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India tour of Australia 2016

Scorecard - 4th ODI, Australia vs India at Manuka Oval, Canberra, Australia (20 Jan 2016)


348/8 (50) RR:6.96

Australia won by 25 runs

MOM: Kane Richardson

323/10 (49.2) RR:6.55

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49.5 - Ishant to Maxwell, FOUR, now over mid-off. Not well-timed but enough to clear the fielder inside the ring. Fullish and Maxwell went through the line, can't see Ishant's reaction there. Didn't notice any lip that time. Or I may have missed something. The action is too frenetic for my fingers

49.3 - Ishant to Maxwell, FOUR, and make that four more. Full on the stumps, Maxwell makes room and carves it over cover, sliced it in fact but he hit the gap. The sweeper was too wide and he had no chance. Ishant doesn't like it and vents his frustration out. Not sure what he is aiming for. He has been hit for 14 off 3 and he decides to give some lip. Maxwell meanwhile continues on his merry ways

49.2 - Ishant to Maxwell, FOUR, and almost on cue. Maxwell goes for the reverse sweep and connects beautifully. Full outside off, third man was inside the ring and he used his hands quite well to hit it over the fielder. Nearly carried all the way. How does he do it so effortlessly? Only he will know

48.5 - U Yadav to Maxwell, FOUR, four more. Full toss outside off and Maxwell swings hard and to the deep square leg fence. Had to hit the gap and he did so easily

48.4 - U Yadav to Maxwell, FOUR, there goes Maxwell. Shuffles across outside off and paddles a full delivery outside off to the fine leg fence. Got it over short fine and that was enough

47.1 - Ishant to Maxwell, FOUR, the third man is up and it is a horrid delivery from Ishant, dug in short on the stumps, Maxwell makes room and swings hard, the thick top edge carries over the fielder and dribbles away into the ropes. Not the kind of delivery to be bowling when the field is set like that

44.4 - U Yadav to Smith, FOUR, the Aussie Open is on and Smith wouldn't be out of place playing there. He would make a fine Tennis player. Tom Moody on air mentions that Smith played a bit of Tennis when he was younger. That proves my theory right. And this shot is right out of the Tennis manual. A forehand slap over point. Short and outside off, Smith thundered it with lots of power and it almost went all the way, one bounce over the ropes. He continues to amaze us

43.0 - Ishant to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, bottom hand power! That strong bottom hand of Mitchell Marsh coming into play. It was fullish on the stumps, he whipped it in the air and the ball sped off the turf, if it has beaten Kohli's dive at long-on, then it must be a fine shot and no doubt it was. Kohli sprinted and put in the full-length dive, but the ball had too much pace and zip to elude his grasp

41.1 - R Dhawan to Smith, FOUR, has Umesh pulled it back? Or is his foot touching the ad-cushion? It is the latter. Smith uses his feet and lofts it wide of long-off. Umesh covered ground and slid to his left, but his back leg was touching the cushion as he pulled the ball back. The third umpire has a look and adjudges it as a four. Bad start by Rishi

39.3 - R Dhawan to Smith, FOUR, Smith gets outside off and reads the slower delivery, didn't time it as well as he would've liked to but got it wide of Gurkeerat at short fine, he went back and slid, but carried the ball along with him to the ropes. All that effort gone waste

39.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to Smith, FOUR, and now gets four. Comes down the track and takes it on the full, flicked through mid-wicket, beats deep mid-wicket, again the fielder there is very slow, the ball wasn't travelling that quickly as well. Should've made a better fist of it

36.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, there comes the slog-sweep. On his knees and timed the shot beautifully, even though the length was flat and the delivery was quick, Marsh got enough wood and it was a flat hit over mid-wicket, one bounce over the ropes. He is a powerful bloke and when he hits it, it usually stays hit

35.3 - U Yadav to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, Mitchell Marsh goes over mid-off and gets four. Pitched up and he lofted it clean and straight. Easily done. Almost all the way

35.1 - U Yadav to Finch, FOUR, rank bad ball and Finch is in no mood to let that go. Short and sat up to be hit. Finch rocked back and crunched the pull to deep mid-wicket, beat the fielder easily. The man had a few paces to move to his left but he had no chance. Not the start that India would've hoped for right after the drinks break. Yadav needs to get his act right

33.1 - U Yadav to Finch, FOUR, ah, shot! Short and asking to be put away. Finch acknowledges the offer as he jumps back and finds the gap behind square leg with a well-timed pull stroke

29.1 - Ishant to Finch, FOUR, poor stuff from Ishant! Bowls it fuller and on Finch's pads. He gets across and flicks nicely, finds the gap through short fine

26.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Finch, FOUR, you give width and I will smash you all day. That's the mantra from Finch, cuts and ensures that third man cannnot cut it off, good placement!

