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India tour of Australia 2016

Scorecard - 3rd T20I, Australia vs India at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia (31 Jan 2016)


197/5 (20) RR:9.85

India won by 7 wkts

MOM: Shane Watson

200/3 (20) RR:10

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19.3 - Bumrah to Chris Lynn, FOUR, that is a mis-hit, but Lynn is a strong lad and it went for four. Low full toss, Lynn slogged hard, the bat turned in his hands as he made contact with the ball, deep mid-wicket was open and it crashed into the fence

17.3 - Bumrah to Chris Lynn, FOUR, just a fine little tickle and Lynn picks up four. That was a gift from Bumrah and Lynn didn't miss out, fine leg was inside the ring and he had no chance

16.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to Watson, FOUR, Yuvraj Singh dives but can't prevent the boundary. A hundred for Watson, his first in T20Is. Remember, he's the stand-in skipper tonight and he's leading from the front. Pure power from the all-rounder. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, Watson slogs hard, Yuvraj dives to his left at deep square leg, gets a hand on it but it escapes to the boundary. Watson takes his helmet off, raises his bat and acknowledges the applause from the crowd and his team-mates. He gets a hug from him partner as well

12.5 - Pandya to Watson, FOUR, full toss on the stumps, Watson bludgeons it powerfully through mid-wicket, raced away in no time

12.3 - Pandya to Watson, FOUR, full and in the swinging arc again, Watson places this uppish drive wide of sweeper cover, VK was a mere spectator there

11.4 - Yuvraj to Head, FOUR, shot! Fetched this slower length delivery from outside off stump and dragged the sweep wide of mid-wicket, long-on had no chance, the timing was so good there!

10.2 - Pandya to Watson, FOUR, follows up with another rank bad delivery. Goes wide of the crease and bowls it short and wide. Watson throws the kitchen sink at it and jeez! That flew off the bat, raced away through point and Watson's fifty comes up too

7.1 - Ashwin to S Marsh, FOUR, there's been a flurry of late-cuts today. Marsh stayed back and employed the shot with sublime timing, past backward point and there's no stopping that

7.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to Watson, FOUR, fuller and just outside off, Watson makes room and clobbers the inside out drive over extra cover, no chance for the fielder and it scorched off the turf

5.3 - Ashwin to Watson, FOUR, saw mid-off was inside the ring and took a calculated risk. Danced down the track and went for the lofted drive, got it off the toe-end but managed to clear the fielder at mid-off

4.2 - Nehra to Watson, FOUR, perfectly executed! Sensed the width early and hung back to late-cut this back of a length delivery, raced past short third man

4.1 - Nehra to Watson, FOUR, Watto is in some mood today. What did you have for breakfast Watto? He makes room and carves this full delivery with an uppish drive over cover for a one-bounce four

3.3 - Bumrah to Watson, FOUR, and again! Low full toss asking for punishment. Watto stays still and sends this flashy drive scorching through cover, no point chasing that lads!

3.3 - Bumrah to Watson, no ball, FOUR, another no ball and another free-hit. That's a cardinal sin and to make matters worse, Bumrah bowled a low full toss. Watson backs away slightly and smashes the drive between extra cover and mid-off

1.5 - Bumrah to Khawaja, FOUR, whipped away! On the pads. Cannot bowl there to Khawaja, he smacks it off the meat beating Ashwin's dive at square leg

1.4 - Bumrah to Khawaja, FOUR, I've watched this man bat in BBL and let me tell you, he's such a good puller of a cricket ball. Not that short but it was angled into Khawaja who rocks back and dispatches it off his sight - with a pull over mid-wicket, a couple of bounces and into the fence

18.4 - Nehra to Watson, SIX, okay! Thank you very much! This bloke, batting on 112 won't miss out on these freebies. Nehra missed the yorker by a couple of yards, went as a juicy full ball and Watson lofted that over Raina's head at long-on

16.4 - Ravindra Jadeja to Watson, SIX, in the air, Dhawan jumps but it evades him. Jadeja bowls full and in the slot, in the mood, Watson was not going to miss out and picks up another maximum over long-off

16.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to Watson, SIX, Ravindra Jadeja has not been getting it right in this spell. He's bowled quite a few full tosses and this one has been muscled hard and deep into the deep mid-wicket stand. Is there a bit of dew out there? Is the ball slipping out of Jadeja's hands?

