 - Riaz to Bell, out Caught by Hafeez!! Finally we have a wicket!! It is Bell, who loses his concentration and gets out. It was a fuller length delivery and was bowled outside off, it tempted Bell into playing the drive on the up. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't keep it down and the fielder at backward point took the catch with both hands. I see a few smiling faces in the Pakistani camp as they waited very long for this wicket. It must have felt like an oasis in the desert. Bell c Hafeez b Riaz 63(199) [4s-5]

40.2 - Imran Khan to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! A WICKET! Would you believe that? You have to for Imran Khan has struck. He is letting out a roar with arms stretched wide. Can feel for him. It was a good delivery, in the corridor of uncertainty, around the fourth stump line, angled across, made Moeen Ali play, a tentative poke and the outside edge settles in Sarfraz's gloves as he goes low to his left. The Pakistanis can sense a sigh of relief. And that too for taking just one wicket. Moeen Ali c Sarfraz Ahmed b Imran Khan 35(131) [4s-2]

114.0 - Riaz to Cook, 1 run, Sarfraz has put down Cook. Not an easy chance though. A thick inside edge from Cook as the bat came down at an angle to an inswinger, Sarfraz went to his right on the dive and got a glove but couldn't hang on. That is another life for Cook . His second one in the innings. Riaz must be wondering about life, the universe and other things currently

93.2 - Babar to Cook, 2 runs, Oh! Boy! On this flat deck, Alam has dropped a catch and it is Cook. Well, who wants to be a bowler? Cook used the sweep shot to this flatter delivery that was bowled outside off, he got a top-edge and it went to the man at deep square leg, who tried to take the catch with two hands after running in from the boundary, just popped out. The forlorn look on Pakistani players' faces encapsulates the dejected mood in the camp

205.4 - Babar to Anderson, no run, well flighted delivery turning in from outside off, Anderson goes for an ambitious reverse sweep but fails to connect with the bat. The ball scoops to slip off his arm guard and the umpire gives it. Not to be though

179.4 - Babar to Cook, 1 run, 250 up. Only for Cook. And he brings it up with a favourite nurdle behind square. Removes his helmet, as much to wipe the sweat off his face as to acknowledge the applause

139.1 - Riaz to Cook, 2 runs, this man keeps going on and on. And on and on and on. Another daddy hundred for the English skipper. 3rd double hundred overall. This has given him a lot of satisfaction. Punches the air in delight. Fuller length delivery bending back in on the pads, he flicks it away wide of fine leg and hurries back for the second. A couple of Pakistani players clap in appreciation. A hug with Root, a look at the sky holding his right ear. So calm he is. The crowd are up on their feet to applaud what has been a monumental effort. And he still isn't done. Is he human?

138.1 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, 1 run, the 100-run partnerships keep churning up. Slightly short outside off, Cook smears his cut behind square, backward point runs across and cuts it out with a slide

122.5 - Imran Khan to Root, no run, Root came down the track to counter the inswing, flicked and missed, rapped on the pad, he is well down the track and Hawk-Eye shows it was clipping leg - so umpire's call and Root will survive. Imran Khan was so excited that he signalled for the review, looking at Sarfraz. Then Misbah came forward and took it. Never going to be given since Root was so far down the track

93.5 - Babar to Cook, 1 run, Cook completes his 150. Once Cook gets in he has that uncanny ability to convert it into a big one. Who can forget his stupendous knock of 235 Not Out against Australia in Brisbane in 2010. He raises his helmet and acknowledges the crowd and his teammates. Coming back to the ball, Cook flicks this one around the corner for a single

92.4 - Riaz to Bell, no run, no strangle down the leg-side coming to Pakistan's rescue! Another one banged into the pitch, some real effort from Riaz. To get the batsman hurried takes some doing. Bell is very late on the pull and misses. Very close to the gloves but we can never know for sure

81.5 - Rahat Ali to Cook, 1 run, the 100-run partnership comes up. The nth one in this match. Many more to come surely. Cook brought up the landmark with a smear down to deep point

67.0 - Babar to Cook, leg byes, 3 runs, Pakistan have gone up for a review for LBW. They are checking for the no-ball, but he is fine. There is no bat involved. Impact is in-line, however, it is missing the leg-stump and Cook survives. Well, Cook must have had his heart in his mouth as that seemed like a good review. It was a tossed up delivery from Babar, Cook used the sweep shot and failed to connect. Luckily for him, the Hawk-Eye tracking predicted that it was missing the leg-stump as the ball was spinning down. Misbah wasn't too keen on the review but the bowler and the keeper convinced him to go for it