26.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Finch, FOUR, don't bowl there to Finch! On the pads and sits up nicely on off. All Finchy needed to do was get some bat, he does so with a gentle little flick towards the fine leg fence

16.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Warner, FOUR, unlucky for RJ, he tossed up this one wider outside off, Warner was done in by the flight, reached out for the drive and sliced it behind square on the off-side, beat the diving fielder and rolls away to the fence

16.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Warner, FOUR, RJ has been put under immediate pressure! He drops one short and well outside off, Warner waits on it and cracks it square past cover for another boundary

16.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to Warner, FOUR, he's greeted with a reverse sweep first ball, Warner gets down low, reverses his stance and gets it in the gap past backward point

15.5 - Gurkeerat Singh to Finch, FOUR, lovely shot, tossed up invitingly, Finch makes room and goes inside out over cover, played against the turn, but was always in control

15.2 - Gurkeerat Singh to Warner, FOUR, Warner is taking the attack to Gurkeerat, tossed up and just outside off, Warner gets down on his knees and lifts it over mid-wicket, a few bounces and over the ropes

11.3 - Gurkeerat Singh to Warner, FOUR, that will go down as a chance, but it was a tough chance though. Warner went across to a flighted delivery and went for the sweep, gets it to the right of short fine, Umesh dived full length, got both hands onto it and tipped it towards the fence

10.4 - Bhuvneshwar to Warner, FOUR, smacked, Bhuvneshwar looks to be in a lot of pain, on a good length and on off, Warner gets forward and thumps it to the left of the bowler. Bhuvneshwar stuck his left hand out, gets hit on the end of his thumb, took some pace off, but the ball still rolled away to the fence

6.2 - U Yadav to Finch, FOUR, the Indian bowlers are simply not learning, banged in short and just outside off, Finch swivels across and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary

5.0 - U Yadav to Warner, FOUR, this is turning out to be a cracking start, back of a length and just outside off, Warner sets himself up on the back foot, uses his wrists and clips it wide of mid-on. Ishant gave up chase mid-way, 27 from the last two overs and Australia are off and racing

4.5 - U Yadav to Warner, FOUR, banged in short and on the stumps, hurried Warner onto the pull, gets more of a top-edge, the ball goes fine and rolls away towards the long leg fence

4.3 - U Yadav to Warner, FOUR, smashed, length delivery outside off, turns out to be a floaty half-volley, Warner gets a good stride forward and drills it back past the non-striker, no one moved

3.5 - Bhuvneshwar to Warner, FOUR, Bhuvneshwar isn't learning, too short and just outside off, Warner swivels across, rolls his wrists and pulls it past mid-wicket for a boundary

3.4 - Bhuvneshwar to Warner, FOUR, too short from Bhuvneshwar, it has been a poor start from him, Warner camps back, presses across, uses his wrists and whips it in front of square on the on-side, beats mid-wicket and rolls away to the fence

3.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Warner, FOUR, short, wide and four, poor ball from Bhuvneshwar, Warner gets on top of the bounce and cracks it square past cover, no need to run for those

2.2 - U Yadav to Finch, FOUR, lovely shot, on a good length and just outside off, Finch leans forward, presents the full face of the bat and punches it back past the bowler, beats mid-off and rolls away to the fence

1.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Finch, FOUR, poor start from Bhuvneshwar, length ball on Finch's pads, he gets inside the line and clips it fine, long-leg is square and the ball rolls away to the fence

49.1 - Ishant to Maxwell, SIX, what is Ishant bowling here? Short and begging to be hit. Maxwell got inside the line and murdered a pull over fine leg. Sailed over the fielder. Didn't get the short ball high, was asking to be hit and Maxwell obliged. Maxwell won't let up here. What will he do next?