15.3 - Ashwin to Watson, SIX, just a shimmy down the track and that made him get to the pitch of this flighted delivery, he was in a great position to muscle it back over Ashwin's head and it cleared the sightscreen as well. What timing, what power, what balance!

14.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Watson, SIX, full toss again from Ravindra Jadeja, Watson goes high in the air with the slog, not timed well, but it just has enough to clear the deep mid-wicket boundary

11.3 - Yuvraj to Head, SIX, see you tomorrow stuff! Went down one one knee and got underneath this fullish flighted delivery, sent it high and sailing over the cow-corner fence

2.5 - Nehra to Watson, SIX, that's right in the hitting zone for Watson. Short and sat up nicely for Watto who smokes the pull over deep mid-wicket, straight into the stands

19.4 - Bumrah to Chris Lynn, out Caught by Ravindra Jadeja!! Jadeja is such a brilliant fielder. Excellent catch. Deep mid-wicket was open for the previous ball and Lynn could pick up a four, but Dhoni plugged that gap now and he's got a wicket. Actually a good ball, but Lynn did very well to get so much bat on it, yorker angled in at the base of Lynn's boots, he whipped it with a strong bottom hand grip, Jadeja ran to his left, dived and completed the catch. Chris Lynn c Ravindra Jadeja b Bumrah 13(9) [4s-2]

17.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to Head, out Bowled!! Oh that's a yorker. Probably the Indian pacers should know how to bowl yorkers from Jadeja! Fired in flat and at the base of the stumps, Head stepped out and yorked himself, but actually the ball was so quick and it only took the toe-end of Head's bat before crashing into the stumps. Head b Ravindra Jadeja 26(19) [4s-1 6s-1]

9.1 - Yuvraj to Maxwell, out Caught by Raina!! YUVI YUVI - you little ripper. He gets MAXI again - second time in a row. He is chuffed to bits and he had every reason to be. Bowled a flattish delivery outside off, Maxwell made room and thumped the inside-out drive. Raina at extra cover moved across to his left and took a tumbling catch. Reverse cupped it in front of his face and must say it was a good catch. Maxwell c Raina b Yuvraj 3(5)

7.4 - Ashwin to S Marsh, out Bowled!! TIMBAAAH. That made a crunching sound. Marsh was too early into the stroke, he went down on his knees - aiming a slog-sweep maybe. Ashwin kept it fuller and slower through the air on off. Marsh missed and ASH hits the timber. Off-stump goes for a walk as Marsh lost his balance. S Marsh b Ashwin 9(12) [4s-1]

2.2 - Nehra to Khawaja, out Caught by Dhoni!! The Indian crowd in SCG roar in delight. There can only be one reason at the moment - a wicket and that too the big fish Khawaja. Nehra draws Khawaja forward by pitching it full, kept it in the corridor of uncertainty and Khawaja couldn't resist his drive. Goes through with the shot ekes out an outside edge to MSD who takes a tumbling catch. The ball just left the batsman to take the edge. Khawaja c Dhoni b Nehra 14(6) [4s-2]

12.2 - Pandya to Watson, 2 runs, dropped by Kohli! It wasn't that easy though, but still with the current international fielding standards, you are expected to take those. Very full and wide of off, Watson goes for the on-the-up drive and it went flat and straight towards incoming VK who was coming in from sweeper cover. He put in the forward dive and the ball hit him around the wrists, burst through and all VK could do was prevent two runs