34.3 - Rahat Ali to Cook, 1 run, the Barmy Army are up as England bring their 100 up. On the pads once more and flicked to deep square leg

4.4 - Rahat Ali to Moeen Ali, 1 run, fuller length delivery which dipped in on off, Ali plants his front leg across which blocked the way for the bat in coming down, clips pad first in his push. The impact was marginal on off-stump. And we stay with NOT OUT

57.2 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, dragged down short, some useful runs for Pakistan. Sarfraz jumps back and pulls it wide of mid-on

48.0 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, short ball from Adil Rashid, Sarfraz Ahmed has ample time to go back and essay the cut shot through cover for a four. That must have eased the pressure on the batsman

47.3 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, on the pads, Sarfraz Ahmed interestingly brings out the sweep shot first up. In the end, it runs away to fine leg for a boundary

46.3 - Mark Wood to Misbah, FOUR, this time around, Mark Wood drifts on the pads, Misbah neatly clips it to fine leg and collects four more runs to his tally

46.0 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, a real long hop from Adil Rashid, Misbah had ample time to go back there. He waits, waits and waits for it, before pulling it in front of square on the on-side. It crashes into the ad-cushions

40.1 - Mark Wood to Misbah, FOUR, short and wide from Wood, Misbah waits on the back foot and punches it to third man for a boundary. He got on top of bounce there well

39.1 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, FOUR, tossed up delivery from Adil Rashid, Younis Khan comes forward and mistimes the loft over the fielder at mid-off. It still has enough legs to run away to the boundary boards

37.0 - Anderson to Younis Khan, FOUR, Anderson must be tiring. Another one dragged down and with width on offer, Younis flashes the cut away. Two absolute gifts for the veteran

36.5 - Anderson to Younis Khan, FOUR, rare loose ball. Short and wide, Younis sees it early, gets into position and cracks the cut away through the off-side

35.3 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, FOUR, cracking shot! Loopy delivery which is very full on middle, Misbah meets it with a full-blooded swipe over mid-wicket. He is having some fun now after all the hard work

34.5 - Anderson to Misbah, FOUR, straying on the pads and Misbah waits for it, glances it late and sends the ball fine

31.4 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, FOUR, finally, finally Misbah can celebrate a successful attempt at a sweep. Gets it off a thickish inside edge to send it behind Stokes at backward square leg. He gives chase all the way, tries to flick it back inches from the ad cushions but the ball rolls over

29.3 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, Pakistan are closing in on the deficit. Well flighted delivery turning in from just outside off, Younis gets down low and deliberately lifts the sweep in the air over square leg

29.0 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, a similar delivery and this time Younis puts it away. England were excited for a fleeting moment as the glance was in the air, well wide of leg gully though

16.1 - Stokes to Younis Khan, FOUR, well, did that carry to Bell at second slip? On replays it is clear that it did but went past the right hand of a diving second slip fielder. It was a back of a length from Stokes, Khan flashed at it and flashed hard. Gets the outside edge which goes quickly through the air and in the end, runs away to the boundary boards

11.0 - Mark Wood to Hafeez, FOUR, oh brilliant! This is liquid batting. Wasn't quite a half volley but Hafeez leans into it and eases the drive through the cover region

10.2 - Mark Wood to Hafeez, FOUR, Hafeez continues to look good. He is keeping the runs ticking along and that is important to settle the dressing room nerves. Short ball just outside off, sat up to be hit. Hafeez rolls his wrists to get on top of the pull and cracks it imperiously through mid-wicket

6.2 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, right approach from Hafeez. Anything loose and he is pouncing on it. This was short and wide, gets on his toes and cuts it hard through the cover region

4.2 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, Broad at silly mid-on could have done better maybe? It was pitched right up, no swing, Hafeez leans elegantly into the on-drive. The ball rolls away to Broad's left and evades him as he bends clumsily. Mid-off gives chase and puts in a desperate dive close to the ropes but turns out futile

12.0 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, SIX, here is your answer. Dances down, gets close to the pitch and launches it straight back over the bowler's head. Woah! What timing