43.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Smith, SIX, rubbish delivery and easy for Smith. High full toss outside off, needed a solid connection and Smith flicked it in the air, helped it over deep backward square leg, just about six and that will do nicely. India don't seem to learn. Everytime they start the over with a freebie and the batsmen have a head-start first up

42.1 - Ishant to Smith, SIX, woah! Nothing delivery from Ishant, a fullish delivery outside off, Smith went deep in his crease and slammed it miles back over mid-wicket. The crowd might need helmets at this rate. Smith shuffled across slightly and gave it his all. That shuffle gave him the room to free his arms

40.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Smith, SIX, "baby six" calls Harsha Bhogle on air and he sums it aptly. Length outside off and Smith just wristed it over mid-wicket, lots of bottom hand on that stroke and for a moment he looked like he had holed out. Went with the slight breeze and teased Shikhar at deep mid-wicket all the way before clearing him. He leapt to try and take it, but it kept going over his head and went all the way. What timing on that!

26.4 - Bhuvneshwar to Finch, SIX, oh! There is a superman in the audience. The effect is more the same when Finch bludgeons this length delivery over the deep mid-wicket stands. Is there a bet between Finch and Warner? For who'll get first to the landmark

25.2 - R Dhawan to Finch, SIX,hello, see you tomorrow! Finch has seen enough. Makes room to stay still and smokes this length delivery high and sailing over the long-off fence, stand and admire!

13.5 - Gurkeerat Singh to Warner, SIX, lovely shot, tossed up and drifting into the left-hander, Warner went down on his knees, played with the spin and launches it over mid-wicket for a massive six, brings up his 13th ODI fifty

50.0 - Ishant to Maxwell, out Caught by (sub)M Pandey!! Fine catch. To end the innings. Manish Pandey is one of India's best fielders and at square leg he dives full-length to his right to catch with both hands. Short and Maxwell mistimed the pull, was a bit hurried on the shot and couldn't get the elevation to clear the fielder. Manish in the floppy takes a good catch and that's the end of the innings. 18 off the final over and a wicket to end it off. Maxwell c (sub)M Pandey b Ishant 41(20) [4s-6 6s-1]

48.3 - U Yadav to Wade, out Wade Run Out!! Wade has gone for a nothing run and given it away. Pushed to point, he set off, Rohit threw it on the bounce to the bowler, who back-tracked and collected the throw before lunging out to disturb the stumps. Wade wasn't even in the picture. Simple stuff. Wade run out (Rohit/U Yadav) 0(2)

48.1 - U Yadav to Faulkner, out Bowled!! Two in two for India. Faulkner goes for a golden duck. Back of the hand slower delivery, Umesh released that well, Faulkner was early into the leg-side swipe, a thin inside edge and it kisses the leg stump. Enough for the bail to fall off. Faulkner b U Yadav 0(1)

48.0 - Ishant to Bailey, out Caught by Rohit!! Full toss and Bailey has holed out to long-on. Good catch by Rohit as he had ground to cover and held on with both hands. Bailey hit it flat but not wide of the fielder. That should've been sent to the stands. Ishant must count himself lucky there. India getting some cheap wickets late in the innings. Bailey c Rohit b Ishant 10(7)

45.4 - Ishant to Smith, out Caught by Gurkeerat Singh!! Smith falls without making a hundred. But he has done his job. I wrote the first sentence for added effect, because whenever I have done a match involving these two sides, there is only one inevitability and that's a Smith hundred. Such a boring routine that. But this time Smith falls trying to up the ante. It was a length delivery and Smith on the shuffle, leading-edged the flick, towards deep backward square leg, Gurkeerat kept his eyes on the ball and went back to hang onto the swirler. It wasn't an easy catch but he made it look simple. Smith was a tad early on the shot and that's why got the leading edge. Smith c Gurkeerat Singh b Ishant 51(29) [4s-4 6s-3]

