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WC 2015

Scorecard - 17th Match, Pool A, Afghanistan vs Scotland at University Oval, Dunedin, New Zealand (25 Feb 2015)


210/10 (50) RR:4.2

Afghanistan won by 1 wkt

MOM: Samiullah Shenwari

211/9 (49.3) RR:4.26

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48.5 - Naib to Alasdair Evans, leg byes, FOUR, what sort of french cricket is this? Evans shuffles across and looks to scoop it fine on the on-side, but the ball instead takes the pad and runs away past the fielder at short third man, four leg byes for Scotland, they wouldn't mind it one bit

48.2 - Naib to Alasdair Evans, FOUR, slower delivery outside off, Evans lofts it over mid-off and the ball runs away to the fence, he premeditated the shot and knew that the ball will be a slower one

48.0 - Shapoor to Haq, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Haq slashes hard at it, the ball takes the outside edge and runs away to the third man fence, 50 of the partnership comes up

47.5 - Shapoor to Haq, no ball, FOUR, what happened there? Shapoor has been given a warning for bowling a beamer. It was a very high and angling down leg, Haq just helps it past the short fine leg fielder for four runs, this is now the highest score for Scotland in World Cups

41.1 - Naib to Alasdair Evans, FOUR, where is third man? Fullish and outside off, Evans reaches out and drives, the ball takes the outside edge and runs down to the vacant third man region

40.0 - Hamid to Alasdair Evans, FOUR, super shot! It was overpitched and Evans puts it away. He comes on the front foot and caresses the drive through the off-side, no one protecting the sweeper fence

38.0 - Hamid to Haq, FOUR, poor delivery to end the over, full toss outside off, this time Haq does not miss out, he slashes it with an open face to the right of backward point. The ball hurried across to the fence

34.0 - Nabi to Berrington, FOUR, lovely shot! Touch too full from Nabi, Berrington gets a good stride forward and caresses the drive between extra cover and mid-off. The rich timing takes it to the fence

28.4 - Naib to Berrington, FOUR, poor ball from Naib, it was short, wide and deserved to be put away, Berrington stays back and cuts it in the air square of the wicket for a boundary, the fielder at third man had no chance of cutting that off

24.1 - Hamid to Matthew Cross, FOUR, goes for a boundary first ball of his new spell, it was overpitched outside off, Cross squeezes it out after opening the face of the bat and gets it past backward point, the ball races through the quick outfield and into the fence

18.4 - Naib to Mommsen, FOUR, another great shot, this time from Mommsen. It was full and outside off, Mommsen drives it through the cover, the fielder at cover-point should have done better there, but he dives and still can't stop the ball, the bowler won't be happy with that effort as the ball ran away to the fence

18.1 - Naib to Machan, FOUR, classic shot! It was full and outside off, Machan leans forward and drives it through the covers, the fielder at sweeper cover had to move a few metres to his left, but he had no chance there, raced away to the fence

16.5 - Naib to Machan, FOUR, on a good length and angled on off, Machan pushes at it with laden feet, gets a thick outside edge that runs past a diving slip, the ball races away to the fence

16.4 - Naib to Machan, FOUR, good shot from Machan, it was fullish and shaping away outside off, Machan reaches to the pitch of the ball and drives it through the cover region, the fielder at cover-point gives chase, but the ball runs away

15.1 - Dawlat Zadran to Machan, FOUR, overpitching little wide outside off, Machan reaches out and drives it to the left of backward point, the fielder gives chase, but the ball beats him to the fence

14.3 - Naib to Mommsen, FOUR, can't bowl short at that pace. It is around 120kph, Mommsen has all the time in the world, to rock back and pull it in front of square, the ball bounces only once before reaching the fence

13.1 - Dawlat Zadran to Mommsen, FOUR, superb shot! It was a half volley alright, but still needed to be put away. Mommsen presses forward and creams the drive through cover, none of the fielders moved as the ball raced away to the fence

12.0 - Dawlat Zadran to Mommsen, FOUR, poor delivery to end a very good over, short and wide outside off, Mommsen gets on top of the bounce and cracks the cut through cover-point, the timing takes it to the fence

6.4 - Hamid to Coetzer, FOUR, fabulous shot! This has to be the shot of the day so far. It was slightly overpitched, Coetzer gets a good stride forward and drives it beautifully to the left of the bowler, no chance for the fielder at mid-off

6.3 - Hamid to Coetzer, FOUR, sloppy from the fielder, short and just outside off, Coetzer rides the bounce and cuts it uppishly towards third man, the fielder runs around, gets both hands and allows it to go through