13.4 - Ashwin to Head, 2 runs, comes down the track and drives this flatter delivery over extra cover

4.5 - Nehra to Watson, 1 run, run out chance missed! Watto would have had his heart in his mouth. He can now breathe a sigh of relief as Dhawan missed out on a direct hit. He nails this low full toss to mid-on and took off for a quick single, Dhawan was quick to get to the ball but the throw wasn't accurate at the bowler's end. Watto would have been out had that hit

20.0 - Andrew Tye to Raina, FOUR, India win by 7 wickets! Raina punches the air in delight and the Indian players run onto the field to greet the two batters. India make a clean sweep! For the first time, they have done so in Australia. Yuvraj lifts Raina on his shoulder in ecstasy. Brilliantly done by these two in the end. Coming to the ball, this was short and angled away outside off, Raina waits for the ball to arrive before lifting it away over backward point, races away to the fence in a jiffy and that gets the crowd going as well

19.1 - Andrew Tye to Yuvraj, FOUR, take that! India need more of this. Length delivery on the pads and Yuvi doesn't miss out this time, he flicks it over short fine leg and the ball goes for a one-bounce four

18.0 - Andrew Tye to Raina, FOUR, make it two in a row now. That was just too good from Raina. Steps across and then laps this slower length delivery very fine, this time he gets it to the left of short fine leg and it crashes into the fence in a jiffy

17.5 - Andrew Tye to Raina, FOUR, slower full ball outside off, Raina backs away and tries to lift it over cover, ends up getting a thick outside edge and it flies past the diving keeper, lucky runs but India won't mind it one bit. A much-needed boundary for them

16.1 - Watson to Raina, FOUR, banged in short and on the stumps, Raina goes across and pulls it to the right of short fine leg, placed it to perfection by rolling his wrists over it, sends it along the carpet to the fence. Not a good start to the spell for Watto

15.3 - Andrew Tye to Raina, FOUR, you can't bowl there to Raina. Length delivery down the leg-side, Raina just had to get some bat on it, manages to tickle it fine and gets it to the right of the keeper, races away to the fence

14.1 - Boyce to Kohli, FOUR, that's been smacked! Marginally short on the stumps, Kohli jumps inside the crease to shorten the length further, clears his front leg and smashes the pull over mid-wicket for a one-bounce four

13.5 - Tait to Raina, FOUR, short ball down the leg-side, Raina shuffles across and then flicks it very fine, beats the man in the deep to his left, runs away to the fence

11.2 - Boland to Rohit, FOUR, brilliantly done! Rohit clears his front leg this time around and swats this length delivery across the line, gets it over mid-wicket and the man in the deep runs to his left, but the ball beats him to the fence

7.1 - Watson to Rohit, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, much like his first over, Watson concedes a boundary first ball. This was the slower ball in fact, Rohit delayed the cut and beat backward point

5.0 - Boland to Rohit, FOUR, Boland misses the yorker and bowls a juicy full delivery, Rohit lofts and lofts well over mid-off, almost went all the way

4.1 - Boland to Kohli, FOUR, wow! Just wow! What a shot that is from Virat Kohli. He gives the charge first ball and muscles a boundary. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Kohli steps out and drives hard past mid-off for four

3.1 - Watson to Dhawan, FOUR, gee! This guy, Shikhar Dhawan, is looking in great touch! Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Dhawan waits for the ball to come and cuts late off the back foot, beats backward point and there was no one in the deep

2.5 - Tait to Dhawan, FOUR, and the carnage continues! So inconsistent is Tait and it's very tough for a captain to set a field. Short and outside off stump this time, mind you, Dhawan is strong back foot player and he loves it square on the off-side, cut away over backward point for four

2.3 - Tait to Dhawan, FOUR, overpitched and punished. Tait offers one full and in the slot, Dhawan goes to the safest zone, straight down the ground and it runs away for four