44.3 - U Yadav to Mitchell Marsh, out Caught by Kohli!! Swiped high in the air and the top edge is caught by Kohli at long-on. Another well-disguised slower delivery outside off, Mitchell Marsh was on his knees, eyeing the mid-wicket fence, but the slowness of the delivery defeated his stroke and he could only find long-on. Kohli came forward and took it sliding on his knees. Big wicket for Mitchell Marsh could've been very destructive at the death. Mitchell Marsh c Kohli b U Yadav 33(42) [4s-3]

37.3 - U Yadav to Finch, out Caught by Ishant!! So nearly a comedy of errors. But Ishant at mid-on hangs on and then has a few words to say to his Delhi mate Kohli who was running back from mid-wicket. It was short and outside off, hurried Finch on the pull, he miscued it in the air and for a while it looked like both Kohli and Ishant will make a mess of it. It was always Ishant's catch as he was running towards the ball, Kohli realised that he wasn't going to get there and left it to the big man. Ishant was nervy for a moment as his peripheral vision saw Kohli, but he did well to take it with both hands. After taking the catch, Ishant had something to say to Kohli, who laughed it off. Found the incident funny. Anyway a fine innings from Finch comes to an end. He walks off to a standing ovation. Finch c Ishant b U Yadav 107(107) [4s-9 6s-2]

29.3 - Ishant to Warner, out Bowled!! Knocked 'em over. Ishant is a happy man. He certainly has looked the best of the lot and deservedly gets a wicket, that too of the big man. Bowls a length delivery and lures Warner into a false stroke. Warner has decided to slog this over mid-wicket. Gets a thick bottom edge which disturbs the furniture. Warner b Ishant 93(92) [4s-12 6s-1]

33.3 - U Yadav to Finch, 1 run, 7th ODI ton for Finch! He might be the happiest man in Canberra right now. Jumps high in the air, pumps his fist and waves his bat to the audience, what an innings this has been. He gets there with a flick to mid-wicket

22.4 - Ravindra Jadeja to Finch, 1 run, fifty for Finch! His second in the series. More of a calm knock from him, gets there with a punch towards cover

48.3 - Faulkner to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, much needed boundary for Jadeja, wide full-toss from Faulkner, Jadeja jams his bat down and gets it very fine, rolls away to the third man fence for a boundary

43.4 - Kane Richardson to R Dhawan, FOUR, lovely shot, that should give him plenty of confidence, comes down the track, makes room and slaps a length ball back past the bowler, beats mid-off and rolls away to the fence

40.1 - Lyon to Gurkeerat Singh, FOUR, in the air, but this is a calculated hit from Gurkeerat. Mid-off was inside the ring, lifted this over him and picked up four

36.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Dhawan, FOUR, the Aussies have given up. The body language tells the story. Full and in the slot, Dhawan jumps out of the crease and loft-drives it wide of mid-off to start the over on a great note

34.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Dhawan, FOUR, slower one on the pads. Dhawan picks it early and whipped it behind square on the on-side, placed it well wide of the fielder

33.2 - Hastings to Kohli, FOUR, shot! Kohli skips out and drives with sublime timing. "He is a class act. Everything's perfect about that stroke" lauds Slats on air. Makes a bit of room and clubs this full delivery through cover

30.4 - Lyon to Dhawan, FOUR, there it is! Dhawan has proved my words wrong. Nevertheless it has been an innings of patience! He deserves this hundred, very badly. Allowed the ball to spin away and employs the late cut to perfection, threaded the gap between backward point and short third man. Walks to the other end, takes his helmet off and gets a pat on his head from Kohli. The crowd too stand up and applaud the effort..

30.2 - Lyon to Dhawan, FOUR, shot! Went down on one knee and swept this full delivery square on the leg-side, Lyon can do nothing about it!

28.3 - Lyon to Kohli, FOUR, VVS would be proud of that! Beautiful wrists on display. Full on the stumps, Kohli comes down the track and whips it nonchalantly to the deep mid-wicket fence, stand and admire stuff!

26.5 - Lyon to Dhawan, FOUR, don't bother chasing that either! Stoops low and reverse-sweeps this full delivery past short third man, superb placement!