57.5 - Adil Rashid to Imran Khan, out Caught by Anderson!! Take a bow, Adil Rashid. After all the pounding he took after the first innings, has he spun England to victory? They need 99 to win in 18 overs. The light is fading as well. After more than 4 and a half days of appalling cricket, we have a cracking finish on the cards. Another nicely looped up leg-break on off stump, has Imran fending at it on the front foot. Anderson takes his third catch of the last 15 minutes at first slip after the outside edge was found. Imran Khan c Anderson b Adil Rashid 0(1)

57.4 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Caught by Anderson!! Don't go anywhere people. We have a game on here! Sarfraz goes. Adil Rashid has a 4-fer. Looped up leg-break drifting in on off on a length, Sarfraz lunges forward to defend but the ball grips enough to take the outside edge. Anderson at first slip takes a much easier catch. Sarfraz Ahmed c Anderson b Adil Rashid 27(36) [4s-3]

55.5 - Adil Rashid to Babar, out Caught by Anderson!! Boy gee! What have we going on here? Surely Pakistan are not going to throw this one away are they? But the umpire has gone upstairs checking if Anderson has his fingers under the ball. Gosh, this is dodgy. The front on zoomed up replay suggests that the ball might have hit the grass. Anderson claimed the catch straight away. No, it's been given. I, for one, thought that his fingers might not have been under the ball as he plucked it out. But the decision has been made. After taking over 260 deliveries to get his first wicket, Rashid now has three. This leg-break was pushed quicker through the air, the length was full. Babar hesistantly pokes at it with his feet stuck in mud. The slight turn takes the outside edge which scoots low to the left of Anderson at first slip. In a moment of genius, he sticks his left hand down and plucks it almost of the ground. Babar c Anderson b Adil Rashid 1(8)

54.2 - Moeen Ali to Riaz, out Caught by Bairstow!! More drama in the middle as Riaz too is dismissed. Pakistan now lead by 90 runs and still a shade over 23 overs are left. Now that should make it more interesting. Moeen Ali hits a good length and gets it to turn sharply, Riaz gropes for the ball as he didn't pick it from the hand. In the end, gets a glove onto thigh pad and it goes over to the fielder at FSL, who takes a simple catch. Riaz thinks of going for the review, but decides against it. Riaz c Bairstow b Moeen Ali 1(4)

52.5 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, out Bowled!! What has Misbah done there? He has thrown his wicket away on a platter. He just lost his concentration for once. He used his feet, looked to slog this tossed up delivery across the line, missed it completely and it knocked over the middle and leg stump. England have a sniff of a chance here. Misbah was absolutely furious with himself. Kicked the turf in disgust and kept shaking his head on the way back. Knows he has given it away cheaply. Misbah b Moeen Ali 51(111) [4s-6]

47.2 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, out Caught by Buttler!! England have prised out Shafiq, too. However a draw seems to be the only outcome from this game. It was a lovely delivery from Adil Rashid as he got a bit of in-drift and then it spun past the right-hander. Shafiq was drawn forward, got an outside edge to the keeper. Shafiq though went for the review and on the basis of the audio sound the third umpire decides that he has got an edge on that one. Rashid has found some rhythm here. Shafiq c Buttler b Adil Rashid 6(11)

41.1 - Adil Rashid to Younis Khan, out Caught by Stokes!! Adil Rashid can finally celebrate as he has taken his first Test scalp. It is a prized scalp too and that is of Younis. The man with close to 9,000 Test runs. It was a tossed up delivery from Adil Rashid, Younis Khan looks to slog it across the line, toe-ends it. The ball balloons up in the air and the fielder at cover sets under it and takes it with both hands. Younis Khan c Stokes b Adil Rashid 45(114) [4s-6]

17.2 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, out Hafeez Run Out!! Oh! Boy! What a terrible mix-up that is? In the end, Hafeez loses his wicket. The last thing you need when you're looking to escape with a draw is a run-out. It was a tossed up delivery from Adil Rashid. He also got a bit of drift on that one. Hafeez pushes it to short cover. Stokes runs across, turns around, picks it up with his left-hand, and fires in the throw with his right-hand. It turns out to be a brilliant direct-hit. Hafeez is nowhere in the picture. He was well short of his ground. Hafeez hesitated and paid the price for it. Hafeez run out (Stokes) 34(55) [4s-4 6s-1]