4.5 - Shapoor to Coetzer, FOUR, lovely shot! Pitched up close to off, Coetzer stays rooted to the crease and allows his arms to reach the ball, lofts it over extra cover and the ball races away on this fast outfield

3.5 - Dawlat Zadran to Coetzer, FOUR, Coetzer has been critical with anything that has been short and wide. He hops across and cuts it square of the wicket, beats point and cover to collect his second boundary

2.4 - Shapoor to Coetzer, FOUR, short, wide and four. There was plenty of width on this delivery and Coetzer made full use of it, rocks back and cuts it fiercely in front of point, he has enough power to collect his first boundary

1.1 - Dawlat Zadran to Coetzer, leg byes, FOUR, not a great delivery to start off by Dawlat, splays it down leg, Coetzer can't connect with the glance, the ball brushes the pad and runs away to the fine leg fence

50.0 - Shapoor to Alasdair Evans, out Caught by Nabi!! Evans falls off the last ball of the innings. It was just short of a good length from Shapoor, Evans backs away and has a swing at it, but ends up slicing in high. The fielder from extra cover runs to his left and takes an easy catch. Scotland will be happy though the final score. Alasdair Evans c Nabi b Shapoor 28(37) [4s-3]

49.1 - Shapoor to Haq, out Caught by Naib!! Haq falls in the final over after a fine innings. It was full on the stumps, Haq backs away and looks to go inside-out, but ends up slicing it high, the fielder at point takes a good low catch diving to his left. Haq c Naib b Shapoor 31(51) [4s-3]

36.4 - Dawlat Zadran to Berrington, out Caught by Zazai!! Excellent bowling from Dawlat. He has been outstanding today. After getting a couple to nip back in, he gets this to tail away. Berrington had to play at it and can manage only an outside edge, the ball goes low and to the right of the keeper, Zazai does well to hang onto it. Berrington c Zazai b Dawlat Zadran 25(46) [4s-2]

32.5 - Shapoor to Davey, out Caught by Hamid!! What a celebration! Hamid takes a good low catch. Stays down and stretches his hands in joy. He then tries to do a cartwheel, which he still can't get it right. Remember he did that when he got Sanga out in the previous game. It was a needless shot from Davey, looks to drive the full delivery, doesn't bother to keep it down, picks out mid-off to perfection. Davey c Hamid b Shapoor 1(9)

30.4 - Shapoor to Matthew Cross, out Caught by Zazai!! Superb catch from the keeper. That was an acrobatic take from Zazai. Short of a length and close to off, Cross had to play at it, the ball shapes away enough to take the outside edge and flies to the right of the keeper, who dives full length and hangs onto it with one hand. Shapoor is ecstatic as he celebrates with his hands pointing skywards. Matthew Cross c Zazai b Shapoor 15(26) [4s-1]

22.2 - Naib to Mommsen, out Caught by Zazai!! This time he gets the edge and captain Mommsen is out. It was the leg-cutter from Naib, Mommsen pokes at it away from his body, the ball moves away and takes the outside edge to the keeper. Naib is delighted with this breakthrough. Half the Scotland side is back in the hut now. Mommsen c Zazai b Naib 23(36) [4s-4]

21.2 - Nabi to Machan, out Bowled!! That's a poor, poor shot from Machan. He has thrown it away after another good start. It was bowled a touch slower and on off, Machan makes room and wanted to go inside-out over cover, he fails to connect and the ball crashes into off. An unnecessary risk at this stage and Scotland are 4 down now. Machan b Nabi 31(28) [4s-4]

11.1 - Dawlat Zadran to Coetzer, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! That is a peach of a delivery. Afghanistan are delighted as they have picked up 2 wickets in 3 balls. This though is a huge wicket. The in-form batsman has been dismissed. Nip-backer from Dawlat, it was full as well, Coetzer goes for the drive and leaves a gap between bat-pad, the ball goes past the inside edge and hits the top of off-stump. Coetzer b Dawlat Zadran 25(41) [4s-5]

10.5 - Hamid to Gardiner, out Lbw!! Hassan has his man now! Third time lucky. Full and tails back in, Gardiner stays in the crease and fails to connect with the clip, is rapped low on the pads. The umpire took his time before raising his finger. The batsmen discussed whether to take the review or not, in the end they don't go through with it. The ball seemed to be crashing into leg-stump. Gardiner lbw b Hamid 5(20)