26.1 - Lyon to Kohli, FOUR, arrogance from Kohli! No respect to the current best Australian spinner. Waltzes down and whacks this full delivery wristily through mid-wicket

26.0 - Smith to Dhawan, FOUR, two in two for Dhawan! Comes down the track and loft-drives this tossed up delivery over a leaping mid-off, no point chasing that lads!

25.5 - Smith to Dhawan, FOUR, well played! Went down on one knee and helped this leg-sidish delivery towards the fine leg fence with a sweep

23.3 - Smith to Kohli, FOUR, lots of air on this delivery. Kohli sits back and smashes it through extra cover, the fielder was too deep and hence he couldn't prevent the boundary

21.0 - Kane Richardson to Dhawan, FOUR, "The Gabbar is back" - Start preparing your own catchy lines (if you're a Dhawan fan). This has been the best of the lot. Stayed firm and employed the textbook stroke. Full on the stumps, driven past the non-striker, what more should I mention!

20.5 - Kane Richardson to Dhawan, FOUR, please hit-me ball from Kane Richardson! Short and pleading to be smacked. Dhawan swivels and pulls nicely, all along the ground through backward square

18.3 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, FOUR, serves up width outside off and Kohli pounces. Slashes with hard hands and places it behind backward point

18.0 - Mitchell Marsh to Dhawan, FOUR, too short and angling down the leg-side, a cry of anguish from Marsh as soon as he bowled the ball. Dhawan swivels across and helps it over short fine for a boundary

17.0 - Maxwell to Dhawan, FOUR, Maxwell drags one way too short and well outside off, Dhawan rocks back and pulls it up and over mid-wicket, a couple of bounces and over the ropes, brings up his 17th ODI fifty as well

13.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Kohli, FOUR, banged in short and on the stumps, Kohli was swivelling across on the pull, the ball hurried onto him and lobbed off the gloves, beats the keeper and the man getting across from long leg

12.4 - Lyon to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli is in some mood today, comes down the track, makes room outside leg and goes inside out over cover, rolls away to the ropes in a jiffy

11.5 - Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli is all over Faulkner today, looks like the banter has got the best out of him, shimmies down the track, makes room as he did so and carves it over extra cover for another boundary

11.4 - Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, creamed, width on offer from Faulkner, Kohli is all over the ball, crashes it in front of square on the off-side, beats the man in the deep as well. He has a few more words to say to Faulkner

9.4 - Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, cracking shot, Kohli comes down the track, makes room as he did so, plays with an open face and laces it past backward point, no need to run for those

9.1 - Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli had words to say to Faulkner at the MCG and he greets him here with a lovely square-drive, width on offer outside off, he leans into the drive and caresses it past cover-point

8.2 - Hastings to Dhawan, FOUR, too straight from Hastings, ends up drifting onto Dhawan's pads, whipped away in front of mid-wicket, beat mid-wicket and rolled away to the boundary

7.5 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, FOUR, Bhuvneshwar didn't learn in the afternoon and Richardson isn't learning now, too short and on the stumps, Rohit swivels across and helps it past short fine for another boundary

5.4 - Kane Richardson to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan is teasing the fielders in the ring, on a good length and just outside off, Dhawan leans forward, drives it on the up and just gets it to the left of Smith at short extra cover, the ball rolls away to the fence

2.5 - Lyon to Dhawan, FOUR, good cricket all-around, Lyon tossed this one invitingly outside off, gets it to dip alamingly onto the batsman. Dhawan was done in by the flight, but he gets well forward and chips it wide of Warner at cover, the timing is good and the ball rolls away to the fence

0.2 - Lyon to Rohit, FOUR, Rohit is off and running, Lyon drifts one full and down the leg-side, Rohit bends down and helps it over short fine for a boundary

24.1 - Faulkner to Kohli, SIX, whattttttay a shot that is! Sheer dominance from Kohli. Goes downtown and wallops this half-volley into the cow corner stand for a 103-metre six. It was a back-of-the-hand slower delivery and Kohli has picked the bones out of it. Has a wry smile after completing the shot

10.1 - Hastings to Dhawan, SIX, shot of the match, Hastings bangs one short as Dhawan came down the track, he adjusts and slaps it high and over point, both feet were off the ground as he played it, went sailing into the stands for a maximum

