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South Africa tour of Bangladesh 2015

Scorecard - 1st T20I, Bangladesh vs South Africa at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka, Bangladesh (05 Jul 2015)

South Africa

148/4 (20) RR:7.4

South Africa won by 52 runs

MOM: Faf du Plessis

96/10 (18.5) RR:5.1

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18.0 - Nasir Hossain to Rossouw, FOUR, now gets four with a reverse hit. Short and on middle and leg, Rossouw lifted it over the two men inside on the off-side. Used his hands well that time

15.0 - Mustafizur Rahman to du Plessis, FOUR, du Plessis does well to get four. That one bounced on him but he controlled the steer and got it between short third and backward point. Well-executed

14.0 - Shakib to Rossouw, FOUR, short and spinning in, Rossouw went on the back foot and pulled it hard over mid-wicket, two bounces and over the ropes

11.3 - A Sunny to du Plessis, FOUR, meanwhile du Plessis continues on. This is fraction short on the stumps, du Plessis rocked back in a flash and pulls it wide of deep mid-wicket, there is a dive from the fielder but the ball beats him to the fence

10.0 - Gazi to du Plessis, FOUR, Gazi spoils all the good work in the over by bowling a half-tracker, du Plessis rocks back and goes inside out over covers, one bounce over the ropes, clean strike

8.5 - Mortaza to du Plessis, FOUR, that is a calculated blow from Faf. Knows that mid-off is inside and comes down the track to loft over the fielder. Picked the slower delivery early

7.2 - Gazi to du Plessis, FOUR, way too short and outside off, du Plessis rocked back and thumped it wide of cover, the ball scooted away

6.2 - Shakib to Duminy, FOUR, Shakib should've done better there, Duminy comes down the track and takes it on the full, drives it through Shakib's hands, the ball bisects the two men at long-off and long-on and races away

3.4 - Nasir Hossain to du Plessis, FOUR, this is proving to be an expensive over, du Plessis now comes down the track and then lifts it over the infield, got enough bat to get a boundary, the ball runs away to the long-off fence

3.0 - A Sunny to du Plessis, FOUR, Sunny has his hands on his head. That was close, quicker and into du Plessis who gets an inside edge onto the pads, on the flick, the ball races away fine to the fine leg fence. That wasn't far away from the leg stump

2.4 - A Sunny to du Plessis, FOUR, slightly short and du Plessis pulls it through mid-wicket for four. Beats deep mid-wicket running across, du Plessis latched onto that in a flash

19.0 - Mustafizur Rahman to Rossouw, SIX, Rossouw is landing some meaty blows. Charges Mustafizur Rahman and then deposits him over wide long-on, picked the length and clobbered it

17.4 - Nasir Hossain to Rossouw, SIX, fabulous blow. Rossouw uses his feet and then gets to the pitch to loft cleanly to the long-on fence, flat hit and the ball carried all the way

3.2 - Nasir Hossain to de Kock, SIX, de Kock has decided to take on the bowler. He uses his feet and goes inside out over cover, just cleared the ropes at cover. Third umpire has a look at the replays and conveys the decision to the on-field umpire

13.2 - Shakib to D Miller, out Lbw!! The finger went up in a flash. Pitches in line and turns in slightly and beats Miller's flick. The batsman was coming forward to play the stroke but Enamul Haque reckoned the ball was going on to hit. Replays show that he made the right call and that's a big wicket to get. D Miller lbw b Shakib 1(3)

11.2 - A Sunny to Duminy, out Caught by Nasir Hossain!! That man Nasir again. Good catch too. He misjudged it initially but keeps his eyes on it and then dives forward to cling on. Duminy used his feet and got more height than distance on the lofted hit. Holes out to deep mid-wicket. Nasir breaks into a smile after taking the catch. Duminy c Nasir Hossain b A Sunny 18(22) [4s-1]

4.0 - Nasir Hossain to de Kock, out Caught by Litton Das!! That was unnecessary from QDK. The runs had come in the over but he gets greedy and gets out. A puff of dust as the ball landed, de Kock went hard at the lofted drive but could only spoon it to extra cover where Das takes a simple catch. Nasir Hossain gives QDK a send-off. de Kock c Litton Das b Nasir Hossain 12(8) [6s-1]

1.0 - A Sunny to de Villiers, out Caught by Mortaza!! Look at Mashrafe! What a wicket that is. AB is gone and Sunny has done the trick. Good catch as well by the Bangladeshi skipper. de Villiers made room and hit that really hard but didn't keep it down, straight to cover-point where Mashrafe clutched it onto his chest. He then leaps and jumps for joy. Was the risk needed so early on? de Villiers c Mortaza b A Sunny 2(6)

12.0 - A Sunny to du Plessis, 1 run, fifty for du Plessis. Miller walks up to pat him on the back. Quicker and on the stumps, du Plessis flicks it to deep mid-wicket for the single required to get to the landmark

14.4 - Rabada to Mortaza, FOUR, now Mortaza clobbers the pull to the deep mid-wicket fence. Short on the stumps, Mortaza backs away and finds the fence