2.5 - Anderson to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Bairstow!! Good grief, Malik is gone for a blob. And I just slipped from my chair. Pakistan, Pakistan, not again! Anderson bangs this into the pitch, a real effort ball, gets it to lift disconcertingly. Malik hops looking to ride the bounce in defence but it keeps getting big on him. Catches the splice of the bat and pops up the simplest of chances to Bairstow at FSL. Shoaib Malik c Bairstow b Anderson 0(4)

2.1 - Anderson to Masood, out Bowled!! Well, well, well. What do we have here? Another failure for Masood but more importantly, hope for England. Good length delivery which refuses to get up from the pitch, Masood was commited to his defence from the crease, the ball catches the toe-end of the bat and backspins to disturb middle stump. He tried to deflect the ball away with his bat but by then it was too late. Jittery, wittery Pakistan now? Masood b Anderson 1(4)

49.5 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, 2 runs, from off-stump, Misbah sweeps this flighted delivery to deep backward square leg. He was in control of that shot as he kept it all along the carpet. In the end, they take two runs. It also brings up Misbah's fifty. He has yet again come to party when Pakistan needed someone to stand up and be counted

35.0 - Anderson to Misbah, no run, England will feel aggrieved here. Fraction fuller than a good length on off and middle, Misbah gets in a giant stride to defend but plays down the wrong line altogether. The ball beats the inside edge, hits him high on the pad and scoops up to Stokes at gully who dives forward to take a good catch. The umpire gave it out for a catch and hence the confusion. But it comes to a logical conclusion, or so it seems. We are being informed that the umpire had given it out for the catch. But there was no inside edge - so that decision had to be overturned. On the LBW front, it was umpire's call - Hawk-Eye shows that the ball was clipping the bails. Cook, Anderson and Root all line-up to have a word with the umpire who patiently explains the decision

11.5 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, no run, nice revs on the ball! Looped up and drifting in on middle, was out of Hafeez's defensive reach as the ball dipped on him, it grips the surface and turns past the outside edge. England go up instantly but Reiffel hasn't seen anything. Very hard to tell. Rashid's wait prolongs..

9.0 - Riaz to Bairstow, FOUR, England are closing in. Full toss just outside off, Bairstow biffs it down the ground. Long-on gives chase but doesn't get close enough

3.5 - Shoaib Malik to Root, FOUR, a horrible delivery. Short and wide, Root crashes the cut away through the vacant cover region. Sweeper cover was too square

1.3 - Shoaib Malik to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Malik is giving it a lot of flight. Don't ask me why. Ali shimmies down getting close to the pitch and lofts it back straight of a widish long-on

0.5 - Babar to Buttler, FOUR, and Buttler is away! Well flighted delivery drifting in on off, reverse-swept behind backward point. The fielder gives a futile chase

8.3 - Riaz to Bairstow, SIX, this is what my friends from the US call the home run. It's massive. Woah. What a hit. Bouncer well over head high, Bairstow has absolutely clanked his pull. Fetches it from way above his head and sends it in orbit over deep mid-wicket

9.2 - Babar to Bairstow, out Stumped!! A useful cameo comes to an end. More importantly, a couple more minutes ticked off. Bairstow skips down the track and attempts a wild heave, isn't close enough to the pitch though. The turning ball beats his outside edge and Sarfraz has an easy stumping to effect. Bairstow st Sarfraz Ahmed b Babar 15(10) [4s-1 6s-1]

5.5 - Shoaib Malik to Stokes, out Caught by Hafeez!! Malik has a second. Oh, these big shots are not coming off. Dragged down short by Malik, Stokes rocks back and pulls it down deep mid-wicket's right, Hafeez did well, as he ran around and held onto a good catch as he dived to take it. Not easy but made it look so. Stokes c Hafeez b Shoaib Malik 2(4)

4.4 - Babar to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Shoaib Malik!! Ali falls for the cause. Had to try and get the big shots in. Holes out in the deep. Again tossed up wide so that the batsman can't have a clean swing. Ali still tries to fetch the slog after coming down the track, miscues it straight to deep mid-wicket. Moeen Ali c Shoaib Malik b Babar 11(12) [4s-1]

1.5 - Shoaib Malik to Buttler, out Lbw!! Why, Jos why? He wasted a few precious minutes and hurt his own team with the review. If he didn't get an inside edge then there should have been no scope of a review. Flatter delivery turning in on the stumps, Buttler goes back and looks to pull but the length was not short enough. The ball scoots under the bottom edge and thuds into the pad. Impact was in line of off. Ridiculous review! Buttler lbw b Shoaib Malik 4(5) [4s-1]