7.4 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, SIX, cracking shot, he's a good player of the short ball and Richardson isn't helping himself with this line of attack. Too short and on the stumps, Rohit swivels across and pulls it high and over mid-wicket for another maximum

7.2 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, SIX, massive, and it's a good one-handed catch by the man who's perhaps the last one in that stand over there. On a length and on the stumps, Rohit picks up the length early and helps it on its way, cleared deep square leg by a mile

5.1 - Kane Richardson to Dhawan, SIX, that's an old fashioned heave-ho from Dhawan, picked up the length early and swung it over mid-wicket, has enough to clear the ropes on the full

2.3 - Lyon to Rohit, SIX, lovely shot, Rohit comes down the track, gets to the pitch of a well flighted delivery and goes high and over mid-on, sent it soaring into the crowd, good positive start from Rohit

49.2 - Mitchell Marsh to Ishant, out Caught by Wade!! Australia win 18 in a row (they are unbeaten in 19 games), that's the best for any team at home, beating the record of West Indies (18 wins in a row at home). They go 4-0 up, beat India by 25 runs. Coming to the ball, this was full and shaped away outside off, Ishant went hard on the drive, gets a thick edge. Wade dives to his right and completes the formalities. Ishant c Wade b Mitchell Marsh 0(3)

47.4 - Mitchell Marsh to U Yadav, out Caught by Bailey!! No third drop and Umesh's disastrous stint with the bat finally ends. This was short and just outside off, Umesh swung across the line, gets a thick top-edge, high and towards backward point. Bailey settled under it and holds on, India lose their ninth wicket. U Yadav c Bailey b Mitchell Marsh 2(11)

45.3 - Kane Richardson to Bhuvneshwar, out Caught by Smith!! Bhuvneshwar's horror match ends! A nothing shot at all, short of a length and holding its line outside off, Bhuvneshwar offers a limp bat and offers catching practice to Smith at first slip. As simple as it gets, India fall further into the mire. All the hard work of Dhawan and Kohli has been frittered away. Bhuvneshwar c Smith b Kane Richardson 2(6)

44.0 - Kane Richardson to R Dhawan, out Caught by Warner!! This is terrible cricket from Dhawan, mindless slogging at its best. India are almost down and out now. He had got six runs from the last two balls, goes for glory and ends up losing his wicket. This was full and well outside off, Dhawan charged down the track, doesn't get anywhere close to the ball, ends up slicing it high and towards sweeper cover. Warner settled underneath it and holds on, Australia are closing in on a miraculous victory. R Dhawan c Warner b Kane Richardson 9(8) [4s-1]

41.5 - Kane Richardson to Rahane, out Caught by Smith!! That is a strange dismissal. Credit to Smith and co. for turning this around dramatically. How close was the man at slip there? I tell you what, that is the key to this dismissal. Had he been at a normal position, this wouldn't have carried. Full delivery outside off stump, Rahane opens the face of the bat and tries to run it down to third man but guides it straight to slip. It was a good low catch too. Rahane c Smith b Kane Richardson 2(3)

40.2 - Lyon to Gurkeerat Singh, out Caught by (sub)S Marsh!! Oh no! Oh no! What have you done, Gurkeerat Singh? Such a dreadful shot! Please stay away from the team director and the captain. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Gurkeerat gets down on one knee and goes for the sweep, went really hard and only managed a top edge. Marsh moved to his right at backward square leg and swallowed it easily. I can't believe my eyes! From 277/1, it's 286/5. What would one say? Great bowling from Australia or bad batting from India? Gurkeerat Singh c (sub)S Marsh b Lyon 5(6) [4s-1]

39.1 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, out Caught by Smith!! Surely, surely, now Australia are back on top. India have lost 3 wickets for 1 run now. What a turnaround. This is international cricket. It takes just one moment for things to change and the Aussies are nicely turning it on. Nothing shot from Kohli and he can't believe that he's gifted his wicket away. Nothing but a length delivery on the stumps, Kohli advances and for some reason checks his shot, it flew in the air and mid-off ran forward and dived to take a good catch. Kohli slowly trudges off as the crowd gives him a standing ovation. Kohli c Smith b Kane Richardson 106(92) [4s-11 6s-1]