6.2 - Phangiso to Rahim, FOUR, too full and Rahim goes inside out over cover, beats the despairing dive from the man at long-off running across. Nice hit

5.0 - Parnell to Shakib, FOUR, half-volley and creamed past the dive of mid-off. Shakib stayed back and thumped it along the ground, mid-off put in the full length dive but couldn't do anything about the ball

3.5 - Rabada to Rahim, FOUR, rifled past mid-off. Rahim gives Rabada the charge and belts the full delivery on the stumps past mid-off, beating the fielder to his right

1.2 - Rabada to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, just over Wiese at mid-on! Soumya Sarkar gets lucky. Lifted from the crease over the leaping fielder. Wiese is very tall but despite his best efforts he couldn't get a finger on it

0.4 - Kyle Abbott to Tamim, FOUR, had AB been at a first slip position he would've taken that or at least had a chance to take it. He moved wider and Tamim gets lucky after coming down the track and slashing, gets a thick edge which flies to the third man fence

14.2 - Rabada to Litton Das, SIX, Litton Das has nailed that. Picks the slower delivery and then makes room to smash it over long-on - who was ball-watching. Can Litton Das do the improbable?

7.0 - Phangiso to Shakib, SIX, Shakib charges Phangiso and gets six. Down the track to the pitch and then heaved over the leaping and back-tracking Duminy at deep mid-wicket. That hit brings the crowd back to life

18.5 - Parnell to Mustafizur Rahman, out Bowled!! Parnell yorks Mustafizur Rahman and that is game over. Saw the batsman charging and fired in a yorker, hits off as the batsman made too much room. The bail falls off and South Africa win the first game. Lowest total for Bangladesh at home in this format. Mustafizur Rahman b Parnell 1(6)

17.3 - Wiese to Litton Das, out Caught by de Villiers!! So easy for AB. At least he makes it look easy. Litton Das top-edging the sweep and AB went back from backward square leg and judged it to a nicety. Handled the skier well. Litton Das c de Villiers b Wiese 22(26) [6s-1]

17.1 - Wiese to Litton Das, out Gazi Run Out!! Easy run-out. Gazi wanted the run after Litton Das found square leg, it was AB and he relayed the ball to the bowler who did the rest. Gazi was well short. Gazi run out (de Villiers/Wiese) 3(6)

14.5 - Rabada to Mortaza, out Caught by de Villiers!! Just when Athar on air was saying that they shouldn't get out, Mortaza goes. Pacy short ball, had a bit more effort and rose more, Mortaza top-edged the pull and AB settled under it outside the circle at mid-wicket. Easy catch. Mortaza c de Villiers b Rabada 5(4) [4s-1]

13.2 - Wiese to Shakib, out Caught by Parnell!! Soft. Very soft. Shakib gets inside the line and then paddles it straight to the fielder at short fine. Parnell accepts the dolly and does some playacting - trying to ground it. Wiese is all smiles and that should be the game for South Africa. Shakib c Parnell b Wiese 26(30) [4s-1 6s-1]

10.1 - Phangiso to Nasir Hossain, out Caught by Rossouw!! Now straight to short cover. Bangladesh are self-destructing at Mirpur. Very full outside off, Nasir Hossain threw the bat at that and gave a simple catch. South Africa don't drop those and this chase is fast becoming a one-sided show now. Nasir Hossain c Rossouw b Phangiso 1(2)

9.2 - Duminy to S Rahman, out Caught by de Kock!! That is a miracle catch. How did QDK hang on to that? Rahman would feel gutted that he has got out in such a way. Reverse sweep attempted and the ball takes the glove, QDK had already anticipated the shot, moved back and to his right, since the ball hit the glove, it went slowly and QDK clutched it onto his stomach. Duminy envelops his keeper in a big hug. The crowd are left speechless. Replays show that the ball deflected off QDK's thigh and then he hung on. Makes it even more special after the deflection. A bit of luck involved as well. S Rahman c de Kock b Duminy 4(7)

7.5 - Duminy to Rahim, out Caught by D Miller!! Rahim gives it away. Rahim uses his feet and looks for the lofted hit, there are two fielders placed for the aerial stroke and Rahim finds deep mid-wicket with a flick. He puts his head down in disappointment after the catch was taken. Rahim c D Miller b Duminy 17(19) [4s-2]

1.5 - Rabada to Soumya Sarkar, out Caught by Duminy!! Both openers gone. Soumya Sarkar hooks straight to deep square leg. Took on the short ball and hit it well but picked the fielder out perfectly. Duminy moves slightly to his left and takes it easily. Soumya Sarkar c Duminy b Rabada 7(7) [4s-1]

1.0 - Kyle Abbott to Tamim, out Caught by de Kock!! Gloved down leg. Pacy and down leg, beat the batsman for pace who was looking to pull it away, he was into the stroke early and the ball brushed the glove to QDK who took a sharp catch. The crowd are stunned at Mirpur. Tamim c de Kock b Kyle Abbott 5(4) [4s-1]