2.0 - Dawlat Zadran to MacLeod, out Caught by Najibullah!! Afghanistan strike early! It was not a wicket taking delivery, but they will take it. Short and wide outside off, MacLeod could have hit that anywhere he would have liked, instead picks out the fielder at backward point to perfection. Yet another failure for MacLeod, his scores in the World Cup, 0, 4 and now 0. Very good take by Najibullah as the ball was travelling. MacLeod c Najibullah b Dawlat Zadran 0(5)

47.2 - Shapoor to Haq, no run, another run-out chance missed! It was angling in on off, Haq pushes at it, the ball rolls away towards mid-wicket off the inside half of the bat, Evans thought that there was a single there and was a long, long way down, the fielder has a shy at the stumps, but he can't get a direct hit, Evans survives

44.2 - Ahmadi to Haq, 5 runs, run-out chance missed! It was floated up on off, Haq drives with an open face to point and sets off, the fielder has a shy at the bowler's end and just misses the stumps, the bowler doesn't collect it and the fielder in the deep did a poor job of backing up there, misfields and the ball runs away for 4 extra runs apart from the single

38.1 - Dawlat Zadran to Alasdair Evans, 1 run, direct hit and Evans was a goner, turns this length delivery towards mid-wicket and takes off for a risky single, the fielder has a go at the bowlers end, misses the target by a couple of inches. Evans would have been out by a long way

31.1 - Nabi to Berrington, no run, Zazai juggled a couple of times before hanging onto this. And as soon as he took it, he called for the review. Nabi was not that confident. The tossed up delivery on middle, Berrington presses forward and misses the defence, the ball turns back in and hits the pad before deflecting to the keeper. There was no inside edge and the ball was just kissing the stumps. Hence the on-field call remains

49.3 - Iain Wardlaw to Shapoor, FOUR, Afghanistan have done it, Shapoor has won it for them, he dispatches this to the deep backward square leg fence, takes off his helmet and runs towards his team-mates, he then drops down on the ground, has his arms aloft in the air, Hamid Hassan comes and hugs him after he goes flat on the floor. These are emotional scenes for the Afghan team, their first ever win in a World Cup. A few players run onto the field and hug him. It has been a breathtaking encounter. Shenwari, who got out with 19 runs needed, breathes a sigh of relief.

49.0 - Berrington to Shapoor, FOUR, it goes for a boundary, back of a length delivery angling in on middle and leg, Zadran shuffles across and helps it away to the fine leg fence, this game just keeps getting interesting

43.4 - Iain Wardlaw to Hamid, FOUR, two slips and he bowls a short one at the batsman, who pulls it hard and gets it behind square, the ball runs away to the fence, good shot from Hassan

38.3 - Davey to Shenwari, FOUR, short and outside off, Shenwari shuffles across and hammers the cut, no one at sweeper to protect the boundary. Shenwari is playing according to the field. This is amazing batting

34.2 - Berrington to Shenwari, FOUR, super shot! How could he generate so how much power? It was a yorker around off, Shenwari squeezes it past the diving bowler, mid-on was inside the ring and had no chance of stopping that. The timing takes it away to the boundary

32.3 - Berrington to Dawlat Zadran, FOUR, Berrington errs in line and pays the price. He drifts it onto leg-stump, Zadran tickles it fine, the ball runs away to the fence. He just helped it round the corner

30.3 - Iain Wardlaw to Shenwari, FOUR, Shenwari has decided that it is time to go, fullish and just outside off, he takes the aerial route, lofts it over mid-off and the ball trickles away to the fence

30.2 - Iain Wardlaw to Shenwari, FOUR, length delivery around off, Shenwari clears his front leg and mistimes the heave to deep mid-wicket, he had enough wood for the ball to reach the fence. The fielder gives chase, pulls the ball back in but was in contact with the ad cushions

22.4 - Berrington to Najibullah, FOUR, fuller and slightly wide outside off, Zadran leans forward and drives it uppishly through the covers for a single, this is the first boundary in 33 balls

17.1 - Iain Wardlaw to Ahmadi, FOUR, ohh that was close, but the ball runs away to the fence. It was banged in short and outside off, Ahmadi waits for it and ramps it over a leaping slip fielder, it was close to the fielder, but the ball runs away to the fence nevertheless

16.3 - Haq to Shenwari, FOUR, tosses this up on off, Shenwari goes down on one knee and sweeps it behind square, the ball runs away to the fence, the man in the deep was very square

13.5 - Alasdair Evans to Shenwari, FOUR, bad delivery and it deserved the treatment. All the pressure that was built up has been released. Short and plenty of width on offer, Shenwari cuts it in front of square, the ball travelled quickly to the fence