38.0 - Hastings to Dhoni, out Caught by Wade!! Hang on, hang on! These Aussies are so good at this. From 277/1, it is now 277/3. The Indians were cruising and all of a sudden, the pressure is back on them. I can see a lot of belief in those Aussie players now. This is an excellent Test for this slightly inexperienced batting line-up. Let's see how it goes! Coming back to the ball, it was the slower ball from Hastings, the leg-cutter in fact, Dhoni advanced and pushed at it, the ball just left him and took the outside edge, which carried to the keeper at a good height. So Indian skipper buys a bronze duck in Canberra. Dhoni c Wade b Hastings 0(3)

37.3 - Hastings to Dhawan, out Caught by Bailey!! In the air and straight to the fielder. Finally, Australia manage to break this 212-run stand. Much needed breakthrough for the Aussies. Can they put pressure on India now? This was the slower delivery from round the wicket, Dhawan stepped out and tried to cut hard, couldn't control the shot and picked the fielder out to perfection. Anyway, Dhawan's played an excellent hand and this will be a satisfying hundred for him. Dhawan c Bailey b Hastings 126(113) [4s-14 6s-2]

8.0 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, out Caught by Wade!! Disappointing dismissal for Rohit, he doesn't like it one bit, but replays suggest that it went straight off his glove. He looked good for another big knock, but it has come to a tame end. This was short and on his hips, Rohit was looking to help it on its way, the ball brushed his glove, Wade dived to his left and came up with a two-handed stunner. The Indian section of the Canberra crowd look stunned, Rohit has to go back to the hut. Rohit c Wade b Kane Richardson 41(25) [4s-2 6s-3]

47.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Ravindra Jadeja, 1 run, another drop, it's Wade once again, this was short and well outside off, Jadeja made room for the cut, gets a thick top-edge, Wade leaps in the air, gets his hand onto it, it slips out and he can't gather it on the second try either

47.2 - Mitchell Marsh to U Yadav, 1 run, another drop and Richardson is the culprit at long-off. This was full and just outside off, Umesh went for the big heave-ho, gets a lot of height but not the distance. It went miles in the air and towards long-off, Richardson settled under it, had plenty of time to watch it and allows the ball to pop out, might have even fallen on the ball as he looked to grab the rebound

44.2 - Faulkner to Bhuvneshwar, 1 run, edged and dropped, that was a sitter and somehow Wade dropped it. This was a short of a length delivery angling across the right-hander, Bhuvneshwar was looking to steer it towards third man, gets a thick edge and to the right of Wade. He went with both hands and somehow shells it

36.0 - Hastings to Dhawan, 1 run, full and outside off stump, Dhawan mistimes the lofted drive towards sweeper cover. 200 partnership comes up

35.1 - Hastings to Kohli, 2 runs, after missing out on a hundred at the WACA, he told Wasim Akram that he'll score two hundreds in the series and he's kept his word. What a champion! Hundred number 25 in ODIs. Back-to-back hundreds for him as well. Put him in a big run chase and he hardly fails. Short of a length delivery outside off stuump, Kohli steps out and tries to loft, but gets it on the bottom of the bat, the ball clears the infield and lands safely at sweeper cover. Kohli takes the helmet off, raises his bat and acknowledges the applause from the dressing room and the crowd. Dhawan gives him a hug as well

32.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Dhawan, 1 run, chopped on! Very nearly!! Run-out chance missed too. Dhawan cuts this length delivery and luckily it skims past the timber (just a shade away from off-stump) and towards Wade. Kohli called him through for a quick single and Dhawan was tad late to respond. Wade flings it at the non-striker's end and misses. Had that hit Dhawan would have been a goner

27.1 - Hastings to Kohli, 2 runs, 135kmph back of a length around fifth, sixth stump. Kohli punches the ball on its head and placed it to the right of Warner at sweeper cover. Warner dives to try and prevent a boundary, does so with a desperate dive

18.4 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, 2 runs, well played Virat Kohli! His average was somewhere around 15 (against Aus in Aus). I'm pretty sure that might have improved now. Should be somewhere in the 40s now. He swivels and pulls through mid-wicket to bring up his fifty