1.5 - Boland to Rohit, FOUR, wow! That is a classy hit from Rohit Sharma. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Rohit made room by going leg-side, the length was perfect for him to slap it over cover and it went one-bounce into the fence

1.2 - Boland to Dhawan, FOUR, shot sir! Short of a length delivery from round the wicket, Dhawan rocks back and cuts late, he waited for the ball to come and placed it perfectly past backward point

0.3 - Tait to Rohit, FOUR, crunchy drive and what a shot to open the account. I must say that I am disappointed with Tait for experimenting. He bowled two perfect outswingers, he got greedy and tried the inswinger this time, lost control and offered a freebie ball full and outside off stump, Rohit was obviously not going to miss out and out came the cover drive

19.2 - Andrew Tye to Yuvraj, SIX, what a shot! That's vintage Yuvraj. Tye is under tremendous pressure now. Full and right in the slot, Yuvi sits deep inside the crease and hoicks it right off the screws, smashes it over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum

13.0 - Boyce to Raina, SIX, what a shot! This is why the miss off the previous delivery could have turned the game on its head. Floated up around off, Raina kneels down and goes for the slog sweep, nails it over the cow corner fence to get off the mark with a maximum

10.4 - Maxwell to Rohit, SIX, Rohit jumps out of the crease and Maxwell follows him with a high full toss, the batsman doesn't back down and swings across the line, he got it right off the middle and that lands way beyond the deep square leg fence, goes past 1000 T20I runs as well

5.4 - Andrew Tye to Kohli, SIX, now that is from the middle of the bat and it goes all the way. Full delivery from Tye, Kohli steps out, gets closer to the pitch of this slower ball and lofts it handsomely over mid-on

2.4 - Tait to Dhawan, SIX, stunning hit! So much bottom hand on it and Tait's extra pace helped him there as well. Fullish delivery on the leg stump, Dhawan whips it nicely over the infield and it's good enough to clear the backward square leg boundary. India are off to a flier

14.5 - Boyce to Kohli, out Bowled!! Heartbreak for the Indians. Kohli departs in a rather unlucky fashion. He came down the track once again but this time he yorked himself, ends up squirting it onto the pads off the inside edge and the ball rolls back onto the stumps. Kohli thought he might get stumped as he then dived back inside the crease, but he is out bowled. Walks back shaking his head. Another good knock from him, this time it does come to an end though. Kohli b Boyce 50(36) [4s-2 6s-1]

12.3 - Boyce to Rohit, out Caught by Watson!! How big is this wicket going to be? Boyce has been good so far and he has now been rewarded for his hard work. Floated up on the stumps, Rohit looks to flick it over mid-wicket, doesn't get the desired elevation nor the timing right, Watson at mid-wicket times his jump perfectly and snaffles it. Rohit c Watson b Boyce 52(38) [4s-5 6s-1]

3.2 - Watson to Dhawan, out Caught by Bancroft!! Now that is a strong comeback by Watson after being hit for four first ball. What's more, he's removed the dangerous looking Dhawan. Mind you, he scored an unbeaten hundred earlier as well. Short of a length delivery on the off stump, credit to Watson for cramping Dhawan for room on seeing him advance, Dhawan tried to run it down to third man, but he only managed to edge it to the keeper. First international catch for Bancroft and that'll make him feel good. Dhawan looks angry with himself as he walks back. Tells himself that he should have played that over cover on that occasion. Dhawan c Bancroft b Watson 26(9) [4s-4 6s-1]

14.4 - Boyce to Kohli, 2 runs, third fifty in a row for Kohli! Steps out of the crease to reach the pitch of the ball, drives it inside-out wide of long-off, who runs to his left and puts in the dive near the rope to save two runs for his side

11.3 - Boland to Rohit, 1 run, 9th T20I fifty for Rohit! Has had a magnificent tour. Full toss just outside off, Rohit drives it to sweeper cover and gets to the other end

9.0 - Boyce to Kohli, 1 run, Kohli drives it down to long-on, fifty partnership comes up