11.5 - Alasdair Evans to Shenwari, FOUR, lovely shot! This was very similar to the previous two deliveries. Shenwari this time decides to play it, he stands tall and punches it through cover-point. The timing is sweet as the ball races away to the fence

10.5 - Davey to Ahmadi, FOUR, bangs it in short at 127.8kph, Ahmadi had all the time to pick his spot, he pulls it to deep mid-wicket, where there are acres of space available. No chance for the deep square leg fielder to reach that

7.5 - Alasdair Evans to Stanikzai, FOUR, hammered! Pitched up outside off, Stanikzai drills the drive towards cover, the fielder lets the ball go through him, he failed to get his body behind the line. Poor effort and the bowler is not impressed

7.0 - Iain Wardlaw to Ahmadi, FOUR, top shot! He shows off his pull shot now. Back of a length and close to off, Ahmadi plays the short-arm pull, places it to the right of mid-on and the fielder didn't even bother to chase it

6.5 - Iain Wardlaw to Ahmadi, FOUR, fabulous shot! He explains to Mangal that he was looking to hit it a lot straighter. However, he will take the boundary, length ball and Ahmadi is quick to skip out of the crease and loft it over mid-on. He was looking to go back over the bowler's head

5.0 - Iain Wardlaw to Ahmadi, FOUR, superb shot! Ahmadi charges down the wicket and hammers it to deep extra cover. He manages to convert it into a length ball and lofts it inside out, the ball whistled away to the fence. Ahmadi stood there and admired the shot

3.4 - Davey to Ahmadi, FOUR, crunched! Finally, he has managed to connect with the cut. It was short and plenty of width on offer, Ahmadi goes back and cuts it powerfully to the right of backward point, no chance for the fielder to stop that

3.3 - Davey to Ahmadi, FOUR, terrific shot! He looks comfortable while hitting down the ground. Once again shimmies down the track, converts it into a length delivery and lofts it over mid-off, that came right off the meat of the bat

2.3 - Iain Wardlaw to Ahmadi, FOUR, cracking shot! Ahmadi charges Wardlaw and flays it away to sweeper cover. He gave himself some room as well, the ball travelled to the boundary in no time. A much needed four as the pressure was being applied

46.4 - Haq to Shenwari, SIX, third six of the over! This is great batting, Shenwari kneels down to this tossed up delivery and sends it sailing over the deep square leg fence

46.2 - Haq to Shenwari, SIX, drags this one down leg again, Shenwari just slog sweeps it over the deep backward square fielder, who jumped in the air, but the ball sailed over him, great shot

46.1 - Haq to Shenwari, SIX, another super shot from Shenwari, it was dragged short and on the stumps, Shenwari muscles the pull over the cow corner fence

42.5 - Haq to Shenwari, SIX, mammoth six from Shenwari, it hit the roof and broke one of the tiles there, it was floated up around off, Shenwari goes down on one knee and slog sweeps it over the deep mid-wicket fence

38.2 - Davey to Shenwari, SIX, what a shot! It was all power from Shenwari. The slower ball from Davey, Shenwari spots it early, kneels down and swipes it across the line, the ball hardly took off the ground. Went flat and over deep mid-wicket for a maximum

46.5 - Haq to Shenwari, out Caught by Davey!! Ohh dear, Shenwari has holed out to deep mid-wicket. This is the big wicket. A wonderful innings comes to an end. It was floated on off, Shenwari again went for the slog sweep, but ends up hitting it straight to the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Davey holds onto a fine catch under pressure. There's some confusion in the middle as the third umpire wanted to check whether there were only 4 fielders outside the circle. But, he is happy with what we saw and Shenwari has been given the marching orders. Shenwari c Davey b Haq 96(147) [4s-7 6s-5]

35.0 - Berrington to Dawlat Zadran, out Caught by Mommsen!! Rameez Raja on air, "Dawlat after defending so well, showed the tail-enders temperament". It was a very poor shot from Dawlat. Shenwari is not a happy man. It was on a length just outside off, Zadran goes for the loft, skies it towards mid-off, Mommsen runs back from cover and takes a good catch. Shenwari slammed his bat onto the ground as soon as the ball went up. He also had a few words for Dawlat, who went pass him. Dawlat Zadran c Mommsen b Berrington 9(25) [4s-1]

23.4 - Davey to Naib, out Caught by Haq!! Haq is on fire here, he judges the catch very well. Another golden duck for an Afghan batsmen. It was a back of a length delivery just outside off, Naib was caught surprised by the extra bounce here. He was trying to fend it away and gets it off the shoulder of the bat, the ball loops up and goes towards slip, the fielder at gully leaps up, but can't get it. However, Haq read it very well and was moving to his right, takes a good catch at the end. Well judged by him. Naib c Haq b Davey 0(1)

23.0 - Berrington to Najibullah, out Caught by Haq!! Finally, Haq makes up for his mistake. Takes a good catch at first slip. It was fuller outside off and inviting the batsman to drive, Zadran goes after it and gets an outside edge that flies to Haq, who snaffles it this time around. 6 wickets down now, they have lost 4 wickets for 11 runs in the last 5 over now. Najibullah c Haq b Berrington 4(5) [4s-1]

21.0 - Berrington to Zazai, out Lbw!! Afghanistan are falling apart here. Zazai departs for a golden duck. This is as plumb as it gets. It was fuller on off and middle, Zazai was pushing at it after shuffling across a touch and misses it completely. The ball hits the back pad and that was cannoning into the middle stump. So, half the Afghanistani side are back in the hut now. Zazai lbw b Berrington 0(1)

20.0 - Davey to Nabi, out Lbw!! This is a big wicket for Scotland. The Afghan captain is back in the hut. It was on a good length and was angling on middle and leg, Nabi shuffles across slightly and looks to clip it through the on-side, he fails to connect and wears it on his pad. There was a loud appeal, the umpire took his time and raised his finger at the end. The ball was just clipping the leg stump and Afghanistan lose the review. Nabi lbw b Davey 1(3)

18.1 - Berrington to Ahmadi, out Caught by Machan!! Ohh dear! Ahmadi has thrown it away. This was a brain fade from Ahmadi, who looked so good today. He came charging down the track and went for the loft, but the length was not there. He ends up skying it high and Machan at mid-on takes a simple catch. End of a good innings from Ahmadi. Ahmadi c Machan b Berrington 51(51) [4s-8]

8.0 - Alasdair Evans to Stanikzai, out Caught by Matthew Cross!! Second wicket of the over! A loose shot from Stanikzai. There were three slips in place and he goes for the steer down to third man, the ball grazes the outside edge and goes to the keeper, Cross makes no mistake. That bounced a bit extra than Stanikzai expected. Stanikzai c Matthew Cross b Alasdair Evans 4(3) [4s-1]

7.3 - Alasdair Evans to Nawroz, out Bowled!! Knocked over! A dream delivery for any fast bowler. The ball hits the top of off-stump. Nip-backer from Evans, Mangal has his feet stuck in cement as he looks to defend, the ball beats the inside edge and crashes into off-stump. Mangal never looked settled. A much needed wicket for Scotland. Nawroz b Alasdair Evans 7(13)

20.1 - Berrington to Shenwari, no run, ohh no! Haq has put it down! It was on a good length and outside off, Shenwari drives at it away from his body, gets an outside edge that travels towards Haq at first slip, who fails to even get a hand on that, the ball hits his chest and falls on the ground. That was a very poor effort from the veteran spinner

4.1 - Iain Wardlaw to Nawroz, 1 run, dropped! Mommsen puts down a tough chance. He almost pulled off a stunner. Nonetheless, it will go down as a drop. Short of a length well wide of off, Mangal pokes at it away from the body, the outside edge flies to the right of second slip, Mommsen dives full length, but just couldn't hold on

49.2 - Iain Wardlaw to Shapoor, no run, run-out chance missed! Afghanistan are still in the game, it was on leg, Zadran fails to clip it into the leg-side, the ball rolls away towards mid-wicket and he sets off for the single, Machan from mid-wicket runs in and under-arms the throw at the striker's end, Shapoor Zadran was struggling to get back, he puts in the dive and was still short of his crease, but luckily the ball missed the stumps

47.3 - Alasdair Evans to Shapoor, no run, angling down the leg-side, Zadran fails to glance it fine, the ball goes off the pad towards the keeper, who dives to his right and collects the ball, the Scots go up in appeal, but the umpire says 'Not Out', they lose their review as well

36.3 - Berrington to Shenwari, 2 runs, Shenwari brings up his 9th ODI fifty. He doesn't even celebrate, seems to be in a grumpy mood after Dawlat's dismissal. Short and on off, Shenwari swivels and pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a brace

17.2 - Iain Wardlaw to Ahmadi, 1 run, 5th ODI fifty for Ahmadi, who opens the face of the bat and guides this short of a good length delivery outside off to third man